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Trick or Treat?!


Halloween 2011 was a total blast!  It was way better than 2010 (considering I didn’t anything) and much calmer than 2009 (where one of our friends ended up the EMS… at least I got to ride shoot gun for that).  Here is just a glismpe of my night in pictures.  Johanna and her friend from school went as Black and White Swan.  Her friend (Black Swan) had her tutu flown in from Italy.  Johanna (White Swan) handmade hers.  Didn’t she do a great job?  The last picture is my favorite one.  My girl found Waldo!  Who knew he would be at a pub in Dallas getting his drink on?!

I hope everyone had a blast this year!


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Happy Halloween My Pretties!

Happy Halloween 2011! How was EVERYONE’s Halloween weekend?! Mine was fantastic! It was a complete 180 from last year.  The previous year I did absolutely nothing. This year one of Johanna’s classmate’s parents decided to host a Halloween party! It was spectacular! I dressed up as the Captain of the Mile High Club. However, when anyone asked who I was… I just said pilot. It was a family event. I will have pictures up either later today or tomorrow.

The day before Swetha, Tamica, and myself attended an Asian Arts festival. It was pretty cool. Pictures to come. By the suggestion of Swetha I got my first Henna Tatto. I had it done on the palm of my hand so the design would show up better. It’s cool because hardly anyone sees it. It’s the closest thing I will have for a real tattoo.

This weekend I also learned that my new nephew will be here on December 21, 2011! I am so excited to meet him. His name will be Jaxon.

Tell me about your weekend!

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Since Johanna has been here she has wanted to purchase the the sterotypically Texas item.  The cowboy boot.  She finally pucharsed a pair (that you can see here) and then the last Saturday we found her hat.  So the following Sunday we completed this photoshoot.  I hope you guys like it.  It was here outfit of the day.




Top: Forgot… Sorry!| Shorts: Hollister| Boots: Ariat c/o Wild Bills Western| Necklace: Flea Market| Belt: Target|

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What are you going to be for Halloween?

Me? Well, I’m the Captain of the Mile High Club of course. LOL. I only picked this outfit cuz it was the best of them all. Plus I have a great bomber jacket and some cute aviator sunglasses I picked up for $2 at Payless. In all… including tax… my outfit cost $45. I honestly think I spent too much money. Oh well now.

What are you guys going to be for Halloween?

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Thrifting Marc Jacobs

Last Friday Johanna and I decided to hunt down thrift stores to purchase cheap finds for her homemade White Swan inspired Halloween Costume (which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G BTW).  We ended up going to a thrift store not too far from my job.  Click here if you want to know the whole story (one of my best post written on the blog).  I don’t want to rehash the whole thing.

I wanted to highlight the two scarves I purchased.  The knit lambskin one is Marc Jacobs.  I’m not sure who the designer is of the second scarf, but I love them both.  Together I purchased the scarves for $4.53… and YES that does include the tax!

Have you guys had any AMAZING finds thrifting lately?

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Keepin’ It Country

From the moment Johanna landed in the Lone Star State she has been DYING to get her hands on authentic American Cowboy boots.  Her wish was finally granted.  Johanna went to Wild Bills Western and $200 later walked out with some gorgeous boots! I have been trying to highlight these boots FOREVER, but just FINALLY got around to it.

The main reason i’m showcasing them now is because Johanna wanted to do a Western shoot with a cowboy hat and some western boots.  We found the hat last weekend and did the shoot this past Sunday at the Running of the Bulls statue in Dallas.  I will TRY and post the pictures tomorrow because I want to post the YouTube video up of her Cowboy Cowgirl Outfit of the day.  The boots are just a taste of heaven.

If you guys are in Dallas and want to purchase boots from a knowledgable seller (I mean this guy almost knew the name of the cow the leather came from) then go to Wild Bills Western located in the West End.

Johanna LOVES the smell of new leather! LOL

Wild Bills Western | 311 North Market Street | Dallas, Texas| (214) 954-1050

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All I do is Win!


So yesterday I had two great surprises! First, I got to see one of my closest friend’s daughter, and (2) I received a prize from InPink! So I let my lil homie open up the package for me. I love how she’s NOT camera shy!

In the box I won this great flower necklace! Wow! I want to thank In Pink for sending me such a fantastic prize! What’s even better?… With all the different colors on the necklace I was about to practice the colors with the lil munchkin!

Thank You In Pink for the prize and the memories!


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