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Bachelorette Party Dresses

My sorority sister is getting married later this month and this weekend is her Bachelorette Party!  Let me be honest, I haven’t been out in a hot minute.  The invite advised that the attendees of this party must wear black while the bride will be rocking red.  Well, that sucks.  All my party dresses are in a color.  By all my party dresses I mean I only have one that I can fit into right now and it’s a purple bondage dress from Forever 21.

Therefore the only natural thing to do is go internet shopping. 

Who has the best party dresses that don’t look cheap?  Bebe.  Bebe is the first place I internet window shop before I go anywhere else, mainly because they have the cutest party dresses that don’t make you look like you’re walking the streets.

Since I have the requirement of not wearing color I had to find a cute black bondage dress.  I was able to find this one.  It’s the Triangle Double Layer Dress.  I picked this dress because I loved how the geometric shape highlighted all the best parts of the female body.  I am also loving the oversize cut out in the back.  I honestly have no idea what shoes I’m going to wear with this dress how or how I’m even going to rock it.  The weather is supposed to be colder and trust me as I get older I will always pick warmth over cutestness.

Untitled-1 Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe

I also purchased this super cute aurora bondage dress.  I believe this dress is going to look amazing against my skin color.  I plan to get a lot of mileage out of this bad boy.  I want to take it to San Diego, Japan, and maybe if I go out for St. Patricks Day.  Had there not been a stipulation on the color of the party dress there is probably would I would have warn.

Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe

Here are more bachelorette ready party dresses that Bebe that I also adored.  Just click the picture and it will link you to the dress on their site for additional photos and pricing.  I will let you know that most of these dresses are under $100 right now.

Like RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW from 9PM ET-5AM EST Bebe is having an extra 20% of regular priced items on their site.  So with that I ordered my dresses.

Use the code LATENIGHT to get the 20% discount at checkout!

Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe

THIS BLACK DRESS IS ONLY $45!Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe Bachelorette Party Dress, 2014, Bebe


 Let me know which dress is your favorite!

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How to Look Professional and Fashionable to Work

As you guys know I started a new gig.  Since I’m not working in the IT field proper and working more in the corporate retail world life is a bit different.  The days seems longer and the dress code is way different.  If you guys… gals rather… have worked in IT then you know that the work attire is usually come as you are.  Wear a nice blouse, jeans, and any shoes will do.  They prefer nice dress shoes, but if you show up in sneakers they need to be super clean.

However, not in corporate retail land. 

I have found that I need to wear business casual everyday, and then on Friday I just have straight casual.

Since I have not had to wear work business casual in over four years it was difficult to see past the blue jeans that have taken over my closet.  However, this week I have been on fashion point with my looks.  With my new work schedule I’m going to try and take my OOTD photos at lunch so I can post them the next day.  However, I will take three of my favorite looks from this past work week and showcase them this coming week.

The problem I was having with business casual is how “stiff” it really looks.  I mentally had trouble with wanting to look professional but I wanted my own style to shine through.  After 30 days on the new job I think I may have found it.  Eureeka!

The above video showcases two of my favorite fashion bloggers and YouTube girls, Wendy and Jean.  Together they show great work and casual pieces that one can wear  and how to dress them down for after hours.  I can’t tell you which look I like the best because I think they are all great.  Jean is a great inspiration when it comes to showing both youth and class in her work attire.

I seriously can’t wait to show you guys the work outfits!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.  What was your favorite outfit?


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Joseph Gordon-Kevitt is Muy Kawaii

You see what I did there?  I mixed three languages.  Cuz I’m amazing like that.

Well, if you don’t know I have the HUGEST crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I have since my Third Rock from the Sun days.  Geez. I would watch that show just for him.  As of late Joseph has been rocking Hollywood from left to right  with box office success, and he will be one of the most prolific actor of our time.

I just hope I have the honor of being his photographer at some point in my career. 

I wanted to show this video that Maya made declaring her undying love for JGL.  I find the video all color of hilarious!


How much did you love Maya’s video?  She is freakin’ creative and funny, but I’m glad she no longer has to worry about Ellen Page.  Now put away the plastic sword Maya.  LOL.

Joseph, if you come to SxSW this year let me know.  I will come down for the opportunity to have a photography session with you.  Or if you’re going to be in the Dallas area let me know!

Check out Maya’s Youtube Here!

Tell me.  Who is your celebrity crush and why?

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DIY Wall Art & Wall Gallery

Currently I am finally getting my upstairs loft together.  It’s been a very long time coming.  While I’m slowly piecing it together I have been looking for great DIY wall art and gallery ideas.  Finally I came across this WONDERFUL video by Annorshine where she demonstrates not only how to make a great gallery but a series of fantastic DIY wall art that you can make for less than half the price.

How did you guys like the video?  I’m personally going to try the shadowbox box decal idea myself.  Instead of using fabric I MAY paint the back with water colors.  We will see.

How much did you LOVE that Prada piece?  Shanna has one JUST like it.  Except her mileage isn’t quite as far.

To see more of Anne’s amazing DIY videos check her out HERE!

Let me know your favorite piece in the comments below!

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Please Don’t Shoot Me!

Change is Coming

I knew I should have waited to start my 365 project, but I thought the beginning of the year would be better.  As many of you guys know I just started a new position in late January.  It hasn’t been quite a month yet, but it is coming up and I’m just now getting used to the new change.

This new position is great but the drive is so much longer than any drive to and from work.  Getting to work takes about 40 minutes… and getting home can take close to 90 minutes.  Then when I get home I still have crossfit, time with my dog, personal relationships, and working on my photography business.  Juggling all this has become difficult, but I have so much to do, but there is nothing I can really drop.

For now I will be post about 3 times away week until February 28th.  Beginning on March 01st I will begin the 365 project.  Between now and March I will test my new daily schedule.  I’m hoping this new schedule maximize my time to fit my needs.

  •  5:45-7AM Crossfit (includes travel time)
  • 7 AM-6:30 PM Work (includes travel time to and from work)
  • 6:30PM-11:30 PM (Time work on Photography/Blog/Personal Time)


I believe the biggest challenge for me will be going to crossfit at 5:45AM.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person.  Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, don’t breathe in my direction before 10AM.

This is going to be a freakin’ challenge.  But you make changes not excuses for your goals.

The moral to this story is I’m starting the 365 project again March 01st.  I will start posting all my regular post (Monday Links, Top Fashion Bloggers, my photography, and my OOTDS).

Right now I’m also working on huge personal projects.  I cannot wait to announce these new announcements within the next two weeks.

 Okay… I have stepped off my soap box. 

 Thanks for being patient guys.  I’m really excited about this schedule.  I’m going to use this next week to test my getting out the door by 5:45AM skills!


Have a great Monday!




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