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American Apparel Bodysuit Express Skinny Jeans (1 of 4)

While running around yesterday I decided that putting on an easy outfit would do some justice so I opted to wear my American Apparel bodysuit (again) that I picked up this week and my Express jeans that I also picked up during their semiannual sale. I paired it off with my Nikes that I picked up from Ross some time back. I haven’t worn the necklace pictured in three years so I thought this would be a good debut. It’s such a strong piece for such a simple outfit.

American Apparel Bodysuit Express Skinny Jeans (2 of 4) American Apparel Bodysuit Express Skinny Jeans (3 of 4)

|Top: Bodysuit from American Apparel| Jeans: Express| Shoes: Nike via Ross| Necklace: I forgot| Earrings: Guess|

I hope your weekend is going well!


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Urban Dogg Groomer Review

Jax Makeover (1 of 1)

Doesn’t Jax look AH-MAZ-ING?! Today I took Jax to Urban Dogg and he came out looking so fresh and clean. I would highly suggest that anyone in the Dallas area looking to have their dog groomed try out Urban Dogg. I had SUCH a great experience all around with this team.

Dog Makeover

Above is the BEFORE picture of Jax! Tell me he doesn’t look great now!

Here is the story!

It is getting HOT outside. In fact it was 95 degrees at 8:48 AM today. On Friday (yesterday) I called Petsmart attempting to get Jax groomed. I called THREE different location and all of them were busy until the MIDDLE OF JULY. By the time I got on the 3rd call I asked the lady WHY can I not get booked any where. She said that early summer is the busiest time of year for groomers because of the heat.

I didn’t want to go to any boutique groomers because of the prices, but I also couldn’t let Jax stay hot with all that fur. So I went on Yelp and located groomers that weren’t located too far from me. I came across Urban Dogg and they had pretty good reviews. So I gave it a go and spoke to the nicest woman on that phone. I was easily able to get Jax a Saturday appointment without any issues.

Well, I had to get Jax his shots first so I had to go to my favorite vet at the Polo Animal Clinic in Grand Prairie. My appointment for Urban Dogg was set for 10, but I woke up late and only arrived in Grand Prairie around 9 something. I called the Urban Dogg and they told me it wasn’t an issue and I could bring him in later.

I arrived at 10:30 ish and the lady at the register was able to help me out easily. The boutique was not prissy and all the dogs seemed very happy. I didn’t see anything that threw a red flag in my mind. I personally met with the groomer that would be taking care of Jax. She was super nice and listened well to what I wanted. I told her I wanted him shaved down to the lowest possible level and him to have a Mohawk. She didn’t blink an eye. She told me that she would call me once Jax was done.

Around 2PM she sent a text message with the pic below with a message that read, “I’m ready!” It was the cutest thing and it made me laugh. I called her back and asked her to shave the beard. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I really wanted him to be bare faced due to the heat.

Jax Urban Dogg

When I met back up with her I told her I loved the beard but not for this go around. She said she was kind of sad because he looked like ZZ Top with the hair and the beard. Even though the Mohawk looks more like a faux hawk I actually like it better.

I noticed how happy my dog was after we left! He was in great spirits, looked good, and smelled great! I don’t know what they use on the dog, but I still can’t stop sniffing him!

Overall I would suggest that anyone who lives in the Downtown Dallas area take your dogs to Urban Dogg. I had SUCH a great experience!

Yeah and prices… I spent $55 (including tax) for bath and haircut.

Urban Dogg

Urban Dogg

2402 N Haskell Ave Dallas, TX 75204

(214) 826-3644

Let me know what other groomers are great in your city!

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Men’s Fashion

I won’t lie.  I LOVE men’s fashion.  Then again I was raise by a dad who had more clothes than Macy’s.  I seriously kid you not.   This man turned one of his bedrooms into a detached walk in closet.  In fact he had more clothes than my step mom.   This also may explain my love for fashion.  Anywho I enjoyed going shopping with my dad.  He would tell me what clothes that you he thougth would look nice on me and I would do the same for him.  My younger brother is very fashionable as well.  I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a walking GQ editorial.  LOLOLOL.  One of these days I’m going to get him to dress up on a Sunday so I can get some shots of him.

I say all this to say that I just love men’s fashion.  You guys already know that I live and breathe for photography.  The video above combines all my loves (hot men, great fashion, and photography).  I know all the photographer’s showcased except the Asian guy at the end (of course I know who Tommy Ton is) and the last gentlemen.


Do you guys have a favorite street photographer?


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Naomi Campbell is a Supermodel


No matter if you love her or hate her you can’t take away the fact that Naomi Campbell is a supermodel.  I saw this clip on BryanBoy’s blog.  It’s from  the ’90’s show House of Style that was hosted by another great supermodel, Cindy Crawford.   I have to admit that being a ’90’s supermodel must have been awesome.  You have to love the personality of all these women.  So fun.  So carefree.

My favorite part is when Naomi Campbell is like I don’t care if I wash my face here.  Everyone has zits!

So honest!

Who was your favorite ’90’s Supermodel?

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9-5 Fashion

Style Mint Tank Top and Express Pants (1 of 6)

I work hard for the money.  Yeah!  I really kept my word and posted some OOTD this week.  I know I missed yesterday, but that was for good reason.  One was because I had worn the outfit before and it was featured on the blog and second because I wanted to highlight my feature on Living Social.  So if you’re in the Dallas area and are looking for a great photographer please check out my Living Social deal.  I will link the ad at the end of the post.

I know I make it known how much I LOVE Express bottoms.  In fact three out of the four days this week I have worn something from Express.  I know I didn’t showcase yesterdays outfit, but it was all Express, top and bottom.  Today the pants are Express.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Express editor pants.  They are so comfy and are traditionally stylish.  I think I have had these pants for five years.  The entire time of me owning them I have only dry cleaned them.

The top I picked up from StyleMint within the last five or six months.  I featured it on the blog months ago when I tried to do a French inspired look.  I actually did a three shirt for $30 from StyleMint.  The catch was the shirts they would send you would be a mystery.  The other two shirts were so FUGLY.  *ugh* I just gave them away to my local charity organization.  They were of great quality but ugly design and color.  What I do like about StyleMint is the fact they are made in the USA.  I can get behind that.

Style Mint Tank Top and Express Pants (4 of 6) Style Mint Tank Top and Express Pants (2 of 6) Style Mint Tank Top and Express Pants (6 of 6) Style Mint Tank Top and Express Pants (3 of 6) Style Mint Tank Top and Express Pants (5 of 6)

|Jacket: Papaya| Top: StyleMint| Pants: Express| Shoes: Ross| Belt: Old Navy|Necklace: Gifted from Family|

UrbanJunglePhotography Living Social Feature

Living Social Urban Jungle Photography

What is your favorite brand for work?

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Urban Jungle Photography for Living Social

Living Social Urban Jungle Photography

I have an EXCITING announcement to make!  

Today marks the day I have been officially featured on Living Social!  Yeah!  If you’re in the Dallas or Austin area and are looking for a fantastic photographer the specializes in the urban scene then look no further.  My Living Social deal  features the following goodies:

• $65 ($280 value) for a one-hour family or engagement photo session
• Includes 20 photos in a private gallery, five edited digital photos, and an 8×10 print
• Call to schedule your appointment


If you’re in the Dallas or Austin area and are looking for a family or engagement photographer then please check out my work and book me!

Here is a link to Urban Jungle Photography on Facebook.

A link to Urban Jungle Photography portfolio

A link to book Urban Jungle Photography for $65!

I update my Facebook page weekly!

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Working It!

White Pencil Black Roses Express White American Apparel Body Suit (4 of 4)

I figured since I have a more normal job I can dress normal. By normal I mean not in a blue button up shirt, jeans, and steel toed boots. Now I can dress girly. I now work back in the IT sector. As you can imagine there are about 30 men to every woman in the area that I work in. At first I didn’t want to dress up “Korin style” because I didn’t want attention on me. However, I feel like my work and creativity are lacking and that’s because I’m not being true to who I am. I’m not dressing up because I don’t want attention on me. First, I’m only ONE of two black women there. Second, I’m one of youngest people there. Third, I’m taller than most of the men. However, I can’t change who I am as a person because it does affect me in all aspects of my life. Really its affected my work too. So I have decided that I will dress like the person I am.

I have to say that I LOVE American Apparel. I actually bought the bodysuit yesterday because I needed something to wear the skirt. Since I bought the skirt without trying it on I didn’t know how it was going to fit against my body. So I didn’t have to worry about skin showing I opted to get buy a bodysuit. American Apparel is the only place I know that sells them so I made a trip to Mockingbird Station and picked it up.

I must say that I LOVE that American Apparel is made and sold in the USA. I purchased and black and white bodysuit for $28 each. Yes, that is kind of expensive but the bodysuits are of great quality and I will pay extra to know that my clothes were not made in China.

I’m really TRYING to buy more American made clothing.

White Pencil Black Roses Express White American Apparel Body Suit (1 of 4) White Pencil Black Roses Express White American Apparel Body Suit (2 of 4) White Pencil Black Roses Express White American Apparel Body Suit (3 of 4)


|Top: Bodysuit American Apparel| Skirt: Express| Shoes: Ross| Earrings: Strut| Necklace: MetroPark|

Do you guys care where your clothes are made?


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