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Eating Out in Dallas: Medina

Okay! I know! Enough with the food Blogs… I will get back to fashion blogs tomorrow… it’s that I just had a full and fun weekend! I was in the mood to try new things. Not only did I go back to Gonzalez, I went to a Mediterranean and Moroccan restaurant named Medina. This beautiful establishment is located in Victory Park (Downtown Dallas). My friend (pictured) asked me Friday if I wanted to catch brunch with her on Sunday before she headed to India for three weeks. Since she is a vegetarian this was a great spot for her.

I loved EVERYTHING about this restaurant. I love the aesthetics, the aura, and most importantly, the food! EVERYTHING I ate was like tasting a piece of heaven! The brunch was fantastic! You can pick one appetizer, an entrée, and then you share a dessert with whomever you come there with. You are also allotted 2 glasses of mimosa. My friend and I both chose pomegranate mimosas. She had a real one (champagne and pomegranate juice) and I had the virgin (Sprite and pomegranate juice). The virgin version wasn’t bad at all.

Below is a little bit or photojournalism for you guys! I hope your weekend was as great as mine! If you’re in the Dallas area and wanted to try a new place, put Medina on that list!


The inside decor

I know I will take pictures of anything, but i really loved this light fixture!


I really liked the wall decor and light fixtures.  I have issues.  I know this.


The Brunch Menu


I had the Essawira Ceviche for the appetizer


I ate the Chicken Royal and shared the Orange Blosson Creme Brulee with my girl


Virgin Pomegranate Mimosa


Vegetarian Ceviche


Essawira Ceviche with Pita Bread


My appetizer and drink. Num Num Num!!!


I forgot the actual name of this pizza, but the spring mix was really spicy from what my friend tells me.  Also the reddish pink that you see on the pizza is actually marinated artichoke.  The green cylinders are asparagus.  She let me have a piece and it was so friggin’ delish!


My friend with he main meal!  That pizza was pretty big now that I think about it.


The Chicken Royal!


It is as delicious as it looks! Everything in this taste flowed together PERFECTLY!  I LOVED The spices!


This was my full meal… drink and all!


The Orange Blossom Creme Brulee was sooooooooooooo RICH!  I could only eat the raspberries and one or two bites!


My friend taking her last sip!  Tasty!


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Eating out in Dallas: Gonzalez

Eating out in Dallas: Gonzalez

It was actually funny. Friday I was thinking… man, I need some new places to eat at in Dallas. Then I pick up a Quick DFW (a weekly news paper whose target market is the twenty something early thirties group). On the cover it
reads something like: Top 10 restaurants in Oakcliff (a district in Dallas). So I mentally decide that on Saturday I would try one of these places in the morning for breakfast. Well, that didn’t happen. It’s Saturday and I slept in.

Later that day I get on FaceBook and see that my brother announced that he wanted some Mexican food. So I picked him up and we headed to Oakcliff to a restaurant called Gonzalez.

Now my brother LOVES AUTHENTIC Mexican food… key word being authentic. Well, when he picked up the Quick article I was basing our trip on he was not too thrilled it was “Tex-Mex.” I was like, “We are going to Oakcliff. How Tex-Mex could it be?”

Once we arrive at the place I remember that I actually had been there before. My friend had taken me there over a year and a half ago and he had mentioned it was his favorite spot to eat after partying all night on Saturdays. He would come to this place on Sundays and eat Menudo.

Overall the food was okay. I had the Picadillo meal (they are actually better a Fuel City) and my brother had some meal… I don’t remember the name… but his mango margarita was MASSIVE! On top of that it wasn’t expensive. A drink that size would easily be $12-$15 in Uptown, but in OC (Oakcliff) it was only $8!

Will I be making special trips to go to Gonzalez again? Perhaps not, but if I’m in the area I’m defiantly going to have one of those margaritas!

I got the Picadillo

I LOVE warm chips and salsa.

My lil big brothers Mango Margarita


Since I’m not drinking I had the orange juice with ice.  Classy!


My brother’s meal.  He had Mexican Steak… and double rice.


My Picodilla Meal


These thick pancake like tortillas!


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Vintage Jewelry

I know what I said!!! So please don’t remind me! I have a GOOD excuse…

“What had happened was…”

So I had a dentist appointment today, but they didn’t do a cleaning… it was more of a consultation. Since I had more time than anticipated I decided to walk around the beautiful area. The dentist is located off Oaklawn (Gay Dallas) and across the street is a vintage store. Inspired by some of my favorite YouTubers, FeliciaJuly and SammyDavisVintage, I decided to check the store out.

I really didn’t expect to buy anything. All I wanted to do was look around… well, come to find out, the store is currently having a liquidation sale. If there is any kind of sale I like it’s DEFINTALY of the liquidation caliber. Everything in the store was marked at 50% off! The reason for the sale was the owner of the shop recently passed away and his sister wanted to see how much she could sale this next week or two to help decide whether she was going to continue with the shop or close it down.

Everything was 50% but it was more like… Take what you want and tell us how much you want to pay for it. Only in Texas.

I ended up buying a number of things and plan on going back tomorrow. I have been dying to start collecting vintage jewelry, and today was the best day, if any. I took home a number of brooches, a couple of necklaces, and a cute 1940’s red hounds tooth jacket!

In regular retail for the store I spent $186. I should have paid $93 plus tax. However I took EVERYTHING home for $65. This was a total savings of 67%. I normally like to stay in the 75% realm when it comes to liquidation sales, but this was my first go around with vintage jewelry.

Since I am no connoisseur when it comes to vintage jewelry I would love help in identify the years of any of the pieces I show below.

Tell me what you guys think about everything too!

1940’s Red Houndstooth Girls Jacket

White Tiger Necklace

White Plastic Crystal Necklace

Coro 1961 Leaf Brooch

Gerry’s Leapord Brooch

Double Headed Snake Brooch



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Workout Music: Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull, On the Floor



“Back it up like a Tonka Truck!”




Now don’t get my wrong.  Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman who knows how to pop her trunk, but I am NOT a fan of her music.  HOWEVER… I do LOVE this song!  I heard it today while waiting for the movie Sucker Punch  to start.  I love the beat!  It reminds me of a late 80’s early 90’s dance  track.  It’s nice, smooth, and simple.  I can defintally see myself warming up or down to this song at the gym. 

Speaking of gym I need to make my way into one this weekend.  

I LOVE the concept of this video.  First, Pitbull looks all refined and handsome on this video.  I love when a “thuggish” man is found in a  three piece suit and some Stacey Adams.  You can’t get much sexier than that.  Second, I LOVE how the song starts house.  I has a great sound mix of  House Music and Electro Pop.  Third, the concept of this video was execute seemlessly!  I LOVE how it makes JLo and Pitbull the Kings and Queen of the dancefloor and the whole new age-digital Cinderalla story.  Fourth, the clothes in this video are AMAZING!  Jennifer looks FLAWLESS!

Of course, her dancing is off the chain!


If you want to see the orginal video got to Jennifer Lopez Vevo site on YouTube.  This video starts out differently than the official video, but I still like both. 

I would defintally recommend this song for your work out mix!

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Celebrity Inspired Style: Rihanna

So you want to dress like Rihanna, but you don’t have the Rihanna black card? Never fear! I’m here to help you with your tiny dilemma. Now the ONLY GIRL IN WORLD singer has impeccable style, and you can have that too with the clothes found at Strut!

I have found some GREAT clothes that are currently on sale at Strut that are inspired by Rihanna. You can click the pictures and they will all lead you to Strut so you purchase these Rihanna inspired outfits. While the clothes are already priced perfectly, you can get an even DEEPER discount by using my discount code: UrbanJungle. This code is good until May 31st, 2011!


Just in time for spring! Check out how Rihanna wore this cute black floral number with a pair of open toed ankle boots. You can get a similar style from Strut.

Dress: Can you dig it? (Red) $45

Shoes: Dots and Dashing Heel $39

Retail Price: $84

UrbanJungle Discount: $63


Lace is in and it’s sexy!  Rihanna looks good in this sexy number, and so can you!


Dress: Body Con-troversy $39

Shoes: Dots and Dashing $39

Retail = $78

UrbanJungle Discount: $58.50


Stunning Shoulders

Rihanna LOVES her strong shoulders and I’m sure she would be impressed with this outfit. This matching shoulder and shorts look is one that I will certainly be purchasing in the near future!


Fawn’d Memories Blazer $39

Fawn’d Memories Shorts $39

Retail = $78

UrbanJungle Discount: $58.50

Grey Romper

Rihanna looks great in this grey Romper outfit pictured above. Below is one that counters that, and you can get it cheaper than what she paid!


Romp ‘n Roll (Heather) $ 24

UrbanJungleDiscount: $18


Be sure to use my discount code to get 25% off!

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Look what I have for my loyal readers!  A friend at Strut gave me an ONLINE discount for all my my readers.  When you check out use the online code UrbanJungle for a 25% discount!!!!

Hurry! This offer last until May 31st, 2011

Don’t say I never did anything for you

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Vanessa Hudgens for April 2011 of Nylon Magazine

Dear Nylon Magazine,

This cover is a HOT MESS! Just because Vanessa Hudgens is on the cover of it doesn’t mean it’s going to sell. I like Nylon magazine. It has great articles and is very Americana. It reminds me of a less cool version of Jane Magazine.

Nylon does not produce the best covers when it comes to magazines. When a person is in a hurry in at a grocery store or is at Borders at the magazine rack they are going to pick up the magazine based on the cover. If the cover doesn’t speak to them, the person will NOT pick up.

I don’t know what Nylon was thinking.

Vanessa looks like a hot mess. From her hair, to clothes, to posture… why would I want this magazine?! Where is the appeal?

I know Nylon is trying to be the alternative-hippy girl-I don’t give a fuck magazine of women magazines, but this is NOT WORKING.

Vanessa Hudgens is starring what looks like the Bratz meets-Tomb Raider-meets Ninja Assassin movie, Sucker Punch which open Friday, March 25, in all theaters. You would have think that Nylon would have put her in a cooler Burberry Jacket and some spiked heels. Something that goes a long with both the theme of the magazine and movie.

I just can’t get over how disappointed I am in Nylon for having the complete gall in printing this and making it to the stands.

What do you guys think?

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