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Two things before the last post of the day (yeah, it’s only 7:21 AM).


Remember that today is the LAST DAY to get my 25% discount from Strut!  Please take advantage of it!!!

Dallas Mavericks are going to beat the Heat!

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Just Married!!!!


Not that I really care about any player associated with the Dallas Cowboys… especially since we have two other sports teams (Dallas Mavericks & Texas Rangers) that play the game with their heart and not for  their pocketbooks.

Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson’s ex, was married in Arlington, Texas on May 28, 2011 to Gossip Girl star Chance Crawford’s sister, Candice Crawford. 

I just posted this cuz I thought it was interesting to my locals who read the blog…

Now if the cowboys could win like the rest of them…

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From Catwalk to Sidewalk…

I really love her simple ruffle dress and dynamic cowgirl boots.  Those amazing boots make the outfit truly her own!

Wow!  I’m really about to OD off the internet today! This is literally the fifth series of photos that I have uploaded.  This will also be my LAST post for the day!  I can’t believe how tired I am… and I still need to focus on my site, and moving my bookshelf upstairs.

As you guys know from my previous post that I went to the City Arts Festival in Dallas on Sunday (05.29.2011).  Not only was it amazing but there was a lot of great fashion out there.  So instead of being hella detailed I’m going to post some of my favorite looks of the day.

Tell me how you guys liked the looks!

I really liked this guys old school Alice in Wonderland camera.  I squealed so LOUD when i saw it. He turned around and smiled.  I HAD to ask for a photo.Robots and grafitti!

This is a grey version of the featured style.  I LOVE Heather Grey!

This gentleman looked so gangsta in this red fedora with white strip.  I LOVED it!  

This top is to die for!  I love this pink eyelid embroiroed asymmetrical top!

I LOVE when tall people (she has to be about 6’1) wear maxi dresses.  This looked fantastic on her.  I especially love the silver bag, and the silver and red accessories.  

I LOVED this outfit and that HAT!  Even though I think this look is a bit much for an outdoor arts festival on a 95 degree day she looks FA-BU-LO-US… and sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for fashion.  Let me tell you… it paid off for her!  She looks DIVINE!

I LOVED this necklace.  I have NO IDEA WHY… but i just loved it.  I guess it reminded me of growning up and making friendship bracelets with your friends.  

I love her B-girl meets Chola look!  I LOVE EVERY PIECE ON HERE!  If you can’t see the beauty in this, you need a better perscription.This girl was on POINT from head to toe! He tribal print dress slims her down, and the gold accessories glamify (i just made that word up) her dress.  I wish my pictures would better express how fantastic she looked.

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Happy Memorial Day!

I really LOVE focusing on fashion Monday-Thursday… and then my own personal fashion stuff on Friday-Sunday!    This weekend I was the honor of shooting my (sorority) sister and one of the best people in the entire told, Danielle Green…. (hence the play on words… Going Green). 

Since I have been posting pictures all dayum day I’m not going to be putting too much text to this one.   These are the “behind the scenes photos.”  I’ll be editing some of them tonight… and hopefully have them on my NEW PHOTOGRAPHY SITE at some point this week.

I hope you smile looking through the photos.  I know I did!

Check the shoe game!

This couch was randomly here and OF COURSE i had to take FULL advantage of its presence!  I can’t take a serious photo if i tried!  *LOL* here is a picture of D and myself after we concluded everything!Once we were done my apartment complex was hosting its monthly Sunday Breakfast… num num num num num!  What a great way to end a busy morning!

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City Arts Festival 2011, Dallas Texas

Wow!  I added double the pictures I was planning on doing!  Well, this was a FULL weekend for me!  First, I took pictures of my girl Danielle for my portfolio for my photography site.  After we got back to my place we found that my complex was hosting breakfast.  At breakfast our CaresTeam announced that at Fair Park (in Dallas) there was a FREE arts festival.  All we heard was free and we made plans to go there!

I will upload some of the behind the scenes pictures with Danielle after this post and after that show some of the cool street style that I found while I was out!  Hope you guys like the photojournalism!

This was tooooo funny!

Yes!  You read that right! Peach PEPPER jam AND Bacon Pepper Jam… SERIOUSLY?!

These cast iron sculptures were AMAZING!  I LOVE the concept of the bunnies.  I would have purchased one had I had the money on me right then.

i LOVED this sign!

Now this guys had the RIGHT idea!  It was HOTTER THAN HADES outside!

This is a GREAT rendition of ScarJo!

Yes, it was THAT hot outside!  This kid was on POINT with running through the fountain!

We stopped by the butterfly exhibit.  It was simply amazing.

One landed on my Hello Kitty Bag!

I LOVE this sign because (a) it reads “Mex Mex” instead of “Tex Mex”, and (b) because restaurant is spelled incorrectly!  Hahahahhaha

This dip was AMAZING!  I purchased it!  It’s a peppercorn ranch that you mix with cream cheese.

I pray that everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend was safe and memorable!


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I’m on a Boat!



So PlaynSkillz, the Dallas based Grammy Award winning (very attractive) brothers are hosting a FREE RSVP Boat Party tomorrow, Memorial Day, for this mixtape release!  I have sent my RSVP request (crossing fingers that I get it) to PlatinoBoatParty@gmail.com.  If I am able to attend I hope they allow me to take pictures for my portfolio. I’m going to ask… a closed mouth doesn’t get feed.

I LOVE photography and my goal is to be a world class photographer.  Hopefully I get my foot in the door soon!  =D

In the interim send your email request to RSVP to this boat party tomorrow!  Would love to meet any of you!



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Doutzen Kroes at Victoria’s Secret Galleria Mall

It’s no secret… I’m in LOVE with BlogLovin’ cuz it’s one site that I can link all my favorite blogs together and read.  One of my favorite subjects will always and FOREVER be Victoria’s Secret Angels.  Vicki’s Secret is, by far, one of my FAVORITE retail shops of all times.

While reading nitro.licious I have found that the beautiful Doutzen Kroes will be at the Galleria in Dallas on Monday June 09, 2011 from 6-8 PM.  That means I will be at Victoria’s Secret no later than 4:30 PM that day!

If you guys haven’t smelled the Summer Bombshell from VS then you need to!  I LOVE the initial smell, but don’t like the last note.  There is something… little-girl-wearing-a-pink-tutu about it that bothers me.  Tell me what you guys think… and if you’re planning on being at the Galleria that day!  You will catch me there!

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