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 I found ShoeDazzle.com by chance. A co-worker was wearing the cutest pair of brown Mary Jane’s that I have ever had the privilege of laying my eyes on. Everyone was asking her where she purchased those phenomenal shoes. She informed an educated us about ShoeDazzle.com   

ShoeDazzle.com is a website that was co-founded by Kim Kardashian. Per ShoeDazzle.com, the website has a number of stylist pick shoes for you based on a survey you taken upon signing up.   


It’s really easy… you take a short an easy survey that ask your about your personal style… such as places you already shop, designers your favor, and colors your like. Based on this information the stylist will send you five pairs of shoes your can choose from. If you don’t like those shoes you can either skip the month or request for them to send them give more shoes.   


When I signed up for the site six months ago the fee was $39, but now the price has risen to $39.95. The $39.95 price includes the shoes and shipping and handling! Not too bad!   


I am VERY happy with the website overall. On the first of every month I can expect five new styles sitting in my ShoeDazzle account. I love the fact that ShoeDazzle emails your when your new shoes picks are pending. I like that if you do not like the first choices they send you can either opt out of the month (as long as you do it before the 6th of the month, they won’t bill you) or you can ask for five more picks. When you request five more picks another short survey populates and you can give the stylist detailed notes of what you actually want.   

The shipping process is GREAT! I mean GREAT! I cannot sing their praises high enough. Again, Ms. Kardashian name is associated with this company so you know she’s going to do it right. Typically, if I order my shoes on Thursday night, I will have my shoes my Wednesday. Needless to say, when I order on shoes on Tuesday I will typically have them on Thursday or Friday. Just in time of the weekend.   

I have never had to return a pair of shoes, but I have had co-workers who have. They advised the process is very easy. Shoedazzle sends you a return slip with the sale if you do not like your purchase. All you have to do is repack the shoes in the box, slap on that return label, and have FedEx come to your place or drop it off at any FedEx location.   


I love the website! Check it out!   

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Fashion of Fragrance

For me, putting on a fragrance is a quick thought process. Fragrance represents not only who you are, but what you are about. It’s an extension of you; it’s just as important as what you are wearing. Fragrance is how people remember you.

For example, when I was a freshman in college, in the dorm apartment next door lived a blind classmate. Whenever I walked in the room she would know it was me because I had a signature scent. That year I was constantly wearing Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret. This example is proof of the statement, we are what we wear.

In my PERSONAL opinion what fragrance you sport depends on the season. For example, in the summertime you don’t want to wear robust and deeply scented aroma like Very Sexy by Victoria’s Secret. However, what you may want to wear is Pink by Victoria. Pink is a very light yet sexy fragrance that is great for late spring and summer time. Very Sexy is more of a Fall/Winter scent that you would typically wear in the evening or on the weekends. Vice versa, you don’t want to wear Pink in the winter time if you want to be noticed. Unless someone is in your personal space, no one is going to notice how great you smell.

Basic Rule of Thumb:

  • Deep strong scents should be worn in the Fall & Winter.
  • Soft subtle scents should be worn in Spring & Summer.

♦PH Levels

Everyone’s PH level will be different because we each have different skin types. Our skin has different amounts of oils and water and that plays a key role in how perfume and body spray smells when coming in contact with your skin. What may smell great on you may not always smell the same on me. So it’s very important for you to experiment with different scents to see what works with your natural PH levels.

♦Applying Perfume

When applying perfume place the scent at pulse points. These points include wrist, crooks of your elbow, back of your knees, the neck, and cleavage When placing perfume on your wrist, don’t rub them together (as you may see on the movies) because it will defeat the scent of your fragrance.

♦Fun Facts

  • There are 3 notes in perfumes: Top (is the first smell to evaporate), Middle (develops later), and Base (the scent that develops during time and is the most true scent of the perfume)
  • Perfume expires 3 years from the date it was bottled. By keeping it stored in the fridge will extend the life of the product
  • Do not spray perfume next to pearls or costume jewelry: the alcohol base can strip the coating and ruin jewels and chains.

Feel free to go to http://blogs.smarter.com/beauty/2009/12/22/perfume-making-sense-out-of-fragrances-and-scents/ for additional fun information on perfume.

Prices I Paid at the Semi-Annual

Victoria Secret Sale Body in Wonderland Gift Set

  • Retail://$49
  • Sale:$29.40

The Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Collection

  • Retail://$40
  • Sale://$24

Dream Angels Heavenly Enchanted

  • Retail://$22
  • Sale://$11

Peace Love Hope Pink

  • Retail://$20
  • Sale:$10

Pink Everything Refreshing Spray

  • Retail://$6
  • Sale://$2

Berry Kiss & Love Spell Hand Wash

  • Retail://$8
  • Sale://$2.25

Berry Kiss Room Spray

  • Retail://$9
  • Sale://$2


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