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End of the Season…

I went to Victoria’s Secret today for a completely different reason.  I wanted to get some new panties (I know, TMI), but instead came out with three new bikinis.  LOL.  Right now Victoria’s Secret is having an end of the season sale where all the bikini pieces are $10 each.  I ended spending $40 on what should have cost me $215.  I ended up saving about 81% off retail.  Yes, I do percentages of how much I save ALL. THE. TIME.

Meanwhile, I decided to buy the bikinis because (a) they looked good on me, and (b) I plan on going to Australia for my birthday.  Since my birthday is in January that means it’s summer time in the Southern Hemisphere.  I plan on stashing up on at least two more tops and bottoms when I got back to Austin in the coming months.  I’m going to guess that the Victoria’s Secret outlet in San Marcus will still be rocking this same sale.

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What a Double Entendre

This has to be one of the most moving videos I have seen in QUITE a long time. The lyrics speaks VOLUMES of our culture.

Many parents aren’t teaching their children the difference between fantasy and reality. Without the parents being perceived as the heroes these young girls are getting their stimulation and imitation other ways, just for the false feeling of being wanted and desired.

This video is showcasing why it’s important to be the matriarchs and patriarchs of our families. We have to stop this cycle of having our children thinking that being a “bad bitch” is dressing half naked and bouncing your ass up and down for a couple of dollars.

Our society has a much skewed perception of women right now.

Not only just women, black women.

Too many times in rap videos do we see these women bouncing their asses up and down… having champagne poured on them. These self proclaimed “Bad Bitches” are being objectified… and they don’t even care.

In this video Lupe is using blackface as a metaphor. While, we may no longer use the paint to disseminate racist images… we now use huge gold chains, rims, grills, and half naked girls dancing around overpriced cars.

I’m here to tell you, it’s the same thing in a different form.

I really want everyone to take the time to think about what we are doing to, not only ourselves, but our future.

In order to do better, we have to think better.

If we as a culture want to be respected better by the world, we can’t act like puppets.

We must begin to think how our actions are consequences to EVERYONE.

Below are some of my favorite lyrics from the song.

First he’s relatin’ the word “bitch” with his mama, comma

And because she’s relatin’ to herself, his most important source of help, And mental health, he may skew respect for dishonor

High heels, long hair, fat booty, slim

Reality check, I’m not trippin’

They don’t see a paid actress, just what makes a bad bitch

Disclaimer: This rhymer, Lupe’s not usin’ bitch as a lesson

But as a psychological weapon

To set in your mind and really mess with your conceptions

Discretions, reflections, it’s clever misdirection

Cause, while I was rappin’ they was growin’ up fast

Nobody stepped in to ever slow ‘em up, gasp

Sure enough, in this little world

The little boy meets one of those little girls

And he thinks she a bad bitch and she thinks she a bad bitch

He thinks disrespectfully, she thinks of that sexually

She got the wrong idea, he don’t wanna fuck her

He thinks she’s bad at being a bitch like his mother

Momma never dress like that, come out the house, hot mess like that

Ass, titties, dress like that

All out to impress like that

Just like that, you see the fruit of the confusion

He caught in a reality, she caught in an illusion

Bad mean good to her, she really nice and smart

But bad mean bad to him, bitch don’t play your part

But bitch still bad to her if you say it the wrong way

But she think she a bitch, what a double entendre

I hope you like the song as much as I did!

Let me know your thoughts below.

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One Song… and One Song Only

I have no idea where I have been in the last five months to where I  missed this cover but I’m glad I found this.  Katy Perry does a re-imagining of Paris.

I LOVE how she breaks it down at the end!

Is she wearing a Balmain dress?!  I LOVE it!

Happy Friday!

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Brunch then Bra’s

So my girl Swetha is getting married in India in about three weeks! She leaves Dallas on the 23rd and I won’t see her again until October 03rd, 2012! I am going to miss her so much, but she’s going to have a ball.

So Sunday we had a bit of a See Yah Soon/Brunch/Bachelorette Party. It was so much fun! We got “I know it’s Sunday, but I’m too drunk to look super nice” dressed up. LOL

FYI the brunch at Chesterfields is amazing and they have $11 bottomless mimosas. Trust I will be going there again REAL SOON! Going to take the little brother!

After brunch we went lingerie shopping for Swetha. I did not realize how much fun it was to shop for lingerie with your girlfriends!

|Jacket: Strut| Dress: Kensie| Shoes: ShoeDazzle| Bracelet: Forever 21| Earrings: Strut| Pocketbook: Bakers Shoes|

How are you guys liking the additional OOTDs?


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Dirty 30!

So on Saturday one of my boys from university had his Dirty 30 party. Well, my girl and I get there so late. And by late it was 9:30 PM. Everyone was already passed out drunk! When we finally go to their apartment it looked like the day after tomorrow. We were like…






It was pure hilarity.

No one could be found.

So my friend and I started taking random pictures around the apartment.

That was until the birthday boy finally stirred.

He’s the one in the middle picture.

Even though his apartment was bone dry of drank we still had a fantastic time.

And yes

That is a D.A.R.E shirt!

Swagga School is now in session!

I had to add Sean Paul’s song We Be Burning b/c that CD was playing on loop the entire time!

|Shirt: D.A.R.E from Ebay| Jeans: Forever21| Shoes: Adidas| Earrings: Strut| Belt: Forever 21|

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Three post in one week?! Who am I?! *LOL* Well, it appears that September is wedding season for me. In fact I have two friends getting married in less than two weeks of each other. S wrote an article earlier this year about what you could wear to a wedding as a guest.

Since I’m shooting my friend’s wedding (the one person I have known longer than Shanna) she advised me that I MUST dress cute to her wedding. I told her I’m the photographer, how can I dress cute AND run around and take pictures?!

Her response?

“I don’t know, but you better figure that out.”


No. She really didn’t respond like that, but she did make it clear that I must look like a runway model to her wedding. So we agreed that during the actually wedding ceremony I could wear all black and black sneakers/flats, but during the reception party I better put on a cute outfit.

If you remember from the post Superfly Wedding Dresses S suggest the following dress for me.

So I go on Asos to try and purchase it. Well, the price went down about 50%, but they only have the dress in a size 8 *ugh* I wear a 4 and COULD slip into a 6, but an 8 will not work.

I say all this to say, I came across this video today the Chriselle did about wedding guest attire.

First let me start off, I LOVE that hot pink string heart in the back! Isn’t that the best?!

My favorite look is the Rustic Chic (starts at 9:03).

I may just jock Chriselle whole style for my friend’s wedding.

As a professional stylist in LA ,Chriselle gives some fabulous fashion advice.

Let me know which look you enjoy the best.

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Yes Ma’am!

Don’t worry.

You’re welcome.

Be safe this tax free weekend Texas



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