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The Tantalizing Ten!

With no further adieu I want to show you guys the top 10 fashion picks for this week!   The looks are in no particular order. Number one is as good as number 10!

01: Sania Claus

This girl has a great eye for fashion. I had an incredibly difficult time choosing the highlight photo for this dress. All of the photography is just heart stopping. I want my photos to have the same effect on others as these do on me. She purchased this dress from Nelly.com. I personally had issues loading the page. Tell me if you do as well. Her shoes are from one of my favorite shoe stores, Bakers.

Photo Credit

02: From the Block

This is one of two of Jenny’s appearances on this week’s Top 10. I love this simple, casual, and elegant look. Perfect for Sunday morning brunch. She is again, another blogger with great photos.

Photo Credit

03: Cute and Little

This outfit made it on my list for two reason, creativity and sexiness. The top is really a maternity dress. Can you believe that?! Here mint earrings from Forever21 fooled me! I thought those were Amrita Singh earrings. Good job F21, good job.

This outfit is also office executive sexy. Not revealing, but the sexiness is alluded all around.

Photo Credit

04: Style Scrapbook

Andy does it again! All the pieces in this outfit can stand on their own, however she made each piece work together to make a cohesive outfit. I’m not one who is part of the Jeffery Campbell movement, but the shoes showcased in this post are a making a VERY strong argument.

Photo Credit

05: From the Block

Here is the number two entry as promised. I love this entry because it reminds me of Austin. Her printed tee is amazing.

Photo Credit

06: Girl with Curves

Seriously, can Tanesha do no wrong? This woman is consistently ON POINT with all her fashion choices. Again, this is CEO sexy.

Photo Credit

07: The Satorialist

This is an UrbanJungleFashion first! A man in the Top 10?! *Gasp* I had a VERY fashionable father and two younger brothers. Being the only girl, I grew up around men’s fashion so I really have a good eye for it. I love dressing guys and I can appreciate a well dressed man. Even my guy friends looked like they walked out of GQ magazine. Had I not read the post I would have never know Richard Chai (the designer photographed) was wearing a jean jacket! That fabric is well made.

Photo Credit

08: Full House

Certified Hot Mama (she has a set of triplet sons and a set of twin daughters) is KILLING IT in that blue sequin long sleeve shirt. I love how the shirt cuffs at the sleeves. I would have rocked this look with some shorts and some aviators, but her version is fantastic too. Very fall appropriate.

Photo Credit

09: Wendy

Now, I never took part of the Missoni craze (even though I love the shorts she designed worn by Rihanna in What’s my Name). Target did a fantastic job hyping up Missoni giving every person with a fashion blog a “sneak peak” of limited edition line. I didn’t fall for it and I certainly didn’t race to Target with those crazy women. Did you guys read some of the stories?!

Nevertheless, I’m loving how Wendy made this sleeveless dress from Missoni work perfectly for fall by adding a long sleeve shirt under it. This give this the perfect 60’s inspired mod flare that anyone with the gift of vision can appreciate.

Also, the shoes are what take this outfit from good to mind blowing.

Photo Credit

10: The Satorialist

This made my list because this is an example of how different textures can make a great look. The textures follow the same color scheme.

Photo Credit

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Round II!

So these dresses are a stark difference from my previous selection.  I love the other dresses because they are party dresses.  These dresses will also work because they are more simple and a tad bit more elegant.  I’m guessing right now that I am looking to find the right balance between fun and elegant.  The dress does have to be multi functional for all the events that I’m attending for next month.

All the dresses featured are from Asos.  For whatever reason I thought Asos was only avaliable to the European countries, but we Americans can purchase items too!  Let me know which dress(es) you guys like best. I loved all your suggestions last time too!

Side Note: If I purchase number six it would be in cream, not black.  The only reason I featured the dress in black is to highlight the design on the back.  Asos didn’t feature the back design in cream on their site.




See my week round one picks here!

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Monday Started Right!

This is one of my FAVORITE songs by Kanye West.  It’s a really inspirational song.  I know many people think Kanye is cocky, but you can’t deny this man is talented.  This is the point he makes in this song.  However, Kanye has no problem in saying he still needs help.  I love 30 seconds to Mars cover to this song.   They slowed it down so much and made this track so beautiful.   Below is the original song.  Tell me if you guys like it.



Have  a great Monday guys!

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So You Want to Go to Homecoming…

So my daughter had her first American homecoming dance! She had SUCH a great time.  As you can see from the video above we did her hair and a bit of shopping. Let’s break down her outfit:

  • Dress: $4 |Thrifted from CitySquare in Dallas|
  • Purse: $4 |Thrifted from CitySquare in Dallas|
  • Necklace: $12 |The Dallas Flea by Alpa Arora|
  • Shoes: $30 |Rainbow Clothing Store|

Total: $50

We only spent a total of $50 on her outfit! I am telling you it was amazing! Below are some pictures of her getting ready and a lil mini shoot we did so she could have some memories for her album when she goes back home to Germany.


For her hair we watched It’s Judy Time’s Beyonce hair video. The products we used?

  • Chi heat protectant
  • Sebastian Hair Spray
  • A Flat Iron
  • A couple of Bobby Pins
  • Metal hair clips

The style didn’t take long to do and it came out AMAZING! You guys should defiantly try it at home!

If you guys have any questions or just want to tell my daughter how awesome she looked please leave a comment below!

I hope everyone’s Sunday is going well!

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Photojournalism Style


Hello my friends!  This weekend is sooooooooooooooooooo busy already!  I’m getting Johanna ready for her first American homecoming dance tonight!  I am so excited!  We are going to do a video tonight for it!  Should be up at some point tomorrow if not tonight!  Meanwhile, last night (09.23.2011) Johanna, Swetha, and I went to a music charity for Charity Water.  EVERY SINGLE LAST DIME (not all profits… ALL THE MONEY) is going to Charity Water to help build water wells for developing countries!  I was so happy to be apart of this event.  Before that we watched a 9/11 play at Johanna’s school.  It was a nice.  Meanwhile here is a bit of photojournalism.  I wanted to do an outfit of the day, but there was little light.  My camera doens’t do well in low light.  Meh… meanwhile  so much is going on tonight too… but I will do another round of photos of that for tomorrow’s post.

I have to get Johnna ready for her party and get ready for my own party at the house tonight


Have a great weekend guys!  

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So You Need a Job…

I’m not going to make this too long as it’s 10:39 PM at night and I want to TRY and get to work at 3AM tomorrow (I know… yeah right). Today I had a job interview and this is what I wore. The only thing not pictured is my black sports blazer from Charlotte Russe.

Today the person interviewing me made note of what I was wearing. She even complimented me on my ensemble. Before my interview started another woman who had a scheduled interview for the same position showed up after me. She was wearing jeans and a white shirt. I was appalled and taken aback that she would be dressed so… street… for a job interview. Another woman carried with her an ENORMOUS studded purple hobo back with an outfit that didn’t match. I just had to shake my head. Ladies, let me give you some advice on how to dress for a job interview.

Advice on How to Dress for a Job Interview

  1. NEVER WEAR JEANS TO A JOB INTERVIEW ~ I don’t care how laid back the place you are interviewing is… NEVER WEAR JEANS. It’s UNPROFFESSIONAL on all levels. It shows that you don’t care much about his job to even put on a pair of pressed pants. If you appearance is sloppy… will your work be as well?
  2. NEVER BRING ENORMOUS BAGS TO A JOB INTERVIEW ~ Listen ladies, if you have an oversized Technicolor hobo bag then you need to exit to the left. First of all, hobo bags are ridiculous. I will NEVER understand why a woman would purchase something like that. Having such a huge bag takes away from you and what you are saying. The most you should carry with you into an interview is a portfolio that carries your resumes, your wallet or small clutch, and keys. I would not suggest brining your cell phone. Even if it’s on complete silence. If you just HAVE to have a purse I suggest a very small one. A small purse can hold your cell, ID, cards, and keys. There is no need to bring a HUGE hobo back into an interview.
  3. WEAR CLOSED TOED SHOES: Yes, you may have just gotten a hella cute pedicure, but you should have really saved that for AFTER the interview. Honestly, there are some people who are just grossed out by toes. What if you interviewer happens to be one of those people? Open toed shoes are just plan unprofessional.
  4. HEIGHT OF SHOES FOR A JOB INTERVIEW: I am the queen of all shoes over 5 inches, but for a job interview that is not necessary. In fact it’s ridiculous. A good height for shoes should be no taller than 3 inches.
  5. Jewelry: Do not wear chandelier earrings or hoop earrings. While that may be great for everyday looks at the workplace, at a job interview you should keep it simple. In the pictures I wore cluster earrings. Typically that is a no-no too, but because they are faux pearl earrings I can get away with it. Pearl earrings are clean and classic look. Stud earrings will be a woman’s best beat. Also, no BLINGY jewelry unless it’s your wedding ring. Interviewers pay close attention to that stuff. If your jewelry is just too much they are going to draw an opinion on you that may not work to your best interest.
  6. DO NOT SHOW YOU TATTOS: That’s just all colors of tacky.

  7. Top: Solid button up shirts are typically the best. They are clean and classic. They don’t take away from anything about you. The button up can be made in many different styles. In this case my button up from Express has a braiding design on the sleeves and collar area. This is great for me because the shirt is not plan, but not too distracting because it’s a solid color.
  8. Pants: The pants I wore was a riskly choice. However, I knew a couple of facts that made me decide to wear the pants (1) because they were the only pair clean, (2) the fit my body perfectly, (3) because the pants matched the solid top and correlated well with the jewelry it didn’t take away from me. When in doubt the best is to wear black pants, a solid colored top button up, and a blazer that compliments this outfit.
  9. Perfume: Listen, don’t over do it. Spray your pulse points and call it a day. While your Chanel No. 05 may smell good if you overdo it the interviewer is going to think you are trying too hard.

When in doubt go conservative. Clothes should never overpower how you represent yourself at a job interview. I’m not saying dressing Plain Jane will get you the job, but it will let you represent who you are. The way you speak, carry yourself, and your resume should do all the talking.   Be personable, engaging, and most importantly HONEST!

|Top: Express| Pants: Express| Shoes: Ross|Necklace: Premier Designs| Earrings: Charolette Russe| Ring: Premier Desings| Belt: Old Navy|Not Pictured Blazer: Charolette Russe|

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To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice. – Desmond Tutu

After the execution of Troy Davis last night (September 21, 2011) at 11:08 PM I no longer believe in the death penalty.

If you are not familiar with whom Troy Davis is please click here for more information. Come back when you are done.

Troy Davis was executed for maybe killing off duty police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989 at the age of 19. Now my argument will never be a racial issue in this case. My argument is how our “judicial” system is not working properly to benefit the people. Will we ever know if Troy really killed the officer. Maybe… Maybe not. But that’s the problem… we don’t know as a people if he really did. To give someone the death penalty there must not be once ounce of reasonable doubt. With Troy Davis that was clearly not the case.  Where is the justice in that?

Mr. Davis, to the moment he was laid to rest, proclaimed his innocence… “I am sorry for your loss,” Davis said. “I did not personally kill your son, father and brother. I am innocent.” For those executing him, Davis said, “May God have mercy on your souls, May God bless your souls.” Davis then turned down an offer of a prayer. Fourteen minutes later, he was dead.

The Supreme Court Justice deliberated for about three hours after an emergency motion was put in an hour before Davis’s original execution time. If it took the Justices three hours they had to know something in this case was not right.

Now am not saying that Davis was innocent in this case. No. I’m saying that we don’t know if he’s guilty. A large part of me wants them to find out that Davis was not the killer. I want the death penalty revoked. I want it to proven without a single doubt that Davis did not do this, and to have this ENTIRE American judicial system revalued.

With or without the death of Troy Davis this system does need to be reevaluated. It shouldn’t take a tragic lose for people perk their ears. We as American people complain about the judicial system and the way our government is ran. If you ever read the book 1984 George Orwell clearly tells us all as people, we can all take it back. There are more of us than there are of them. Fight the power? I wish the American people knew (especially the middle and lower classes) we are the power. The powerful will lose their authority once we decide to take it back.

We blame a lot of our countries problems on being racial. While that may be true in many cases, that’s not true in all cases. This to me is not a race issue. It’s a numbers and monetary issue for the government. Racism at some point in this country will transcend in to classicism. We are all created equal. We need to start expecting that.

The words that really took me over the top in this case come from Mark’s windowed wife. She stated that she wanted Davis’s family to feel and know the same pain they felt. This really got to me because justice should not be focused around death. It should be focused around making this world a better place. Even though you have pain and hurt in your heart his execution is not going to make you feel better the next day. The world will still go on and all you did by killing this potential innocent man was kill the physically body. You cannot revoke the actions done that day.

Believe me, with the death of Troy the MacPhail family will not find peace. They will only gain peace from within.

Lets reevaluate our judicial system to end innocent men and women being placed to death for crimes they did not commit.

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