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Taboo Tattoo in Deep Ellum

Hey!  This week I will be posting more pictures because I have A LOT to show you guys… Sorry for the lack of OOTD post.  I just had a lot going on.  I will post them this week.

I’m going to warn you, the next three weeks are going to be busy as hell.  I have a lot of travelling and events to attend.  I’m going to try my hardest to make sure I have outfit post for you.  I’m going  to try and put additional photos of what I do when I’m wearing the outfits as well.

Plus, I think it’s kinda cool seeing the background stuff that people do outside of their blog… right?  LOL!  Well, last weekend I spent the entire evening with my soror sister and another friend.  We went to a lot of art shows (which I will also post pictures) and when we were done she decided she wanted to get the industrial at Taboo Tattoo in Deep Ellum.  So I decided to document the entire process.  The peircer was Wheezy Baby!  She was so fun and did an AMAZING job!

Taboo Tattoo

2650 Main St

Dallas, Texas



I hope you guys loved the journey!  We had so much fun that night!  More pictures to come this week!



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Happy Tuesday!

I know! I know! I said I was going to be sporting screen tees to work, but I was in a hurry last night that I didn’t have time to put together a cute screen tee outfit. I know!


This is actually one of my favorite shirts, but it’s in dire need of a good iron. I don’t know how to iron. I typically let the dry cleaner handle that… speaking of I have A LOT of clothes that need to make it to a dry cleaner…

Here’s to tomorrow!

|Shirt & Pants: Forever 21|Belt: Express| Shoes: Ross|


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Love. Fashion.

Blame it on Fashion Week, but the fashion bloggers came out in full force this week! I love the leather and all things sparkle this week. The icing on the cake were the camo jackets. I have always had a special place in my heart for camo jackets because I would love to wear my mom and dad’s from the Air Force. I thought it was soooo cool to sport a jacket around with my last name embroidered on the breast pocket in elementary school.

I had so much fun dressing up when I was younger.

*Insert daydream here*

Oh well! On with the show!

01: Chicmuse

Cheetahs are my favorite animal and she therefore she automatically gets top spot of the week for this look! Haha! Honestly, I love the black and white palate… you can never go wrong. On this go around I love how she paired this Stella McCartney tee with the AA disco pants. For me, it’s a fun outfit that I could easily see myself wearing on a Saturday night out.


02: Fashion Toast

The moment I saw her I thought she looked like a walking fairytale. This dress would look amazing on all body types because of the tight top and the flowly bottom half would compliment any woman. Also, I just miss wearing silver.


03: Kenza

My Fashion blog girl crush. How I just LOVE long sleeved mini dresses. I also appreciate the fact that its so glamorous AND has a hood. This is the perfect fall party dress! If my brother decides to have a birthday party this year I think I may pick this dress up.


04: Atlantic Pacific

I love army green. Also have. Always will. I actually had to stop buying it because my closet became to resemble a military fashionista. However, I can’t help to consider that next time I’m in Austin I’m going to steal ask my mother if I can have her camo jacket. I love how she looks like a dramatic dark Athena in this look. That YSL bag is something to kill for.


05: Brooklyn Blonde

I’m not going to lie. For the longest time I thought Atlantic Pacific and Brooklyn Blonde was the same girl. Nonetheless, I have to admit this all back everything look is one of the best I have seen in awhile. I’m a sucker for cute motorcycle jackets and tiered miniskirts.


06: Eat. Sleep. Wear.

You’re either going to love this or hate this. Based on this series you know where I stand. I have this weird love affair with orange. I won’t wear it, but I just love how it looks on others. I love how she pairs an ultra feminine dress with a very masculine jacket. The Ying and Yang effect. She did a great job in the shoe department. Picking a pair that doesn’t compete with the outfit sometimes makes your overall look even better.


07: Feather Factor

I have adored this dress since the first time she featured it on her blog. She accessorized it so perfectly. Classic Louboutin heels. The necklace is simple yet dramatic. While she could have easily gone with a black clutch she opted for red instead. A perfect way to add a splash of color to any outfit.


08: Chicmuse

Dennie has made a second appearance on this week. With good reason too. LOOK AT THAT Elie Saab dress! If I was an actress I would quickly purchase one to wear to the next Oscar, Emmy, Tony’s or whatever event that was going on! That dress is a show stopper!


09: All the Pretty Birds

Aimee just look dazzling in this ensemble. I could easily see myself wearing this on a random Thursday. Can you count the ways you love her shoes?!


10: Sabo Skirt

Sheer, loose, and mini… her outfit describes me perfectly. LOL. That top is actually a plunge bodysuit! How cute is that?!


Whose look did you like this week?

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Hip Hip Hooray!

Hell yeah! We all made it to another Monday! Feel blessed that we are all be a part of it! Yeah! I really can’t wait to show you guys all my outfits of the week. I have decided to do a screen tee theme this go around. Basically I’m going to wear T-shirts all week to work and TRY and make them look corporate appropriate.

Let’s see how this experiment works.


Mrs. Always Right

I LOVE photo booths at weddings. I am soooooo going to have one at mine… first I have to find a man though.


Music: Lady Gaga

Cake like Lady Gaga

I seriously laughed my ass off listening to Lady Gaga rap. Hours later she’s on my workout mixtape of the week. My favorite line is “Slap a f*cking rebound bitch/In front of paparazzi, singing Paparazzi in this bitch!”


Let me know what you guys think of this song!


Two Tone Chunky Chain Necklace

Shoe Porn







Neon Pink

Spiked Bracelet


Striped Skirt


Has anyone ever tasted these?! I thought they were just a made up candy from Seinfeld

I love Photo Diaries

I adore all the dresses featured on Lela Rose

I love cameras… DUH!

10 tips for better writing

Trash to couture… LOVE upcycling!

I want to wear this look EVERYWHERE without getting side eyes from people

I need to start adding fresh flowers back in my place

Beauty in the late 1800’s

Don’t quit your job before to start our own business before reading this!

Reinvent yourself… I do it every year

I want her to redo my WHOLE place!

If I wasn’t on the Paleo lifestyle I would eat this, TONIGHT!

Closet Envy… *ugh*

I heart all these thrifted pieces

What do you guys think about this dress?

Remember, if all else fails… Drink BLACK TEA!



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Sunday Football

Just a quick OOTD post.  I just watched the Raiders upset the Steelers.  WOW.  LOL!  


|Top: Forever 21| Shorts: Levi| Shoes: Ross| Necklace: Strut|

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Built in A/C

So this is the outfit I wore on Friday. I love the cutout in the back. It felt like a built in A/C unit.

I plan on wearing these boots a lot more this season. These Aldo boots are actually a gift from one of my FAVORITE people in the whole wide world (and sorority sister) Tam Tam! She saw my birthday wishlist from last year and purchased them for me as a surprise! I just LOVE the shit out of these boots. Since the winter was so mild last year I didn’t get to do much damage, but I’m thinking this year I will get more miles out of them.

I hope I can show you guys a better picture of them next time.


|Shirt: Ross| Jeans: Express| Shoes: Gifted Aldo|Earrings: Forever 21|

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Sorry for the lack of outfit post this week. Yes, I have a reason… It’s not good, it’s just a reason. LOL. Monday I was asked to go out on an impromptu Happy Hour. So when I got home I quickly changed from my work garb to my uniform or skinny jeans, jacket, and heels. We had so much fun talking, drinking, and watching Monday Night Football. Now let me explain to all you non-Texans out there. FOOTBALL is a HUGE deal here. So when you start drinking during a game… you start drinking. I forgot who was even playing to be honest. Meanwhile, during half time we left the restaurant went back to my place and continued drinking until we passed out.

Yes, this was Monday.

Drinking so much on Monday left me HIGHLY dragging on Tuesday. I could still feel the rum, vodka, tequila, coke, and orange juice in my system. As soon as I got home I just fell out, until 9:30 PM and I could not go back to bed until 2AM… to wake up only hours later to go to work…

Long story short this pattern is why I haven’t posted any OOTDs. Due to excessive drinking on a work night I left me dragging for the rest of the week. I typically take my photos after work. Friday is the first I have felt “normal.”

This outfit is a recreation of what I wore on Monday. I actually sported different earrings and bracelet, but in my drunken stupor I have misplaced everything. *ugh*

What did I learn from this experience?

I’m not 21 anymore.

No more drinking heavily on Mondays.

|Jacket, Racerback, Jeans, & Bracelet: Forever21| Shoes: Aldo|Earrings: Gifted from TatMom|

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