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Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday because I was in Austin enjoying my day with the best friends ever. More about that in another post this week.

Today I’m catching up on all my blogs. One of my FAVORITE blogs is 5 inches or Higher (shoes your perve) and she was showcasing a new shoe site I hadn’t heard of before. Since I’m a shoe junkie I decided to check this out.  The site was ShoeGlamm.com.

I seriously need to go to shoe rehab because I have FALLEN in love. On the opening page I have met the new love of my life Colada-36 Raffia. How did I live life before this shoe?!

The ONLY thing I don’t like about this shoe? The laminate wood platform. It looks cheap, but then again… the shoe is only $26.


5” heel

1.25” Platform

I REALY shouldn’t get these shoes… but these will DEFIANTLY be on my wish list!

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The POWER of a Woman

Donna Karan Fall/Winter 2011

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I have been soooooooooooooooo busy you guys! I have had FIVE photo shoots this month! Or actually… so far I have done three. I have my last two this weekend. One in Austin taking pictures of an Executive Editor (awesome right!) . Then back to Dallas in the AM to take pictures of one of my girls who I was roommates with in college. While in Austin I’m going to meet with a lot of my friends that I went to High School with… so expect A LOT of photos for my “Dear Diary” segment.

Enough with that… here are some of the shoots that I did this month. Both of these women were AMAZING to work with! I hope you guys enjoy the photos. I haven’t added them to my official photography site just yet. I’ll probably do that on Sunday, but you can check out some of my previous photo work HERE!


Click HERE to go to my official photography site!

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What a Great Cause

It has been no secret that YouTube star iJustine champions for Charity Water. Charity Water is an organization that helps build wells and easier water access to nearly a billion people on the planet earth who do not have access to this basic need. There are children who have to walk MILES to fetch just gallons of water for their families while we have the luxury of just walking to the kitchen. Charity water asks for donations to help build wells in third world countries for the basic necessity of life.

Charity Water and Mass Canvas hooked up and created a contest with iJustine. They picked five of the best art entries and turned them into T-shirts that will we sold at MassCanvas.com. For ever sale of  t-shirts designed for this contest $2 will go to Charity Water.

My favorite shirt is Infinite Flow by Shesta Snowpaw.

To check all the shirts go to MassCanvas. To learn more about Charity Water click on the link!

Have a great day guys!








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I LOVE Summer Weddings!

I won’t bore you with all the details since this is old news, but Kate Moss and Jamie Hince married on July 01, 2011. The supermodel looked like a breath of fresh air in her John Galliano wedding dress. I know there is a huge controversy with him due to the anti-Semite rant that he went on earlier this year.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince looked like a walking Vogue spread! Here are pictures from the wedding. I really love the Terry Richardson photos (the ones in black and white). They are so real and fun. It makes me believe these photos are film and not digital.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Old Money Glamour!

A friend that I went to college with now lives in Houston. He’s having his HUGE White Party for his 30th birthday (I am NOT excited for mine… thank goodness I have some time left). For his 25th birthday party we went to Houston for his White Party and it was AMAZING! All those pictures are on my MySpace page. I no longer have access to that page because some asshole phished into my account and changed my password.

Nonetheless, he sent me a message on Facebook this past weekend inviting me to his party THIS weekend. I had to decline. He ONLY gave me a week’s notice. I already made plans for two photoshoots this weekend. One for Saturday (in Austin) and one for Sunday (in Dallas). Would I drive all over the state of Texas? Yes, but currently I’m not rollin’ in the money to do that (not to mention I would be draggin’ for the following week).

However, this fact didn’t stop me from planning what I would wear if I did go.

  1. Silk Racerback shirt from The Trend Boutique (I LOVE The back)
  2.  Silver Long necklace from Express
  3.  I saw these pants on Indiana from Adored Austin. I need those in my life.
  4.  This mens inspired Micheal Kors chronograph watch is LOVE. I prefer Roman Numerals rather than Natural Numbers. Roman Numerals reads “High Class” to me. Even when growing up my father REFUSED to let me wear watched that had natural numbers. If it didn’t have Roman Numerals then it wasn’t going on my wrist.
  5.  You can find this Octagon clutch at Endless. I love the shape and the sequin. It goes fantastic with the watch and the necklace.
  6.  If I wanted to add that “ME” element in this outfit this Hello Kitty bling blou clutch would do the trick. I LOVE it!
  7. Clear studs are the way to go when you want to go for a Summer old money glamour look.
  8. To top it all off? Of course you know people would have to CHECK MY SHOE GAME! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE these Benjamin Adams London Electra sling backs! Now, I am NOT a fan of sling backs, but these shoes would look so end of Summer glamorous with the white pants!

Anywho! I hope you guys had a great Monday and have an even better week!

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I Bling in My Screen Tee!


I finally uploaded a new video! Yeah! I will again next week. HINT… I’m doing my first haul since my shopping diet!

In this video I wanted to show you guys that you don’t always have to wear your T-Shirt with jeans or denim shorts. You can rock your tee with a cute skirt, business outfit, or even nice cuffed shorts. My video demonstrates all this for your.

Escape from Alcatraz!

I really love this first look because it shows that you are both down to earth and fashionable by pairing a reconstructed tee with a tiered skirt and cinch belt. I consider this American Rock couture (yes, I know I just made that up) It’s such a simple look, but people will think it took hours for you to get ready. If you want to learn how I reconstructed this shirt clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk HERE!

T-Shirt from Chinatown, San Francisco

I Started That Trend

This is a style you can take to the bank! Well, at least to the office. I know a lot of people do not normally wear t-shirts at work, but one really can. All you have to do it pair your shirt with a nice pair of pants, some nice shoes shoes, and accessories… and you have yourself a look. I think wearing a t-shirt to work makes you look fun and more approachable. This looks works for the office because your shirt is simple and doesn’t take away from you or your work. The color palatte only contains two colors, red and white.  So this will give you a nice even look.  To take this look one step further rock it with a blazer!

T-Shirt from Forever21

Spiderman! Spiderman!

I LOVE this tee! I defintally do not wear it enough! It’s such a nice soft cotton and so easy to get lost in. Whenever I wear this shirt I always try and make it extra femme. In this case I paired this shirt with pinstriped cuffed shorts, long elegant earrings, and a very worn leather belt. This look works because the color motif of different shades of brown compliments each other. The wedges really bring it together because it has every single brown used from the tee and the shorts.

T-Shirt from Target


So I challenge everyone to find ways to wear your T-shirts this week WITHOUT wearing jeans! If you do, please send me a photo or link me to your blog!

Heres to a great Sunday and even better week!

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