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August 28th, 1963


It’s crazy how this one speech still has prolific meaning in our current society.

 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told the world how he had a dream. 

 From my perspective in this world we have come a long way from that day.  From my perspective in this world we still have a ways to go. 

 Every generation is becoming less scared than the last of the world and is embracing change.  I really feel as though in another 50 years we will see a huge progression.  However, we have to see the realities of right now. 

Do I like some people assuming that because I’m a black female that I must speak with a ghetto vernacular?  Do you think I enjoy people from my own race calling me an “Oreo” because I speak with “proper” dialect?  You have no idea how irritating it gets when people assume I’m from another country because I speak English so well.

 My parents speak just like I do.  Plus they grew up in the hood and didn’t want their children to grow up the same.  They placed me in privates schools and made sure I attended the best magnet schools.  They did not want my race or my sex to be an excuse to stop me from achieving a fair standard of life in this society.

 This country still has a stereotyped mentality that needs to change… and I blame some of that on false labels personified on TV, movies, and radio. 

 With that being said it’s more than imperative to get pass this race issue and we all reach our goals. 

 I have to thank Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, JKF, President LBJ (signing the Voting Rights Act), Thurgood Marshall, and countless people whose names were not written in the history books, but died for cause for the basic of right of being equal in America. 

 Even though we should all be treated equally… DO NOT take this equality lightly.  Civil Rights DOES NOT just affect people in the African-American community… it affects all minorities, women, and your right to love.  This right was granted to us… US… because people of the past believed that could make a change and were TIRED of being oppressed. 

Think about it… would you be where you are today if these actions weren’t taking on by women and men of the past both black and white who cared enough to make this change?

The answer is no.

People paid for YOUR RIGHTS in blood, sweat, tears, beating, and even death.

So today take a moment and really thank the individuals (your race or not) who took to the streets, the churches, the court houses, and the steps of Washington because WE ALL had a dream.

Read Complete Manuscript of Speech

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Actually it’s a Bear Bodysuit…

Of course I’m going to do a top 10 list of the best and worst dressed from this year’s VMAs… but first we must discuss Miley Cyrus in her Chuck. E. Cheese bodysuit.


I don’t care what anyone says…


I love people who can just have fun and not take everything so seriously!

Does anyone remember when Chuck E. Cheese was Showbiz Pizza?


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Light the Fire


 About three weeks ago I got talked into attending a metal concert.

Please don’t ask because I’m still confused on how that happened.

Actually I’m not.  A cute guy asked and I said yes.

Plus it would give my the opportunity to practice my concert photography skills.

We went to Light the Fire’s CD release concert.  To be quite honest the whole event was fun and entertaining… minus the whole pushing for fun thing.  Is that normal at medal concerts?

Since I don’t listen to medal music I had no idea what to wear so asked me friend.  He suggested not to worry about it… that most people there would most likely have holes in their shirts and look dingy anyway.

While most people weren’t particularly dressed up no one looked noticeable dingy.

Then again it was pretty dark.

But there is one person who was dressed like a true hipster.

He had a fedora, the ironic t-shirt (a purple Justin Bieber concert shirt… how he found it in his size is beyond me), high-water jeans, ugly shoes, and suspenders.  Of course he was rocking the ironic beard.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  If you want to dress like a hipster do your thing… but at least match.  I think that’s what got to me the most… he didn’t match.

Anywho the tank was a gift from my bro who went to Miami last month and picked up a gang of new shirts for me.  I rock the shirts during my shoots, except for this shirt and another one.  Why… because pictures on them are not  family appropriate.  My bro is the only one in my family that can pick out cool clothes for me.

DSC_7422-Edit DSC_7429-Edit DSC_7439-Edit DSC_7443-Edit DSC_7477-Edit

|Top: Gifted from bro’s Miami Trip| Jeans: UrbanOutfitters|Shoes: Adidas via Ross| Bracelet + Necklace: MetroPark/ Earrings + Clutch: Strut|

Photos from the Concert!!!!

DSC_6997-Edit DSC_6927-Edit DSC_6933-Edit DSC_6951-Edit DSC_6961-Edit DSC_6969-Edit DSC_7000-Edit DSC_7002-Edit DSC_7006-Edit DSC_7029-Edit DSC_7036-Edit DSC_7045-Edit DSC_7094-Edit DSC_7109-Edit DSC_7116-Edit DSC_7156-Edit DSC_7184-Edit DSC_7185-Edit DSC_7188-Edit DSC_7195-Edit DSC_7202-Edit DSC_7211-Edit DSC_7219-Edit DSC_7222-Edit DSC_7237-Edit DSC_7313-Edit DSC_7323-Edit DSC_7327-Edit DSC_7335-Edit DSC_7364-Edit DSC_7367-Edit DSC_7371-Edit DSC_7377-Edit_edited- DSC_7378-Edit

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The Urban Jungle

Aldo Leopard Print Pumps

I’ve had these shoes for awhile and I still love them.  Sometimes we just have to appreciate the things that we already have in your closets. 

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Miley Cyrus x Harper Bazaar September 2013

Harper Miley Cyrus September Issues 02

Remember yesterday when I posted about Terry Richard shooting Miley Cyrus… well, he also did a shoot that was a complete 180 for Harper’s Bazaar September issue. Here you will see her in all things 1% ‘ers.

I have to say that I am not really excited about any of these particular photos. They are just… MEH… at best.

Honestly, outside of the photo with her and the Rolls Royce, the styling is just bland.

Harper Miley 01 Harper Miley Cyrus September Issues 03 Harper Miley Cyrus September Issues 04

What do you guys think of this photos series with Miley Cyrus?

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Where can I buy Miley’s Rap Music Sweatshirt?

Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 10

Say what you will about Terry Richardson. Call him a perve, weirdo, or whatever… but he has this way about capturing celebrities that is uncanny. I love how they just loosen up are feel more free to just be goofy an uninhibited. I like his personal work because so many times we see these pop cultural  icons in clothes we can’t afford (Valentino, Manolos, LV, Versace). However, when we see them outside the lables with the commas they seem so real, fun, and down to earth.

Case in point this shoot Terry Richardson did with Miley Cyrus. I love the technique he uses and I just love Miley’s IDGAF character.

Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 02 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 03 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 11 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 04 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 05 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 07 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 08 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 09 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 06 Miley Cyrus Terry Richardson 01

To answer your questions… you can get that sweatshirt HERE!

What do you think about Miley’s session with Terry Richardson?

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New York Times T-shirt

New York Times T-Shirt

I really want this t-shirt, but the real question is… do I REALLY smack down $35 for a tee? 

I’m also a T-shirt junkie in case you guys weren’t aware.

Does anyone have this shirt? If so do you like the quality?


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