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Now don’t get it twisted… I DO NOT watch TV. Why? Well, because it distracts me from working on my photographer career (I’ll admit… I can get lost in the reality shows). However, today I was watching a video that my sorority sister tagged me on on Facebook by the guy named Dan Henig doing the FUNNIEST cover of Lil’ Johns smash club hit “Get Low” (TRUST! YOU WANT TO WATCH THIS). Meanwhile, I started looking at the rest of his videos and found that he did a cover of Nina Simone’s song “Feeling Good.”

Then that stared the avalanche of me getting on YouTube and discovering A LOT of songs by Nina Simone that are so so so so so so so famous that I bet people don’t even know that she did.

I say all that to say that I wanted to hear updated renditions of the song “Feeling Good” and I came across this very unassuming 13 year old girl, Carly Rose Sonenclar. I listened to her version of “Feeling Good” and I just gave goose bumps all over my body. Why in the WORLD does a 13 year old girl have such a HUGE jazz infliction in her voice?! She is the things that Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Billy Holiday, and Christina Aguilera are made of. This TINY TINY TINY girl is the DEFINITION OF MUSIC!

Point. Blank. Period.

I implore all of you to listen to her sing.

She is, simply, amazing.

The rest of the videos below are some of my favorites (in order of my liking) that she has done.

When you’re done listening to all of them… be sure to say thank you in the comments. =p

Happy Friday Beautiful People!

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The last one of the year!


I won’t be able to go… but if you do… please let me know what you got!

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And the Ladies…

I really loved the photos for this year’s Dallas Top 10 Beautiful Women… and the fashion, of course.  Of all the photos and fashion combinations I really loved the Tifany’s the most.

Below are four other pictures I loved… click the pictures to see why they made it on that lost.  Be sure sure to check out the other five ladies that made the list as well.

Mina Chang

Amanda Ward

Courtney Kerr

Maggie Park

All photos via

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Bringing Sexy Back to the Holidays

Do you ladies see anything that you like?

What do you all think about lingerie?

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Guess Who’s Back!

Back Again!

WOW! I know! It‘s been a minute. I will explain the absence sometime later, but now… let us focus on the top looks of the week.

Side Note, I am bringing the top looks of the week back to Tuesdays!

01: Cocobella Ballerina

Lisa was the CLEAR winner this week. If you are questioning why I love this look… then you clearly must be new to my blog. I love anything that’s girly meets gangsta. Plus, she looks like an anime character. I just want to squeeze her! LOL. Honestly, Lisa is one of my FAVORITE fashion bloggers. She has this incredible way of pulling off color all year around… honestly, for the month of December I’m planning on taking a page out of her book. I will explain in December… Meanwhile, I really like how she paired the glam blue top with her black skirt. She could have easily stopped there, but what added fun to this look were the polka dot tights. Wearing tights like this could be a win or lose situation on certain people, but on her she clutched the gold. She doesn’t overdo the look her he shoes. Pairing such a live top and fun tights with classically stunning Prada heels was an excellent move. However, I think her vintage Chanel necklace that her hubs gave her was the icing in the cake. For me, the necklace gives this outfit an 80’s hip hop edge and I love it!

Kudos to Lisa for top look of the week!


02: Guerreisms

She looks so glamorous and comfortable in her sheer white dress. Her wedges look like they are what dreams are made of. However, I cannot take my eyes off those dynamic droplet earrings. I need details on the make.


03: Her Waise Choice

Jen looks phenomenal in this pull. While I’m personally not a fan of fur vest I feel she pulled this look off beautifully. I’m all for pairing different textures of the same color scheme together for a dynamic appearance. How many ways do you love those ankle boots?


04: Apartment 34

This is typically an apartment décor blog… but sometimes she highlights great fashion as well. Case in point, the look above. Yes, I know some people might think this look is mundane, but I really feel as though it’s fashionable and comfortable. There is something one can really say about just effortless looks. It kinda makes me wish I had an oversized black cable knit sweater.


05: All the Pretty Birds

Being in Fall does not mean one should have to wear dark colors all the time. Case in point, the picture above. Who doesn’t love a midi pleated skirt with a matching striped sweater like that? To add glitz to game, those beautiful satin pink pumps. *swoon*.


06: Neon Blush

There is nothing wrong with the classic little black dress… especially when it’s laced and has a motorcycle jacked associated with it.


07: Bryanboy

Let me tell you… there is NOTHING sexier than a man that can dress. Yes, I know. Bryan is super gay… but I wish he would teach lessons to some of these hetero boys out here. Bryan proves that you can never go wrong with classic blue jeans, a turtle neck, and aviator sunglasses.


08: CaliVintage

I just love high waisted pencil skirts. They are so dayum sexy to me. Erin does a fantastic job with having fun with such a serious article of clothing by pairing it with the Nordic inspired shirt. While I would have worn different shoes (for my taste) the sandals work for her.


09: Garance Dore

This is what I wish I could wear to work EVER. SINGLE. DAY.


Let me know which looks you guys are feeling this week!

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Joeseph Campbell + Swimming Pools + Links of the Week

Happy Monday Loves!

I had the last nine days of work of… and trust… I could go for anther nine days. LOL. I haven’t had a break this long in the last two years. This was a much needed mental break.

Music: Swimming Pools by Kendric Lamar

Shoe Porn

Kate Spade

Sole Society



Kate Spade

Tom Ford

Proenza Schouler

Vintage Bulls

Links of the Week

You are a dayum fool if you don’t watch this video!

Sorry, but he looks like he’s wearing a duvet blanket with a metal belt… just sayin…

How do you guys feel about shopping?

I want this to be my New Years Dress

What I’ll be doing every weekend until the end of the year

Five ways to wear leopard

Fantastic Photographer

I want to do a photo series of myself like this

Hopefully next year I’ll be shooting boudier as well!

Stop making excuses. Just follows your dreams dammit!

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Gobble!  Gobble!

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I did! I didn’t do an outfit of the day in here because I wasn’t thinking… but I will try and give you guys a reenactment of what I wore Thanksgiving Day in an upcoming post.  Yes, I made the turkey this year while my brother made the ham.  The turkey came out a little dry. =(  I should have backed it at 11 minutes per pound rather than at 15 minutes per pound.

The first couple of pictures are pieces of my apartment. Once I have officially decorated the house (meaning have my studio set up) I will do an apartment tour.  Would you guys be interested in that?


It was a quaint affair.  My brother, Tam Tam, Jax, and myself.

I figure that I also need to start take more pictures with my Jax’ee!  I love my little mutt!

Yes, the last picture is the ONLY EOS balm this little monster has not successfully eaten.  You can see on the packaging where he has attempted to popped it open with his teeth.  I am going to TRY and keep my bag out of his way.

Don’t worry… this go around I will be back to my regular scheduled program this coming week!

Let’s go!


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