S here, coming at you after a lllooooooonnnggg quiet spell! Sorry for the absence, but I’ve been busy starting a new job, buying condo, laughing, loving, you know – as you do! But K was kind enough to allow me back in with some fashion musings, so I hope you will indulge me a bit :)

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound at all familiar? Perhaps a tiny flashback to this morning?? For someone who has as large and varied a closet as I do, I say this phrase all to often. Lately, I’ve been working to really refine my style (I’m feeling like I’m very Classic Urban – K, back me up here!) and in so doing, I’ve been trying to make my closet reflect that. Of course, we all have items that maybe don’t exactly mesh with who we are, but they’re just so darn perfect that we can’t let them go. I’m not talking about those pieces. I’m talking about the pieces that you can’t live without. If you could whittle your wardrobe down to those pieces that are most important  to you, what would they be? And wouldn’t it be easier to get dressed in the morning? You would no longer have this jumble of stuff in your face!

Now, let’s not get crazy. I’m not saying you need to slim down to a five-piece wardrobe – I really don’t understand people who do that. But if your closet is a mix of “Summer in Athens/Boardroom Power-suit/Backyard Barbecue/Clubbin’ til 4/Lazy Day Sweats” you can see how pulling together a cohesive look day after day could be difficult. If you’re one of those people who can pretty much wear the same outfit to work as you could on the weekend, then you are luckier than most, and you could probably pare down your wardrobe even more than the rest. But for me, considering that I work in a very conservative place (read: NO JEANS EVER!) and I like to chill on the weekends, my wardrobe can seem as if there is a bit of a split personality. That’s all well and good, as long as I can keep those two moods separate. So, let’s look at what I cannot ever, possibly live without, and work form there.

1. The Perfect Black Skirt

I have been going through a metaphysical crisis lately because I (stupidly) got rid of my work-horse black skirt, thinking that it would be easy to replace. I have since purchased 6 different black skirts, and returned 2 of them, trying to find the replacement, and no luck – even the ones I kept are poor seconds. For me, I like a thick material, high-waist pencil shape, which goes to just below my knees. I can wear this style of skirt with blouses, t-shirts, tanks, you name it. Also, if I have one which is free from extras (stripes, lace, polka dots) I can wear it 3-4 times in a week, and no one calls me out on it. I truly feel like a black pencil skirt is the most versatile thing you can own. You can literally wear it from a major meeting to cocktails to the movies and then to grab breakfast tacos in the morning. It’s more professional than a maxi or a mini, but not as stiff as a suit. Next time I find the perfect one, I’m buying three of them, in varying sizes, so that I’m never without one again.

2. Longer T-Shirts

I have a long torso, so most t-shirts look perilously close to crop tops for me (and that is not a look I am into AT ALL). I prefer my tees to hit right at my hip bone – long enough to cover every last inch of skin, short enough to frame my ample behind. I pretty much always purchase black and grey, and I’ll throw in a blue or green to round it out. I appreciate white t-shirts very much, but I hate having to layer something underneath so that my bra isn’t showing, so unless it’s a baggy Hanes undershirt, I steer clear. I also prefer V-neck or crew-neck – I feel like scoop-neck shirts are just too wide, but again, to each their own. And I’ll admit – for ages, I’ve been into the whole 3/4-sleeve t-shirt thing, but lately I’m questioning how that looks. I just feel like it makes me look disproportionate somehow. Further experimentation there is required.

 3. Black V-neck Sweater

This is the most versatile piece you can own. With jeans and black shoes, it can take you to either brunch or dinner, with a black skirt it can take you from work to cocktails. Throw it on over black pants and you’re professional, and it will add warmth on the beach with a pair of shorts. I’ve never been a big fan of cashmere – it always feels itchy to me. I usually go for a nice cotton/silk/Merino wool mixture and keep it simple. I like it too when the sleeves are extra long – I like them to reach all the way to my knuckles. I find that this just makes it more comforting. You can go for your big, baggy sweatshirts all you want, but for me, timeless comfort is a black sweater.

4. Jeans (in some form)

Here’s why I’m not specific on this one – I realize that everyone has a different shape, and different assets which they wish to emphasize, and between the different washes, lengths, cuts, etc. out there, there’s no way I could say “dark wash skinny jeans” are the perfect pair for everyone. For me and my body, I have never found a pair that works as well as the Long and Leans from Gap (bring them back to the stores, you meanies!!!!!). Yes, they’re usually a bit too long for me, but once I hem them, they fit every curve perfectly, make me look tall and skinny, and are perfect for every occasion. I know they’re available on the website, but I’m a bit weary of ordering clothes from the site. But with your favorite pair of jeans, you can’t go wrong. If you’re lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work, top ‘em with a blouse and blazer, and you’re good. They pair perfectly with a tank on summer evenings, sweaters during the winter and jerseys once football season comes back.

5. THAT Dress

I’ll be honest, to a certain extent, I am still looking for THAT dress. THAT dress is defined as the dress you can wear anywhere for pretty much any occasion, and it works. It can be a little black dress, it can be a longer pencil dress in floral, it can be a cocktail dress in peacock blue. It’s that one dress that when you get the invite, and you’re not sure what the dress code means, you know this dress will work. It’s not so formal to be black-tie, and it’s not so casual to be Coachella, but for all of the situations in between, you know you’re wearing a stunner that is perfectly you.

6. Baggy Blouses

Not “baggy and I look homeless or like Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen,” but baggy like, “when I tuck this in, it gives my body a very nice shape.” I have about 3 or 4 of these in varying colors. One note – you MUST tuck these in or belt them. If you leave them hanging out, you can look like you don’t know what size you really wear. Again, being long-waisted, I find that these work with my pencil skirt to give my waist more definition, and if my skirt doesn’t have a high enough waist, I wear them untucked with a belt to tighten them up a bit. The nice thing about these is that you can eat a good-sized lunch and not worry that you’ll have a food baby showing. They hide all manner of sins.

I’m not going to get into accessories, because then we would be here all day. I would never narrow my shoe collection, I think everyone needs a signature piece of jewelry, and outerwear and swimsuits gets too complicated depending on where you live. I don’t set as much store in a perfect white button down as some people – I think they can look great when you first get them, but they get dirty very quickly, and I strongly dislike how sheer they’ve become over the past few seasons. If I wanted to wear multiple layers, I wouldn’t top it all off with a sheer shirt! I also think cardigans are more personal than universal – some people can really rock them and others (me), not so much.

I realize this was an incredibly long post, but I just missed you guys so much!!!! I’ll keep it shorter next time around!

- S

“Nothing can dim that light that shines from within.” – Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou Quote

She is one of the most prolific writers of modern day history. Now that she has passed she will now be a legend. She will rank with Winston Churchill and William Shakespeare as literally geniuses. She lived in a time of immense adversity, and she didn’t let that define her.

Imagine being born in 1928 in the South as a young black woman.
Imagine being raped at the age of 7 and not speaking for 10 years because of your over whelming guilt that the person who raped you was killed because of your confession.
Imagine working with Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr during the Civil Rights Movement… and then living this life to see a Black President.
Imagine living through hate, but still seeing the love in everyone.
Imagine even after death you are still the victor.

Could you imagine?

By today’s standards Maya Angelou is who we should want to aspire to be. To touch more lives than you can ever see. To know that you have self-worth, even when EVERYBODY around you says differently. Not harboring hate in your heart, but still not scared to tell you the difference between right and wrong.

Dr. Angelou did not have a formal education, but still taught at Wakeforest as a professor, has 30 Doctrines, and spoke six languages.

So tell me about your struggles?
No. I’m not saying that we should compare to see who has it worse.

But consider your life ins someone else’s shoes.

She did not fall victim to this world. This very hard world. Instead to choose to turn on the light in the darkness.

In order to do this. You have to shine from the inside out. You must love yourself. You must appreciate your flaws. You HAVE to love your differences… because what makes you different is the offering that you give the world.


How to Wear a Trench Coat

Sorry about yesterday y’all.  My evening DID NOT go according to plan.  I wish there was a way to plan life to where when things get out of your control you can still get things done when you want it and in a timely manner.  Nonetheless, there really isn’t reason to harp on the past.  We are currently in the present and we need not to take that granted.

Yesterday while I was editing I finally was able to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions.  I have to tell you guys that if you have wi-fi in  your home then you NEED to get Google Chromecast.  I live and DIE by it.  Well, actually I have a love hate relationship with it, but it’s mostly love.  Google Chromecast is wonderful for me because while I edit my photos I can still keep up with all my favorite YouTubers, watch current releases, or new shows all from the power of my phone or laptop right to my TV.  I don’t have cable and have not had cable in about three years.  Nor do I plan to ever get it.  So while I edit I watch fashion OOTD, Vlogs, or what’s going on in news.

 No.  Google did not pay me for that.  I just REALLY love Chromecast.  Maybe next week I will do a review on the device. 

 I say all that today that I watched Chriselle Lim’s newest video that shows 20 different ways to wear a trench coat.  I’m in Texas so it may be too hot for the most part to rock a trench this time of year, but I feel as though if I lived in the Northeast or Northwest part of the country this may be a go-to-style for me.


Let me know which look you guys liked the best!


Yes, a post will be up tomorrow!


Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas

Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas Facebook

Wow! I cannot find ANY of my past OOTD photos that I took! Geez! I guess I’m going to have to wear all those outfits again soon! Well, since I can’t find any OOTD then I’m going to post some recent work from Wonderland Boudoir.
Wonderland Boudoir is new my boudoir website. I want to not only take great photos of you, but give women an experience. We cannot define our beauty or our sexuality by what society tells us. It is time that we women take that back and own our beauty an individual sexiness. We are rulers, we are all artist (we create children), and we are to be revered. Each of us is uniquely beautiful, but I feel like so many women don’t see this fact inside themselves and I feel as though it should be highlighted. Boudoir is a beautiful side of photography that lets me work one on one with women in an intimate setting so I can show them how beautiful they truly are. Not only on the outside, but the inside too.
All women are beautiful. It’s time for time you to step into the Wonderland.

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas 01 DSC_98073 DSC_98002 DSC_9893_FB DSC_9884 DSC_02391 DSC_02370 Dallas Boudoir Wonderland Boudoir 2014 Hannah Dallas Boudoir 03 Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Boudoir 01 Wonderland Boudoir



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Happy Monday Y’all!!!

Happy Saturday!

Beyonce ,Dancing, Gif

First of all I want to say Thank You for all the mad love on the blog Thursday!  I had a lot of hits from that  post.  As I stated in my previous article I will be discussing my new style and fitness regimen.  Let’s start with fitness first because they both tie into each other.

Cookie, Monster, Gif

I’m going to make an appointment to go to the doctor soon.  For some reason I have gained 20 points within the last year.  Yes!  That’s a lot of weight for ANYONE especially in a year if you’re not pregnant.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most people haven’t noticed the weight because of my height.  In fact when I went to the doctor a couple of months ago they were like, “You didn’t look like you weigh that much.”  So they weight gain may be part of my crossfit training.  I think I’m going to do two things.  Kind of like an experiment.   Once a week I will be measuring both weight loss AND inches lost.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to take pictures or not.  We will see.  The reason I want to do both is because sometime when you lose inches you look better than if you lose weight.  I am also still committed to running a 5K this summer.  So the month of May I will be gearing up for that.  My plan is run on average of 4 miles a day at least 3-5 days a week.  I haven’t been to crossfit in about a month.  YES!  I know!  I have been so busy with my business and travelling.

eating, Cake, Gif


My eating will change.  I am more Paleo, but I’m going to be a very strict Paleo this month.  This means fresh fruits and veggies with ZERO juices and artificial anything.  This will only be a challenge on Fridays when our group at work does Breakfast Club.  Every Friday a couple of people from the department brings breakfast for everyone, so as you can imagine, it’s not the healthiest thing at times.  Next week is my turn so I may bring HUGE breakfast burritos and fresh fruit.


How does Fitness and Fashion tie in?  Well, because I have gained so much dayum weight I can’t fit into my clothes anymore.  However, since my money is going to my business and everything that comes with that then I really have no room in the budget to buy new clothes.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have the money… but I really need to focus all my discretionary income on a business that could yield me a way to not work for the man anymore.  In order to maximize my wardrobe I will need to lose the weight.

Best, Decision, Gif

I have decided on my “new style.”  I was kinda getting bored with my current look.  Another reason I hadn’t posted too much on the blog.  However, I think that was because I was reading WAY too many fashion blogs and just comparing myself to those girls.  I kept saying, “If only I had more money.” Then I read an article that made me rethink about all the other fashion bloggers.  Honestly, we don’t the financial background of these women.  They could have SUPER high credit card debt, horrible credit, and on the verge of losing everything.  Some of them may have shopping addictions.  Some of them may have a $250,000 a year job.  Therefore, I should stop comparing my style and closet to these ladies because I don’t know ANYTHING about their personal life.  For me, yes I can AFFORD to do that, but at the same time I CANNOT afford to do that.  I really need to have my money grow on the investment of my photography business so I will be buying VERY few pieces.  When I do buy new pieces then I will post them on the blog and let you know. I mean I’m not going to completely deny myself, but if it comes down to do invest in my business or  my closet the business will win pretty much every single time.

Iggy Azalea Fancy Gif

So what IS this style?  I’m going to go for floral pastel rockstar.   I want to look young, fun, approachable, but still have that badass work ethic about myself.   Yes, I still be rocking the moto jackets and heels, but I really want to add more color and flair to my wardrobe.  Since I need to buy new clothes and accessories for my business I will have a lot of cool and fun pieces of jewelry to rock.

Iggy Azalea Fashion, Burberry Jacket,

I’m doing this because I realized something simple yet important while in San Diego that I already knew.  Style is IMPORTANT.  I mean it’s REALLY important.  Especially in the field that I’m in.  While at the retreat one of the other attendees asked the owners if their employees has a dress code.  Because they were all dressed colorful, fresh, and fun looking.  Now the ladies at the studio were rocking shorts, but in a really fun fashionable way.  They looked like the lookbook models off the Forever 21 website.   So the owners stated they did have a dress code because not only are they selling their services they are selling their look too.  Honestly, would you go to a hairstylist that never had her hair done and looked like she got out of bed, or would you go to a person that actually does their hair?  Her hair is her brand AND service.  You have to look like your brand and service.

Since I plan to only have another year left working for corporate America that’s why it’s important that I don’t spend way too much money on corporate clothes.  I live in Texas which means that I live in jeans.  I don’t want to spend way too much money on pants that I won’t be utilizing after a year.


Okay, so that’s about it for right now.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog.  Remember that the new schedule is now Monday, Wed, Fridays. I still start to have more OOTDs… and this blog will probably be more OOTD centric.  Also, if you have a blog please list it below in the comments so I can make sure I add you on BlogLovin’.


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Happy Saturday Y’all!

April Fools!

30 Rock gif Lemon Good Ideas that go wrong

You like how I did that right?  It’s so funny.  So I did write that post with the full intention of starting back in April, but then I thought about it and knew that I could not start in April with all the travel and personal and work relate projects that I have/had going on.  I did want to start in May.  Problem is that I already had that piece scheduled to post on April 01 and I totally forgot to take it down.  Next thing I know I have people liking the post.

Boudoir  Divas San Diego Retreat

Here’s the thing… I have been mad busy working on my photography business.  If you guys aren’t following me on Facebook or Instagram then you aren’t aware that I went to San Diego, California for a week.  I went to San Diego for a boudoir retreat the second week in April.  Little did I know that this retreat was going to not only help me grow as a business, but on a spiritual level too.  However, I will write more about that on my new site.


New Site?!



Now don’t worry I’m not giving up this blog, but I do have a Boudoir centric blog now!  Actually that brings me to my next point…




Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas Facebook

 This is why the blog was placed on such a backburner for the last quarter.  I have been working on project after project getting this boudoir side of my business ready.  Come this weekend I will write a more in-depth article of what I have been doing and some plans that have been made in pencil.  However, I have had photo shoot after photo shoot to create promos and advertising.  Then before going to San Diego I wanted to update my whole portfolio because I didn’t have any legit boudoir work.  So I had to work with models, and MUA, and Hairstylist, and coordinate a location, and times.  ON TOP OF having a full time job.  On top of managing my personal relationships.  If you think this blog was placed on the backburner you should see the list of people that I owe IOU’s too.  However, my friend are very supportive and understand.

 Quite honestly I am at my tipping point though

 To elaborate.  I am doing everything from the ground up.  Growing this business from a seed and currently I’m anticipating watching it sprout.  However, in order for this tree to produce fruit I have to water it, watch it, take care of it, and do everything I can do it make sure it’s healthy.

With that being said I just don’t simply have enough time to hang out.  I don’t have downtime because I have a goal.  My goal is to be fully self employed by June 2015.  In order to do that I have to place me and my needs first.

With that being said I have to start telling people no.  “No, I can’t do any free photoshoots for you.  No.  I can’t do any additional updates.  No.  I just don’t have time to go drink at a bar.”

Telling the truth does not make you a bitch

Like many people, it’s really hard to tell my friends no.  Especially when they do so much for me.  Funny thing is… it’s really not the friends that have been helping me out (doing footwork) for my business.  It’s the friends that see my work on Facebook or my blog and send me messages that state if I can hook them up with certain types of photos.  So my friends who have helped me get this far either physically, mental support (listening to my rant for hours on end), or by referrals yes, I will hook them up.  At the same time, those are the SAME friends who still offer to pay me for my services.  Funny how that works, right?


I say all that to say that this whole project is a learning experience for me.  You can’t make money by giving away too much of your product.

For the month of May I will be creating and building new boudoir sets, buying and creating  furniture pieces, and hiring models and MUA for the shoots with pieces.  So with this I have another announcement.

 I will be creating more YouTube videos!  YEAH!

 Hell Yeah Gif

For most of you who have followed me for a while you know I started off in YouTubeLand and blogging just came second nature… then I just started blogging.  However, I need to really marketing myself and what I do so YouTube videos it is.  To be quite honest I don’t see these videos as being the best, because I will be placing most my money into the business and not the software, but at the turn of the year I will be focusing on creating better content.  Right now I just need to get back into the habit of sitting down and creating videos.  The videos will be more vlogging style at first and you guys will get to see more of my personality and my activities to get things done.

 Another announcement!  I have a studio!  Yes,  I do!

 Studio FourFourFive Dallas Studio 445

This is why you need to follow me on Instagram because you would have already known this!


Okay.  I don’t want to make this blog too long so I will stop right here.


However, I do want to tell you guys some other goals for this month:

  •  Lose 5 lbs,
  • Blog Mon, Wed, Fri on UrbanJungleFashion
  • Blog Tues, Thurs on Wonderland
  • Have my sets built and on the new site by May 25th.
  • Get into at least three wedding shows for the rest of year.
  • Start advertising the sets June 01st.


So there will be a lot of content for May that I will be excited to share and I have decided on what my new personal style should be so more about that later!  Yes, I know it’s Thursday so consider this a bonus post.  I will have a continuation post tomorrow on the blog to further explain what’s going on with my fashion sense!




Hey guys!


I am back!  Well, I plan on doing the 365 project as of today, April 01st.  I debated on when I was going to start doing it because on Saturday I will be flying out to Cali for the week.  However, I do have enough OOTD (outfit of the days) for the beginning of the month.  Right now, since I’m in the middle of fashion rediscovery for myself I figure this would force me to do other things… like make sure I dress cute.


Believe it or not I have been so incredibly lazy with what I wear.  To the point where it’s teetering on the IDGAF Level 5 realm.  Yeah… it has come to the point where I find a clean pair of pants and a shirt that may or may not match and then run out of the house.  Even when I shoot it’s all about the Adidas work performance gear.  It’s hard to get excited about clothes because I have nothing to wear.


I am excited about Cali because that may allow me to get a breathe of new air.  I want to see what the style is out there and  gather inspiration.  Also, I’m hoping to hit up some boutiques there that I couldn’t necessarily find in Dallas and just change the style game up.  In Cali I will be hitting up two cities and I may or may not have some vlogs while I’m out.


Since 2014 will be dedicated to more travelling I think I may do vlogs while I travel.  I’m deciding if I should do every day… but I think I may be too busy for everyday material so I’m leaning towards a compilation of the week.


Nonetheless, I’m super excited to hit the West Coast up because the last time I was there was about four or five years ago.  It’s a been long time coming.


Another exciting thing!




Yes!  My studio is based out in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas.  Once I have competed the website I will share with you guys.  I have taken some amazing pictures so far.  Case in point this one below of my Sorority Sister!


I have good looking sisters, don’t I?




You know what else is new?!


I will now be concentrating on Boudoir and Portrait photography!  Yes!  While kids and weddings are cool and everything I just get more love and better photos from Boudoir and Portrait work.  I love contacting with people one on one to bring out the best for the photos.  In fact I have a new website and it’s called Wonderland Boudoir!


Yeah, that name is ah-mazing, isn’t it?

Below are some samples of recent work?


I really love the fact that I can actually see myself getting better.  It’s great not only know, but see progression in my work.  While I love my full body of work I will not take away the fact that I love it.  Even when I see past work I now see things  I could have done differently… but it’s great because I know how I could be better.  I really love that.


I really do that love that.


The NEWEST thing?


I have a remote now for my camera which will allow me to take more OOTD pictures!


That was another thing that stopped me.  The amount of time that it took to take these photos.  It wasn’t really the time, but I live in Downtown Dallas and there are always people walking around and want to stop and stare at what you are doing.  So I’m hoping my little device will allow me to shoot my pictures faster in one take and also allow for better pictures.


Wow?  Did I seriously just type all that?


Thank all of you for really hanging in there with me and this blog. Especially the last week were I was just super wordy in all my entries.  I have to give a shout out to S because the other week she really encouraged me to write the Kim Kardashian and Yeezy piece.  She also reminded me that I needed to scribe the “Too Old for Forever 21, but Too Young for Ann Taylor” piece.  After I finished those pieces it made me remember how much I just love writing.  That’s why I loved the blog. It is an creative outlet for me.


Well, there you have it people.  My first entry for the 365 project.  Which I will not only accomplish, but demolish.  Thank you all again for sticking with me… and I really can’t wait to jumpstart this.  If you aren’t already following me on YouTube  check me out at UrbanJungleFashion.  However, it’s not overly necessary as I will be posting all those videos on my blog as well.


In the comment below please let me know how everything is going on with you!






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