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So this weekend I shoot a lookbook for a local Dallas online boutique owner.  Once I have completed the pictures and she has them up I will send you guys a link to check out her fashion and my work.  Hope you guys like!

Until then here are some instagram excerts… I will post more sneak peeks later this week!

PS!  Did you guys know you can make an photography book out of your instagram photos?  Yes!  Check it out HERE!

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Reason number 8 billion why I love Katy Perry!

And for the record I have already voted.  I actually voted on the 23rd of October.

 Please you guys… no matter who you vote for, it is important that you do vote.  There have been way too many people in this country that have died to have equal rights, and I vote because I want them to know that I appreciate the sacrifices they made for me and other… people they would never know… to be able to live a life the same as anyone else.


For the recorder…Yes, I know I have been done for a minute.  I had MULTIPLE people pass away in my life in a condensed period of time.  I am back now so expect to see a billion post from this week!



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Thirty years ago God blessed me with one of the most awesome best friends on this planet? My only problem? Taking 10 years to find her!



You guys would be only so blessed to have a best friend quite like mine. I have known this woman for 20 years and every night I pray to God thanking him for blessing me with such a fabulous partner in life. Even though we are 200 + miles away we still manage to call each other 85 billion times a week. LOL.

I love Shanna with all my heart and I could not imagine making it in this world without her.

She means everything to me.


This past weekend I went to Austin to go visit S and have a smashing good time. And a smashing good time was had. Let me first show you the Outfits that we wore!

Shanna’s Day Time Outfit

(I have no idea why I didn’t get her full night time outfit!)

Let me preface… I didn’t get all the locations of her purchases. However, I’m sure Shanna will log on or leave a comment on where all her pieces came from. I will try my best to remember where she said she got them.

How much did you guys love those boots! S says those boots are fabulous for women who have lot of muscle on their calves.

The dog in the pictures is Bacall. Yes, S named her dog after Lauren Bacall.  She is soooooooooooooo freakin’ adorbs. I had to beg her not to jump on me since I was rockin’ bare legs that day.

Korin’s Outfit

Yeah, So I wore this look ALL DAY LONG. I wanted to rock a good day to night look and I feel as though this look pulled it off.


|Jeans: The Gap (???)/Old Navy| Boots: DSW| Necklace: Express|


|Jacket: Ross| Dress: Strut| Boots: Aldo|Earrings: Guess| Bracelets: Forever21 & Dallas Flea|

Let me explain the pictures. I got in on Friday so we decided to head over to a Mexican Joint! Food was good… margaritas even better. Oh yeah… I LOVED the salsa. The next day we went to Alamo Draft House to see Looper. The Alamo Draft House is really cool because they take going to the movies SERIOUSLY… they have no qualms about kicking you out if you disturb any of the patrons in the theater. This includes talking, texting, tweeting, and your kids being obnoxious. After that Shanz got changed we headed out to the Cedar Door to watch the Texas West Virginia game. While the night didn’t end well for the Longhorns Shanna’s did!

I’m so happy that we got to spend time with each other this weekend!

Feel free to leave Shanna a Happy Birthday!



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Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

This week I’m going to play catch up.  I have a ton of outfits that I haven’t featured on the blog so that’s what I will be doing this week!  S comes in on Friday so be prepared for a ton of photos!  I cannot wait!

Music: Diamonds


Shoe Game












Kitty Beanie

Woman Jacket




Roberto Cavalli

Apartment Inspriation

Coco Pear Crisp

I Love Photo Diaries

Super Easy Beef Chili

Super Easy Spaghetti Sauce

I Love this LOOKBOOK

Do you think blogging has a transparency issue?

Satorialist Video

5 Unrelease Lana Del Rey Songs

Three Alternative Uses for Olive Oil

Tat-Tat-Tatted Up!

I love the rainbow in the back!

This is why she’s a super model

Custom made dress

Jamie Beck’s Facebook

Chocolate Fudge Cake topped with fresh raspberries

I have always wanted to hear Rumi’s voice from FashionToast

Jenna Lyons. That is all

Brail Bracelets. Epic

Products to make your shoes last

Have a Great Day!

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I know. Dumbest title ever for a post, EVER! But at least you can give me create for self-actualization. LOL! I hope everyone’s weekend was awesome. My apologies for the late post. When I got back to Dallas on Sunday all I wanted to do was relax. That is exactly what I did. My weekend with S was jam packed. I’m sure this weekend when she comes up here for Texas/OU Weekend won’t be any different.

On with the show!

01: Guerreisms

This fashion photographer’s blog from GQ as QUICKLY become one of my FAVORITE fashion stops. He always features nice, clean, and colorful lines. Yes, his blog is more geared to men, but he does know how to appreciate the female fashion form. Case in point, exhibit A. Typically, I wouldn’t like this leather “trend” because it reminds me too much of the Matrix, however I have to give credit where credit is due. Not only does her outfit look good but it was enhanced by the way she accessorized it, and even the attitude of her hair. This is why she and he get top stop for this week.


 02: Brooklyn Blonde

What’s a week without BB on the list? Again, with the nice clean lines. Blazers that fit your form perfectly make you look so put together quickly. That scarf adds drama to what could be just a normal outfit. How else is feeling the Zara pants?


 03: Kenza

This may not be the most flattering photo of her, but it’s all about the fashion right here! Now, will someone tell me if the collar thing is… well… still a thing?… Nonetheless I’m really loving the Southwest vibe of this dress that’s brought out by the oversized double buckled belt. Though I could never pull of Christina Aguilara red lips, she does it perfectly fine for my taste.


04: In her Stilettos

If there is one wardrobe I could raid in the bloggers universe it would be Diya’s. She knows how to put together some of the most basic pieces and having you look like an Elle editorial. This is how you look fashionable to work. I know a lot of you guys can relate to this… being able to look fun, serious, and approachable can be difficult at sometimes. Diya somehow knows how to achieve this balance with ease. I hope to achieve a similar balance in my work attire.


 05: Girl with Curves

Next week I’m instituting color in everything I wear. Tanesha has inspired me based on this look alone. First, let me state that Tanesha proves that even bigger girls can have fun too. I hate when some bigger girls don’t dress as well because they feel they are too big. I know MANY of bigger girls that know how to freakin’ rock it! No excuses.

I really want to pair of high waisted pants in my arsenal. I like the clean lines they give off. Especially when you pair the pants with a great work blouse, as shown above. This is another great example of a fun look one could wear to work. She adds additional texture and style with the stringed necklace and leopard print heels.


 06: Addicted to Chic

Yes, you guys know I’m a t-shirt, jeans, heels, clutch kinda girl. She embodies my uniform graciously.


 07: After Dark

So I’m guessing pants are optional this Fall??? No! I am just playing! I am a fan of all things knit. Perhaps it’s because all the sweaters my father every bought me were cable knight or the fact that my mother taught me how to crochet. I don’t know what it is, but is spikes some childhood memories that make me adore this look… with pants of course.

Actually, some leather legging would have made this outfit even better… and her more warm.


 08: Pink Horror Show

T-shirts and blazers go together like bread and butter. At least in my humble opinion. I just love how a blazer makes everything just that much more fancier (excuse the grammar). A blazer can also make you look like an instant hipster, so to avoid that I suggest wearing statement earrings and your hair in another way other than a messy ironic bun. Cuz you guys know how hipsters love the ironic.


 09: Neon Blush

The only thing I really like about Fall and Winter is the beanie. I just HEART wearing beanies. I would have never thought about putting all these items together, but for her, they worked perfectly. Now, I’m not sure if they jacket she’s wearing is considered tweed or not, but I love the craftsmanship of it. Zara is really proving to be a force this season. Hopefully these next couple of weeks will allow me at least a little liberty of stopping in a store to check out their full collection for my own eyes. And yes… I LOVE her shoes!


Which contender(s) did you like this week?

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Hola Amor!

If you’re reading this, it’s Saturday and I’m currently in Austin chilling with S, and our other GORGEOUS friend R. We are most likely somewhere getting our libations on and making fun of each other while looking ridiculously overdressed and fabulous. That’s what 20 years of friendship gets you these days.

I wore this outfit on Thursday (10.04.12). Needless to say I didn’t wear any career professional pants to work this week. I was dual dressing… work and play. I was supposed to go see a movie with one of my friends who I haven’t seen in over a year. We didn’t get to go because he had work commitments to attend to since he was going to be off on Friday.


Everything I’m wearing is over 2 years old. Yes, I am one fashion blogger who gets their cost per wear out of EVERYTHING!

While I love my motorcycle jacket my favorite piece from this look is my elongated golden leaf necklace. I purchased this necklace from Strut and I used to wear this bad boy almost every day in the Fall. It looks like I may start up that pattern again. This necklace is the perfect representation of Fall for me.

Next week will be another week full of picture driven blog post!

Also, S will be coming to Dallas! SO EXCITED!

|Jacket: Ross| Top: Charlotte Russe| Jeans: Express| Shoes: Delicious| Earrings & Necklace: Strut|

Have a great weekend! Don’t drink and drive!

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I know I’m lagging a day or two behind.  I pretty much posted everyday this week!  Can I get a cheers for that?  I actually sported this look on Wednesday (10.03.2012).  I wore different elements of this outfit for many reasons.

1.)    The bling bling necklace and bangle were in support of my friend Stacey aka Bling Bling.  Stacey was born with one of the RAREST forms of Down Syndrome there is in the world.  Instead of totally missing chromosome 22 (how you develop Down Syndrome) she is missing half of it.  When she was born she was not expected to live past being a toddler, but 29 years later she’s been proving the health and science community wrong.  I want to say (don’t quote me on this) there are less than 500 people in the United States like here.  Well, about a month ago Stacey suffered a stroke that was caused by three brain aneurysms.  She was immediately rushed to the hospital where brain surgery was performed.  While Stacey is still alive she has been in ICU since then.  Stacey’s dirty 30 is today (Friday 10.05.2012) and a group on Facebook was started to wear bling in solitude for Stacey!  While Stacey may be different mentally no one treated her that way.  She proved that even though she was born with a disability she could hold down a job, party with girls her age, and give speeches.  Anyone who meets Stacey instantly falls in love with her infections smile and zest for life.  Don’t let the innocent smile fool you; the girl can get down with the best of them.  I ask that everyone keep Stacy lifted up their prays and call upon for a full recovery!

2.)    I wore the Vote t-shirt in honor of the first presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.  No matter what party line you coincide with I want to implore everyone to make sure they are registered to vote… and once you are registered make sure you vote early.  I have been reading conflicting information on the dates of early voting, but once I figure it out I will let you guys know!


Verify you are registered to vote in Texas HERE

Yes, the BCBG blazer has officially made it’s reappearance on this blog.  I LOVE this blazer!

I will be in Austin this weekend celebrating part one of Shanna’s Dirty 30!  I cannot wait to upload all the pictures of this weekend’s debauchery celebrations!  Have a fantastic weekend y’all!!!!

PS: Make sure you guys keep watching the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates!  I will keep you guys updated on when they will air.

|Blazer: BCBG| Scarf: Papaya|T-Shirt: Gadzooks| Jeans: Express| Shoes: Ross| Earrings & Necklace: Strut| Bangle: Forever 21| Belt: Old Navy|

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I’m sorry guys.  I couldn’t help myself.


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Happy Thursday!

I wore this look on Tuesday. Typically I don’t wear jeans Monday-Thursday, but I only had 10 minutes to get ready (Thank God I took a shower the night before) so the quickest thing for me was jeans and a sweater. I’m glad I wore this sweater because it was FREEZING outside when I left. It was 70 degrees *Shutters*

I LOVE these booties my soror sister, Tam Tam, gave me for my birthday in January! I plan on getting so much use out of them for the next six months. She was actually reading my blog last year and saw my birthday wishlist and purchased them for me! How awesome is that?! Since last year was so mild for winter (85 degrees) I didn’t get to sport them as much. I feel as though this year is going to be redemption for that.

I wanted to give you guys some shots of the shoes before they looked any more “used.” As you can see in the photos they are a little scuffed up right now. I think at the end of the season I will take them to a shoe doctor for a face lift.

PS: If you’re in Texas you only have until October 09th to make sure you are registered to vote!

To verify if you’re registered to vote in Texas CLICK HERE!!!!!

|Sweater: Ross| Shirt: Gadzooks| Jeans: Express| Booties: Aldo|Earrings: Guess|


One more day to go!

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It’s Officially Fall!

*BRRRRR* It was so COLD Monday morning! It felt like a blizzard at 70 degrees. I already can’t wait for Summer again. While I count down the days until Summer’s return I might as well dress semi cute.

I know you guys have seen these pants time and time again, but I really love them. Even if they are a size too big for me. They are a 6 and I wear a size 4. However, that fact won’t deter me from rocking these bad boys!

The ¾ button sweater is one that I purchased from Express over two years ago and this is the first time I’m wearing it! I just love the soft feel of it!

Nothing makes an outfit better than accessories. I know I’m wearing these earrings out, but I paid good money for them so I plan on getting my cost per wear outta them!

I also, went to Strut right after work that day because they having a 60% off sale in their store October 01-04. I will post the loot I picked up at some point this week. I plan on doing a collective haul of all the internet purchase I made in the last two weeks. I’m just now waiting for everything to arrive!

|Jacket & Scarf: Papaya| Sweater & Pants: Express| Shirt: UrbanOutfitters| Belt: Old Navy| Shoes: Ross| Necklace: Premier Designs| Earrings: Strut|

Do the Humpty Hump!

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