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I have 25 minutes to post 2 blogs… This is not going to happen… Plus I have Nicki Minaj playing in the background

“Just let those bums blow steam.  Radiator

Sorry, I have blogging terests and I had to get that out.  (Please note this will happen a lot in this blog.)

“You ain’t my son.  You my motherfuckin’ stepson!

Okay… on Sunday I took my dog Jaxson to the dog park.  He loves it.  I wore a REALLY simple, nothing to really blog about outfit.  Why am I posting it… cuz I can =p

This my favorite bag.  It’s a HUGE cassette.  I don’t rock it as often as i should.  I’ll probaby use it as a prop in one my my shoots.

I walked to the dog park and after 30 minutes of playing Jax and I left.  Well, halfway home I realized that I left my cellphone there.  I had to WALK all the way back  to PRAY it was still there… and it was!  I mean it was just out and NO ONE TOOK IT!  Thank you God!  You had my back!

|Shorts: Levis c/o Ross| Shirt: Strut| Sneakers: Run Tones c/o Ladies Footlocker| Bracelet c/o Strut| Sunglasses: Strut| Earrings: Guess| Gold Faux Snake Skin belt: Forever 21|

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2011 BET Awards Fashion

Kelly Rowland single handily bringing back dark skin women!  LOL  She had A LOT of men motivated last night.  Just in case you missed her AMAZING performance last night I have it for you right here!  It starts of with Trey Songz and then leads into Ms. Rowland. FYI She’s wearing my FAVORITE dress designer, Marchesa.

P. Diddy and Dirty Money

Nicki Minaj

Alicia Keys Rockin’ it out in Dolce&Gabbana

Kerry Washington looking hotter than the sun in a Michael Kors Resort 2012 collection,  Movado watch, and Louboutin shoes.

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Something to Wear:  June 26th-July 01st


Can you believe that the Fourth of July is NEXT WEEKEND?!  How FAST these last 6 months went! I should have some really good fashion finds this week for you guys.  Here are my choices for these weeks Something to Wear!

Let the street/office/bar/dog park be your catwalk.

Sunday: This BY FAR is my FAVORITE outfit of this week!  I’m going to pull this look myself.  I LOVE WHITE lace (or lace in general) and soft pinks (salmon, coral, etc.).  I LOVE how simple and elegant this outfit is.  At the same time is screams OLD MONEY AND GLAMOUROUS!  The sunglasses, that OVERSIZE Python bag! What’s NOT to love about this look?!  I love the vintage beads as well.  I just LOVE how well they compliment the pants.

If this is what Italy is like then I need to get there STAT!

Photo Credit: Street Style by Stela 

Monday: Currently the Satorialist is in Milan shooting for Fashion Week.  He shot my Monday inspiration, Janie.  I LOVE when women rock menswear, but still manage for it to look feminine.  I LOVE the material and the vintage inspiration associated with her blazer.  The tie, the hat, the glasses.   There is just something so sexy about her pull.

Photo Credit: Satorialist

Tuesday: Tuesday is kinda one those BLAH days to me.  I always forget about it until Wednesday.  The faster Tuesday gets here, the faster Wednesday at 5PM hits.  I live for my weekends.  Meanwhile, let’s change that up… at least for this week.

Kileen from Cute and Little brings us a great Tuesday look for the working girl who doesn’t like the cookie cutter style.  This pull is an ode to 80’s chiq.  I’m loving the fantastic execution of color blocking in this style.  It tells me that you have a great and warm personality.  It really draws people to you.  I love the infinity necklace as well.

Photo Credit: Cute and Little 

Wednesday: There is ONE thing you CANNOT say about Tanesha, that she has no style.  EVERY week this girl brings bangin’ outfits and this week is NO exception!  This is a great look for Wednesday.  You are halfway through your week and why not brighten is up with a pop of yellow?  Not only do I love the color and the design of the shirt, but I LOVE the skirt.  The LV bag isn’t bad at all either.

Photo Credit: Girl with Curves

Thursday: So I was having the HARDEST time finding a Thursday look.  Good for me because I found a NEW fashion blogger.  I had to go all the way to Spain to find her, but my long trip was well worth it.  Her name is Alicia. Her blog is Mi Mundo (My World).  She is amazing.

I know this outfit might be a little risqué for work, but how far do you know you can go if you don’t push the envelope?  Especially if that envelope looks like a bright orange clutch?

Photo Credit: MundodeAlicia 

Friday: Chiara from the Blonde Salad has a fashion sense second to none.  She is quite amazing.  Today she brings up a great Friday look.  It’s very simple and very chic.  It’s the lazy girls color blocking.  I’m a simple girl who LOVES to abuse the use of accessories.  I’m not one of those who believe that one should only wear two pieces of jewelry at one time.  The more the better! Chiara and I share that same idealogy.


This is the perfect look to unwind from a tight long work week.  I would love to wear this Friday night meeting up with girlfriends at a wine or vodka lounge.  Hmmmm… A vodka lounge next Friday sounds like an excellent idea.

Photo Credit: The Blonde Salad

Saturday:  I found a new fashion blogger with the help of Fashion Paparazzi.  Meet Dara. I LOVE her style.  Very fun and SUPER chiq.  This is a great look for a Saturday afternoon or early evening grabbing drinks with friends.  It’s not super sexy, but it looks like you put some effort into your look.

I love the clash in textures because it really works with this piece.  I would have never thought to pair a 3D skirt with a printed buttoned up nonetheless.  The belt and the undershirt really bring this look together.

Photo Credit: Dara 

I hope you guys enjoyed these looks for the week.  Which one do you like the best?

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File this under Wish List

Forever21 and WWF have hooked up in a GREAT way!  From now until March 31, 2012 Forever21 will donate $1 for everyone of their animal tees they sale!  I’m sooooooooooo freakin’ excited.  My shopping diet is dayum near over and I CANNOT wait until I can shop until I drop.

I’m personally going to buy the Cheetah and the Elephant Tee.

Click here to see a full profile of all the T-shirts for sale.  All the shirts shown are $14.80.  Not too bad and worth my money!

What ones are (would) you purchase?

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Earlace Uncovered…



At first I hated the Earlace look, but it’s so freakin’ easy to make and I know I make it better than buying it for $120.  Well, maybe not that super fancy. I mean I went to Michael’s to get my supplies, but all the supplies together cost less than 10% of the necklace in the link.

I’m not doing a step-by-step tutorial on this one cuz I’m too lazy it’s really that easy to follow.

I hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday.  I’m about to wash my hair, watch some YouTube videos, get ready to pull 4 hours at the job, and then get my place ready for my make shift movie night with some of my friends.

What’s everyone doing tonight?

PS: To see my original look check this link… 

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Music Thursday Saturday…

As I’m uploading my new video right now and I know I haven’t done my Music Thursdays since my first or second post…. So right now I’m going to post some songs I’m jammin’ nonstop right now.

First lets start with Marvin’s Room by Drake (which I’m currently listening to right now).  I know we have ALL felt this way.  Our ex leaves us (by our choice or not) and all you want to do is drunk call them.   I personally have NEVER called up and ex to tell him that he can do better, but we have felt horrible when they met a new person.  I know a lot of us have (or wanted to) call them up and just tell them… just to hear their voice.


Second, Jo Jo’s version of Marvin’s Room (yes I love this song THAT much).  My favorite lines of this song?

  • “Maybe I’m the best so you can’t do better”
  • “I’ve been up for three days, Adderall and Redbull, this call is a mistake, there’s something strong in this water bottle”
  • I said fuck that new girl that’s been in your bed, and when you’re in her I know I’m in your head”

I know I RIPPED Lady GaGa’s Judas to SHREDS, but I LOVE the remix.  If you don’t love this jam then you’re not even in my solar system!  When I hear this I wanna jump in the gym… this will be going on  the Blackberry in 3…2…

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Too Bad they are so EXPENSIVE….

Lock this under Wish List

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