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The British are Coming!

So I get emails from Outnet all the time.  While I still cannot afford to spend the money when the items are 99% off, it’s still really nice to dream.  The other day they highlighted British fashion designers.

If you only learn one thing about me it’s that I LOVE British fashion designers!  Burberry and Alexander McQueen top my list.   Below is my British fashion wishlist from Outnet!




Which is your favorite from the list?  I’m going to say number one.  Right now it’s 75% off!  Meaning it’s ONLY $2,600!

*sarcastic tone*

I do love that dress though.


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It’s getting HOT out there!

Okay, sorry for the late post. S and I are so busy with a lot of things in our personal lives. Especially with it being end of month and work typically starts coming first. I know for a fact that I was going to have my post ready last night, but due to all the unforeseen stresses at work, as soon as I got home I went right to bed. Seriously? Who goes to bed at 6PM?! I’m one step closer to being a Golden Girl.

Anywho, I will be posting the original entry later this evening for today, but I wanted to share this video for now. On Cinco de Mayo (May 5th for all you non Spanish speakers) my friend, Swetha, and I participated in an event to educate others on the rise of CO2 in our atmosphere.

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but from being raised in Austin I’m a natural hippie. I have been recycling since day one and learned since elementary school the importance of conserving water and energy. Even taking mass transportation was encouraged as riding the bus was only $0.25 if you were a student, $0.50 if you were not, and free on ozone alert days!

Yes, I am so serious.

However, my friend Swetha is even a bigger hippie than me and I love it! This woman has taught me more than a number of ways on how to conserve for our environment. She even has her own composter in her apartment.

Yes, a mini composter!

Swetha invited me to this event with her, and it was just a reminder about the dangers of trapped chemicals in our atmosphere. I know there are people out there that don’t believe in global warming (I’m not sure why they don’t believe that), but this is very real. There are MANY factors that contribute to global warming. This includes the increase of the human population, the industrial revolution, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, and the increase of waste.

The video above was created on that day to teach people in the Dallas area the dangers of not changing our habits. The video is only 4 minutes long so take a moment to watch it. Swetha stars in it at the 1:38 point, and you can start hearing my voice at the 1:45 mark. I discuss the dangers of too much CO2 trapped in our atmosphere. Yes, I’m an uberdork. I know.

FYI: I’m wearing a hot pink F21 Racerback and Adidas yoga pants. The shirt was $3.80!

Let me know what you guys think of the video!


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So, I was preparing my looks for this week (which, btw, I thought there would be some great holiday outfits, but I think everyone was on vacay), and I happened across this post from Refinery29.com, and I.just.stopped. Some of the things discussed in this piece have given me some major pause recently, especially the gifting of items to bloggers. Trust me, I am all about free swag. But, as the piece states, if 50% of your outfit was a gift from a designer, does that really make it your style? If you can get free things, then I say more power to you, but I have a greater and deeper respect for those fashionistas that cull through their own personal closets to put together their perfect outfit. I recognize that budget has a lot to do with how one dresses – I myself would kill to have the bankroll of Jane from Sea of Shoes – but, again, by being gifted multiple pieces, are you really showing off your true, personal style? If you had to hunt and dig and pine for that amazing sequin jacket (see K’s previous posting on this here), doesn’t that make the piece a little more special, and doesn’t that piece speak a little more to your personal style than something that was sent to you from a PR person who now wants you to act as a walking advertisement? Sorry for the philosophical slant, but this was a literal day of meetings, so my mind has had nothing to do but wander!

On to the looks – which, again, abbreviated numbers since my usual slew of girls were just not bringing it this week!

1. Five Inches and Up 

This is my absolute favorite look of the week. She always looks like she is just having so much fun, and she never looks too polished (which is funny, because I have seen her do some ad campaigns, so you would think that she would be more polished than regular every day people). But this is just so fun, and goofy, and I would LOVE to see someone wear this down the street in real life! both via

2. Fast Food and Fast Fashion


Again!!  A look I would love to see as I was walking to get my morning coffee! What is even better about this, is that she was actually looking at buying a skirt from Ann Taylor which was very similar (but around $300), and she thought that if she could pull this skirt off, then she could afford to splurge on the AT skirt. I like that test driving in fashion – I wish I did that more with my big purchases. Alas, I am so much more of a “buy now, weep over the credit card bill later” type of gal. via

3. Cheetah is the New Black

All of my boyfriends have been too big for me to ever pull this off, so I am envious from afar on her look. However, if I did date men who did not tower over me and look like linebackers (many of them were), then this is exactly how I would style the shirts that I stole from them. ESPECIALLY with those shoes! via

4. Kendi Everyday

This is just so perfect and sweet. Exactly what I need after a long hot day at the office. via 

5. Pink Peonies

Again, fantasy world. This would be completely filthy in 30 minutes if I was wearing it. However, she looks so clean and crisp and cool that I really wish I could pull this off. Very jealous right now!!! via

– S (back to Monday links next week!!!)

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Happy Memorial Day

To the women and men who serve and served our United States Military, I salute you and appreciate all that you do for our country.

I can say this as someone who grew up in an Air Force family.

This day is for you to commemorate all your sacrifices you have to make to protect our nation.

With all my love, Thank You

Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner


Make that thrifted shirt look right for your body.

Shoe Porn


Isabel Marent


Miu Miu


Nothing but Good Fortune


Can I get married in this?

Links of the Week

One day this will be my backyard view. Trust.

J.Crew shows racist undertones?

The REAL story of Sleeping Beauty!

A White Zebra

I love the artistry in this photoshoot.

They call me Mellow Yellow.

Have a fantastic rest of your holiday!


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91 degrees at 9PM…

Last night my friend and I went to Chesterfields to relax and have fun. I just wanted to share what I wore. I know, I have a sickness for orange recently. I have actually had this silk Express top for some time now, but I don’t get to wear it much. I paired the top with white linen drawstring shorts. It’s Texas and it was hot as hell last night and there was no way I wasn’t going to be comfortable. Hey, when it’s 91 degrees at 9PM, it’s hot.

I’m going to have to share my photos from Chesterfields sometime this week… perhaps tomorrow. I have another photo shoot in 90 minutes that I need to get ready for!

|Top: Express| Shorts: Forever 21| Earrings: Target| Shoes: Charlotte Russe|

Have a great Sunday!


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Orange You Happy It’s Saturday?

Wow!  When is the last one I have done one of these?!  LOL.  I know, it’s been awhile.  I actually took these photos awhile black.  I picked up this vintage Liz Claiborne blazer and I love it, but it’s too big for me.  If you’re interested in this blazer feel free to check out my Esty store to see additional pictures of it.

While I hate to admit it, this blazer is on trend, for this season.  It would be fantastic to wear to the office or a late Sunday brunch.

I have a super busy weekend myself.  I have two shoots today, one tomorrow, and one on Monday.  Plus I’m working on a manual for my 8-5.  PLUS I’m going to chill at Chesterfield’s tonight with my friend.  Life is good.

My Etsy Shoppe!

I hope everyone’s holiday weekend is treating them well!


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Bling! Bling!

Boots and Bling took place in Dallas on May 11th, 2012 and it featured the foundations of Vince Young and Matt Nordgren who both spend time helping and raising money for underprivileged youth development.  Both these young men are quite amazing (and both are under 30)!

The event was TRULLY Dallas.  Everyone knows Dallas CANNOT LIVE without their bling. The food, music, and fashion was all fantastic.  However, the event that truly stood out was the speed painter, Dan Dunn.  Watch the video to see his work, and no… this wasn’t sped up.

I hope you guys enjoyed the fashion as much as I did. 

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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