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Name of Outfit: I’m On A Boat!

  • Dress: BCBG, $50 (retail $260), Ebay
  • Shoes: Bakers, $40
  • Earrings: Guess, $16, Guess Outlet in Round Rock,  Texas
  • Braclet: Forever 21, $10

Total: $116

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Hey guys!  You can check out my previous ShoeDazzle blog for additional information about the site ( https://urbanjunglefashion.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/shoedazzle-com/ ).  I think the last major change to the site was the fact that the shoes are no longer $39.  The shoes are now $39.95.  I was grandfathered in, that is why I still pay the $39.  As stated initially, the $39 .95 covers the shoes, shipping, and… if needed… the return.  No additional cost!  One flat charge!  So below are pics from my shoe haul at www.ShoeDazzle.com

I purchased “The City” and “Nichola.”  I LOVE both of the shoes and would recommend them for anyone. 

The City: The seafoam/teal color is a great shade for summer.  The studs give it an edge that will want you to wear them EVERYWHERE.  The fact that they are closed toe mean, “I’m badass, but I still have class.” LOVES IT

Nichola: GORGEOUS shoe.  I had to get it.  The heel was enough for me, but I also love the criss crossing of the elastic tan bands in the front, the smooth, loosely cracked chocolate color. If you have a darker complextion ,as I do, you know this will look great.  Nude pumps are really hot this season.  What makes them great is the fact they match with your skin and make you legs appear longer. 

If you guys have any questions feel free to contact me!  Be sure to check out my initial ShoeDazzle vid I made at the bottom of this blog!

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Fashion: www.ShoeDazzle.Com

 The City


Check Out my previous ShoeDazzle Videos:

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Name of Outfit: Purple Summer Bar
This is in my more favorite outfit of the day looks.  Simply because it’s so casual and comfortable.  Wearing this outfit out to a bar or any other outting makes you appear really approachable.    
  • Jacket: Poetry Clothing, Ross, $7
  • Halter Top: Kazio, Gazooks, $5
  • Jeans: Express, $13.50 (Originally $69.50)
  • Shoes: Ophelia, ShoeDazzle.com, $39
  • Belt: Old Navy, $1
  • Accessories: Braclet, MetroPark $6; Necklace: WetSeal $1; Earrings: $4 for a set, Charollette Russe

Total Cost: $76.50      


Ophelia, Shoedazzle, $39






Purple Crop Jacket by Poetry, Ross, $7

Check out the following vids for additonal information on other items listed in this blog:    



May Haul Vid:   



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Name of Outfit: Smurfing it Up!

  • Top: Junk Food Smurf Shirt, $10
  • Jeans: Express Jeans, Purchased at Express.com, $15
  • Earring: Gold Sequin, $5.50
  • Braclet: Gold Pyramid Braclet, $6
  • Flip Flops: Gold Rhinestone Flips Flops, $13, Target

Total: $49

Shop: http://express.com


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Monteau Dress purchased at Strut in Autin: $15
Shoes by Joey O purchased at Ross:$15
Faux Teal Croc Clutch purchased at Strut in Autin: $14.40
MetroPark Pyramid Braclet: $6
Forever 21 Turtle Necklace: $5.50
Forever 21 Sequin Gold Earrings: $5.50


Total: $61.40

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May Haul: Forever 21, Ross, Target, Puma, MetroPark, and Guess

Hey guys!  I just occured to me the other day that I never posted my May haul vid.  I make a lot of references to this vid, but i never posted it!  So I am VERY sorry!   Now that I am getting more use to this whole blogging thing I am going to start doing a better job at it.  Meaning more pictures and more updates!  Also every once in awhile I will do a dear diary post of my day.  

Anways, if you ladies have any questions feel free to email me and contact me!  I love being interactive with the people watching my videos, and others, on YouTube!  


White and Black Swim Shorts, Target, $14
Panda Shopping Tote, Forever 21, $1.50


Gold Sequin Earrings, Forever 21, $5.50
Back Loose Navy Racerback, Forever 21, $6.80
Loose Navy Blue Racerback w/Pocket, Forever 21, $6.80


Puma Jacket Dual Logos, Puma Outlet, $35


Puma Jacket Zipper Logo, Puma Outlet, $35


Puma Zipper, Puma Outlet, $35


Right Side Puma Jacket, Puma Outlet, $35


Puma Jacket, Puma Outlet, $35


Pink Puma Logo, Jacket, $35

Gold Pyramid Braclet, MetroPark, $6

Pyramid Braclets, Gold and Silver, $6 each


Bronze Faux Peark Necklace, MetroPark, $6


Grey Knit Beanie, MetroPark, $6


Gold Braid Hoop Earrings, Guess Outlet, $7
Silver/Rhinestone Hoop Earrings, Guess, $16
White/Cream Shorts, Forever 21, between $15-$20


Gold/Rhinestone Turtle Necklace, Forever21, $5.50


Black Straw Hat Back, MetroPark, $6


Black Straw Hat. MetroPark $6



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Me, Shayla, and Tam at Shayla’s 27th birthday dinner at Margarita Ranch in Dallas, Texas on 07.10.10

You know eleven is my FAVORITE number.  It has been since I was in the first grade.  The teacher went around the class to ask everyone what  thier favorite number was and i didn’t know.  I wanted to say number one… but instead I said eleven because I could be number one TWICE.  LOL!  You guys need to remember I was six at the time!  I thought i was being clever!  Just a random fact about me.  

So yesterday I had an outstanding time with my friends!  I was out ALL DAY!  First I had a graduation for my girl who walked with her MBA!  I am so proud of her!  I love seeing women, especially black women, empower themselves through education.  No one can take away the fact that she obtained her MBA at 25!  Second, I went to her graduation party, after the party I went to my  

boy’s soccer game,  after the soccer game I went to my friend’s birthday party, after the birthday party I went to a second one.  I know!  LIFE IN THE URBAN JUNGLE!!!  It was fantastic!  Meeting new people and catching up with old friends.  I love to be out and social.  However, I must say the highlight of my night was meeting  Toni Duclottni from the House of Haute!  

If you don’t know who  this beatiful woman is I suggest that you become acclimated with her.  I will post links to her YouTube channel and blog page below.  Toni (I act like I’m on a first name basises with her) is a wonder  

Me, Alex, and Tam at Raphi's 30th birthday party at Heat in Irving, Texas 07.10.10

ful person whom I watch on YouTube… probably how you watch me.  She does fashion vids.  This girl has all kinds of taste!  Well, Saturday night I was at Mockingbird Station leaving a birthday party.  As we are leaving the garge my friend in I were in the car and we see this lady from behind.  She’s wearing something ultra classic, yet super cute.  She has on a white racerback shirt, dark deniem skinny jeans, and cute heels that did not overpower her outfit.  She also wore a brown belt that sat on her hips.  My friend and were sitting there discussing how simple the outfit was, but how gorgeous it looked on this woman.  As I’m passing her in the garage I yell to my friend, “I know that her!”  She was stunned and didn’t know what was going on.  So I explained to her she was a popular YouTuber with a fashion show who is based in Dallas.  So as she walked up the car I rolled down the window and I told her how I loved her show.  She is so utterly beautiful in person.  I explained to her how I watch her vids and think she’s an outstanding individual.  Let me tell you all.  Not only is she breathtaking in person she is so super nice!  She formally introduced herself, had a genuine smile on her face, and was  really intrigued in the conversation.  On top of that she had a very firm handshake.  A handshake tells a lot about a person.   

I really enjoyed my brief encounter with Ms. Duclottni.  I would highly suggest that you guys watch her channel and read her blog.  It’s nice to know that some people are who they protray themselves to be.  Nice, thoughtful, and beautiful.  

Have a great day guys!

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June Fashion Haul: Express.com


I have to say that I am very proud of myself.  I only purchased two clothing items this month.  I am trying to keep my spending on clothing and accessories in check… especially since I’m now “Fun-employed.”   So this month the two items that I purchased where polo shirts from Express.com.  Express is my FAVORITE place to shop online. 

I purchased a tomato colored polo shirt with their fuchsia embroidered logo in a size small.  The second polo is exactly the same except it’s white and the logo is in silver.  I purchased the shirt in a size medium. 

At the time or purchase Express was having a buy one get one free sale.  The shirts ran $26.50.  I believe the original retail on the shirt was $39.50 for one.  So I basically got 66% off for both the shirts.  Not a bad thing to pay a third of the retail price!  *LOL*.  So the shirts where about $13.25 each.  Well, fortunately for you the shirts are now even cheaper!  Currently the shirts are selling for $9.99!  On top of that, they have an additional 20% off!  So the shirts are only $8 each!  That is a steal!  At the time of my vid the shirts were an additional 30% off.  Sales change everyday. 

Check out the link and the pictures below!

Express: http://tinyurl.com/


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