New Years Style

Every week I have some subconscious theme to the outfits I see.  Obviously it’s burgundy and plaid for this first week into the New Year.  Most specifically that plaid Zara scarf everyone is sporting.  I finally broke down and was going to buy it online (like I should be buying anything being unemployed) but it was sold outline… of course it was.  The new price for the scarf is $17. Universe-1, Korin-0

This week was hard.  There was a lot of great fashion and the person who was in the number one spot is barely there because EVERYONE was killin’ it!

01: Mimi G Style


Baby Girl is SLAYIN’  THEM in this all back errrrything number *In my LaFayette voice*  I can’t even pick a part of this look I like the most, but mama is just give them “I’m know I’m hot” realness all around!  This is an example of sexy without showing all your goodies!


02: 5 Inch and Up


This is the perfect mix if sporty fashion girl.  Could I pull this off in real life?  I’m sure I could on a fashionable Sunday Brunch.  But you can really only pull this look so many time.  Nonetheless I love how sexy, free, and sporty this pull is.  I am loving the laser cut outs of this midi skirt. Those heels work flawlessly with this straight from a magazine look.


03: Wendy’s Lookbook


Honey, you already know Wendy has style down to a tee!  I am feeling ALL of this.  I just wish I was shorter so I could pull off an Alexander Woo skirt like that in the middle of the day.  Someone with my height and thighs would get arrested for public indecency.  C’mon.  How can you NOT LIKE that McQ top?  I mean All Hail McQueen!  I believe the belt a perfect choice for this work to holiday party outfit.


04: Brooklyn Blonde


She is pulling both the plaid and the burgundy.  However, what made me fall in love with this outfit is that dramatic Gucci bag.  However $2700 is half of my monthly income so I think I will pass on that.  If I’m going to spend $2700 on anything it will be a trip out of the country.  But I am not going to lie seeing this outfit with that bag is certainly making me consider dipping into my savings account…


05: Extra Petite


This outfit reminds me of a J. Crew ad.  No one in real life looks this perfect but Jean is a master and it’s no wonder that I totally envy this effortless pull. The only bad thing about this outfit is she thrifted it.  Now there is NO WAY I can find a skirt like this. *ughhhh* Now, I totally wanna go thrift shopping.


06: Jak & Jil


As you guys know I am always in love with men’s fashion and this photo from one of my favorite street photogs, Toni, is no exception.  I like the mix of texture and print.  My favorite part is the tie… well ties… everything together (seriously, no pun intended).  The subject looks so damned James Bond with the tan leather gloves in the pocket.


07: Skinny Hipster


You guys know I’m a fan of black and white and Nife does an amazing job placing together interesting pieces without trying too hard.  I mean I HATE when I see fashion bloggers just placing too many trendy pieces together.  I’m not a trendy person but I am SOOOO feeling the midi pleated skirt look.  If I didn’t get cold so easily I would so try this at work.  You know… if I had a job.  I just love the stark and fun contrast the white BCBG blazer gives.  This is pretty much the perfect party outfit.


08: Atlantic-Pacific


That scarf.  LOL!  Dear Zara!  I am SOOOOOO mad you guys!  I just LOVE this scarf.  However, that ALC jacket is on another level.  I LOVE it!


09: My Small World


Who doesn’t love sequin bottoms?!  I would rock sequin bottoms everyday of the week if I wasn’t scared I would be placed in a restraining jacket by my best friends and favorite gay boys.  There is eloquence to this look with the ruffled button up top.  LOVE.


10: Girls with Curves


Tanesha can really do no wrong in my book.  I mainly love this look because she’s pregnant and found away to hide it well.  I believe that if I ever got pregnant than I would do everything to hide the bump and still look fashionable.  Not that the pregnant bump is anything that should be hidden I always think it’s cool when a woman is eight months pregnant and you don’t know because he fashion style is just on par.


Which looks are you loving so far in this  New Year?

Ps:  It’s 11:37PM CST so I got this in ON TIME!  LOVE!

Happy First Monday of 2014! 

Smile, Katy Trail, Dallas

Music: If I Ruled the World Nas F://Lauren Hill

DIY: Lite Brite

DIY, Lite Brite

Shoe Porn

Nike Blazer Mid Suede Pink

Starting off your New Year Right

These Shoes Remind Me of Cake

Blue Snake Skin Come Hither

Magenta Heels

Classic Black Pump


Valentines Day, Lingerie

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Hare Clutch

That Portfolio

That Button Up

That Jacket Looks SOOOOO Warm

Links of the Week

Dancing Red TuTu

I want to live life as innocent as this again

One Day I will be sophisticated Enough to through this kind of party

Awesome Photography Project

These drinks would look classy at my grown up party

Fact: Creative People Have to Isolate Themselves

Have a great week!!!

Goals!  Goals!  Goals!  Goals! Goals I do Adore!

Smile, Katy Trail, Dallas

Maybe about a year and a half back I used to review what I have done the prior week to help achieve my goals each week but I stopped.  I think stopping and not taking the time to review what I have done was just a lazy tactic and now I need to begin again so I can make sure I’m doing everything I need to do to achieve these goals.

Today is day 5 into the New Year and honestly I haven’t done too much.  I’m sad to report. That’s why I want to make sure I do a weekly review so that doesn’t happen again.  Also, doing a weekly review will let me set out defined goals for each week to help my progress to my overall goal.

January Week 02:


Attend Crossfit class 4 times this week

Run three days this week

Not Eat Out


Create flyers for Couples Valentine Mini Session

Create Flyer for Boudoir Mini Session

Finish Alex’s Photos

Contact Clients and advise of dates

Send out shot list and other wedding questions requirements

Begin working on blog site for UrbanJunglePhotography

Email Boudoir Group and request thoughts on a different site from main work

Sign up for two bridal trade shows in Dallas Area


Clean Carpets

Sand and paint side of desk

Look for wall paper for inside the desk

Make drawers work for desk


Start 365 blog today: Take for picture and rough design of blog

Update Jax’s site with three photos for next week

Okay!  This is a great start.

What goals do you guys have for this coming week?

PS:  The photo was shot by myself on New Years day.  Feel free to pin it and  use it, but please give credit to me!

In February I will be in Austin for S’s Chinese New Year/Housewarming Party. I couldn’t be more excited! Now that I’m officially a grownup I feel as though I have to come up with a good and adult present to give to S.

In reference to yesterday’s post I decided to get on Z Gallerie again and see what cool items they have that would be perfect as housewarming gifts. Below I have found 13 fun and affordable items that would be great a housewarming gifts… or just pieces for yourself.


HouseWarming Gifts 2014

Deer Head


Wine Chiller

Ming Boxes


3 Wise Owls

Owl Jewelry Bowl

French Dog Coin Bank

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Crystal Skull

Salud Gift Set

Bar Cart

Wine & Champagne Bowl

Ming Tray

Whiskey Stones

Paquet Bowl

 Aren’t these awesome?! Let me know which piece you like that most. Since I placed this post together I obviously like all of them, but I have to say that I am partial to the Ming Boxes, Meridian Wine Chiller, and Bordeaux Bar Cart.


Apartment Redecoration Inspiration Board

For my birthday a friend took me to La Duni in Dallas for lunch.  Next to the Knox Henderson location there is a Z Gallerie location.  Now I have never been to Z Gallerie because from the photos it looked like a really high end furniture store.  I assumed the furniture in there ran from $2,500-$7,000.  While there are some really expensive pieces I have to say for the most part the place is affordable.

I really wish I had gone in this place A. LONG. TIME. AGO!

I saw pieces from $5-$4,500.  The place is GORGEOUS!  I mean whoever buys for Z Gallerie is doing an amazing job because I really thought this place was only for the 1%’ers.

No.  We can all shop there.  Z Gallerie does a great job of mixing high and low end to build a beautiful room.

For 2014 I plan on redecorating my place and also buying pieces for my studio.  Z Gallerie will definitely be a place I will be picking up a lot of my pieces.

Below are some room décor ideas based off the items from Z Gallerie.



Living Room #1

Z gallerie Living Room


Elephant Print

End Tables

Coffee Table


Mirror Tray





Z Gallerie Bedroom


Cheetah Print

Reality Print

Ming Boxes


Scallop Chair

Roberto Chair

Flower Tealight



Nesting Table

Living Room #2

Z gallerie Living Room


Dallas Print


Bunny Print

Ram Head


Coffee Table

Candle Holder


Alligator Bookends

Sabor Tooth Skull

Wine Chiller



Let me know which room you guys liked the best!

Happy New Year!



It’s a Celebration Bitches!!!!

It’s the Good Life!

As the Birthday Girl I have decided that I will pick a list of what I would have wanted for my birthday!

Birthday Wishlist 2014





So you guys have seen my birthday wishlist!  Since it’s my birthday today I am in serious doubt I will bet getting any of these items, but I wanted to still share them with you anyway


I kinda think it’s creepy Google knew it was my birthday.

Google Birthday

Since today is Thursday I won’t be partying too hard.  I will be going to Crossfit tonight.

Black Girl Crossfit

However, I will take the time to pop one bottle to champagne.

pop champagne

So I hope not to look like this at the end of the bottle.

Tired Kitten

If I do it will be well worth it because I’m going to feel like this as the liquid hits my tongue!

Kanye Jay-Z Gif

I wish all you guys could join me!

Rihanna Gif

So we can dance together all night!

Beyonce Dance Gif

Since not all of us live that close let just celebrate in spirit!

Despicable Me Gif

Don’t worry.  I don’t drink and drive.  Taxi baby.   Girl I got this!

Girl I got this gif

Thank you in advance for the birthday wish!  *muah*

Happy 2014 Everyone!

2014 New Years Banner

How was everyone’s New Year festivities?  Mine plan was a bit more low key this year.  Instead of hosting a party I actually hit the mean streets of Dallas and braved the Victory Park countdown.  It was really fun and quite amazing.  If you have instagram follow me on there.  My name is TheUrbanJungle.  You will see some of the amazing fireworks and madness.

2013 Review

Of course we all have goals for the New Year.  All things considered 2013 was a pretty amazing year for me and I only suspect that 2014 will be that much better.  I was able to bring my business to another level, buy equipment I needed,  blessed with a job that ly helped me get to that point, and was able to procure even a better job the last Monday of the year.  God blessed me with the first girl born in our family in awhile (women are rare on my dad’s side) and most of all I am blissful with how happy my family has been.  If you have been a member of this blog for awhile then you know that for awhile it felt like someone roundhouse kicked me to the face , and then when it felt that life couldn’t possibly get any worse the universe laughed in my face and said, “Bet?”

What I learned through that tough period is that I am a fucking warrior.  That life only blesses though that choose to take the high road and not bask in self pity.  That you see how sucky your situation is but you stand up, shrug, and dust your shoulders off.  Seriously, that is all you can really do.

Yes, people can be total self involved douchebags who will burn you in life.  But don’t give up on people.  I have had some MAJOR bullshit happen to me by the hands of other people, but I’ve had to learn that this is something that comes with life and we have two options, self pity or self actualization.

In all cases choose the latter.

Meanwhile, I’m not here to preach but I am here to tell you that life is here to  throw curve balls at your face.  It is your job to take a couple of bruises but in most cases you will learn and anticipate these throws so you can learn to hit those homeruns.

2014 New Sign


So let’s get to it.  The goals of 2014.

My goals this year are going to be more realistic and not so vague.  Each month I will review how those goals went and what tiny steps I’m taking  to accomplish them each month.

Overall forYear

Start my business solely by Dec 31, 2014… By July be fully functional

  • Be in the best shape of my life, Crossfit and half marathon
  • Be booked 3 out of the 4 weekends each month
  • Have a studio (no matter how small or who I share it with)
  • 365 Portrait Project (Photography & Fashion)
  • Update Jax’s website 3 times a week
  • Get all the basic equipment I need for a functional business (D800, 24-70mm 2.8, and 70-200mm VR II, New laptop, CPU, and Screens)
  • Collect more Vinyl records and create shelving for them
  • Create stronger business relationships with both clients and other working artist in Dallas
  • Finish Desk
  • Clean Out Patio
  • Travel to three places outside of Texas (San Diego, Miami, and….)
  • Organize my apartment

2014 Goals

January 2014

Fitness:  As you guys know I got to crossfit.  I try to make it there at least three times a week.  While Crossfit has made me stronger overall (trust me within the first 30 days I could feel a major difference because of the body movements I have to do as a photographer) I haven’t really lost too much weight.  Now if we are to be honest crossfit is more about becoming stronger and strength training so weight won’t be so much at a loss.  Mind you, that is not a bad thing.  What happens is the fat is changing into muscles.  Therefore the pounds of fat isn’t necessarily “burning off” it’s more so changing to 5 pounds of muscles. Muscle takes up less volume (space) than fat.  So while you can be 5’6 and 160 pounds with a high fat content… being 5’6 at 160 lbs looks way different when you have more muscle.  You have a thinner waist and badass quads and arms.    With that being said I do want to burn fat and pretty much the only way to do that is through cardio.  My goal for this year will be to go to crossfit at least 4 times a week and completed a half marathon (13.10 miles).  For the half marathon I have no plans to place.  My goal is to finish.  LOL.  I am more of a short distance runner, but I want to work on my stamina.  So I will be taking small steps to reach this goal.  I plan to run at least 3-4 times a week (most likely on days I don’t go to crossfit which will be Friday, Saturday, and Sundays).    I wanted to do a half marathon anytime after July 02nd… and this is the only one I have found thus far so my goal will be this one, Hottest Half 10K.   I plan to make January easy and only run 2 miles a day.  Each month I will raise the length I run to where I can comfortable finish a 10K (13.10 miles).

Oh, yah and not eating out during the month of January.

Business:  For January I plan to host some  mini sessions a couples and boudoir for Valentine’s Day.  Originally I wanted to take January off and focus on me, but I want to be a business owner with a highly respected name so I will be open for business.  However, I did make an announcement on my UrbanJunglePhotography Facebook page that I will no longer host family sessions and only take on VERY limited weddings as well.  I will be focusing my efforts mainly on boudoir, headshots, and engagement sessions. Yes, I am niche-ing down because I don’t want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none.   I want to focus on one thing and be great!  Also, I will not be using LivingSocial.  I say that now, but as of RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW I will not be using them.  Mainly because when a client comes to me we speak first before they book me.  This way we can both feel each other out and decide if this relationship is going to work.  You don’t that same interaction with Living Social.  People buy your voucher without reviewing your work.  While I only had one issue with that and I was able to clear it up to benefit of the customer I know I don’t want to deal with that again.  The other things is LivingSocial clients will now show up to sessions or will tell you at the ABSOULTE last minute they can’t show up.  In my personal contracts outside of LivingSocial I have things that protect me from that.  With LivingSocial I don’t have the same.  I have to just suck it up, reschedule, and move on.  What people who aren’t photographers fail to realize is that sometimes we to have to rent our equipment or turn down other jobs because you wanted that spot.  We are running as a business and at the end of the day one should be hyper aware of what the other person has done for you on their end.   Most of all time is valuable.  Most people do not realize that… and since the person on LivingSocial has paid the only thing I can do is just move on.  So again, no LivingSocial ads.

I will be researching and going to bridal trade shows in Dallas and checking out the price points of other boudoir photographers in the city.  I will also research their style and what they offer.  Boudoir is still a growing market in this city so I want to do everything I can do to elevate my rankings.  I will probably attended two bridal shows a month between January and March, and if possible one in April.  I have my boudoir retreat in April.  I will also need to find tactics to grow my Facebook photography page… so that’s it for now.  I will still need to create a detail planned for this year, but this will give you guys a high level overview for this month.

Apartment: It’s time to redecorate.  The main thing is finishing me white desk.  That is the only goal for this month.  I am about 85% done.  I need to sand some more, pick knobs, and find some wall paper.  Once I’m done I need to move the desk inside and move other things to storage.  However, I may not be able to do the move before the end of January.  Once I have my space back I will do an apartment tour.

Personal:  I will be starting a 365 project for both this site and a new personal site.  For UrbanJungleFashion I want to post every day.  I know about two weeks ago I said I was going to do that, but it ended up not being possible because of the holidays and having family come in.  That took a lot of my time.  So Every. Single. Day this year I will have a new post up for you guys!  Be excited!  I am doing another 365 project.  This one is based off a photographer named Lara Jade.  Lara Jade is a British born photographer who now lives in New York.  She did a 365 project where she took photos of herself everyday for a year and placed those photos on Flickr.  She did this because she wanted to help develop her style and see what lighting techniques worked best for her.  During this project she placed her photos on Flickr and from there started her major professional journey into photography.  Magazines, ad campaigns, and more clients!  Do I expect to yield the same results as Lara?  Ummm YEAH, but in reality I just want to work on my lighting, shooting, and editing technique.  The best and only model I can get everyday is me.  I am debating if I want a tumblr or WordPress site, but I will be doing that starting today. I will most likely have a link for you guys tomorrow.

I also plan to travel to three cities outside of Texas.  I know for a fact I will be in San Diego in April.  I think I may be in Miami in June.  So I need one more city.  I am trying to avoid Las Vegas… but you might catch me there in July.  Yes, I LOVE Las Vegas, but I have been there so many times already… I wanted to try something new…. But we will see. However, there will be no traveling for the months between January and March.

If you haven’t seen Jax’s website click here!  I just love my little mutt.  Once I have time I will revamp this website too.  However, that may be closer to February.

Dayum. This was wordy as IDK what and if you made it through to the end please let me know!

Also, if you are a follower of this blog please list your blog URL below!  I want to make sure I’m following you back through BlogLovin’!

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!!



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