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Long live McQueen.

I have to say that Mr. Alexander McQueen is, by far, my favorite luxury designer. He designs clothes for strong warrior type women. Ladies who perceive themselves as queens. I LOVE pretty much any and everything that comes out of the McQueen House.

Yesterday I received an email from Outnet stating they are hosting a 60% sale on all things McQueen. I naturally had to hit he link. I know I’m not going to buy any thing since I need every single penny for my startup company, but it’s nice to dream.

You guys can feel free and pick anything off this list for my Christmas/Birthday gift.


1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8

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I Miss You & I Love You

I was crying all night because I didn’t know what I wanted to say. It’s been a year. A whole year Dad and I miss you so entirely much. Your passing, your funeral, everything… it just happened so utterly fast and I didn’t have time to process it. It didn’t feel real.  Not until months ago when it final registered in my mind at work and I just broke down crying.

I don’t have my dad anymore.

I miss talking to you Dad. I miss calling you to hear your voice. I miss your crazy stories. I miss your humor. I miss your laugh Dad. I miss your swagga. I miss you telling me it’s going to be alright.

While, everyone called you because they needed something, I called you because I wanted to hear your voice. I need to be reassured you were okay. Instead you gave me mental support because you knew I hated my job. I needed that support. I needed to know I had, at least, one person who had my back.  A person who genuinely believed in me and my talent. You had always offered to help me, but I turned you down because I didn’t know what I wanted. Now that you are gone I know what I want to do. Now, I really need your help… but you’re no longer here.

Sometimes I wonder who’s going to walk me down the isle. I know I’m not the first woman in history whose dad wasn’t there to walk her down the isle… and I won’t be the last. I just didn’t want to be the one.

Sometimes at night I pray that you will come visit me in my dreams and just have a conversation about your days leading up to you passing. I want to look into your eyes and you tell me why. I know you were holding on for and Todd to get to the hospital, but while your body was still warm you were already gone. I knew, looking at you, that you were gone. While your shell was there your soul was not.

I could not believe the day came that my father was no longer with me.

I remember as a little girl I would stay up all night for you to get home and end up falling asleep waiting. You would pick me up, carry me upstairs, and put me in bed. One of my most favorite memories.

I found out later that you felt so guilty about a lot of things in life. You were just so incredibly sad. Honestly, I cannot blame you. I wish I was able to tell you that I was not mad at you. I just wanted you to get better. I wanted my dad back. You can’t change the things you have done in your past, but you can modify yourself for the future. People who love you don’t care for your mistakes of the past. They only want the best for you future.

I remember going through the voicemail on my phone after you passed way. There was a message there from you I had never heard. It said, “Korin, I miss you and I love you.”

I remember when I told you that I love you too… you would say… “I love you more.”

Well, dad… I REALLY miss you… and I REALLY love you… and can honestly say… I love you more.

I only wish that you are happy. Also, you would LOVE the Jay-Z Kanye album, Watch the Throne.



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Success or Die Trying


I pray that everyone had a fantastic weekend. This is the first weekend in a VERY long time that I didn’t work. I felt just SO weird. By Sunday night I was scratching at my own skin to do something. Even Jo was telling  me that it’s good to relax. “Relax?” I thought.  I’m never doing enough. It’s never enough. To me at least.  I’m CONTASTLY doing something. Creating. Dreaming. Writing. Photography. I just can’t rest. With all the hopes of being the head photographer for Vogue, Elle, or Victoria’s Secret. I’m constantly building on my blog because I live and die for fashion. When I was younger my father and other people were convinced I was going to be a fashion designer. While I love designing I feel as though the House of McQueen has an invisible wire taped to my head because everything I fantasize in fashion they make. However, that’s neither here nor there. The point in writing this is that I don’t feel like I working hard enough. I TRULLY feel like I could be doing more to achieve my goals.

For that I have made MAJOR decisions for 2012. I am going on a ton of trips in the spring to different cities to promote my photography. I will be doing a lot of art festivals in major cities. So if you guys know any (ESPECIALLY IN THE SAN FRAN, LA, NEW YORK, SEATTLE, and MIAMI regions) please let me know. I have a site up right that you guys should check out. However, I am constantly growing my work.

I want to be the best. I want to do the best work. I want to know that I did EVERYTHING to accomplish my goals. So this is why I cannot sit down. This is why I’m constantly creating. I have to get this out of me. For the first time in a VERY long time I know what I want out of this life. I want to be great.

Listen, No one is going to hand you success. You have to take it.


Beauty began in nature

I would rock every single last look of Little Mix

I need Britney Spears Isabel Marant dress for my NYE/Birthday Party

Another contendor for my NYE/Birthday Party

This quote is more than right

10 Tip to Attract New Customers

I WANT this ugly Christmas sweater!

Are your pumps made correctly?

6 Rags to Riches Millionaires

Are you an aspiring model?

What are you doing to achieve your goals this week?

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Happy Dance!

Okay! So how proud are y’all of me for posting everyday (so far) this week?! LOL! Well, since I had at least 24 hours where I did not have to work (prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday I was at work 10 days straight) I was able to get a lot of shooting, videotaping, shopping, cooking, and overall relaxation in.

The above vid is Jo doing her happy dance. Among all the things that she wanted to purchase while visiting the States for five months (she’s my exchange student from Germany) she wanted an iPod Nano 6. I advised her the best time to buy electronics in the US would be during Black Friday. So she waited and finally got her device. She explained to me that Apple products in Germany are EXTREMELY expensive. I want to say she got the Nano for at least a third of the price she would have paid in Euros.

We got up at 3:30 AM to head over to Target. I figured by that time the crazies of Black Friday would be gone and we could just stroll right in there with no wait. I was correct. The employees of Target were all too eager to help and just so nice… for it being 4AM. As we were leaving the employees were being catered breakfast. The smell of fresh bacon and eggs filled the store.

Next, we headed back home for a two hour power nap and then headed to Half Price Books.  HPB was having a 40% the most expensive item sale! Also, if you were one of the first 100 people in line you would get a free reusable tote bag and a $5 gift card. One lucky person would win a $100 gift card. The doors opened at 7AM. The plan was to get there around 6:30 AM. I mean seriously… who was going to be at HPB at 7AM anyway? I was sure obtaining a gift card would not have been an issue.


I will NEVER AGAIN underestimate the power of nerds in numbers. Apparently there are still a lot of people in the DFW that read physical books. Johanna and I were going to wait in line, but we counted and found that there were clearly 100 people there already. It was 53 degrees and we didn’t bring our jackets so we threw up the deuces and sat in the car until the store officially opened.

Needless to say we didn’t get a gift card. I also didn’t find ONE BOOK I wanted to buy. Yup, not even with a 40% off discount. Johanna purchased 5 items and paid $2.50 for everything! You have to love Half Priced Books.

We came home around 9AM and slept until 2PM… the rest of the day was spent cleaning, eating leftover Thanksgiving dinner while Watching Good Fellas, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, and Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay. Jo now really wants to see Harold and Kumar in 3D. I love John Cho and Kal Penn!

|Top: Sweater  Dress c/o  AmiClubWear.com| Jeans: Guess| Ring: Strut| Clutch: Strut| Shoes [not pictured]: Reebok RunTones|

How did you guys spend Black Friday?  Leave your crazy stories in the comments below!

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Count Your Blessings

Here are the pictures from Thanksgiving. I was sleeping from all until about 30 minutes ago. Jo and I braved the craziness that is Black Friday and came out victorious. Well, she did at least. More about that tomorrow.

Thanksgiving was small and quaint. My brother and I were able to give Johanna her first Thanksgiving meal where she made a salad and these yummy German croissants. My brother TORE those little croissants up! My brother made a delicious ham and dirty rice. He also provided all the drinks and the location. I made the turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, and purchased all the drinks. All and all I think it was successful.

|Jacket: BCBG| Top: Strut| Jeans: Guess| Shoes: Aldo| Earrings: Strut|

Jo and I jammed out to Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  I LOVE this CD.  My favorite song is power.

 I cannot tell you how old this radio is, but I’m hoping to keep it for another 10 years if possible…  

These were YUMMY!!!!

 The smell of the garlic was divine!

 Sorry, we didn’t get all extra fancy with the decor.  We just wanted to grub!

 My little brother.

This midget mutt ate like a KING yesterday!  My brother gave him whole potatoes, Jo gave him egg yolks, I gave him turkey, the baby feed him biscuits… and beleive me… he was standing right next to the table waiting for us all to mess up and grab the food that fell on the floor.  Needless to say, he was successful in getting a lot of food.  He went into a turkey coma and fell asleep as everyone came over to rub his tummy.

How did everyone spend their Black Friday?  

I’m thinking about going to a thrift store right now.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This morning Jo and I went to White Rock Lake to see if it would be a good location to do my next shoot with her and one of her classmates. It was Thanksgiving morning and the streets were beautifly empty. If any of you work, live, or visit Dallas you know that there is traffic 24/7… but today… today was serene.

There was a huge fog over the city. However, I could not describe it as ugly. It was a beautiful, majestic, and humbling. As you can see from the photos the fog looked mystifying over the lake. It was really inspiring so I had to pull out the Nikon.

This was a great start to a beautiful day.

 Thanksgiving Outfit of the Day tomorrow!  Of course, with full Thanksgiving pictures.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

I’m heading off to bed… Black Friday starts at 3 AM for Jo and me!

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Oh no she didn’t!

Today Jo made a statement that Americans just wear whatever the hell they please at the grocery store. She said that in Germany she would NEVER dress like this in public. So while we were getting the last ingredients for the turkey stuffing we did an un-outfit of the day. She is TOTALLY making fun of herself.

How do you NOT love the leopard tank, fluffy white scarf, Hollister sweat pants, and Timberland boots???!!!! LMFAO! What’s even funnier? NO ONE GAVE HER THE SIDE EYE!!! Not one person even looked at us until we started taking pictures in front of Wal-Mart. At that point people started laughing at us. I guess they got they joke.

I hope everyone got their shopping done!

Happy Thanksgiving! OF COURSE there will be pictures up Friday!

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I’ve Fallen

It’s so HARD for me to take fall serious! *ugh* But with today’s weather being a blistering high of 61 degrees I think it’s time for me to accept that summer is gone for now… Until next you’re my dear friend. Now presenting my Top 9 looks of the week! (I had 10, but I rejected a look at the last minute.)


I LOVE Shannon! She’s a FANTASTIC photographer, a writer, a content creator, and what’s even better? She’s the leader of the Jiffy Movement! Shannon and her BFF Andrea are the creators of Those Girls are Wild. I first discovered these awesome ladies on YouTube. They have a comedy channel that brings to light faults in the world, people, and within their selves. It’s like Seinfeld… for the hip young woman. I could go on and on and on and on about how much I love, adore, and respect these two women, but I washed my hands and didn’t put any lotion on so my skin in tight and dry therefore I need to hurry and hit publish.

I LOVE the 90’s centric sweater! It’s vibrant and funked out! What brings the outfit to dope level is the chunky, braided, hardware necklace. Man, that was a lot of things in one!


The Satorialist

I imagine when I’m old with a husband we will both still be dressed fresh to death. I want him to dress just like this… even if it’s just Tuesday.


Brooklyn Blonde

Love this look cuz it’s so Friday night out on the town with the girls! Everything pictured (sans the lenses) are articles that I would rock.


Brooklyn Blonde

You guys know I’m a jacket freak! How can one not fall in deep passionate love with this fawn colored trench? The oversized gold buttons are to die for. I’m a complete sucker for classic aviator Ray Ban glasses, and diggin’ the hardware necklace like a mug! Let us not forget the stay-on sexy pumps. I’ll take two please!


Feather Factor

I’m a jacket girl (for the umpteenth time). I NEVER leave home without one… not even in the 113 degree days of Texas. Katherine, one of my personal fave bloggers, is rocking a Sunday Chanel casual look. I LOVE this look. So easy going and free, but of course she never forgets her designer roots with the Chanel jacket or her Balenciaga handbag. I personally want one myself… but in white! Dear Santa, can we work together to make this happen?


Adored Austin

When I saw this outfit I went into an eyegasim! I love every single last detail of this look. This, right here, if the epitome of Austin! Currently Zara is doing this huge thing were they are taking that ugly floral upholstery and making it into clothes and I just despise it (I’m not apologizing for disliking it)! However, Indiana is rockin’ the same motif, but for some reason I just love this. Maybe it’s the denim shirt, maybe it’s, the boots?.., or the blazer?…, or that FANTASTIC VINTAGE BELT!… whatever it is I just want to roll all up in it!



I just love her blog name! I see the snow and I just want to turn on my heater to 97 degrees. I just hate the cold period. However, if fall and winter means I can look this good maybe I should reconsider.


From Me to You

The Prabal Gurung dress is stunning. Look how it hangs on her beautiful curvy body. The bold colors and huge cut outs do nothing but justice for her fantastic frame. I feel like all I’m missing is a mimosa when I look at this picture.


Extra Petite

This is the picture definition of Sexy Sophistication. If I had a normal 9-5 job I would take this look verbatim and knock them dead. Too bad for me I do not so… I have to live vicariously through her. Believe it or not the blazer top and skirt can be found at H&M. Had I not looked in the credits I would have guessed it was for a higher department store. Her Chanel bag and Prada shoes really amps up this look from pretty to sexy. However, the Ann Taylor top brings it down a level by adding that sophistication element.


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Care for me!  Care for me!

I’m running a day behind again! I’m sorry!!!!! This morning I put up a flyer to this quarter’s Dallas Flea. I would suggest everyone go to The Dallas Flea this go around since it’s super close to the holidays and you can bet on a lot of cool and unique vendors being there. I’m not sure if I can make it myself since that’s a super busy weekend.

The above video is an oldie, but goodie. I heard a woman playing it this past weekend and I KNEW that it had to be Monday/Tuesday song. I hope it made at least one person smile.

I wanted to add my pictures from this past weekend to this entry, but I left my bag, wallet, money, and SD card at work. The weather was horrible and the traffic bad was so bad that I couldn’t have been bothered to turn back around. I’m going to have to do an separate entry tomorrow.

Favorite New Blog:

5 Inch and Up… Thank me later

Links to Check Out:

Hello Kitty for Tokidoki

The Samurai Diet

Bridal Bootcamp!

Beautiful. Simple. Photography.

When Donatella was designing Versace for H&M this is what she had in mind!

GQ names Jay-Z Man of the Year!

Sammy gives us 5 reasons why thrifting is addicting

The best rendition of the National Anthem sang by Marvin Gaye in 1983

I pray you guys have a safe week and an even better Thanksgiving!!!

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