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So in April of 2010 (after I got laid off) I was back home in Austin and was going to meet my BFF and her fam for a late dinner. In fact I even did a vid that day that I will show…. NOW!!!

Okay, as you can see in the vid my hair is in a super straight bob. Mind you, my hair is not that short, I pinned it under to allude a short cute bob. Well, that day I was in a super hurry to get my hair done and suffered heat damage. Just a note, I am 100% natural. Being natural means that I do not chemical relax my hair. I use heat when I want my hair straight and wash my hair when I want to curly again. The best of both worlds.

Now my heat damage was severe. I made the following mistakes:

  • I did not allow my hair to completely dry
  • I did not use a heat protectant
  • I used my flat iron on too high of a setting. I want to say at like 400 degrees.

Yes, I know looking back at it I was a complete and utter moron, but I was in such a hurry.

Well, since I was in a mini rut since I was dismissed from work I wasn’t taking proper care of my hair. Meaning I wasn’t washing my hair as often as I should have been. One of my friend I have known since middle school moved to Dallas as well and asked me and another friend to go out with her to see a guy do a set. When she came over she said that she needed to do my hair before we went to public.

First, she yelled at me for not having any combs in the house (in my defense I JUST moved and didn’t know where I put anything). Next, she accused me of perming my hair. She was attempting to put three cornrows in my hair on an angle and she couldn’t finish the braid without it unraveling. My other friend had to vouch for me that I NEVER perm my hair. My old school friend was really confused, but managed to complete my hair.

That same weekend I went back to Austin (I go from Austin to Dallas and vice versa a lot). I was bored at my dad’s house and kept playing back the fact that my girl accused me of perming my hair. Well, I realized I hadn’t washed my hair in awhile so I got into the shower.

While in the shower something didn’t feel right. My hair DID NOT revert back to curly. I suffered heat damage for not doing my hair properly. Now it wasn’t just a few strands that were damaged. MY ENTIRE HEAD WAS DAMAGED!!!! The ironic thing about it I had JUST watched this video by Taren916 on her battle with heat damage!!!

I swear, that week I was on YouTube like a motherfucker trying to get my hair correct. I was watching all my favorite natural YouTubers and even some new ones, but my hair would NOT revert back.  I think I kicked rocks, cried via Facebook, and complained to my dad. I went to H-E-B and Whole FOODS at least 5 times in 2 days to get more and more products to try and revert the hair. The only thing that was going to fix my hair was time. 

That day (it was late April or early May at the time) and I made a promise to myself. I was NOT going to place heat on my hair for 6 months. I was going to nurse my hair back to health and try and get my natural curls back as fast as possible. I wish I would have taken a picture, but all I have is that last video I made.

Today is now September 22, 2001. It’s been a good 4.5 months since I declared a “No Heat War” on my hair. Honestly, it’s been really easy. I’m sure that’s because I’m not employed. While I was employed I had my hair in the same unhealthy manner. Heating it to death and placing it in a ponytail. I know a lot of Naturals use the ponytail as a “protective method”, but that did not work for me. Placing my hair in that same ponytail everyday made my hair week and break at the crown. Still the hair at my crown is still shorter than the rest of my hair. At least the hair is curly =)

Also, since being unemployed as kind of forced me to try new styles with my hair. I never wanted to try and do new things because I was scared of the reactions that I would get from people. Of course I was scared of negative reactions, but I was more concerned with the positive ones. You know what I mean. You also have those people who mean well, but they say shit like, “You never do anything with your hair! It looks pretty, you must be trying to impress someone.” Or, “You look so mature! You no longer look 12!” Sure they mean well but there is still an insult in there. Oh well, the base of it was still positive. I personally don’t like too much attention on me, that’s why I really stayed away from doing much with myself at work. I didn’t want the comments, positive or negative.

However, since I have been unemployed it really has allowed me to work on myself and feel more confident with whom I am right now, and where I want to be in the future. No one made it in this life being the same and never sticking out. Once I accepted this fact I was able to allow myself not to give a fuck with what anyone had to say about me.

The first successful hairstyle was the braid out using the Flexi-Rods. That’s my fave style because I never cut off my dead damaged hair from the heat damage because I wanted the length still. Using the Flexi-Rods allowed my flat straight ends to match my curly roots. I also learned a lot of important facts about African-American hair. Those facts I will have to list in a separate blog because this one is already extra long.

The point of this to showcase some new products I am trying for my hair regime. Because I had followed this video by KimmayTube to a “T” because I ran out of the conditioner and the Shampoo seemed like it was really drying out my hair. I even tried putting in jojoba oil, but nothing seemed to work. I didn’t like how my hair felt after the initial shampoo. My hair felt stripped. I would deep condition every week. I really believe that deep conditioning every week actually helped contribute for my hair growing back so fast. However, lately there has been a lackluster in my hair and it feels dry ALL THE TIME.

I know I have very dry skin, but I take care of my skin very well. The key to healthy skin is great hydrating products and keeping the skin well moisturized. Since the hair, skin, and nails are tightly wound together, I need to hydrate my hair more so I purchased the following products. FYI ladies, these products are NOT CHEAP!

Purchased @ Whole Food $12

Kinky Curly Come Clean: Shampoo

  • Product Claim: The blend of organic plant and fruit extracts to gently clean your hair and scalp of dulling buildup while maintaining its proper moisture balance. Adds shine and Moisture.
  • Important Facts: Sulfate free, pH balanced

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque @ Target, $10

Shea Moisture: Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque (I’m using this as a deep conditioner)

  • Product Claim: Dry, Damaged Hair. All-natural intense treatment masque deeply penetrates to moisturize and repair over-processed, dry, or damaged hair.
  • Important Facts: This products DOES NOT contain the following: Parabens, Phthalates, Paraffins, Gluten, Propylene, Glycol, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal Testing, PABA, Synthetic Color, DEA, Animal Ingredients, Sulfates

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie @ Target, $10

Shea Moisture: Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothing (I’m using this as a leave-in conditioner)

  • Product Claim: Nutrient rich vegetable butters condition hair, restoring moisture and shine. It will help curls and minimize frizz and provide curl control.
  • Important Facts: This products DOES NOT contain the following: Parabens, Phthalates, Paraffins, Gluten, Propylene, Glycol, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrance, Animal Testing, PABA, Synthetic Color, DEA, Animal Ingredients, Sulfates

Now Coconut Oil @ Whole Foods, $6.50

Coconut Oil: 100% Natural (using as a sealant and skin care moisturizer)

  • Product Claims: Non-greasy oil goes on smooth to leave skin feeling silky and refreshed
  • Important Facts: 100% natural

365 Safflower Oil @ Whole Foods, $5

Safflower Oil (use to moisture hair ends)

  • Important Facts: May contain other nut oil

Giovanni Vitapro Fusion @ Whole Foods, $5.50

Giovanni Vitapro Fusion: Protective Moisture (Leave-In Hair Treatment Spray)

  • Product Claims: Penetrates Damaged Hair to repair, enriches hair with protein enriched botanicals, and also protects hair from heat and other chemicals.

I swear this blog is almost over!!!!

So I’m going to do my initial reaction to all these new products in an upcoming blog I will post tomorrow night.

It’s late and this blog is EXTRA long! I hope this was good information to someone!

Night! Night!

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  • Express Buckle Shirt, $6
  • Express Editor Pants, $70
  • Old Navy Black Belt, $1
  • Joey Shoes, Ross, $14
  • Charlotte Russe Earrings, $4
  • Forever 21 Ring, $4
  • Forever 21 Silver Bangle Set, $2 (I just wore one)
  • Premier Designs, Lady Fair, $39

Total $140

Chapter Breakdown of Video:

  • Questions to Ask Yourself ~ 1:17
  • Basic Concepts of Dress ~ 3:10
  • Shoes ~ 4:47
  • Accessories ~ 6:21
  • Hair ~ 7:36
  • Make-Up ~ 8:34

Questions to Ask Yourself…

  • Whose interviewing me?
  • What is the position of the interviewer?
  • How many levels of interviews are they conducting?
  • What sex is the interviewer?

Basic Concepts of Dress…

  • DO NOT let your clothes over power what you have to say and your resume.
  • On the initial interview go more conservative until you grab a good concept of company culture.
  • If you wear a skirt make sure it goes pass the knee. The pencil skirt is the best to wear in a job interview. The skirt compliments most body types.
  • DO wear clothes that compliment your body shape. If you are bigger wear bigger clothes, nothing too tight. If you feel uncomfortable, you look uncomfortable, and this will affect your interview. If you are smaller wear clothes that fit your frame. You will look out of place and disheveled if your clothes are too big.
  • DO wear a solid color. Try and stay away from shirts that have patterns or are extremely loud in color. If you do want to wear a shirt with a pattern pair it with a solid colored blazer.
  • DO NOT wear sleeveless shirts. Most companies have it against policy to wear shirts that show off your shoulders.


  • DO NOT WEAR STILLETTOS. Keep your heels under three inches.


  • Keep jewelry to a minimum. You don’t want to come off too flashy.

    Figure 1: Jessica Alba

  • No hoop or chandelier earrings
  • DO NOT wear bangles. They make too much noise and can be distracting. Also, the interviewer may require you to type or write and our bangles may get in the way. Wear simple bracelets.


  • Keep it simple.
  • No ponytails unless you’re going to be doing it Jessica Alba style. (Refer to Figure 1)
  • If you have a strong face show it off. Wear your hair a bit back.


  • Keep it to a minimum! A more subtle or an natural look is better. Be conservative with your make-up.
  • If you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, or need an elaboration please comment below on my blog or under the video.


FIND: youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_vasCeVoto

FOLLOW: http://www.twitter.com/KoiKorin


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Dear Diary,

I hate when people use the acronym IRL, In Real Life. If you have to REALLY use the acronym IRL you need to get up and step away from the keyboard. OMFG. I HATE when I read/hear people stay that. I believe that you spend way too much time on the internet if you feel the need to actively use this phrase. “In real life!” Ha! It’s this ALL REAL?! What’s fake about my life? Are you saying that I “fake watching YouTube?” or you “fake” watching me since it‘s on the internet?! Are you saying that since we are friends on Facebook we can‘t have a relationship soley based over the internet.  Am I not as good cuz you can’t physically touch me? Nothing past that?! I first heard iJustine use this phrase, but then one my FAVORITE female YouTubers just used this phrase on her facebook page. She had a valid point on WHY she used it. However, I just HATED that she used that acronym.

Sorry, I don’t usually use my forum to complain, but I NEEDED to get that out of my system. I really hope everyone liked my VMA blog! I’m so excited b/c it more than doubled (or I will at least by Friday) my hits on this site due to the MTV music awards. Shout out to Lady GaGa for the meat dress! I hope more people come back to this site for future updates.

Also, I’m thinking about joining http://www.luuux.com/ . Not 100% sure yet. I was going to start doing a fitness segment on this site, but I may start that over at Luuux.

RANDOM  THOUGHT: Man, I would kill for a medium well steak right now

  • I really love blogging cuz I just get to write whatever I want.
  • Sorry for a random pic, but it’s of Chun-Li and I love Street Fighter.  I was a former gamer.

YouTube Vids I’m Feeling:

I LOVE the boys from Jersey Shore.  Here’s a vid PaulyD and the boys uploaded.  Special appearance by Sammi.  FYI the song is No Americano!

I LOVED Kanye’s last songs of the VMAs.  GREAT!!!! Viacom is really being a trick and taking down all VMA performances so I’m not sure how long this vid is going to be available.  However I want to send this one out to all the Douchebags!!!!  The name of  the song is called Runaway.


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I couldn’t put Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta… my bad Lady GaGa… on a best or worst dress list.   The woman is in a world all on her own. When you see Lady GaGa you have to brace yourself. She loves fashion, but even she has to admit she does it for a small shock value. Did I like all the dresses? I did. I have to admit I really fuckin’ did. Why?

Alexander McQueen

Well, lets start with the Alexander McQueen dress. It was something else.  This girl went from the catwalk to the sidewalk in it.   Why? Cuz she’s motherfuckin’ Lady GaGa. I loved the dress cuz it reminds me of a warrior. A woman who is strong and will take any challenge coming at her.  Her make-up was stunning.  Since the dress and the headpiece had so much going on the make-up was just right. I wasn’t a fan of the armadillo shoes. I’m a shoe freak, but you will never see me in those bad boys.  They were a bit much.

The Black Armani Dress

I loved the dark Lady Liberty feel she was putting out. There are two things I did not like about the dress. One was the fact she was moving like a tortoise in it. Fashion should be comfortable, not unreasonable.  However, this was Lady GaGa’s award show the MTV VMAs award show. The second was the pointy-ness of the breast. Stefani, like I told January Jones… only Madonna can pull off the pointy breast thing.

Franc Fernandez’s Meat Dress

Earlier this month Lady GaGa did a cover in Japan’s Vogue sporting the meat bikini. GaGa classed it up and made it a dress. I have to admit, looking to her made me want to take a bit. I got so hungry that now I want a steak for dinner.   There was a meaning behind the dress. Gaga explained to Ellen DeGeneres what the dress symbolizes for her.

“However, it has many interpretations but for me this evening. If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones. And, I am not a piece of meat.”

Rather if  you agree with the last dress or not Lady GaGa in an unstoppable force who is not scared of risk!  For that she has my respect!

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2010 MTV VMAs Best and Worst Dressed

I really hate the fact that I can’t find a whole gang load of pictures from the VMA’s. However, I’m still going to do my best and worst of the show. First, I want to thank MTV for making this years VMAs classy. I LOVED everything about the show. I loved the white carpet. How well dressed most of everyone one came. Most of all I LOVED the stage. MTV did a GREAT job this year. I love how they are trying to change their image from some trashy award show to something that one must really get ready for.

Best Dressed

The title for best dressed of the night goes to Amber Lancaster. She looked HOT! I LOVED the Alice and Oliva black dress that she wore. I believe the shoes compliment the dress perfectly. I LOVE the embellishments on the shoulders. The dress was very young, hip, not super trendy, and made a statement without being too loud. This is why she won best dress of the night.

Ciara was a close second. She showed up in a long black feather number by Givenchy. I loved how the dress faded to white at the bottom. The shoes where a superb choice. However, the reason why it did not make best dress overall was the make-up. I HATED it. I believe that Ciara could have stood a smokey eyed look with this dress. She has a strong enough face for it.

Audrina Partridge from The Hills came out to play! This girl BROUGHT IT! OMFG! She looked great! The dress was by Isaac Mizrahi, the belt by Judith Lieber, and those great silver strappy shoes were a phenomenal choice. She screamed the epitome of 2010 young Hollywood glamour. She took rocker chiq to a new level. Great Job miss Partridge!

Ashley Greene looked sexy, sophisticated, and grown up in her Giambattista number. Look how the movie star is sexing the camera with her eyes. She KNOWS she looks good! Yes ma’am you do!

The singer Florence Welch looked breathtaking in this Givenchy dress. She looked all shades of sexy in this non revealing design. Great choice!

Worst Dress

I could do this list for days. I don’t know who looked the worst, but lets start with Katy Perry.

I LOVE Marchesa dresses. I mean just refer to the Emmys.   Marchesa, in my humble opinion, had some of the best designs out there.   Katy Perry looks like a damn emo ice skater in this number. I HATE IT! I know she’s trying to be “unique” an “edgy.” But she needs to leave that to Lady GaGa. Katy Perry is HOT don’t get it wrong, but she should have worn something… else… she usually hit’s the nail right on the head, but unless she’s trying out for the 2012 Olympics in London, she needs to give that dress to Michelle Kwan.

Ke$sha. Trash bags from Home Depot. Really?! I could get over that… if the make-up wasn’t a hot mess. She needs to take some notes from Make-Up Gurus on YouTube on how to get a good smokey eye look. Don’t let me get started on that needless long rat tailed braid.  However, I LOVE your rings!  Those are FAB!  She’s got a great eye for rings.  Also, her nails are super cute too!  I liked them.

Nicki Minaj. Girl No. I mean just NO.

Ms. Lo Bosworth, you and I already had this conversation about your dress. *ugh* the dress is all shade of mugly! Yes MUGLY! This is Gabriela Cadena was not a good choice for her. I don’t know what’s worse, her make up or this dress. Her little Mad Men fiasco of a dress at the Emmys was bad. This is an atrocity. I think she’s going out of her way to be worse dress at all award shows. I really was hoping more from her. Honestly, this dress is too old from her. This dress would have looked better on Demi Moore, not a young Hollywood socialite.  Why did she wear those shoes?! I wish they would let me dress this child.

Stephanie Pratt! The dress you wore to the Emmys should have been used for the VMAs. This Nicole Miller dress looks horrible on her. Stephanie Pratt has the body of a super model and they have her dressed in a bedazzled mum. Girl, sue who made you wear this walking disaster. Stephanie has the right height to work a mini dress. She has legs for days and they put her in this. *ugh* I will say her make up is FLAWLESS!!!

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Since every single item I have showcased before in previous videos.   I’m just going to post all the vids in this article, and call it a day.  LOL.  Tell me you love it!

  • Shirt: Ross, Layered with Love Lace Back: $9
  • Jeans: Windsor, Royalty, $20
  • Belt: Old Navy, $1
  • Shoes: ShoeDazzle.com, $39
  • Earrings: Strut, Chandilere Square Earrings: $6

Total: $75



Previous Vids:

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August Haul


  • Strut Clothing Store: Qupid Ankle Boot: Bisou $19.50


  • Strut: Chandilere Squar Earrings: $6
  • Strut: Gold, Black, and Silver Bracelett: $6
  • Strut: Floral Chain Necklace: $6
  • Strut: Tweed Rainbow Clutch: $11.50


  • Strut: Nude Tunic by Love Spray: $22.50
  • Ross: Derek Heart Floral Button-Up: $7
  • Ross: Derek Heart White Small Pocket: $6
  • Ross: Layered with Love Lace Back: $9
  • Target: Vintage Transformers Tee: $10

Total: $103.50


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