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Top Ways to get a Firm Butt Quickly!!!


I know that you have always wanted a firm bottom.  Well, here are the top moves that you can do to achieve those goals quickly and easily.  You will need to change your diet and try all these moves!

My personal faves are the squats, lunges, and popping squats.

What moves do you guys like the best?


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Today is Friday and I get off work at 3PM today! Typically I would stop at Zenna and booze it up, but I can’t. I’m getting ready for my exchange student because she arrives on Wednesday! As soon as I step foot in the door I’m cleaning my apartment. I’m going to tackle each room head on. There are still a number of things I still need:

  • Queen Mattress
  • Queen Boxspring
  • Move the bed downstairs, upstairs
  • Move the new bed in the room downstairs
  • Fabric and cushion for the bench & Photoframe
  • Plastic Drawer for her to put in her room
  • Sheets
  • Blanket
  • Laundry hamper
  • Food
  • Staple Gun
  • Lion Pull head
  • Additional Photos
  • Frame her family photos
  • Smell Good for the house
  • Welcome Basket
  • Welcome Sign for the Airport

Game Plan:

  • To have most of the cleaning done by tonight (Friday)
  • Have the mattress here by Saturday
  • Have her room completed by Sunday
  • Have the bench completed by Sunday
  • Record two OOTD on Sunday Morning

Meanwhile… I wanted to post some of the songs that I’m currently LOVING right now.

Closet Freak by Cee-Lo. First heard it in Borders this week… I know, the song is from 2009.

Cause I Love You by Lenny Williams. First heard it with my boy this past weekend going to Oklahoma. This song was sampled by Twista for Overnight Celebrity (I LOVE that song BTW.)

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levin First heard last week by recommendation another YouTuber.

Right Above It by Lil Wayne featuring Drake. This is a BOMB ASS SONG! This should be your theme song of the weekend!

Be safe y’all!!!!

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July Goals Review

I didn’t host a Fourth of July party at the last minute. I just had so much to do! I haven’t completed my apartment yet. The only thing I’m missing is 2 beds. Or at the minimum, one. I will film the week after next (August 12th weekend) finished or not. 

  • Photography ~ I BLEW it out of the park!!!!I had FIVE photoshoots! Since two of them were in the last weekend of July (30th and 31st) I could not complete the editing. I completed the editing on the other three. I plan on being done with the editing for both parties by August 12th.
  • Fitness ~ I don’t think I even THOUGHT about the gym last month.
  • Blog/YouTube ~ for the blog I have written at least an average of one post every day. I did a lot of outfit of the days. Therefore I’m going to give myself snaps *snap, snap, snap* I didn’t do any DIYs this month, but I hope to do at least one next month.

For this month

Home Décor: To be done no later than August 15th


  • Write Everyday
  • Oufit of the Day on the weekends (if possible)
  • What to Wears done by Saturday (no later than Sunday…)
  • Dear Diary every Sunday


  • Run/Walk every three miles everyday
  • Walk Jax to the dog park at least 3 times a week (he’s getting a little chubby)
  • Boxing classes twice a week


  • Finished all edits by the 12th
  • One photo shoot for this month


  • Wrap Hair up every night
  • Instead of doing it later… do it RIGHT NOW
  • Get to work at least an hour early

Okay, this month is going to be a transition month for me because my student will be arriving. I have so much more I need to do… honestly I’m feeling stressed out. I’m also going to try NOT to participate in too many social functions so I can spend more time on my photography work and getting my apartment ready.

I get so stressed out about things that I end up just not doing them. Is anyone else like that? I really need to change that about myself and dive right in. Also, my sorority sister from my university decided a group of us should go to Hawaii in May! I’m SUPER excited for that!!!! That means I will be saving money! Okay… so I’m done writing. What are your goals for this month?

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The Midas Touch

So I purchased these gold shoes from Ross this weekend.  As the tag clearly indicates the show is a size 10 from Joey.  I have to say that Joe really knows how to create a shoe.  Most of my favorite shoes have been Joey by way of Ross.

Now I have been wanting a pair of gold sequin five inch heels for a minute.  Last year I wanted to rock a Halle Berry gold New Years Eve dress, but I could never locate a dynamic shoe for it.    Now this year I may buy the sequin materialt and make my own dress for NYE with a bad ass bandage dress.

Okay so check out the pics below… this shoe should help you get your morning started right!

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Man, it’s HOTout there!

So guys I have been super busy with my own work, and last night I just wanted to lay into it (editing more of my photo shoots), but I chilled with my girls last nights. I had fun because one of my friends let me style her. She really enjoys my street style so I went into her closet to see what worked and what didn’t.

Her personal style is… when she finds a look she likes she just sticks to the same look over and over again. What I mean by that is she will wear the same exact shirt with the same exact pants. She doesn’t switch the shirt up with different pants, or the pants with a different shirt. Ladies, in order to have fun with your clothes you have to learn how to mix them up. When I personally go shopping I don’t go to buy a whole new outfit. I go to shopping to match what’s ALREADY in my closet. You have to learn what you have already and work from that.

She also wanted me to help her because she feels as though she doesn’t have a lot of summer western clothes (I’m in Texas and it’s above 100 right now on the daily). My friend is from India and she herself has a lot of beautiful colorful clothes that already look good. So I told her she needed to get some of the basics to vamp up her wardrobe:

  1. A white short sleeve button up shirt~ Express makes the best buttons up
  2. A white body suit ~ American Apparel
  3. Basic brown wedges ~ Baker’s Shoes has the most stylist
  4. Statement Necklace ~ Amrita Singh makes the BEST statement necklaces out there!
  5. White Linen Pants ~ Nordstom (see below)

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Fashion Show

I TOTALLY forgot to post yesterday.  What’s crazy is I had all the pictures and everything ready, but I was just so busy at work.  As soon as I got home yesterday I laid into my editing (which the photos came out fantastic if you ask me).  I edited the photos for about five to six hours then around 12:30 AM I threw up the deuces and fell asleep.

I woke up this morning thinking, “Oh BEEP!” I forgot to post!  Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk.

I wanted to show you guys this video of one of my favorite YouTubers and friend, Tatmom43.

Last Friday (July 15) I sent her a pair of tan booties that where unique just like her.  They may not have exactly been her style, but it’s good to buy friends things they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves.

Below is the video of the fashion show she put on with the boots.  I personally loved the boots with the suit.    Subscribe to TatMom43 on YouTube.  She’s fantastic videos and is so fun an animated to watch!


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How to Make the Earring Necklace (Earlace)

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