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I wore this outfit on Monday (December 16th) while it was 70 degrees and beautiful in Dallas.  Jax and I did some running around that day… Photography stuff for clients, dropping of clothes to dry cleaner, clothes shopping… and my day got started super late because I woke up at 10.  I still needed to cook dinner, pick up my photos, go to crossfit, and work on some personal projects for my business.

Since I had no real business  and wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather I wore a simple plaid no sleeve button up shirt, my fave skinny jeans, and some cognac knee high boots while keeping my hair in a simple pony tail.

Farmers Market, Sprouts, Paleo Grocery Shopping


For whatever reason I always get a TON of inquires about what I eat.  For 90% of the time I do not eat processed foods.  For the most part it taste disgusting to me.  Once you get use to eating super clean your really can’t go back.  I even make spaghetti from scratch because I love how my pasta sauce taste versus the canned version.    I also purchased a Breville juicer during Black Friday so my friend and I are going to go H.A.M on most of the fruits and vegetables that you see.  Since I’m not working a traditional gig I have more time to cook again.


|Top: I forgot| Jeans: H&M| Boots: Baker’s Shoe’s| Earrings: Groupon|

Once I have mastered the juicer I will provide some cool recipes for you guys!  


A Fashionable Sunday


Sunday was such a beautiful day. My friend and favorite MUA in Dallas Jazzy and I decided to go to hit up Buzzbrew’s brunch together. I LOVE just sitting around with friends and catching up on their lives. I love hearing about relationships and their work and/or business ventures over a great meal.

Best Dallas MUA, Dallas Male Urban Fashion

Had I been thinking beforehand I would have gotten a list of what Jazzy was wearing that day. Don’t you just LOVE his fashion sense? Jazzy is like a walking, living, breathing, fashion editorial. I LOVE his sense of style. I mean the kid is FRESH. TO. DEATH. For now on I will make sure I get a photo of what Jazzy is wearing every time we see each other. My favorite part of Jazzy’s outfit is the knock off Birkin.

Ralph Lauren Windowpane Top, Aldo Bag, Enzo Shoes, Guess

For me: I know the Windowpane look is in for the season… and even though I am not a trendy person I have to say that I LOVE it. My mom actually thrifted this shirt about 4 years ago, and it’s my most favorite clothing item she has ever given to me. Mainly I discourage my mom from buying any fashion items for me, ESPECIALLY SHOES, but she hit the nail right on the head with this Ralph Lauren button up. I LOVE IT. I would rock it every day if it were socially accepatableacceptable. Of course I am wearing my favorite purchase of 2013, my gray H&M skinny jeans! I swear the best $20 I have spent all year. The bag was a Black Friday score from Aldo ($20 baby!) and the shoes are Enzo Angiolini by way for Ross!

DSC_9969-Edit DSC_9954-Edit DSC_9959-Edit DSC_9988-Edit

Jazzy: Sorry, didn’t get the info, but I will for now on!



|Top: Ralph Lauren| Jeans: H&M| Shoes: Ross| Bag: Aldo| Earrings: Guess| Belt: Old Navy|

A Beer Sweater on a Cold Day

Aldo, Urban Outfitter, Budweiser Sweater, Guess Earrings

Holy Moly Guacamole!

Yes, I brought it back to second grade. LOL. But man it was sooooo cold on Saturday. I will tell you one thing…. Texas is a pure TRIP when it comes to the weather. I didn’t take too much time with these photos, but I wanted to get them done because I haven’t done an OOTD post in awhile. I really wanted to go all out and make a cool video, but it was too cold to put any extra effort into the outfit of the day. If the weather is any better this coming week I will try and put some effort in doing cool videos to show off the outfit.

Aldo, Urban Outfitter, Budweiser Sweater, Guess Earrings

The coat is one I picked up at Bloomingdales Outlet. It is by S13/NYC. I went over my budget to purchase this coat, but I figured the extra money was worth it. This is the only coat I really own. I’m in Texas and so when it gets colder than 75 degrees I’m wearing a parka. I have found that most coats don’t keep me warm and I have to really layer up under them. However this coat is made of feathers (sorry Peta) and it keeps me EXTRA warm. What really sold the jacket was the cinch effect with the belt. It makes my waist look thin and what girl doesn’t like that?

Aldo, Urban Outfitter, Budweiser Sweater, Guess Earrings

The sweater and jeans came from Urban Outfitters. I picked up the jeans for $5 and the Budweiser sweater for $10. Don’t be jelly. The sweater is actually a men’s but I found it in a small and it works perfectly.

The shoes and handbag are Black Friday finds. The handbag is so chic with the hardware and I know I’m going to wear the heels off the new pumps. I love the sexy silhouette of the shoe. Trust me, I will be rocking these kicks at S’s Chinese New Year gathering in February.

Aldo UrbanOutfitters DSC_9878 Aldo, Urban Outfitter, Budweiser Sweater, Guess Earrings Aldo UrbanOutfitters DSC_9893 Aldo, Urban Outfitter, Budweiser Sweater, Guess Earrings Aldo UrbanOutfitters DSC_9929

|Jacket: Bloomingdales| Sweater & Jeans: UrbanOutfitters| Shoes & Bag: Aldo| Earrings: Guess|

Did anyone pick up any cool fashion pieces during Black Friday?

Urban Outfitters Mockingbird Station

Urban Outfitters Dallas, Mockingbird Station

Urban Outfitters Mockingbird Station be hosting a DIY Ornament and Stocking shindig this Thursday December 19th (6-9PM)  I will most likely be there with camera in tow because (a) I love Urban Outfitters, (b) I love Tacos, and (c) DJ Fishr Pryce is one of the best DJs in Dallas.

Join Me:

December 19, 6-9PM

Urban Outfitters

5331 E. Mockingbird Lane

Dallas, Texas 

Gold All on My Feet!

Happy Tuesday! Yeah for actually getting a Top Fashion Blogger post on Tuesday! LOL Well, based on all the looks featured you can clearly tell that I have been dozing off thinking about the beaches of MIA while sipping cold champagne from a frosted flute glass.

Yes, I know I’m all about the gold this week.

Lets get into the top fashion bloggers of the week!

01: Sea of Shoes

Princess Akshita Bhanjdeo

The girl in the photo is not Jane she is Princess Akshita Bhanjdeo wearing Zuhair Murad Couture. Jane from SOS was a photographer at the Le Bal des Debutantes Ball capturing some of the best dresses of couture. This number looks so great on the princess. It makes me want it for New Years Eve.


02: Gary Pepper

Gary Pepper Alice McCall White Playsuit

Nicole lives in Australia so it’s summer time for her right now and I couldn’t be more jealous. She looks like a dream come true in this white Alice McCall Playsuit.


03: vasilieva

Top Fashion Blogger

I know this BAREY counts as an outfit, but I still love it nonetheless. This picture respresnts everything that I miss because of Fall and Winter. Those bottoms look super comfy.


04: Style Scrapbook

Top Fashion Blogger

This sporty and free look is amazing. There is nothing like wearing light clothing when you need to run around.


05: The Chriselle Factor

Gold Sequin Blazer

I told you I was all good everything this week. Perhaps it’s because New Years even is about 2 weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited about rocking a gold number I purchased the other week. I’m really like this gold short sequin number with shredded boyfriend jeans. Later today I plan on heading over to St. Vincents Thrift store and hunting for some boyfriend jeans.


06: Walk in Wonderland

Top Fashion Blogger

The gold top is so 70’s glam and I am LOVING it!!!!


07: I am Khatu

Top Fashion Blogger

LOLOLOL Here go those boyfriend jeans again! LOL. I love when the jeans are styled with heels. It looks so sexy. I’m feeling that festive J.Crew sweater and that SUPER cute knit white beanie!

No worries about the shoes… they are gold too! LMFAO!


08: Ring My Bell

 Boyfriend Jeans

Yes, I know I’m ridiculous. Yes! I always love the McQueen skull clutches! I want to buy one when I grow up.


09: Ria Michelle

Top Fashion Blogger 09

How comfy does she look in this sexy black number? This looks is so dayum fun and funky I had to include it on this list.


Let me know who was your favorite from this!

And the Countdown for Friday Begins!

You are more than beautiful, Beautiful Women, Neon Light

So Drunk in Love

How many of you copped that new Beyonce album?  Hey.  I’ll even admit that once I heard Queen B dropped an unannounced media driven album (14 songs, 17 videos) I handed over my $16 to iTunes.  I have to admit that I am not disappointed.  I may not be B biggest fan, but I will give props to where they are due.  Beyonce’s sound seems more liberating. She actually sounds free.  She sounds like she doing this for her… and nobody else.  

Thank God B.

DYI: Flower Headband

DYI Flower Headband, Floral Headband

Shoe Porn

Steve Madden Deluxe Bootie

Kicks to Kill

Metallic Burn

Spanish Red


DIY Cape Jacket

Window Pane Dress

Boyfriend Jeans

Yellow Tribal Clutch

Gold Chain Necklace

Links of the Week

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

It’s so cold outside but this still looks so good!

I have hair envy right now

Prada is in the Pill Game

I Wanna Make This!

Merry Pre-Christmas Week!!!

Chanel Fashion Show in Dallas, Métiers d’Art

Earlier this week Karl Lagerfeld brought Chanel back to Dallas by hosting a rodeo themed fashion show at the Fair Park grounds in Dallas. How I didn’t get an invite is BEYOND me! Especially since Chanel flew in over 200 journalist from around the world to see this event. I mean come on Karl… I ONLY live down the street.

Karl puts on the Métiers d’Art every year in a different city. This year happened to be Dallas. I actually got wind of this earlier this year and sent a direct email to Chanel about an invite, but of course, no response. Turns out the Chanel team ONLY invited 100 locals from Dallas. Wow! Seriously?! I do think that is kind of messed up.

Mr. Lagerfeld described the collection as “not Dallas cheerleader,” but “the West of the Mexican border in the time of the Civil War, a more romantic Texas fantasy.” Interesting.

Karl likes to host the Métiers d’Art in places that had meaning to Coco Chanel. The Dallas connection to Chanel happened back in 1957 when Stanely Marcus (of the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus) invited Chanel to Dallas to help her get her company back and provide her with an award.

You would think after Texas placed Chanel back on the map more people from Dallas would have been there. Nonetheless, I’m sure the event is something that will be remembered fondly for years to come.


Enjoy the film and let me know what you guys think!




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