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Memorial Day White Party



So I’m catching up on my BlogLovin’ subscriptions (AT&T turned off my U-verse for a week… but at least they gave me a discount for all my bills for however long I stay with them) and I see that MyFashionJuice has posted a flyer in her page in reference to Celebrity Fashion Experience Swimwear Fashion Show.


This show is walking distance from my place (everything is walking distance when you live downtown) and I would LOVE to go, but I won’t be able to make it (I’m photographing a friend tomorrow). However, I still wanted to share the flyer with you all.


It’s a white party. So I suggest you wear a white cocktail dress! Since it’s in the middle to upper ‘90’s, Memorial Day Weekend, AND it’s being held at night… I also suggest it be a standing only type of dress (so short you can’t sit down).


If you go have fun… and if anything else, but safe this weekend.




Also remember May 31st, 2011 is the LAST DAY you can use my discount code at Strut to get 25% off!





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Celebrities Baby Bumps

I have to admit, there is a rampant amount of pregnant celebrities running around LA and I can’t ignore it anymore.

I love how the celebrities are either purposely showing us their baby bump or covering their baby bump so well that you can’t tell if they are pregnant or not.

I really love it.

At some point in my life I MAY rent my uterus out to a little alien being formulating a cocoon, and during that time I plan on being a power player.  Dressing around a baby bump is an essential form of a woman’s life.  I plan to do is FLAWLESSLY… when that point comes.

Until then I wanted to highlight some of my favorite pregnant celebs at the moment.

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham



Here we catch the former Spice Girl fashion designer at Simon Fullers inauguration for the 244th Hollywood Star.  She’s killing in that black dress.  I like how the 3D designs is over the baby bump.  Since she’s with child, the 3D embellishment is made to look big, but at the same time covers the bump.  Furthermore, when I’m preggers, I plan on killing it on some Christian Louboutin heels myself.



January Jones



I love her name!  Mainly because I was born in the month of January.  Capricorn power!  Okay… here’ is Ms. Jones in two outfits that I love.

The first one is this sexy sheer top, tights, black bra, and gray knit sweater.  It was probably cold in LA when January was out wearing this.  Therefore, I’m not going to rag on her for wearing that frumpy looking sweater.  I also DON’T like how that Alternative Apparel’s Silk Modal Boyfriend Tee ( in Onyx) top doesn’t go just 4 inches longer to cover her bottom (probably why she’s wearing the gray sweater). I hate when girls where tights as pants.  I do love who she is BOLD enough to wear such a SEXY outfit.  I LOVE that we can see her bra and those calf boots.  I think it sexy because she’s obviously showing off her baby bump.  She should because she looks super duper hot here!



Here is January again on the Today show (May 26, 2011) rocking those same black cat shades and a fantastic doo.ri dress with Rosegold shoes.  I love how this dress fits her body perfectly because you can’t even tell she’s pregnant.  Shoot. I would go as far as to say she looks super fit.  I LOVE this dress!




What do you guys think?

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My Tum Tum Hurts!

I know this is going to be a TMI blog post, but the entire box of Chip Ahoy! cookies that I demolished last night before bed is taking it’s sweet revenge on my colon. OMFG! My tum tum hurts soooooooooooooooo much. *ugh* However I have A LOT to do today! I’m hitting up 5 fabric stores today so I can find the perfect upholster for my new pillows I’m making. I am also reupholstering my new bench that I THRIFTED (SammyD would be so proud!). I will have a video up in a couple of weeks to explain my new June/July Project.

Make sure you have a nice cold Margarita this Memorial Day Weekend!


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Pippa Middleston, Queen of Colorblocking

To get the nasty taste of Kirsten Dunst out of my mouth here we have Pippa Middleton.   In the event that you live under the Grand Canyon, Pippa Middleton is the younger sister (27) of Kate Middleton. 

Pippa has QUICKLY become a fashion icon herself. Here she is rocking a $60 two tone Zara dress.  Check it out here because it’s bound to sale out SUPER FAST.  I love that Zara knows how to colorblock. There are couple of “fashion” YouTubers who need a long lesson.

I LOVE  the fact the two sisters are super down to earth after the whole royalty thing.

Do you guys love this dress?

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Kirsten Dunst Disappoints in Chanel





Or should I ask… What is wrong with Chanel????!  Why do you guys CONSTANTLY let this girl make the brand look… blah?!

Again, Kirsten Dunst ruins a PERFECTLY good Chanel dress.  This time with her shoes… SERIOUSLY?!  DID YOU NOT LOOK IN THE MIRROR?! 


*Insert profane langue here*

So this dress was GORGEOUS until you got to the shoes!  Here Kirsten ruins a Haute Couture Chanel feather dress by wearing vintage black Valentino shoes.  Girl, you should have worn simple strappy silver shoes.  This would have best complimented such a gorgeous dress.

No use crying over spilled milk.


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Carrie Underwood and her GREAT LEGS!



Carrie Underwood has the BEST legs in the game!  OMFG!  You can tell this girl is a runner!  Because of those glamourous gams she is REALLY rocking that Lorena Sarbu dress in her glittery Sergio slingback stilettos!  She’s also sporting a Swarovski clutch paired with Amrapali jewelry.  Carrie wore this look to the American Idol Finale on May 25th, 2011.

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Halle Berrrrrrrrrrry! Halle Berry!



Halle Berry looks sick as SIN in this Halston cutout dress! She is pictured attending the FiFi Awards on May 25th, 2011. She won the Celebrity Fragrance away for her fragrance Reveal.

No other comments by me. Other than the fact that looking at such a beautiful woman makes me feel honored and blessed to be a black woman.

FYI: she has a Lucy clutch from Tod, and an 18K gold 56K only rings designed by Suzanne Felsen.


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