Happy Sunday Guys!

Weekly Goals

Sorry it’s so late in the evening but I had a full week.  For someone who has been unemployed for all  these weeks I sure have stayed busy.  I was doing something all day everyday.  I haven’t had a chance to watch one episode of Maury.

He is NOT the father!

 Maury, You Are Not the Father gif

(I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I love that shit. )

 January Week 02 Review


So I totally failed out my crossfit and work out goals.  Like Epic Fail…

Attend Crossfit class 4 times this week [FAIL]

Run three days this week [FAIL]

Not Eat Out  [FAIL]


For business I like to think that I did a pretty good job.  I didn’t have time to work on the UrbanJunglePhotography blog and sending out the shot list totally skipped my mind.

Create flyers for Couples Valentine Mini Session

Create Flyer for Boudoir Mini Session

Finish Alex’s Photos

Contact Clients and advise of dates

Send out shot list and other wedding questions requirements [FAIL]

Begin working on blog site for UrbanJunglePhotography [FAIL]

Email Boudoir Group and request thoughts on a different site from main work

Sign up for two bridal trade shows in Dallas Area


For business I like to think that I did a pretty good job.  I didn’t have time to work on the UrbanJunglePhotography blog and sending out the shot list totally skipped my mind.

Clean Carpets

Sand and paint side of desk [FAIL]

Look for wall paper for inside the desk [FAIL]

Make drawers work for desk [FAIL]


I didn’t do anything towards Jax’s blog.

For my apartment the only thing I got done was the carpet cleaning.  I didn’t touch that desk.  I was too dayum busy.

Start 365 blog today: Take for picture and rough design of blog

Update Jax’s site with three photos for next week [FAIL]

Goals for January Week 3


Crossfit 3 Times this week

Running 2 Times this week

Not Eat Out


Finish Edits for: Amber, Ashley, Amanda, Nene, and Fitness Club

Contact Clients Monday & Thursday for Reminders

Send out shot list to client

Beginning Working on UrbanJunglephoto Blog

Begin Outline for Boudoir


Wash All Clothes


Update 365 Blog Everyday

Two uploads to Jax’s Blog

Jazzy’s Video

Okay there you have it people.   These are you goals for the week.

Which one goal do you want to accomplish this week?



Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013, GQ, Maxim

I really thought I had a post up for yesterday and then today I see my last post was on the ninth.  *ugh*  Well, it’s only one day.  I’m not trying to make this a habit or anything.  I have been so busy editing, shooting, editing, fashion shows, editing, networking.  It’s really about my photography right now and I can’t believe how much I’m growing and getting better.  I guess I can finally see it.  Right now I am still working on getting my style and technique down and I feel like i’m finally getting to the point where I may have a signature style.  It’s just really important to be the stand out in a staturated market.

Well, tomorrow I will be working on my boudoir style.  Tomorrow morning we are  going to guerrilla style it. I have a model and we are going to shoot in a public place in Downtown Dallas in full lingerie.  This should be fuckin’ amazing! My goal is to be done with the shoot w/in 45 minutes.  There will only be one look and this model has worked with some well known names in the Dallas area so she should be able to bring it.  Anywho… one of the ways I get ready is, not only be Pinterest, but by magazines.  There is something about feeling the pages between your fingers and using a tab to highlight pages.  I get most of my magazines through half prices books.  You can can get on the stands magazines for about a dollar.  You guys know I rarely buy retail. LOLOLOL.

Once I find a look I like I study it and then write a note as to why it worked for me.  This helps me remember this look and lets me use it for my own work on how to instruct the model to stand.  Once I get my D800 in a couple of months I will use my D7100 as a video camera and take you guys on a behind the scenes shoot with me.  I can show you guys exactly what I do and whom I work with.  I think it would be great for everyone to see what a real production looks like.

This week I will hit you guys up with a lot of my most recent work!

I have a Fitness model shoot on Monday.  My first ever! So tomorrow I will also be hitting up Half Priced books for Fitness Magazines.

Well, My friends i about to come over so we can have movie night and I still need to run to Target!

Have a fantastic Saturday Night!

The New Year is Starting Off Right!

Dallas, Hip Hop, Photography, Culture

Well, how has the first week into the New Year been for y’all?  Mine has been good thus far.  I have had a number of great shoots already with some popping up this coming weekend and early next week  so I will stay busy.  However, I wanted to do a quick post of some recent published work.  I REALLY want to be published every month of the rest of the year, but I’m going to settle for at least 6 times this year.

Also, I will post more of my recent work in the coming days!

If you like to see the complete spread please check out the free online version HERE.  Turn to page 14!

Have a Great Weekend!


This Life is the Only Thing We will Ever Know

That is the God honest truth. 

The video above is by one of my favorite YouTubers WongFuProductions.  I love pretty much every single video they have ever made.   They examine life through glasses of people who are looking to grow through self actualization.  There is maturity in their words and thoughts that is more than clear in the production and writing of their work.  This type of thinking and thought process seems to be long forgotten in both society and Hollywood.

Wong Fu must have been sent by God because this video is the thing I needed to see tonight.  I needed a post of inspiration. Something to make me understand why I must follow my dreams and desires and  not get detoured by life, the what-ifs, and the self doubts.  If our dream is what we want, we should make it happen.  This is the only life we will know.  Do you really want to sit on the sidelines and watch it go by?  Do you want to be the person sitting there and envying the players or do you want to the quarterback?

Me?  I have to play the game.  I cannot sit around.  I get so tired of seeing people around me make it happen with their passions and desires that I… I get… geez… I get lazy.  I mean, at the end of the day I am the only one setting up my own hurdles and then I get mad that they are there.  I function in chaos because I am so used to it.  I am so used to struggling that when things go smooth I feel as though I have to put a mental hurtle up because it can’t possibly go this easy.  I know I need to change this about myself.

However, I cannot do this anymore.  I can no longer detour greatness.  I have everything that I will ever need to be successful and now I’m just realizing that I am not giving it my 100% all.  That will change.

Because it’s our life.. and why not…

…Why not make it everything that you want it to be?

Thank You Wong Fu for the reminder.




New Years Style

Every week I have some subconscious theme to the outfits I see.  Obviously it’s burgundy and plaid for this first week into the New Year.  Most specifically that plaid Zara scarf everyone is sporting.  I finally broke down and was going to buy it online (like I should be buying anything being unemployed) but it was sold outline… of course it was.  The new price for the scarf is $17. Universe-1, Korin-0

This week was hard.  There was a lot of great fashion and the person who was in the number one spot is barely there because EVERYONE was killin’ it!

01: Mimi G Style


Baby Girl is SLAYIN’  THEM in this all back errrrything number *In my LaFayette voice*  I can’t even pick a part of this look I like the most, but mama is just give them “I’m know I’m hot” realness all around!  This is an example of sexy without showing all your goodies!


02: 5 Inch and Up


This is the perfect mix if sporty fashion girl.  Could I pull this off in real life?  I’m sure I could on a fashionable Sunday Brunch.  But you can really only pull this look so many time.  Nonetheless I love how sexy, free, and sporty this pull is.  I am loving the laser cut outs of this midi skirt. Those heels work flawlessly with this straight from a magazine look.


03: Wendy’s Lookbook


Honey, you already know Wendy has style down to a tee!  I am feeling ALL of this.  I just wish I was shorter so I could pull off an Alexander Woo skirt like that in the middle of the day.  Someone with my height and thighs would get arrested for public indecency.  C’mon.  How can you NOT LIKE that McQ top?  I mean All Hail McQueen!  I believe the belt a perfect choice for this work to holiday party outfit.


04: Brooklyn Blonde


She is pulling both the plaid and the burgundy.  However, what made me fall in love with this outfit is that dramatic Gucci bag.  However $2700 is half of my monthly income so I think I will pass on that.  If I’m going to spend $2700 on anything it will be a trip out of the country.  But I am not going to lie seeing this outfit with that bag is certainly making me consider dipping into my savings account…


05: Extra Petite


This outfit reminds me of a J. Crew ad.  No one in real life looks this perfect but Jean is a master and it’s no wonder that I totally envy this effortless pull. The only bad thing about this outfit is she thrifted it.  Now there is NO WAY I can find a skirt like this. *ughhhh* Now, I totally wanna go thrift shopping.


06: Jak & Jil


As you guys know I am always in love with men’s fashion and this photo from one of my favorite street photogs, Toni, is no exception.  I like the mix of texture and print.  My favorite part is the tie… well ties… everything together (seriously, no pun intended).  The subject looks so damned James Bond with the tan leather gloves in the pocket.


07: Skinny Hipster


You guys know I’m a fan of black and white and Nife does an amazing job placing together interesting pieces without trying too hard.  I mean I HATE when I see fashion bloggers just placing too many trendy pieces together.  I’m not a trendy person but I am SOOOO feeling the midi pleated skirt look.  If I didn’t get cold so easily I would so try this at work.  You know… if I had a job.  I just love the stark and fun contrast the white BCBG blazer gives.  This is pretty much the perfect party outfit.


08: Atlantic-Pacific


That scarf.  LOL!  Dear Zara!  I am SOOOOOO mad you guys!  I just LOVE this scarf.  However, that ALC jacket is on another level.  I LOVE it!


09: My Small World


Who doesn’t love sequin bottoms?!  I would rock sequin bottoms everyday of the week if I wasn’t scared I would be placed in a restraining jacket by my best friends and favorite gay boys.  There is eloquence to this look with the ruffled button up top.  LOVE.


10: Girls with Curves


Tanesha can really do no wrong in my book.  I mainly love this look because she’s pregnant and found away to hide it well.  I believe that if I ever got pregnant than I would do everything to hide the bump and still look fashionable.  Not that the pregnant bump is anything that should be hidden I always think it’s cool when a woman is eight months pregnant and you don’t know because he fashion style is just on par.


Which looks are you loving so far in this  New Year?

Ps:  It’s 11:37PM CST so I got this in ON TIME!  LOVE!

Happy First Monday of 2014! 

Smile, Katy Trail, Dallas

Music: If I Ruled the World Nas F://Lauren Hill

DIY: Lite Brite

DIY, Lite Brite

Shoe Porn

Nike Blazer Mid Suede Pink

Starting off your New Year Right

These Shoes Remind Me of Cake

Blue Snake Skin Come Hither

Magenta Heels

Classic Black Pump


Valentines Day, Lingerie

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Hare Clutch

That Portfolio

That Button Up

That Jacket Looks SOOOOO Warm

Links of the Week

Dancing Red TuTu

I want to live life as innocent as this again

One Day I will be sophisticated Enough to through this kind of party

Awesome Photography Project

These drinks would look classy at my grown up party

Fact: Creative People Have to Isolate Themselves

Have a great week!!!

Goals!  Goals!  Goals!  Goals! Goals I do Adore!

Smile, Katy Trail, Dallas

Maybe about a year and a half back I used to review what I have done the prior week to help achieve my goals each week but I stopped.  I think stopping and not taking the time to review what I have done was just a lazy tactic and now I need to begin again so I can make sure I’m doing everything I need to do to achieve these goals.

Today is day 5 into the New Year and honestly I haven’t done too much.  I’m sad to report. That’s why I want to make sure I do a weekly review so that doesn’t happen again.  Also, doing a weekly review will let me set out defined goals for each week to help my progress to my overall goal.

January Week 02:


Attend Crossfit class 4 times this week

Run three days this week

Not Eat Out


Create flyers for Couples Valentine Mini Session

Create Flyer for Boudoir Mini Session

Finish Alex’s Photos

Contact Clients and advise of dates

Send out shot list and other wedding questions requirements

Begin working on blog site for UrbanJunglePhotography

Email Boudoir Group and request thoughts on a different site from main work

Sign up for two bridal trade shows in Dallas Area


Clean Carpets

Sand and paint side of desk

Look for wall paper for inside the desk

Make drawers work for desk


Start 365 blog today: Take for picture and rough design of blog

Update Jax’s site with three photos for next week

Okay!  This is a great start.

What goals do you guys have for this coming week?

PS:  The photo was shot by myself on New Years day.  Feel free to pin it and  use it, but please give credit to me!


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