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Are you guys following me on Instagram yet?  If not you need to be!  My username is TheUrbanJungle.  I usually just update during the weekend because that’s when I’m out the most.

Meanwhile, Sunday was a really relaxing, outside of almost getting t-boned by an old lady in an SUV that ran a red light.  Yup, she wasn’t paying attention but thank God I was.  I slammed on my breaks so hard that my car turned off.  It could have been nasty if I took my eyes of the road for even a split second.

Below is a mini photo diary from my weekend.  I am doing the January cure for this month.  My apartment was in dire need of some TLC and Apartment Theraphy has this 30 day program on effectively cleaning your place.  My friends have periodically stopped by and have seen the progress. They are so happy for me!

Below are pictures that include my closet, bedroom, and bathroom.  My closet is so small so it can only basically hold my shoes.  You can’t see, but on the walls inside the closet I have my dresses hung up on the side.

Well, enjoy the outfit!  Do you guys already have plans for this coming weekend?

DSC_0894 DSC_0921 DSC_0902 DSC_0923

|Jacket: Papaya| Scraf: I forgot| Top: Swapped| Leggings: Strut| Shoes: AmiClubWear|Earrings: Guess|

Mini Photo Diary

IMG_20130121_080951 IMG_20130126_214326 IMG_20130127_010719 IMG_20130126_195702 IMG_20130126_223056 IMG_20130127_042621 DSC_0932 DSC_0927 DSC_0920 DSC_0926 IMG_20130127_180916 DSC_0904

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01: Guerreisms


I love the women who wear masculine looks. This appears to be very1920’s gangsta and I’m feeling it. I really wish I was able to rock a tie, but a tie is too strong for my face. However, my favorite aspect about this look is the outside coat.


02: Eat Sleep Wear


As most of my avid readers know, I am an oversized cable knit sweater type of girl. I also enoy the color mustard yellow. I think oversize sweaters have a subtle sexiness associate with them. This looks works because it fun, bold, and comfortable.


03: Mimi G Style


C’mon now! Look at that dress. Yes, she looks BANGING in it, but you have to appreciate the simplicity of it as well. I love the shape, style, and shoes.


04: Sea of Shoes


I guess I’m just attracted to color in the mass of black, white, and gray that comes with the change into winter. Outside the photography I am attracted to the boldness of the orange. I love the fact she has all the audacity in the world to rock such a strong color in January. Then again, how could she not… the temperature as of late has been ranging from 75-80 degrees. It’s hard to take winter seriously in Texas.


05: The Blonde Salad


Valentino, Viva Vox, and Hermes, oh my. Again, color has made it’s way on my list! How fun is this dress? It’s so Sex in the City-esque. I could totally see myself rocking it to a Sunday Funday patio brunch somewhere in uptown. The mini Kelly just adds to the fun and cuteness of the look.


06: The Glamouri


Those boots make her legs look EXTRA long! She looks like a sexy faux hipster. I am feeling both the Mui Mui hat, and the cashemere Etienne Aigner sweater. She looks effortlessly cool.


07: The Satorialist


Gentleman Swagger


08: Tiff Heart Fashion


All white errrrrrything with a pop of neon yellow. It’s a good thing she kept her bag small and proportional to her body so it doesn’t take away from the overall look. I’m not a fan of pointed toes, but she does them justice with this outfit.


09: Wendy’s Lookbook


Well, it’s very clear that I’m not the only one feeling winter bolds. Wendy is having a lot of fun with her cold attire. Again, the mustard yellow has made an appearance in this post along with those beautiful maganeta shoes. Aside from her Fendi bag, what really makes this look stand out is the simple action of the cinch boy belt. The belt adds dimension and playfulness to a powerful look.


Please, let me know which look you are feeling most this week!

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Happy Tuesday!


Music: Thrift Store by Macklemore

Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Michael Kors Sneakers


Magenta & Coral

Rain Boots

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Pastel Yellow

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I would buy my man these…



Gucci Dream Bag!


Chandelier Earrings

90’s Inspired

I really love that top

The Jacket

The Yellow Blazer

Top Links


Photographs of a Segregated World

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My Future Car

This looks SO good!

What I want my livingroom to look like!

I love Rashida Jones

James Nord

So Summer… how I miss you…

I’m loving the Meow Top

Homemade Body Scrub

Have A Great Tuesday!!

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01: Nina Dobrev

Sag Awards 2013 Best Dressed

Color is in for the winter! Nina proves this while rocking an Eli Saab gown. She just a stunner. This dress was able to succumb to being sexy, subtle, and appropriate for this event. Apparently a dress being a triple threat at an awards ceremony is super hard to find. The other thing Nina had on her side was a great hairstyle. I couldn’t tell you how many celebrities I saw who are wearing the WORST hair for their dresses. The dangling earrings provide a great support to both her hair and her dress.


02: Jessica Chastain

Sag Awards 2013 Best Dressed

While I’m not a fan of wearing a red dress on the red carpet Ms. Chastain did an awesome job letting me let go of that rule… even if it was just for one look. She proves that less is more. She is wearing a dynamic Alexander McQueen gown. The only thing I don’t like is her necklace. I know its Harry Winston but it seriously looks like it came from the bargain bin from Claire’s. Meanwhile her beautiful hair offsets the not so impressive necklace.



03: Amanda Seyfried

Sag Awards 2013 Best Dressed

To say she is not beautiful would be a complete lie. She is working the hell out of that blue Zac Posen tiered gown! Her frame is just PERFECT for it! Just like Jessica, she could have done without that 90’s inspired necklace. I know the Lorraine Schwartz necklace probably cost a pretty penny, but it had no right to be paired with this dress. The dress is a statement in itself. It would have been better suited with a pair of long dangling earrings.



04: Tina Fey

Sag Awards 2013 Best Dressed

Tina Fey is typically a hit or miss when it comes to these award ceremonies. Her go to color is always black. Mainly because that’s the only color that the media doesn’t crucify her for. I really wish she wasn’t scared of the media’s opinion about the dresses she wears and would take more of a chance with color and fun. She has the body and the personality to pull it off if she dared too. Nonetheless, she looks amazing in this Oscar de la Renta gown and embellished belt.



05: Elisabeth Moss

Sag Awards 2013 Best Dressed

Keep it Sexy Stupid. She looks just carefree and comfortable in this black and sequin Dolce & Gabana dress.


06: Kelly Osbourne

Sag Awards 2013 Best Dressed

Rocking a Jenny Packham dress. If I have to give one critique it would be that I do not like that seam line going up the front of her dress. It’s very distracting. However, the details on the top look totally dystopian and I love it! Though I am not wild about that hair color the style of the updo works perfectly for the dress.



07: Jennifer Garner

Sag Awards 2013 Best Dressed

There are very few times that Mrs. Affleck doesn’t look amazing on the red carpet. Oscar de la Renta was good to her in this beautiful gold gown. Again, another look where the hair is on point with the outfit.



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01: Julianne Moore

2013 Worst Dress SAG Awards

Should have stuck with Lavin. Their dresses may be boring but at least they make you look good. I’m sorry but I just think Chanel is overrated… case in point, Exhibit A. The dress just looks like it had a bad case of the patch work. It’s way too low cut for her build. Someone should have told her something before she left the house.


02: Kaley Cuoco

2013 Worst Dress SAG Awards

It was hard to choose who was going to take the number one spot. Kaley came in at a VERY close second. There was no reason she should have worn this 50’s inspired red dress on the RED carpet. I’m not sure if I know where the dress ends and the carpet begins. *ugh* What made her think that those red velvet looking shoes was a good idea?! And that hair. SERIOUSLY?! SER-IOUS-LY?! Where are your TRUE friends when you need them??? They should have never let you walked out of the house looking like this.


03: January Jones

2013 Worst Dress SAG Awards

Honey, no… and I mean no. The hair, the dress, the Makeup. Get a gander at the original dress. Had she worn that with her hair down and wavy it would have been a hit.

2013 Worst Dress SAG Awards


04: Freida Pinto

2013 Worst Dress SAG Awards

Frieda… you’re going to a red carpet event, not a holiday office party. What is going on with her hair? The bangs look cute but I am not a fan of the length. The dress does nothing to support he haircut either. I know Feida has a banging body. Why didn’t she opt for a more skinny hugging dress? She looks so dumpy in this look.


05: Claire Danes

2013 Worst Dress SAG Awards

No, I am not saying the Givenchy gown isn’t gorgeous. I’m just saying that I doesn’t look right on Claire. Geez… I know comfort is key, but sometime you gotta suck it up for fashion. Better luck next time doll face.


06: Ellie Kemper

2013 Worst Dress SAG Awards

Gawsh, where do I start with this one? Lets point out the obvious, her skin is just oily. I know it gets all shade of hot out there, but seriously, being oily on a red carpet is so novice. Now, this is another case where the dress isn’t ugly, it’s just not right. I am a fan of Reem Acra gowns, but her stylist should have known this dress was going to be too light for her complexion. I personally would have done for a more bold color, hot pink, warm orange, or even a warm grey. I will say that her accessory game is on point. Ellie you’re gorgeous and young. Next time dress like it.


07: Anne Hathaway

2013 Worst Dress SAG Awards

You guys know that Anne is my girl, but one must be fair when it comes to fashion. Honey, you should not have worn this. You’re lucky you have a face that can pull off just about anything. If I were Anne I would have just torn off the tulle. The dress looks amazing enough without all that extra work. Anne has a body to pull that off too.


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…Is My New Girl Crush!!


Who is Lilly Ghalichi? I’m going to need you to turn to Bravo on Sundays to watch the Shah’s of Sunset. That is my FAVORITE show on in TV. Why?

Well, I really like the whole cast, but Lilly Ghalichi is the definition of woman.

What I like about her?

That she’s probably the illest and realist reality star you may ever come across. While, some people may deflect questions about certain plastic surgery or augmentation Lilly is like… Yah, I got it! And what?

What’s the point of lying?

Be Truthful.

If not for everyone else, but for yourself.

I think she sets a high and moral standard for the new definition of the American woman.

The last thing she needs (or wants) is anyone debunking what she says and embarrassing her in public. Gawsh, you have to thank her for what you don’t see a lot in the Hills, honesty.

On top of being beautiful she is highly intelligent, strong, an entrepreneur, and fashion sensation!

Check out my favorite looks from Lilly!

LillyGhalichi04 LillyGhalichi05 LillyGhalichi02 LillyGhalichi06 LillyGhalichi03


Who is your current girl crush?



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