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Corina from Shoedazzle

Since I have a bit of discretionary income I thought  I should reward myself.  So I spurged and buy some new shoes… and by spurged I mean I spent $13.02 for these new kicks.

Yes, I’m a super shopper!

So I’m going to take a page out of Lisa’s book and doing a shoe reveal. I LOVE when Lisa does shoe reveals on her blog, but her shoes typically cost about a billion times more than mine would.

Okay… here we go!



I love the color of Shoedazzle boxes!


Yes!  I have super big feet.  Which is good cuz NO ONE can borrow shoes from me!


I love how Shoedazzle glams their products up with these dust bags.  I have countless amounts of them and have never used them.  DSC_0740

There she is!  Corina!  This is a heeless wedge shoe.  I wasn’t going to rock this trend, but when I I found I could cop them for $13.02 (including shipping) then I was all aboard the heeless wedge express!  CHOO!  CHOO!DSC_0742

There they go!DSC_0744 DSC_0748 DSC_0750 DSC_0752 DSC_0753


They are actually VERY easy to walk in.  I wanted to rock them last night at a pub crawl, but it has been raining like cats and dogs in Dallas recently and I resisted the urge to do so… because I didn’t want to fall on my face and look like an ass.  However, I will probably be rocking them around July 04th weekend.  I will be heading home to Austin for an extended stay and will have plenty of time to showcase the hell outta them.

I hope you guys liked this reveal! If so I will try and do more when/if I buy anymore shoes. My shoe closet is at full capacity right now.

What do you guys think about the heelless wedge trend?

Happy Sunday Funday!


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I know!

I know! I have been M.I.A since the 10th.  Last two weeks have been MAD crazy.  Having a full time job, a growing business, placing together production shoots, working with vendors, having a social life, and dealing with a sick dog can drag you into 800 different directions.  I’m not sure if you guys are  aware of this or not, but I actually don’t have internet in my apartment.  I made that choice because I didn’t want to be online all the time… and because I was broke… actually more so because I was broke… So when I use the internet it’s in the business office of my building.  However, I think I may change that in another month.

So what have I been doing?

Working with wedding vendors, models, MUA, and hairstylist…DSC_0502 DSC_0492 DSC_0497 DSC_0512_edited-1

To produce images like this…

Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography

Doing a bit of this…

DSC_0311 Do you boo! DSC_0735 DSC_0737

Planning a DIY Youtube vid that involves these…


I purchased by friends book about running our own small business that you can purchase here!  So I have been doing more reading…

The Small Business Manual

I have been trying to cook more at home…

Paleo Lobster

But I keep being social and getting a lot of  this instead…


And of course drinking A LOT of these…


While hanging  out with this guy…


And attending beautiful ceremonies like these…

Selam's Wedding

So now you guys have a TASTE of what I have been doing… if you guys are interested in wanting to know what it takes to place together a successful photography shoot please let me know in the comments below.  I think it would be great for you guys to see so you know all the effort that goes into one.  It’s never as easy as clicking and shooting.  Especially when you have a full time job!

Even though it’s Memorial Day Weekend I still have a full plate!  Cleaning, helping my friend with his resume, social life, and placing together ANOTHER photography shoot!

Check out my photography page on Facebook HERE!

Follow my on instagram HERE! @TheUrbanJungle

Have a safe holiday!!!!

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Dallas Headshot Photographer for Musicians

Happy Friday!  This is Dino.  He is a musician in the Dallas area and needed some update photos for his portfolio.  I captured this images in April of 2013.

Some of my favorite clients are musicians   That’s because they are artist and open to interpretation and changes.

If you’re looking for a great photographer in the Dallas area please check contact me HERE!  You can also see my full portfolio HERE!

000 DSC_0731_edited-1 DSC_0741_edited-1 DSC_0850_edited-1 001 002

I am hosting a Mini Session in Dallas the first two weeks of June!

Alice in Wonderland Mini Session

Email for more details: UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com

Have a great weekend!

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Erykah Badu Live at the Granada


I CANNOT believe I haven’t posted this Outfit of the Day yet!!! So I wanna say in February (????) I went to the Erykah Badu Birthday Concert that was held at the Granada in Dallas. If you follow me in instagram then you already know. If you don’t, you really need to. Click HERE!

I’m a pretty cool person to follow.

Anywho… if you haven’t seen Erykah Badu perform live then you are really missing out. I LOVED her show. I want to say that Dallas was her first show on the tour. At the show I attended she didn’t perform any new songs, but that was okay, I loved EVERYTHING that she sang.

The show as great because it was real, raw, and gritty. My other favorite part was hearing DJ A-1 spin! That man is one of Dallas best DJs and he has pure talent!

Right now it’s 10:33 PM and I am EXHAUSTED… so I won’t bore you guys with more to read. I just hope you enjoy the outfit and photography!

Erykah Badu Dallas 2013DSC_0553 DSC_0548 DSC_0546 DSC_0536 DSC_0528 DSC_0520 DSC_0511 DSC_0510 DSC_0508 DSC_0506DSC_0497 DSC_0497 (2) DSC_0495 DSC_0493 DSC_0491

|Shirt: Ebay| Bottom: Strut| Shoes: ShoeDazzle|Earrings: Forgot the Maker!!!|

Yes, all the photography was by me!

See Erykah Badu live!

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!!!


Do people in the North, East, or West part of the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo? From my understanding Cinco de Mayo is just a Texas thing. Then again Texans will use ANY and EVERY excuse to celebrate a holiday. If you think St. Patrick’s Day is bad… naw kid… you need to come to Texas for Cinco de Mayo.

What does Cindo de Mayo represent? If you say Tequila and Coronas then you would be incorrect my dear friend. Cinco de Mayo, without using Wiki as a reference, indicates that Mexico lost the battle at the Alamo, but represents their commitment to winning the war. The Mexican won their independence from France in the war of San Jacinto (09/16). This mean they won their freedom from France.

The ironic thing is, even though most state employees get San Jacinto Day off most people celebrate Cinco de Mayo.



Because I live downtown and this area mainly consisted of people in their 20’s and 30’s with no kids and love to drink all I hear from my balcony  is Lowrider from the Cheech and Chong movie, Born in East LA.

I was at an Irish Pub (LOLOLOL I know… please no need to comment on that) getting my Cinco de Mayo on. The John Steward’s the Daily Show was filming, but I left. I had two 32 oz mason jars of a tequila sunset. I haven’t had a sunset since college. I’m didn’t get drunk… but I sure felt good.

Well, I was alone on Cinco de Mayo because most of my friends celebrated the day before. However, it wasn’t so bad. I got to sketch my next photography project which I hope to execute in either June or July.

So I shot these photos on my balcony. Both Jax and I have super nosey personas and we couldn’t help but to watch all our neighbors at the pool getting their gringo on for Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo

DSC_0025Cinco de Mayo 02

DSC_0026Cinco de Mayo 03DSC_0027

|Jacket: Ross|Earrings: Forever 21| Shirt: Strut| Jeans: Express|

What did you guys do for Cinco de Mayo? Do you celebrate in your part of the country?

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Parka or Booty Shorts?

I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but the weather in Dallas has been more up an down than Oprah Winfrey’s diet. It’s high then low then high then low. Geez. It’s like Mother Nature forgot to take her medication… then again, I did warn you guys that’s what Texas was like.

Welcome to Texas y’all!

Nonetheless, since the weather can’t stay stable neither can my love for color versus neutral.

01: Mila & Fire


Since this photo is from Tumblr God only knows where it originated from. All I know is that I love the fun youthful color here. I love how she pairs the sheer black top with the colorful print mini skirt. I LOVE the second girl’s hair, and the color combination of her mini skirt and body suit


02: Cashmere Carter

Micah Gianneli - raww blog - Phography Jesse Maricic - Mossman -

Seriously, I need to write a caption for you to understand why I love this?


03: a House on the Hills


Because I’m about all white EVERYTHING. Plus, I really love the neon hills with this pull?


04: FashionToast

04 04_02

She has two pulls that I like… white and black

I think I liker her because she looks like Sailor Mars

Via & Via

05: Harper & Harley


Because she wore chambray with white demin jeans


06: 5 Inches & Up


The shoes and Umbrella spoke to me.


07: Wendy’s Lookbook


That skirt gave me Great Gatsby Fever,


08: Jack and Jil


Chambray shirt, ripped skinny jeans, nude strappy heels, & a designer back. My uniform.


09: Cashmere & Carter


Because who didn’t want a bedazzle gun when they were younger?

Which was your favorite look this week?

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Best Dressed at the 2013 Met Gala

So this year’s theme for the Met Gala was ‘PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ . I am going to present to you, in no particular order (because I am SOOOOOO tired) some of my favorite looks for the event.

01: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway 2013 Met Gala 01 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

This is how you do Chaos to Couture! I am feeling EVERYTHING about this Valentino dress. Yes, I can do without the furry sleeves, but her attitude, body, and hair make up for it. I am IN LOVE with her new blonde color for her short hair. Then again, do have a MAJOR girl crush on her! Yes, I love her make up!


02: Sienna Miller

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 6, 2013 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Another look that I am LIVING for! I knew from the SECOND I saw that jacket she was rocking Burberry. I am feeling that studded jacket (total punk to couture) and her white gown. It’s so beautiful and simplistic. She did a great job with this look.


03: Dakota Fanning

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Dakota’s mom should ground her for letting her little sister, Elle, walk out of the house looking like that. Like her younger sibling she is rocking a Rodarte dress.  The detail in the back makes the look. No. I am not excited about the eye make up, but meh.


04: Lena Dunham

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Here is the thing… I had such a debate on this one. I really like this Erdem dress, the problem with it is that Lena didn’t even try to work it. EVERY TIME I see this woman she always looks so insecure. Listen boo, you have a HIT TV SHOW on HBO and you’re only 26! I think you can take a bit of pride in that and walk around with your back straight.

05: Miranda Kerr

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Okay, I can see why Lena would be insecure. I’m following her look up with Miranda Kerr. She looks SICK in this Michael Kors dress.

06: Solange Knowles

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Solange may have missed the memo about the punk look. She looks more 70’s chic but right now I don’t care because she is working that Kenzo dress. Lena Dunham, take notes

07: Jennifer Lawrence

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

She really doesn’t look that punk in this Christian Dior dress but she does look good.

08: Minka Kelly

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Minka looks amazing in this Carolina Herrera dress. This design of this gown is breathtaking

09: Jennifer Morrison

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

When I first saw her I was like, “Dayum Kirsten Dunst looks good!” Then I realized it wasn’t Kirsten Dunst. Jennifer, trust me… that’s not a good thing. Wearing Donna Karan Atelier.


10: Emmy Rossum

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Donna Karan Atelier was two for two last night!

11: Rooney Mara

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala US-FASHION-MET-COSTUME-GALA

This was my favorite dress from the 2013 Met Gala. Designed by Givenchy.

All Images Via


Who was your favorite look at the 2013 Met Gala?


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Worst Dressed at the 2013 Met Gala

This list may be coming at you a tad bit premature… but listen, I gotta go to work tomorrow and I need to be functional. So I wanted to present to you my list of the Worst Dressed at the 2013 Met Gala.

Yes, I know the theme of this year’s ball was ‘PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ so that’s why a lot of the looks are a bit out there… but with or without the theme I’m still going to cast my #humbleopinion.

Unlike most post I’m not placing anyone in any particular order. I’m just using the numbering system to keep me straight.

01: January Jones

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

January Jones looks like a character out of the 6th element. No. Not in a good way. She is wearing a Chanel Couture dress. It’s not that I’m not feeling the dress it’s that her hair and make up is throwing me all off. However, her shoe game is fantastic. I am feeling those Nicolas Kirkwood booties!

02: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj 2013 Met Gala Tommy Hilfiger 02 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

So it’s not that Nicki Minaj looks bad… she looks BORING! This is a theme she would have demolished, but instead she came half assed. On top of that I am not feeling that dress at all… and not to talk about people, but didn’t she used to be a totally different complexion? Or am I making that up? Anywho… I have to say that her make up is look grade A. The dress is by Tommy Hilfiger.

03: Allison Williams

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

So ummmm… not feeling this outfit. Yes, it has more character than Nicki’s but what else can I say? Maybe because her makeup was so dull for this dress. I have no idea. Dress by Altuzarra.

04: Katy Perry

Katy Perry 2013 Met Gala Dolce and Gabbana

As far as the while punk thing goes I think Katy Perry nailed it, but I didn’t  like the dress. It didn’t have anything to do with the actual design… I just don’t think it looked good on her. I’m not feeling the poofy ends either.

05: Madonna

Madonna Met Gala 2013 Givenchy

Madonna lived through the punk era and nailed it with the outfit, but not with that Anna Wintour mets Wednesday Adams wig. Ew. Dress by Givenchy.

06: Elle Fanning

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

If the theme was 90’s raver meets 70’s hippie Elle Fanning would have hit the nail right on the head. I guess I can’t be too mad at her… she was only born 2 years ago. I need to be mad at the person who let her walk out of the house with that dumb eye thing she has going. Dress by Rodarte.

07: Mary Katrantzou

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Ummm… I’m 100% sure this isn’t punk. More like 70’s po—– I won’t even go there. I just in case you are wondering who she is, she is a former Victoria’s Secret model. Dress by Mary Katrantzou.

08: Nina Dobrev

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

So ummm… this happened… in a Monique Lhuillier outfit.

09: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

US-FASHION-MET-COSTUME-GALA "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

So…. She dressed up like wallpaper… I mean this chick wore a turtleneck dress with matching gloves. I can forgive the print but I cannot forgive her stylist. Kanye West looks so dayum boring. Givenchy… both of them

10: Miley Cyrus

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

She is 110% punked. I can appreciate that, but she still looks like her finger got stuck in a socket. Marc Jacobs

11: Lauren Santo Domingo

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

It’s like Queen Mary got into a fist fight with a Harajuku girl while wearing Dolce & Gabbana.

All Images Via

Who was the worst on your list?

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Bounce by Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is the future!  Her sound Bounce will be a BONAFIDE club hit, trust.  I have been following her since I caught wind of her song Pu$$y that went viral.  I could not help but to LOVE that song because it was so freakin’ outrageous.  Iggy is an Australian born female rapper.  She came to America when she was 16 with only one dream, to make it.

I’ll be presenting more of Iggy’s music later this week.


What did you guys think of Bounce?


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Headshots in Dallas

As you guys know on top of having a traditional job I do run my own photography business. I offer family, engagement, model, and head shot photography in Dallas.  Here is some current work I have completed.  I will try and update you guys at least once a week so you guys can gauge what I’m doing besides obsessing over shoes.

I will post current work every Friday, but I’m just wanted to start your week off right with one of my favorite clients, Chris!

Chris is an actor and needed some current head shots.

Hope you like

DSC_0204_02_edited-1 DSC_0900_edited-1 002 000 001 DSC_0168_edited-1

What you guys like to see more of my work on a weekly basis?

To see all my complete works please LIKE my page on Facebook!


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