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Looks like SXSW is getting a little more fashionable this year!  SXSW has been a great showcase for the past 24 years , and now in it’s 25th year will host a fashion exhibit that will showcase March 18th and 19th at the Austin Convention Center.  The show will be called Style X (meaning Style By).   Style X will highlight amazing new talent in the fashion industry.

Style X was created by the AMAZING person who created Sneak Attack, Joah Spearman.  (What’s Sneak attack?!  Gasp!!!!  Only the second best idea known to man!!!… but I’ll blog about sneak attack later).  The co-founder is Jon Pattillo, co-owner of Sanctuary Printshop.  Spearman wants Style X to be different than Fashion Week in the Big Apple.  The reason why… Fashion Week is exclusive, but Style X will be open to the public!  Style X will have FOUR FASHION shows.  The dates and times will be announced at a later date on their website.

This is great because SXSW is known for all the amazing new music talent and everyone knows that music and fashion goes together like meat on a sandwhich!  I’m personally going to try my hardest to make it to Style X on both the 18th (2-9 PM) and 19th (11 AM-9PM). Good thing my family lives in Austin!

To learn more about Style X check checking my blog or visit them…here!

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As my post on 01/23/2011 stated, I was looking for the “What’s My Name” video with Rihanna and Drake.  I finally found it so I could get that song out of my head.  I’m not a teenager, so I don’t make a habit of watching music videos anymore, but I did watch this one.

I have to say that I FELL IN DEEP and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for the shorts and top that Rihanna is wearing in the video. As soon as I saw the shorts I knew I needed to make them a part of my life. (Hello my name is UJF and I’m a Retail Junkie).

It didn’t take me long to find out who designed these shorts.  They are by a designer name Missoni and they are part of the Spring 2011 collection.

I’m pretty sure I cannot afford those shorts in the least bit so I’m HOPING that someone (Forever21 & H&M i’m looking at you) design a cheaper version of these shorts.

I’m really only feeling the bodysuit and the shorts Rihanna is wearing in the video.  I could without whatever is going on in the legs department.

Meanwhile, if anyone finds a version of these shorts in a place I can afford please leave me a message in the comments!

PS! If you want to dress just like Rihanna check out my new blog post!  AND I hook you up with a discount too!

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Celebrity-Real Girl Style of the Week: LaLa Vasquez

LaLa Vasquez is wife to NBS superstar Carmelo Anthony.  That girl looked like a superstar herself in this celebrity-real-girl style look of the week.  Check out a vid I did at the end of this blog entry that show’s a cheaper version of this look.  I really want to know where Mrs. Vasquez-Anthony purchased all her items from, but I couldn’t find that piece of information anywhere. However, I KNOW where she got those BEAUTIFUL peep toes booties from!  My soon to be husband, Christian Louboutin. She looked beyond fab in this simple but sexy look.  Looks like a slam dunk to me!

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So today I get an email from Strut that reads they are having a 70% off sale the ENTIRE STORE! I know my New Years resolution was to NOT buy any clothes for 6 months, but 70% off the ENTIRE STORE. SEVENTY FREAKIN’ PERCENT OFF!!! *ugh* so I decided to slip into Strut (after making  a stop Sprinkles to get some cupcakes).

Lets start with Sprinkles.  Sprinkles is a cupcake bakery originated in Los Angelos, California.  Celebrities such as Oprah have raved about this mini cake.  One of my guys birthday was this past weekend and he asked me to get him a coconut cupcake.  So I googled the best cupcake place in Dallas and I found that we had a Sprinkles.  I went there Sunday and found that you can only get certain cupcakes on certain days.  The cupcake I wanted would not be making it’s rounds until Monday.  Since I was already there I decided to get the chocolate version of the cupcake he wanted plus two German Chocolate cupcakes.

Let me tell you, I know German Chocolate cake (I grew up eatting it because it was my dad’s favorite cake).  Let me tell you, this cupcake was NOT good. *ugh* I’m not a fan of sweets really, but if I’m gng to eat a cupcake I want it to be worth it.  First, the actual cake part was NOT good. It was bland and really wasn’t sweet.  The German Chocolate cupcake frosting was not good either.  In fact I just had to stop eating it.  I got two of  those cupcakes.  I had planned on driving over to my boy’s house and giving the second one to him, but the way that cupcake tasted I was not going to waste my gas, walk up three flights of stairs, and subject him to that thing.

However, I did go again today because I really needed that cupcake and I decided to try a different cupcake to see if maybe it was just that the German Chocolate one was bad.  (I do have an abnormally high expectation of German Chocolate cake).  So I purchase the coconut cupcakes and one Cinnamon and Sugar cupcake.  The Cinnamon and Sugar one was better than the German Chocolate cake, but it was still nothing to write home about.  Well, it may not have tasted super good, but at least I got some cute photos out of it.

I finally make my way to Strut!  Twenty minutes until closing.  The  thing I hate about the Dallas Strut in comparison to the Austin one, is the fact the selection isn’t as big.  The Austin stores are bigger than the Dallas ones, therefore they can host a greater selection than Dallas can. That doesn’t take away from the fact that I did find some cute items in the store.

Shirt: Made by Cush.  A cute cream and black crop tiered short sleeve shirt.  This shirt is going to look soooooooooo hot in late spring or early summer.  I’m planning on wearing it with some black skinny jeans and some 4 inch pumps that some how match it in a way.  I’m sure I can get away wearing it now with a cute bomber jacket and a studded clutch pocketbook.  The shirt retails for $36, but I got it for $10.80.

Shoes: Made by Qupid.  They are named System 53 and are a grey faux snake skin pump.  The heel is about 4 inches high and I could probably get away with pairing it with the shirt if I played my cards right. The shoes retail at $36, but I purchased them for $10.80.

Earrings: I bought 2 pears of earrings.  I don’t have any black earrings, so I picked up this really cute gold and antique gold owl earrings. In fact, I’m going to wear the owl earrings to work tomorrow.  The second set of earring was the cute red bow ones.  I got them for one reason… HELLO KTTY BOW!!! The earrings have me inspired to do a Hello Kitty inspired look.  The earring both retailed for $12 each… therefore I got the lot of them for $3.60 each.

The total of this mini haul was ONLY $28.80. We all own clothes that cost more than that, and I was able to do a mini haul getting quality items for that price!  Therefore, it was acceptable to break my resolution… However, when the clock strikes 12 the resolution starts over!

P.S Accessories don’t count!  Just clothes… and shoes… I’ll throw in shoes too…

P.S.S Follow Me on Twitter: KoiKorin


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Welcome to Dallas Green Bay & Steelers!!!!


But I have to say i’m gng with America’s new Team (sorry Cowboys… start playing with your heart and NOT your wallet)

But i’m going with the Steelers on this one…


I wonder how many people are gng to be singing that in Dallas the next weekend?! Dallas is going to be sooooooooo fuckin’ hype it’s not even funny. I am legitmally excited about the Superbowl being here and the FACT that i LIVE in DOWNTOWN DALLAS were ALL THE ACTION is going to be!

I have a couple of Superbowl inspired fashion looks coming in the next week!  Be looking out!

FYI: The artist is Wiz Khalifa

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Rihanna’s “The Only Girl in the World” Fashion

I have to say that I’m not the BIGGEST Rihanna fan.  However her song with Drake, “What’s My Name?”, I have been feeling so much recently!  Therefore I went looking for the video on YouTube today because I needed to play the song to get it out of my head.  Funny how that works. Well, I thought the name of the song was “Only Girl in the World.” From the moment I hit play I knew I had the wrong song… however, I could not stop watching because the video was shot so beautifully, and furthermore… the fashion was ON POINT.  Not to to mention I could Jersey Shore it up to this song all night with Vinny Gaudagnino.

First, lets start with with the single cover for this song.  The cover was shot with Rihanna holding a red Marchesa dress from his Fall 2010 collection in the field naked.  The dress is all sorts of gorgeous! Marchesa can certainly dress a woman.

Rihanna has soooooooooooooooooo many looks pulled in this video it’s amazing.  It’s like watching a high fashioned music video! I nearly exploded in happiness.  It was a gaggle of kittens playing with yarn and biting each others ears.  Okay, I may have slight issues, but I think kittens are cute!  But this video was AMAZING. I’m not a fan of her fire engine red hair, and i’m not going to pretend to be, but the look really works for her in this video, and the people who styled this shoot should get a dayum reward for working with that atrocity sitting on top of her head. Did I mention this song is AMAZING?!

I was going to highlight each look from the video, but I just simply don’t have enough time to do that.  However, I will speak about some of my favorite looks.

  • I LOVE corset look on the water.  It was beautiful and Rihanna looked gorgeous.
  • The pink dress as she’s leaning against the rocks watching the sunset was really dope.
  • I loved the third look in the video where she is wearing a bustier that hooks really low in the back.  She’s wearing this sexy top with a floral bottom.  Now I am NOT a fan of the floral movement, but the way this look was put together… I may change my mind.  I would definitely sport this look (in the right atmosphere).  It’s so spring and I love it.
  • Her second look was great too.  Think circa 1990’s with Alicia Silverstone as Cher in Clueless. This is what Rihanna  looked like.  Expect an updated sexy (not trashy) version.  The cropped sky blue mohair short sleeved sweater was amazing.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED the SEXY white pleated bottom skirt that had the garter hooks shly being showed from the bottom. The thigh high sock where hard on producing HOT! I didn’t really care of the scarf she was throwing around.
  • My FAVORITE look was the first one that you can barely see when the video begins.  It’s later revealed in teh video.  Rihanna is wearing a rhinestone headband with a matching top.  Think Christina Aguilera during her “Stripped” days (BTW THAT ALBUM IS AMAZING) except that Rihanna doesn’t look like a common corner hooker.  Rihanna pulled of this sexy look without looking trashy.  The bottom to this look was simply amazing too.

All in all I may not be Rihanna’s biggest fan, but I have to give props where probs are due and homegirl looked AMAZING in this video.  What really makes these clothes is the fact that Rihanna as the perfect pin-up girl like body. She’s beautifully curvy.  Thick sexy thighs, but not over or underweight.  Too me, she has one of the best REAL celebrity bodies out there.






Do you want some clothes to dress just like Rihanna?!  I found them!  Click here!

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So you guys do not know how STOKED I am to be finally buying this Shampoo. This Shampoos is by Terressentials. This product was introduced to me by Naptural85 when I met her and Taren916 in Dallas, Texas.  Ms Naptural85 (I’m not using her government name unless she gives me her permission) was really excited about this product she had been using. She explained to me, and the other ladies, that when she started using this shampoo it was cutting her washing hair regime down significantly.

The company claims to be USDA organic certified with nothing but organic ingredients. The shampoo is made out of clay and won’t strip your hair like regular shampoo will do, that’s why it’s not necessary to go the extra step to use a conditioner.

The company recommends that during your first 7 uses of the product that you rinse and repeat washing your hair 2-3 times. This will help cleanse your hair properly and have your hair begin getting used to this product.

I chose to use this product for three reasons:
(1) USDA Certified
(2) Came in fragrance free ~ I had been using Kinky Curly Shampoo and it was too hard on my hair.
(3) Highly recommended by Naptural85…a hair guru on YouTube that has managed to create and maintain beautiful African-American hair.

The company has a total of 5 different assortments of this shampoo. I purchased an 8oz bottle of the Fragrance Free shampoo. I also ordered each one of the other four fragrances (mainly to see how my hair would handle them… and to smell them as well) in a 2oz bottle. I think in about 2 months I will have a good review that I can do on this product. I will do one after the first month and then one after the second month of use. I am very excited to use this product!

Update: 01/22/2011: Today was my first go at using this product.  Since it was my first time using this product I will only give you my initial opinion… this would not be an official review since I have only used the product once.

So far I like it, I wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but this product defiantly has a lot of potential.  It was cool to put a wet clay on my hair, but I was strange because I didn’t get that lather effect that you typically get with shampoos.  (FYI: The “lather” or “sudding” effect from shampoos are really not that good because it can be potentially harmful to skin and hair. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
cleans by corrosion. This chemical hurts the hair by stripping the protective lipids from the surface so it can’t effectively regulate moisture.  This will cause dry hair and breakage.  Doing the opposite of what you want.)

I only washed my hair twice with this product because I got tired of standing in the shower.  I did not
use a conditioner, and I close my cuticles my spraying my apple cider vinegar and water mix into my hair.  The only products I put in my hair afterwards was my Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and Coconut oil that used on my scalp and my ends.  I twisted my hair in a protective style.

It was weird seeing, basically, mud flowing down your drain when I washed my hair out, but I will say  that this is the first shampoo where I didn’t feel like my hair was dry while washing it. It was GREAT skipping the conditioning process.  I will tell you, that saved me at least 2 hours.  I was about to just able to wash, let my hair air dry for about 15-20 minutes, and then I just began the protective styling process.  I was able to do all this while watching “The Kids are Alright.”

The shampoo is available in 5 scents:

  1. Fragrance-Free
  2. Left Coast Lemon
  3. Sultry Spice
  4. Lavender Garden
  5. Cool Mist

My next update on this product will be February 19th, 2011 so you guys be looking out!

Happy Hair Growing!


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