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Go Girl! It’s your birthday! We going to party like its your birthday! We are going to drink Bacardi like it’s your birthday… and we don’t give a fuck if it’s not your birthday!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

My birthday is on Monday! Go me! And I have ALWAYS joked that my birthday should be a federal holiday… and guess what? ON MONDAY IT IS! So while you’re off work on Monday nursing your hangovers… think about me and have a glass of champagne in my honor!





OF COURSE I have a wishlist! I hope to obtain most these item throughout 2012!

Have a Happy Friday you guys! Lets get ready for the New Year! 

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The Best of the Best!

I want to thank you guys for loving my Something to Wear segment I post every week. Just in case this is your first time ever learning about the Something to Wear segment on the blog it’s where I showcase the best of the best looks from the online fashion community. Each week I highlight 10 of the best fashion looks. Naturally I would have to draw attention to the best 10 11 looks of the year. Here they go!

01: Rumi from Fashion Toast

02: The Color Blocked Goddess from the Blonde Salad

03: Jane from Sea of Shoes

04: The Woman in the Floppy Hat from Garance Dore

05: The Artist from Absolutely Beautiful Things

06: Kileen from Cute and Little

07: Tanesha from Girl with Curves

08: See Jane

09: Missing Amsie

10: Glamouria

11: Wendy’s Lookbook

Who was your favorite from the list?!

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Pocketbook Friendly!

Okay yesterday I posted nine fabulous New Years Ever dresses. The dresses where fun, flashy, and EXPENSIVE!  I know most women in this age bracket may be on a fixed income so I wanted to showcase nine additional dresses that you can find under $60! I mean c’mon! How can it get much better than that?! I know that it’s getting REALLY close to New Years Eve but you may be able to still find these dresses in your local stores. The dresses features are from Charollette Russe, Express, and Forever 21!


I had a new nephew  born last night! I am soooooooooooooooooo excited to go back home to Austin to see him!

2012 is going to be an awesome fuckin’ year! 2011 you will not be forgotten. You have treated me so well.




Have a safe new year whatever your plans are!!!!

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Time to Get Our Glisten On!

Out of all the holidays in the year New Years Eve is my FAVORITE! The holiday represents a lot of things to me. Ending chapters and new beginnings. Every day we wake up is a day we can change our destiny for the better, and New Years is an actual holiday used to represent that.

I love New Years so much. It means I get to spend time with the people that I love, eat, drink, dance, be merry, and get dressed up (duh!). I get to have triple fun this year! Friday I’m attending a pre New Year’s Party, Saturday I’m hosting an actual New Year’s Party, and then Monday is MY BIRTHDAY!

So trust and believe me that this weekend will be filled with tons of great clothes and fashion pictures from Johanna and myself!

I believe the New Years dress should be fun, flashy, and festive. New Years is where I go big or go home on the dresses! Since I get to celebrate two New Years that means I get to wear TWO NEW YEARS DRESSES. I already have one… So I’ll be shopping for another one.

Below are the nine NYE dresses that I would be fantastic for any girl who is diehard about their dresses on that day!




Which one do you like?

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 Sleighbell Ring… Are you listening?

I know Christmas is over, but I LOVE Chuck Berry’s Run Run Rudolph. I LOVE how he sings it. This songs transcends time.

How was everyone’s holiday? Mine was lovely! We went to Midnight Mass, then woke up open presents, Volunteered our Christmas morning to help the homeless people in downtown to eat. The event is called Feed our Families. The group is headed by my sorority sisters childhood friend and we went to the homeless shelter in Downtown Dallas to serve 179 meals to all the people who were not able to eat that day. We went back home… rested for two hours before we spent the rest of the evening with my other sorority sister and her mother who had just come back from Iraq. We over ate, got stuffed, and watched movies.

What a perfect holiday.

How was your holiday?

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I would have created a separate post of my holiday pictures, but I have a lot of info I want to cover this week so I hope you guys don’t mind.

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Merry Christmas Eve!

Wow! Ready or not it’s seriously that time of year again. What are everyone’s plans for the holiday? Well, Jo and I are going to midnight mass tonight… then tomorrow we are cooking HUGE breakfast, opening presents, volunteering, and have a dinner with one of my sorority sisters.

Well, I can’t make this long seeing how I have to be at work today. (Yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve… but that’s the way the Christmas cookie crumbles). I leave you guys with a present of my own to you. I took these pics of Jo and her best international bff this past Sunday at White Rock Lake. They each dressed up as Black and White Swan for Halloween and we have been trying to do this shoot FOREVER.


Now… have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas

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Happy Friday Y’all!


Have you completed your Christmas shopping yet? No. More power to you if you are risking your life walking by into ANY retail store today or tomorrow. If you do cop anything this weekend get Watch the Throne.  Easily the best Hip Hop CD of the year.

It’s no secret that Tommy Ton has a great eye for fashion. He apparently also has great taste in music. The images below are some that he took of Jay and Ye’s Watch the Throne concert. I REALLY wanted to go while they were in Dallas, but I couldn’t make it. Check out the pics below.




Merry Christmas Eve Eve guys!

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