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Anxiety Much?


I know it may come as a surprise for people who don’t know me… but I am stupidly shy in person.  The only time I am really outgoing is when I’m with a group of friends… or people I am just THAT comfortable around to just be me.

The other day my friend asked me to go bowling with him and his friends.  I (a) I suck a bowling, and (b) I get anxiety meeting a GROUP of people whom I don’t know… and everyone else does.  I propel myself in these situations because I need to get over this anxiety when it comes to meeting new people.  Here’s the thing… if I go into a situation and nobody knows each other.  I’m cool.  However, if I go into a situation where I’m the odd man out that’s where the anxiety comes in.

I felt even more horrible on our way back home and my friend mentioned it.  Like as soon as we got into the car.  Just thinking about it right now brings me back that emotional state.  *ugh* I honestly felt so bad because it is something I need to overcome.  That fact that he mentioned it makes me feel like everyone thought I was anti-social.

In my defense it’s not like we were at a house party or a bar or a dinner table where I could have had face to face talking.  We were spread apart.  In all honestly, if we ever hang out again I would be calmer.  The anxiety would still be there… but not as bad.

It’s always that initial meeting that turns on the anxiety.

Okay, so that was self deprecating.  Here is what I wore bowling.

I was wondering what was off about my pictures… then I realized I forgot to put on my earrings from last night.  Don’t worry…. They are in the last picture.


DSC_0676 DSC_0686

BowlingBeer DSC_0687

BowlingAlley DSC_0693_edited-1

|Blazer: BCBG|Halter: Forever 21|Belt: Goodwill|Jeans: Charlotte Russe| Shoes: Aldo| Earrings: I always forget the creators|

Happy Easter! 

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Art, Music, Fashion

Tyler's Dallas for Toms




I’m sorry that I’m coming with this to my Dallas peeps EXTRA late!  Truth that I JUST found out about this not even a good hour ago!  Since I’m about local businesses helping the community I have no problem in spreading the word.  Especially when it involves three of my first loves Art, Music, & Fashion.  In that order.  

Now I don’t know too much about Tyler’s.  But from what I gather it’s a local chain store that focuses on fun clothing apparel for the athletic urban market.  They are based out of Austin (you know I love that) but have recently opened their doors in Dallas. To make a huge impression on the city they have created the Tyler’s for Tom’s event.

If you don’t know Tom’s is a shoe company that truly believes helping out our world community.  While the shoes can be a bit pricey you have to remember for every shoe purchase made a another pair of shoes is donated to a child in a third world country.  Most shoes run  from $34-$100.  So I guess that’s not too too bad.  To learn more about the core motivations for Tom’s click HERE!

Back to the event.  I suggest if you guys have a bit of discretionary income then you should check out this event.  ESPECIALLY since one

DJ Sober

of the BEST DJs in the WORLD (no exaggeration here.  I am dead serious) will be there, DJ Sober.  I have to admit that I have been to A LOT of cities but Dallas, hands down, has the BEST DJs!  What I love about the DJs in Dallas is that they are not afraid to mix styles.  One second you will be listing to Jay-Z, followed by a mix with Ray Charles, then you thrown in a bit of Pearl Jam, and bring it back with Bach.  Listen.  I am NOT lying… and everything sounds so smooth.  At no point do you stop dancing.  I will let you know now that if you have the chance to listen to DJ Sober do it today.

Also, once you purchase the shoes if you donate another $10 an artist will work his magic on your kicks.  Put it this way… you will have a ONE OF THE KIND pair of Tom’s.  That’s what I love about fashion. You make it unique… and you can do that with this event.  Geez… who doesn’t love a good artist?!

Check out this event!  It’s for a fantastic cause.  You get a great pair of shoes, help out a developing country, have an artist customize it for your, AND you get a world class DJ.

I don’t get how you loose here.

Tyle’s Dallas

5710 W. Lover’s Lane

Dallas, Texas 75209


Tyler's Dallas for Toms 02


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Fashion is Fun


Don’t you just LOVE hangover?!



With fashion you need to learn to have fun with it… and this is how i see this bodysuit.  I could totally see myself rocking it in Austin any day of the week or maybe even a Sunday Funday event in Dallas.  Yes, it’s from Fab again.

I have a problem.


Happy Good Friday!

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Online Window Shopping


So the other day you guys saw my post on my weirdo affection for all thing Cat T-Shirts brought to you by Fab.  Well!  Here is another love I have, French Connection.  I seriously have no  idea why I like this company because for the most part their clothes are super boring and super expensive.  However, I must say that the quality from French Connection is second to none!

Right now French Connection has hooked up with Fab and they have some pretty cute items.  Above are my top favorites.


Remember, Fab only sells items for 6 days or less so get these pieces while on sale!

Which items do you like?

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I know you guys missed my voice!  LOL!

I haven’t made a Youtube video in a year!  Geez!  Has time really flown that fast?  Making videos takes SOOOOOO much time and I found it to be a lot easier  to just take photos and post.  Since I am working my last round for Simply Bridal I thought it would be a good idea to do a video for it.  I want to TRY and more videos at least twice a month.  What’s funny is that I have TONS of footage, i just don’t take the effort into sitting down and putting everything together because life can be so busy.


Below are additional pictures to all the prospect wedding dresses.  Feel free to leave a comment below with your personal favorite for this contest!

01: Monique:

Monique Simply Bridal

Monique01 Monique02

02: Marianne

Simply Bridal

Marianne01 Marianne02

03: Lina

Simply Bridal

Lina01 Lina02

04: Eliana

Eliana Simply Bridal

Eliana01 Eliana02

Leave your picks down below!

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Final Round Y’all!!!


As promised this will be the final round of voting! Here are the top three winning wedding dresses from previous weeks PLUS my personal wildcard pick. That wildcard pick is dress one!

Why is this important?

Simply Bridal is allowing me the opportunity to shoot one of the following four wedding dresses! I just need everyone’s opinion on which dress they they I should shoot! Just leave a comment below of 1, 2, 3 or 4!

I was also given a discount code of 15% for all bridal needs good until 03/31/2012! Just go to http://www.simplybridal.com and enter in SBL103FW.

Everyday this week I will showcase each one of the dresses individually so you can see the detail of their beauty!

Winner will be announced 03/31/2013!

Monique Simply Bridal


Simply Bridal


Simply Bridal


Eliana Simply Bridal


(pssstt… if you click on the images it will take you to see more photos of this dress!)

Which dress is your favorite?!

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Cat T-Shirts

If you have been a follower of this blog for awhile then you are more than well aware of my love for all thing cat shirts.  I have NO IDEA why I love them so much.  It just think it’s the fact they they are just so dayum tacky and random.  I mean seriously, how many times have you seen someone just rock a cat on their shirts…. outide of the 80’s?!

Well, Fab (not be confused with JustFab) is this really cool site I learned about awhile ago that showcases some really cool online deals daily.  It’s kinda like the hip version of Groupon for products.  It’s cool, colorful, and actually has really unique items that you may not have learned about without the site.  I will try to keep you guys posted on more items from the site that I like.

Well, just like Groupon the deals expire after a certain period of time.  It’s usually seven days.  In the event that you miss the sale (money can be tight these days) they have a link to the original site.  You can see the regular price for the merchandise and see what other items they have in stock.    All the shirts featured came form Skip N’ Whistle.  They are straight out of New Orleans.  Check out their T-shirt collection.  It is AMAZING!




Which shirt do you like the best?

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