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Victoria’s Secret Haul!!!


So today I went to the mall for ONE REASON.  I HATE going to the mall unless I have a game plan.  My only game plan was to see when the semi-annual sale was going to sale for Victoria’s Secret. 

BTW that will be January 2nd (my birthday!  Happy Birthday to Me!!!)


Well I get there and their sale isn’t on yet, HOWEVER did run into a series of things I COULD not pass up!  Let’s start with BREATHLESS!!!

OMFG it’s back you guys!  Before I would have to go on Ebay to buy it, but it’s back!!!  I’m not sure if this is a limited time only type of deal, but Breathless was gone for at least five years.   I didn’t take any undercover shoots with my phone on this one, but many of their fragrances where already marked 50% off!  I made out with two bottles of Breathless (2.5 FL. OZ.) for a total of $45 ($22.50) each.  That really is a good deal.  I really don’t like buying the perfume without the body spray, but there wasn’t a body spray accomping… only the lotion.  The lotion is too tough on my skin so I didn’t purchase it. 




Next lets discuss the Victoria’s Secret Pink Skin care line

First lets me tell you this, there is a HUGE price difference from going in the store versus shopping online.


  • Retail://$10
  • Instore Sale:// $2.50 (75% OFF)
  • Online Sale://$5 (50% OFF)


  • Retail://$10
  • Instore Sale://$2.50 (75% OFF)
  • Online Sale://$5 (50% OFF)


  • Retail://$15
  • Instore:// $3.75 (75% OFF)
  • Online://$5  (67% OFF)

 As you can clearly see, it’s better to physically get into the store and purchase these products.  I have never used any of them, but I hope to do a product review on them.  All the products claim to be organic and 100% vegan ingredients.  The bottles also claim the product has never been tested on an animal and there aren’t any parables, mineral oil, or sulfites. 

Last but NOT least… CLOTHES!!!

Okay, I’m not really one for the Pink Clothing Line, but I can NEVER pass up a good sale!  So Vicki is having a huge sale on its Pink basic tank tops, scoop necks, V neck, and one other type of shirt.  They are selling those 4 for $25.  So that makes the shirts about $6.25 each.   If you only buy one shirt the price is $16.50, and if you purchase two it’s $22.  So think about it, it only makes mathematical sense to buy 4.  As you could imagine thier stock was short due to this sale.  I purchased a pastel yellow racerback shirt, a gray racerback shirt, a coral racerback shirt, and very loose fitting black racerback shirt with a pocket on the right breast side.   I think the black one will be my most favorite!

Okay, this was my “haul.”  Remember the semi-annual sale for Victoria Secret begins on January 2nd


Even Super Models Love a Sale!

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First off I wanted to tell you guys that I know have a YouTube channel.  You can watch my vids at youtube.com.urbanjunglefashion.  You can also email me at urbanjunglefashion@gmail.com.

So today I want to discuss the basics tops you are going to need in your wardrobe.  Personally I love:

  • A plain white t-shirt
  • A plain white Racerback tee
  • A plain white short sleeve shirt
  • A plain white long shirt
  • Racerback black tee’s
  • Long sleeve black shirt
  • Racerback heather grey shirts

Basically, any plain colored shirt is essential to your wardrobe.  Basic clothes can easily be layered, placed with dynamic accessories, or worn with great shoes.  Now you can get great basic shirts anywhere, but a great placed to buy them is Forever 21 or Ross. 

Series of Shirts from F21

Later this week, I’m gng to show you how to accessorize these plain shirts with great jewelry!  I think you guys are going to love it!  Please refer to the pictures below.  The most expensive shirt that I bought was $6.50 and that shirt was from Forever21.  The tanks from Forever21 were $3.50.  The white long sleeve shirt was from Ross and I believe that shirt was $5.99.

Shop Online

  • Forever21.com
  • Rossstores.com

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Ankle Boots by Bamboo courtsey of Strut

This is my first entry for my fashion blog.  I live in Texas.  Well, Dallas to be more exact.  I also visit Austin a lot because I consider that home.  I decided to do my OWN fashion blog b/c I feel as though fashion is not well represented in Texas.  I mean I live in Dallas.  Where Neiman Marcus was born!   One of the most elite high fashion department stores in the world!  Believe me, Texas knows a thing or two about fashion.

I may not have been born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could 

I do consider myself an Austinite.  Therefore, I will have a quirky since when it comes to fashion.  Since I was little I was always mixing it up. I NEVER wanted to be like everyone else.  I experimented with color, I also wore miss matched socks, I was cutting up my mom old levis before it even became cool.  I was being me.  A leader not a follower. 


When I do these fashion tid bits, these are things I PERSONALLY LIKE.  I don’t keep up with “trends” per se, I do my own thing.  I say this because you may like my opinions, you may not.  But you will like that I will keep an open mind to all things… well, most of the time… I’m not really feeling the knee high boots things.  I mean I am, but I’m not going to be wearing them. 

I consider myself a “Baller on a Budget”

I buy a LOT of clothes, but I FIRMLY believe in buying on sale and out of season.  When you buy things out of season you should buy traditional clothes and colors that will NEVER go out of style.  For example, a scarf.  I was once in Agaci and I bought four or five scarves because they were

one sale for $1 each in the middle of July.  I purchased the scarves in white, black, neutral, and one with rhinestones on it for flare.  This is just a small example of buying out of seson

I am also a self professed Shoe Whore

I LOVE SHOES!  And the word LOVE is an understatement.   My good friend and soror sister Danielle said it best  to me the other day about some black and red Jordans  she wanted. “I saw these shoes and they spoke to my heart and soul.”  This is how I feel about shoes.  Ironically though, if you saw me in the streets you wld always see me in my same old raggedy patch work Rocket Dog shoes.  I love those things.  I bought two different pairs for $7 each in Austin a couple of years back.  Believe me when I tell you, those shoes where an investment! 

More About Me

  • Photography is my first love.  I want to be an Editorial Photographer if possible.  Pictures for weddings, celebrities, or even Vogue magazine
  • I Currently Live in Dallas
  • Grew up in Austin
  • I love fashion
  • I love shoes
  • I don’t understand basketball, but I LOVE going to live games
  • I LOVE Hip-Hop & Classical Music
  • My fave band of ALL time is Nirvana

My 5 fave stores include:

  • Forever 21
  • Ross
  • Shoedazzle
  • Dillard’s
  • Strut       
Taking Pics on the TRE

Taking Pics on the TRE


I feel as though weight is a VERY important battle in our American society.  So I’m also gng to be doing a blog on my loss.  Actually, I’m nowhere near fat or over weight.  In fact I’m 5’7 and weigh 135lbs.  However, I do want to get down to 125lbs-122lbs so I’m gng to be running and doing all sorts of cool stuff to get down to that size.  I will be doing weekly updates on this site as well.  Every Sunday I will put up a post. 

I will try and post as often as I can.  I hope you love this site!  Email me or leave comments with suggestions!


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