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 Accessories, done right, make any plain outfit extraordinary. A white raceeback paired with blue jeans and some sick heels instantly becomes runway material paired with a great pair of earrings, bracelet, or necklace. Or if you are REALLY daring… all three! I don’t believe in that old saying… before you walk out of the house, take one accessory off. There is a trick into wearing accessories, but that will be discussed at a later date in time. Pictured are some of the accessories that I purchased in the month of February2010. Most of the accessories shown below can be purchased at Charlotte Russe.  Charlotte Russe sales most of the their accessories 2 for $8 or $6 each. 

 The Bangle set was purchased at Forever 21 for about $6.  


 I obtained the torso long leaf necklace and the bracelet at Accents. Accents can only be found in Dallas. The necklace was about $24 (retail) and the bracelet was about $22 (retail). I was able to get both items for 50% off due to good time on my part.  



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