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ShoeDazzle, H&M, and Strut… OH MY!!!!

I know… lets me real.  No one is frolicking in the woods looking like this!

|Top: Strut| Jeans: H&M| Booties: ShoeDazzle| Earrings: Target|

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H&M Outfit of the Day

So I wore the look on Monday running around with Jax.  Jax will have his own Outfit of the Day Post tomorrow!

|Sweater & Jeans: H&M| Shoes: Paprika| Earrings: Target|

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Express Outfit of the Day

Hey guys!  I love this blog, but right now I have little time to do pictures for outfit of the days.  So right now I’m going to lazy it up and just do quick outfit of the day vidoes for you guys!  How is that?  Now you get to here my voice.  LOL!

Why I have no shoes on… I have no idea.  Please forgive me.

Jacket: Papaya| Shirt & Pants: Express| Necklace: Sam Moon|

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“Fashion is important because it’s our social artwork. “

Rubin Singer is one of Beyonce’s personal top designers.  Maya interviews him during New York Fashion week to get his take on why fashion is such an essential part of life.

What do you think about what Rubin said?

Happy Saturday!


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