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I LOVE Pink!

Sorry this is such short notice, but Nokia just extended an invite to myself and the readers of this blog to get a free pink manicure to celebrate their new phone, the Nokia Lumia 900!

The event takes place at Stonebriar Centre Mall THIS SATURDAY in Frisco from 10 AM – 6PM.

I won’t be able to come because I was hired to photog a number of photoshoots this weekend in Dallas!

If you check out the event leave a comment below and let me know how it went!



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We Made It!

I feel like I live for the weekends.  It’s the only time of the week I can get a break… but not really since the last two weekends I had to work or do photography.  Here are some photos from one of the recent shoots that I did.  The artist I shot was Toni Mo.  If you like you can check out some of her music HERE!

My favorite line of this song is when Lil Wayne says, “I listen to her heartbeat because it plays my favorite song.”


Have a wonderful weekend!


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Just Wondering…

If you have been reading this blog for awhile then you know that I (K) am not a fan of oversized pocketbooks. I mean I just DISPISE them. Whenever I carry one I just stuff what’s ever in my eye sight into them. My bag becomes a black hole.  Things go in to never to see the light again. That’s why I love to stick to clutches and very small bags. It limits the crazyness I can put into them.

One time I had a grapefruit, mango, and week’s worth of mail in my bag. Half that mail didn’t even belong to me.

Who does that?!

I love this picnic bag. LOL I purchased it from Baker Shoes years ago!

Of course I keep different bags. One for the week and one for the weekend. Here is what you can find my weekend bag:

1.) Eucalyptus Mint ~ Honestly, I don’t like hand sanitizer at all. I feel as though it makes me sick. However, there are times when you just HAVE to have it. I love the smell of this one. I also have the matching handwash at home!

2.) BB ~ Yes, it has a HUGE crack in the screen, and no I’m not getting a new one. It still works perfectly.

3.) Coin Purse ~ I live downtown you can NEVER have too many quarters

4.) Business Cards ~ It’s always good to stay prepared. You never know who you may run into. I just LOVE this Business Card case. I purchased it from Accents in Dallas.

5.) Pen ~ I’m old school. I still like to write things down.

6.) Cash ~ I just overspend when I have my card. So on the weekends I leave the card at home in my wallet and just take cash. Trust, this tatic saves me a lot of money

7.) Sunglasses ~ C’mon. It’s summer. Texas Summer. You’re a fool without them.

Let me know… what’s in YOUR bag!


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I will apologize right now for not having tons of wonderful and witting things to say this week. I am still on overload with how freakishly awesome The Dark Knight Rises was. I will also take a few seconds to say that what happened in Colorado was horrible, but this site is not a news site, it is a fashion site, and sometimes we need an escape from our real-world life. And back to our regularly scheduled programming – in other news, I have also been playing with my new makeup from E.L.F., which is pretty cool so far. Alright fine, you’re here for the clothes, so on you go!


1. Viva Luxury

It’s the scarf that does it for me. I think the entire outfit is great, and the shoes are lovely, and I LOVE the jeans, but the evil eye scarf is what ties it all together for me and makes it art. via

2. Brooklyn Blonde

This look is proof positive that you can appreciate a look that you would never wear. I don’t wear shorts, and that shirt isn’t my style, and bit the whole thing together does some good things, especially with the red shoes. via

3. Pink Peonies

Shanna’s happy outfit. Give me the shirt, the jeans, the purse, the belt… I’ll leave her the shoes and the glasses without any fuss. via

4. Southern Curls and Pearls

The dress would have been great all on its own, but the pop of turquoise in the necklace really makes it whole. via

5. Sea of Shoes

Usually Jane’s looks are a little too esoteric for me. But this outfit I would truly wear. My parents live in Santa Barbara, and this would be PERFECT for a walk along the beach during sunset (or sunrise). In fact, this look might actually make it’s way onto my inspiration wall.  via

6. Lilly’s Style

Every piece speaks to every other piece. This is actually a lot harder than taking a simple look and adding a splash in one accessory. Every single thing that Lilly is wearing goes with everything else – there are no uneven tones. via

7. 5 Inch and Up

Give me the shoes. via

8. 5 Inch and Up

These shoes alone constitute a look. I would wear them without anything else. via

9. Sea of Shoes

Save the best for last! This is so completely Stevie Nicks for me – it’s like something out of a dream, and I cannot get over how much  I love that she is wearing it in the real world. Each component is fabulous on its own, and when all thrown together, it should be overwhelming… but it’s not, not at all. It’s sweet and sexy and irreverent and all together perfect. via

– S

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Monday Night Links

So who saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend?! In the comment section below leave your thoughts on the movie.

If you saw the movie then I know you loved that picture above!

On another note, this weekend I had one of the best photos shoots EVER! I CANNOT wait to share the photos with you guys!

Music: Boss of Bosses

Slim Thug

I know this song is all colors of ridiculous, but it reminds me of my dad. While I was unemployed I spent the summer of 2010 back in Austin and we would ride around town and blast this song whenever it came on. Yes, I didn’t have your typical father. He still thought he was my age. LOL

I’m still fist pumping with you dad!

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Links of the Week

You know I want these in my life

Mint Chocolate Cheesecake Popsicle

One of the best fashion photo spreads I have seen in awhile

Another great online photo spread

I want to be here

I am going to do a photoshoot involving tea cups somehow

I also want to do a shoot like this

Epic Apartment Décor

I need to put these on my 30 before 30 list

I’m on fat girl status today, aren’t I?

Badass wallpaper for shoe closet

I’m getting this camera, trust

I plan on also doing a shoots that involves mixing prints

I love how Solange looks here

I know I’m slacking on reading EVERYONE’s blog. Please bare with me. I love reading everyone’s blog and you will hear from me soon!



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Fire Sale!!!!

Hey ladies!  I am currently in possession of a $250 IN SEASON  J.Crew dress that I am currently selling for $75.  THIS IS A STEAL.  If you or anyone is in the market for this VERY popular dress please send an email in my direction (Korin) at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com  I currently have the dress listed on Ebay.  You can check it out by clicking HERE!

As you guys can see that I used the dress a photoshoot.  

If you guys need additional information about this dress check out J.Crew’s site by clicking HERE!!!!

Feel free to ask me any additional questions that you like!


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I know… it’s nothing epic, more themed, but it was my outfit of the night for seeing the Dark Knight Rises.

 My brother and I caught the 11:59 PM show last night.

 My Review: I loved it.

I loved all the characters: Tom Hardy as Bane was incredible and Anna Hathaway as Catwoman was simply phenomenal.

 I seriously love Joseph Gordon Levitt as an actor, but in this movie he was a true force. I never took my eyes off of him.

 The movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long,  and it didn’t feel like it at all. There was not one part in the movie that dragged a bit. It was very clear story telling. The movie was, in my opinion, very artistic. I LOVED the simplicity of the score. The movie was very moving, stoic, and quiet. I know the word quiet it really hard to interpret when you speak about a movie, especially Batman, but trust me. You will understand.

These superhero movies are getting better. While the Avengers was a good, fun, and loud movie. Batman is the similar but done with more of an adult flair. It actually reminded me a lot of X-Men First Class, but even better. Mind you, I LOVED X-man First Class.

I don’t want to give away anything about this movie, but it’s worth seeing. At least catch it matinee. I promise you won’t feel like you wasted your time or money.

 |Top: Sears| Belt: H&M| Earrings: Strut| Shorts: Forever 21| Shoes: Ross|


Love, K


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