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April Fools!

30 Rock gif Lemon Good Ideas that go wrong

You like how I did that right?  It’s so funny.  So I did write that post with the full intention of starting back in April, but then I thought about it and knew that I could not start in April with all the travel and personal and work relate projects that I have/had going on.  I did want to start in May.  Problem is that I already had that piece scheduled to post on April 01 and I totally forgot to take it down.  Next thing I know I have people liking the post.

Boudoir  Divas San Diego Retreat

Here’s the thing… I have been mad busy working on my photography business.  If you guys aren’t following me on Facebook or Instagram then you aren’t aware that I went to San Diego, California for a week.  I went to San Diego for a boudoir retreat the second week in April.  Little did I know that this retreat was going to not only help me grow as a business, but on a spiritual level too.  However, I will write more about that on my new site.


New Site?!



Now don’t worry I’m not giving up this blog, but I do have a Boudoir centric blog now!  Actually that brings me to my next point…




Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas Facebook

 This is why the blog was placed on such a backburner for the last quarter.  I have been working on project after project getting this boudoir side of my business ready.  Come this weekend I will write a more in-depth article of what I have been doing and some plans that have been made in pencil.  However, I have had photo shoot after photo shoot to create promos and advertising.  Then before going to San Diego I wanted to update my whole portfolio because I didn’t have any legit boudoir work.  So I had to work with models, and MUA, and Hairstylist, and coordinate a location, and times.  ON TOP OF having a full time job.  On top of managing my personal relationships.  If you think this blog was placed on the backburner you should see the list of people that I owe IOU’s too.  However, my friend are very supportive and understand.

 Quite honestly I am at my tipping point though

 To elaborate.  I am doing everything from the ground up.  Growing this business from a seed and currently I’m anticipating watching it sprout.  However, in order for this tree to produce fruit I have to water it, watch it, take care of it, and do everything I can do it make sure it’s healthy.

With that being said I just don’t simply have enough time to hang out.  I don’t have downtime because I have a goal.  My goal is to be fully self employed by June 2015.  In order to do that I have to place me and my needs first.

With that being said I have to start telling people no.  “No, I can’t do any free photoshoots for you.  No.  I can’t do any additional updates.  No.  I just don’t have time to go drink at a bar.”

Telling the truth does not make you a bitch

Like many people, it’s really hard to tell my friends no.  Especially when they do so much for me.  Funny thing is… it’s really not the friends that have been helping me out (doing footwork) for my business.  It’s the friends that see my work on Facebook or my blog and send me messages that state if I can hook them up with certain types of photos.  So my friends who have helped me get this far either physically, mental support (listening to my rant for hours on end), or by referrals yes, I will hook them up.  At the same time, those are the SAME friends who still offer to pay me for my services.  Funny how that works, right?


I say all that to say that this whole project is a learning experience for me.  You can’t make money by giving away too much of your product.

For the month of May I will be creating and building new boudoir sets, buying and creating  furniture pieces, and hiring models and MUA for the shoots with pieces.  So with this I have another announcement.

 I will be creating more YouTube videos!  YEAH!

 Hell Yeah Gif

For most of you who have followed me for a while you know I started off in YouTubeLand and blogging just came second nature… then I just started blogging.  However, I need to really marketing myself and what I do so YouTube videos it is.  To be quite honest I don’t see these videos as being the best, because I will be placing most my money into the business and not the software, but at the turn of the year I will be focusing on creating better content.  Right now I just need to get back into the habit of sitting down and creating videos.  The videos will be more vlogging style at first and you guys will get to see more of my personality and my activities to get things done.

 Another announcement!  I have a studio!  Yes,  I do!

 Studio FourFourFive Dallas Studio 445

This is why you need to follow me on Instagram because you would have already known this!


Okay.  I don’t want to make this blog too long so I will stop right here.


However, I do want to tell you guys some other goals for this month:

  •  Lose 5 lbs,
  • Blog Mon, Wed, Fri on UrbanJungleFashion
  • Blog Tues, Thurs on Wonderland
  • Have my sets built and on the new site by May 25th.
  • Get into at least three wedding shows for the rest of year.
  • Start advertising the sets June 01st.


So there will be a lot of content for May that I will be excited to share and I have decided on what my new personal style should be so more about that later!  Yes, I know it’s Thursday so consider this a bonus post.  I will have a continuation post tomorrow on the blog to further explain what’s going on with my fashion sense!




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Sometimes I Just Want to Take Pictures of Pretty Flowers

Spring Rose, Black and White, Photography

Geez, I have been so busy lately in life that I seriously needed to stop and smell the roses.

I did.

Then I took a photo of it.  😉

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting a great engagement session at the Dallas Arboretum.  I love shooting here near the first days of Spring.  Especially with heavy overcast.  That’s actually the best time to shoot.  With life going as fast as it is right now I forget that the beauty is in the details.  Flowers are some of the most beautiful creations on this planet and I love it.

Never fear I will be coming back with a vengeance starting April 01st.  I needed this first quarter to reexamine what  means to be me and where my fashion taste is going.

Yellow, Spring Flowers Spring Tulips

PS:  I have reopened my Etsy shop.  Right now I am selling the photos (without the logos of course).  If you’re interested please feel free to purchase and I will personally sign the photos!

My Etsy Shoppe

Happy Spring 2014!

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Who am I Right Now?

nothing to wear

Style reflects who you are.  As of right now my style cannot be determined.  With the many changes and translations that I have had in life within the last three years I feel completely all over the place.  I feel like an artist with a paint brush and a canvas, but I have nothing within me to produce.

Many of you have been following me for years.  I have started off in YouTube land and then began blogging.  Now I’m at an age where Forever 21 won’t cut it in the work place and Ann Taylor is more for 45 year old women.  So where do I shop?

Yes, I can always turn to the ole faithful Express…  but that’s getting kinda boring.  I’m just not a Gap type of girl.

You know me.  I’m Urban with a pinch of traditional.  I love the Americana style… but it’s hard to translate that into work attire.

Club Monoco or J. Crew?

Listen, if Ihad $200 to drop on a shirt or $450 to drop on a trench coat I still wouldn’t.  I get it, I’m part fashion blogger but I’m also a business owner, I work full time, and I’m single.  I pay all my bills.  If I had to spend money on either  a $200 for button up or save that money for a trip to Japan.  Trust and believe that Japan will win EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Many places aren’t enticing me to spend with them.

For two reasons, style and price point.

I’m part of Generation Y.  Sorry, I will NOT be referring to myself as a millennial or whatever the hell they want to call it.  As of right now Gen Y has a majority of the buying power.  What retailers are finding out is that Gen Y’s are bloody cheap.  We have most of the buying power because we are more educated, having kids later life, and are saving our money for experiences… not material possession.  In fact, I think more Gen Y’ers are moving to the hipster mindset.  They are buying more from thrift stores because the items are unique, the cost is cheap, and it’s of better quality.  Also, you have to remember we are the group that was hit the HARDEST with the whole recession.  We were the first hired… therefore the first fired.  It was so hard to find a job many people I graduated with had to wait tables longer than they cared for.  Every dollar counts for us.  Every penny saved.  Our first stop in any store?  The clearance section.  Where do we like to shop? Ross!

#SorryImNoSorry there is no way that I’m spending $3200 on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Your shoes were made in Vietnam.

You know what I can do with $3200? Buy a trip to Japan, first class and round trip.  Purchase a D800.  A NICE down payment on a car.  Or how about purchasing Mac Pro? Jimmy Choo somehow thinks his in season rhinestone covered shoe is worth $3200.  No boo.  Give me something that will create everlasting memories…. Not some shoe that could feed a third world family for at least 2 years but will only take up precious real estate in my shoe closet.

I’m sure that the cost for making that shoe was less than $7.  He’s making about a $3193 profit.  I don’t blame him though.

Dayum, do I digress or what?!

Style is important to our quasi narcissist generation.  Yup we are cheap and a little bit of showy… but who can blame us, we do look good.  However, I can’t really rep anything that doesn’t make me feel good.  That I’m just not in LOVE with.  As of lately the fashion world really hasn’t come out with anything that’s just a wow factor… and I feel as though I’m rocking the same clothes all the time just on a different day of the week.  Right now we are in the era of the 90’s throwback, crop tops (where some girls should get a gym membership first) , flannel buttons ups, and Nirvana t-shirts.  Don’t get me started on the Doc Martens.   Didn’t wear them then… won’t wear them now.  Other than that nothing really stands out.

So here I am… stuck in the middle.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I have no qualms with spending more money on high quality pieces that will last for years, but first I have to come across those pieces at the reasonable prices I’m willing to pay… after much research of course.  The fashion community hasn’t presented that to me… so I’m stuck here with nothing to wear.

Have any of you come across this style block I have? 

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Kim and Kanye’s April 2014 Vogue Cover

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Vogue April 2014

If seeing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of Vogue makes you want to cancel your subscription, then do it. Vogue probably didn’t need you as a reader anyway.

I did write an article about this a couple of days ago, but deleted it.  The world didn’t need another opinion about a topic that would be forgotten about it next week.   However, after a good conversation with S last night she told me that I needed to do this.

So I am.

I’m going to put it out there.

I like both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

I get it. Kim Kardashian made a sex tape and that’s what spiraled her from being the daughter of OJ’s defense lawyer to being one of the world’s most talked about women.

Believe it or not Kanye is one of the most prolific artist of this generation. He is Hip-Hop’s Mozart. He is constantly reinventing himself and digging deeper into the definition of “self” to bring more music out.

Most artist don’t do that and that’s why their work sucks.

Yes, he is egocentric.

But how can he not be?

I honestly don’t see a problem with someone giving themselves praise for a job well done.

So what he write his blogs in all caps.

So what?!

However, Kanye has done something in this life that many can’t do. He is an inspiration. He does write inspiring music. Yes, the more artistic he goes the deeper down the rabbit hole he falls, but weren’t most artist crazy? Aren’t most artist different?

Freida Kahlo spent her life painting just herself. No one called her egocentric.

Piaccso and his Blue Period. Being depressed he only painted in blue for about four years, and those paintings depict depression and society poverty. While he could hardly sell his work then those paintings are some of the most sought after work as of today.

Any Warhol (who I think was just a glorified copy cat and scribbler) was a highly regarded artist. Loved by many.

My point is that artist dealt with inner struggles and that’s why their work was great, and people will always have opinions about the work.   Kanye does the same thing , but unlike many artist, he’s not humble and knows of his greatness. Since he doesn’t follow the status quo of being humble he’s labeled an idiot.

Lets all be honest… what idiot thing has Kanye REALLY done?

*cricket ,cricket*

Well, what idiotic thing has Kim done?

Yes, she had a sex tape.

So let’s examine that.

In all the years that Kim has been in the spotlight we have known her to date or marry at least four people: Damon Thomas, Ray-J, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, and Kanye West.

She was in exclusive relationships with all these people.

She actually married Damon Thomas when she was 19 and they were together for four years. Her only crime here was being married as a teenager. She claims she got a divorced because he was abusive towards her. Now what abusive actually means in this relationship was not defined. They separated after three years of marriage.

Ray-J: They were in a relationship for three years and then a sex tape was released. No brainer of what cause this break up.

Reggie Bush, Another one part of the three year club. Of all the men discussed so far I believe that Kim loved Reggie with all her heart. Their relationship came off as genuine, and I feel if he had asked her then she would have given up the stars for him. However, during this time period they were each at the top of the world, but just on different mountains. Even though they could see each other at that point, they were too far to make anything happen. I believe that if fame wasn’t in the way these two would be happily married. However, you only live this life once and both of them being at the height of their careers as such a younger age chose the work over the relationship. What do you pick? Love or Dreams?

Well, we know that your dreams won’t wake up one day and not love you anymore.

Kris Humphries, only after six months of dating he proposed to her with a 20.5 carat ring. C’mon now ladies. Show me a woman here that wouldn’t have taken a time to have thought about that too. A two million dollar ring sitting on your finger?! Ladies, lets be honest. I can see how one could get caught up in that. Kim Kardashian had an interview were she did explain herself and their marriage. She basically stated that she knew she didn’t want to marry him, but didn’t know how to tell him or end the circus. She got caught up and at one point she felt that it was too late to stop the marriage. So instead she went with it and then got a divorce. I think she was really humiliated about the process. She had finally gotten passed the sex tape, but this happens. In fact they were only married for 72 days, but it took 536 days for them to officially divorce. Yes, you can tell he was bitter. He wanted to divorce to say that it ended because of fraud. He felt like he was being used for the show.

Kanye West, Well if we wanna keep up with the three year club theory then Kim and Kanye only have one more year to go so all you haters just need to wait patiently. It’s very well known that Kim and Kanye have been friends for a very long time. She knew Kanye around the time she was seeing Ray-J. This wasn’t a fly by night relationship, he was actually there during the whole Kris Humphries catastrophe. In the song Cold (originally named Theraflu) Kanye admit that he he fell in love with Kim about the same time she was in love with Kris Humphries. In fact Ye hasn’t been shy about the love for Kim. He adores her and, to me, they are perfect for each other. They can really understand their goals and the objectives. Sometime you just need that type a person in your life.

Wow… that was a whole mouth full and I really had no intention of going that deep with it. However, how is it fair that we are judging Kim by her past relationship with people? Just because she has a sex tape and divorced her husband after 72 hours we have thrown rocks and stated she’s not deemed for fashion greatness because of past decisions?!

Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

Listen, Kim Kardashian is not a political representative nor does she represent hate of any kind. She’s just a woman who made mistakes and perhaps she made those in the name of her career, because she felt she had no other choice, or because of naivety… but who are any of use to judge?

“Part of the pleasure of editing Vogue, one that lies in a long tradition of this magazine, is being able to feature those who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it. I think we can all agree on the fact that that role is currently being played by Kim and Kanye to a T. (Or perhaps that should be to a K?),” Anna Wintour states.

Vogue isn’t about politics, or moral integrity, the magazine is about high end fashion. Point blank. End of story. If you guys were really that worried about moral integrity then you wouldn’t be rocking Coco Chanel. It has long been a fact that Chanel was a Nazi sympathizer and spy. In fact, where do you guys think she got most of her money? I personally do not rock Chanel, but I bring this up because if you are going to judge her for this at least the playing field should be fair for everyone.

If you just scrolled down all the way to the bottom just know that I thing the cover is amazing! Anne Leibovitz is an amazing photographer.

Opinions by Korin


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Dallas Boudoir Photography Valentine’s Day Boudoir

Dallas ,Valentines Day 2014, Boudoir

Get something for him this year that he will never forget.  Schedule your own boudoir photography session for me this Valentine’s Day.  I am offering on location boudoir sessions with clients in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

Sessions are $125 for an hour

10 Fully Edited Photos from a private Gallery

Back in Time for Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for a great female boudoir photography please contact me at info@urbanjunglephoto.com.  Also feel free to visit my Facebook page HERE!  To see additional samples of my work!

Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!

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Scarf & Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Bans, Aviators, Scarf, UrbanOutfitters

There are two things that you will catch me wearing everyday of the week.  That is a scarf and a pair of Ray-Bans.  These two items alone can make any outfit look super chic and urban glam in less than 7 seconds.  If you ever think your outfit needs a little extra umff (yeah I just made that up) then throw on a nice scarf and some killer Ray-Bans.  Yes, Ray-Ban run expensive, but trust me you will love these for the rest of your life.  I was converted because the quality and make of Ray-Bans are second to none.  Check out Ideeli if you are looking to save of them.  They  have Ray-Bans on SUPER FLASH SALES between $109-$180.  If you guys know Ray-Bans that’s a steal.

Scarf from Urbanoutfitter//Ray-Bans from Ideeli

What are your favorite everyday fashion items?

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It’s a Celebration Bitches!!!!

It’s the Good Life!

As the Birthday Girl I have decided that I will pick a list of what I would have wanted for my birthday!

Birthday Wishlist 2014





So you guys have seen my birthday wishlist!  Since it’s my birthday today I am in serious doubt I will bet getting any of these items, but I wanted to still share them with you anyway


I kinda think it’s creepy Google knew it was my birthday.

Google Birthday

Since today is Thursday I won’t be partying too hard.  I will be going to Crossfit tonight.

Black Girl Crossfit

However, I will take the time to pop one bottle to champagne.

pop champagne

So I hope not to look like this at the end of the bottle.

Tired Kitten

If I do it will be well worth it because I’m going to feel like this as the liquid hits my tongue!

Kanye Jay-Z Gif

I wish all you guys could join me!

Rihanna Gif

So we can dance together all night!

Beyonce Dance Gif

Since not all of us live that close let just celebrate in spirit!

Despicable Me Gif

Don’t worry.  I don’t drink and drive.  Taxi baby.   Girl I got this!

Girl I got this gif

Thank you in advance for the birthday wish!  *muah*

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