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Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus Cover Elle UK 2013 01

…Is looking all colors of fantastic for ELLE UK’s June 2013 cover. Miley Cyrus short platinum blonde hair works for her. I don’t hare what anyone says. I just love her I don’t give a flying *beep* attitude. Doesn’t Miley make-up look great?   Expect to see every make-up guru on YouTube covering it. LOL

Elle, your magazine covers have been looking better and BETTER EVERY SINGLE MONTH! I need to showcase Rita Ora’s cover. I am just FLOORED with the sophisticated direction Elle is going in for their covers.

Here are more pictures of Miley Cyrus for the spread.

Miley Cyrus Cover Elle UK 2013 03 Miley Cyrus Cover Elle UK 2013 02 Miley Cyrus Cover Elle UK 2013 04


What do you guys think of Miley’s cover?


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Just Me & My Boyfriend

Kate Walsh boyfriend

So I LOVE the smell of a man! Perhaps it’s because I was raised by a man, have two younger brothers, and four nephews (and not one niece). Don’t you love when your boyfriend leaves but you can still smell his scent all over your sheets? Well, I for one do. So this entry is dedicated to the fragrance Boyfriend and my love for menswear.


Boyfriend Perfume

Biggie Sweatshirt

Pencil Skirt





What’s your favorite piece for your boo’s wardrobe?

I personally love stealing sweatshirts. I have a collection of sweatshirts from past bf’s that I still use to this day.

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Spring 2013 Trends


It’s here you guys! The dreaded winter months are behind us and we are FINALLY headed into Spring (I hope)! I have to admit it was hard picking my favorite look from these fantastic fashion bloggers since they are all divine. It’s very clear that there are no rules in fashion for the next two seasons… as long as you’re sporting texture, color, and/or print you’re doing good!


01: Chriselle Inc.


You guys know that I LOVE wearing white and Chriselle was just a SLAM DUNK this week. I am also a fanatic when it comes to all things lace. She did an amazing job combing the two. The hardest part about wearing white is choosing the shoegame. However, she TKO’d this look with these fantastic Aldo pair. I am loving how carefee, fashionable, and wearable this pull is!

Also, Chriselle wrote a post about 20’s fashion for the upcoming Gatsby movie. I had to highlight this beautiful black dress! I LOVE to have worn this gown to a midsummer’s night shindig.




02: Viva Luxury


You know how I said last week that Chiara’s Coachella look was the only one I liked from the festival? I stand corrected. I would be lying to myself if I didn’t highlight her. I just LOVE that Ossie leather jacket from BCBG. She just looks so effortlessly cool.



03: The Blonde Salad


How cute and comfortable does she look? Yesterday was a cool 87 degrees in Dallas and while (to me) it was a bit nippy this would have been perfect look to sport.



04: Sea of Shoes


How are you guys digging the pajama trend? Yesterday I was actually muttering to myself about how stupid that trend was, but of course Jane made me eat my words with this fantastic Zara top. My second fashion love is gray jeans. I think she did an amazing job putting this look together.



05: What Courtney Wore



While I’m typically not a fan of wearing the same print head to toe Courtney does a great job on showcasing how one comes correct when doing it. I love the sunglasses, of course. I have to say I would have put money on her earrings being from Kendra Scott, but she actually got them from Asos!




06: Vasilieva


I don’t think I highlight her enough. She’s actually one of my favorite fashion bloggers because I just love her I don’t give a fuck approach to photographing her outfit. They are so guerrilla style… and I LOVE it! Maybe because Great Gatsby is in the air, but I am SERIOUSLY feeling this 20’s inspired fringed dress.



07: Ria Michelle


One of the newest fashion bloggers I’m subbed too! This look is just so every day. To me this is just plain ole Americana. I dig it!



08: Streets of Sparkle


Dude! She’s wearing a freakin’ cat shirt and rockin’ it with OVERSIZED bone necklace! OF COURSE she was going to be featured on this blog! I love when people just have fun with their looks!



Who was your pick of the week?



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Natural Hairstyle for Wedding & Prom

If you are looking for great and EASY natural hairstyles for your wedding or prom go no further!  Whit from Naptural85 gives us all great and easy hairstyles for this upcoming major events.

Let me know if you try any of the looks!

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How to Love Your Dog

Life Embarked

There isn’t a non human that I love more than my doggy Jax.  Jax is a six year old hybrid dog (I don’t refer to him as a mutt LOL).  He is half Mini Schnauzer and half Toy Rat Terrior.  He’s a 100% joy…. at least 97% of the time.


I have to be honest, without Jax I don’t know where I would be in my life.  Yes, I have friends and family… but sometimes, even with all that love, coming home to an empty and dark apartment can be quite depressing.  However, when I come home I am greeted with such joy and love.  I am attacked with happiness and puppy kisses.  He acts like he was never going to see me again.

Knowing how much he loves me makes me feel appreciated.

When I’m sad he comforts me.

When I’m happy, he’s ecstatic.

When I’m picking out clothes he will give a yay or nay.

Yes, my dog is a lil fashionista, don’t judge.

He can’t fetch, he dislikes little kids, and he only obeys commands when he feels like it.

However, I still love that lil mangy mutt.

Okay, I guess I do refer to my dog as a mutt.

LOL… but I say all this to say is that when I started reading Jessica’s blog back oh-so-long-ago she made me really take the time to not only love but appreciate Jax.  I think for awhile I was taking him for granted.  When I started reading her blog she really made me think about how I can become a great pet parent to a fantastic dog.

Life Embarked 01

Jessica’s baby is Taylor.  Jessica describes Taylor as a 2-year-old Scottish Terrier/Dachshund with a personality all her own.   She adopted this cute girl in 2011 and she has made Jessica’s life a complete joy ever since.

Ms. Taylor and Jessica help us to become aware of what things can make our dogs sick, what can we do to be more eco friendly, and some of the simplest joys your dog loves that we may overlook.

My favorite article she has written is titled Self-Reflection: Appreciate the Small Stuff.

 This post alone made me really understand that while after a long day at work I may be tired my dog, EVERDAY , looks forward to that freedom of being outside and feeling the wind between his fur.  Instead of cringing about the walk I should embrace it and love it as much as he does.

Other articles I like:

Wordless Wednesdays

How To End Your Fear Of Cooking: Get A Dog!

I try and read her blog everyday… especially when I’m upset.  There is something about seeing a happy animal that changes my mood.  I really have to say thank you to Ms. Taylor and her mommy for that.

Jessica states that:  Doggy motherhood has taught me that life is short, so those precious minutes need to be spent doing something that you love, something that inspires you, brings you joy, and gets you motivated to tackle all the ups and downs that you will encounter throughout your day.


Check out this amazing blog.  Feel free to thank me later!

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Mrs. Carter x H&M

Beyonce for HM 07

Didn’t I tell you guys that Beyonce was shooting a campaign for H&M’s Summer 2013 collection would appear by Spring?!  Yeah… never doubt me again!  LOL!  Check out the full collection of photos from the spread!


Beyonce for HM 02 Beyonce for HM 06 Beyonce for HM 05 Beyonce for HM 04 Beyonce for HM 03


Does Beyonce make you wanna run into your local H&M?

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George Bush Pink Socks 01

No matter your political affiliation you have to admit that Daddy Bush (or more formally) President George H.W. Bush has great sock game.

I’m in Texas and more specifically Dallas so of course I was amid all the craziness that was the Gathering of the Presidents. The Gathering of the Presidents took place in April 25th in Dallas to dedicate a new library to our 43rd president and Bush’s son, GW (Former President George W. Bush).

Sorry I’m in Texas and we just don’t do names here. Everyone has a freakin’ nickname. As far as I’m concerned it’s Daddy Bush and GW.

Well, Daddy Bush slayed EVERYONE at the gathering. I have no idea who picked his outfit (I’m hoping he picked it himself) because former President George H.W. Bush outshined everyone including (fashion lovers’ favorite) First Lady Michelle Obama.

George Bush Pink Socks 02 George Bush Pink Socks 03

I loved the whole light grey suit with the pink socks and blue print. He was looking super dapper.

I wonder would Karl Lagerfeld would have to say about this move?

Last week Daddy Bush pulled a similar move when meeting and posing with this Houston Texan Cheerleaders. He was rockin’ the good ole American flag.

George Bush Pink American Flag Socks  01 George Bush Pink American Flag Socks  02

You have to love a man with a since of humor and style.

What do you think about Daddy Bush’s pink socks?

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Mellow Yellow!

Sorry this post is so freakin’ late! Work and business took up all my attention! I didn’t have time to post much! However I wanted to make sure I got the looks of the week out! Due to time I’m going to be short in commentary. I just want the fashion to speak louder than the words.

01: I am Khatu


Can we say dapper? Geez! Whenever I find a man I HOPE he can style like this!


02: Golden Barbie


I am really feeling that mustard yellow blouse and high waisted navy pants. If I ever come across these two items TRUST that I will be cosigning on this look!


03: Harper & Harley


Black Excellence.


04: The Blonde Salad


The only Coachella look that I liked.


05: I am Khatu


This is actually Lilly from Lilly’s Style and she did a feature on Khatu’s blog. I just loved this spring look… and no thanks to Shanna I’m really feeling polka dots right now.


06: Sweet Things


Anyone who finds a ways to casually wear sequin pants and a baseball shirt together will get on this top look series instaneously. I would LOVE to rock a look like this to work on casual Friday. I think I need to wait a little longer so they know my personality better. LOL


07: Style is my Thing


I just love how fun, casual, dramatic, and glam this look is!


08: Atlantic-Pacific


She looks so mod. LOVE!


09: A House in the Hills


I am DYING to purchase a pair of wedges and some boyfriend jeans. *ugh* I can’t wait until this last wave in my life had simmered down so I can start moving on in my fashion life.


10: The Satorialist


It’s only proper that a man take us out. I am LOVING how men are getting more an more into fashion. I love this street look. This is another pull I would love my future man to wear.


Which look did you feel for this week!

No worries, I will still have another entry come Tuesday!

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Baby Delivery Photos


This entry is a little different. My friend I did the maternity shoot for had her baby about 3 weeks to a month ago. She decided to do an at home birth. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Though I didn’t take these photos I have to appreciate them. I just love seeing delivery photos. For me, that’s the best photojournalism.

I just love the beauty and emotion captured in these photos.

 02 04 03

Did you guys enjoy this entry?

How do you guys like birthing photos?

Like my photography page on Facebook!


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How to Date in Austin


Last week I started a new series on to the blog called, well, Blogs You should be Reading.  I wanted to highlight some of my favorite non-fashion blogs that I am addicted too.  For week two I would like to introduce you to the Austin Dating Chronicles.

The Austin Dating Chronicles has the cutest name because it’s a play on the Austin Chronicles which is a free publication in the city that highlights local music, art, and politics.  The Austin Dating Chronicles focuses on author Finch who documents her dating stories with the local men of the city.  The blog is fun, easy to read, and a great delight.  What I love most about her blog is that she updates, perhaps, three to four times a week.  So there isn’t a need to check back eight to nine times  a day… like you do with fashion blogs.

One of my favorite post of recent history is Diet Coke and a Smile.

If you are single check it out.

If you want to know what dating life in Austin is like check it out.

 If you are married live and want to live vicariously through Finch as she figures out the Austin dating scene check it out!



Let me know how you guys like the blog!


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