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Loosing an Arm

My friend Tam Tam said something to me one day that really made me think.

In front of 7-11 one evening a homeless man came up to her and asked if she could spare some money to buy a hot dog for him.

Her Response?

“I don’t really have the money to give out, but I’m sure that $2 meant more to him than it did to me.”

That, my friends, is the mindset we should all be living in.

Yes, the economy may SLOWWWWWWWLY be getting better but there are people out there still struggling and we should work together as a country and a community to help others in need, rather if we know them or not.

I have a friend from high school that has been diagnosed with bone cancer. She currently has a gofundme account where she is requesting donations for helping her body heal from cancer. She is raising money for a limb sparing surgery. This surgery would help Yahel keep her arm.

A donation of $5, $10, $20 would always be welcomed to Yahel.

If you can donate please check out Yahel’s GoFunMe page at : http://www.gofundme.com/helpmehugyou

Helping someone in their time of need will never be forgotten.

Happy Monday Y’all!

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Portrait Photography in Austin


I know! You guys haven’t seen S in awhile. She has been off being a LEGITIMATE rockstar to the SUPREME level! And there is no pun when I saw Supreme! I am so happy and proud to know and love S. She is by far one of my favorite people on the planet.

So when she asked if I would take the time schedule a fun portrait session  with her I, of course, said no.


Of course I said yes! I have known this woman for 20 years come August!

GEEZ I’m old!

But we look so dayum good!

Especially S!

My girl has been through a tone of growing in the last two years and it has made her an even more awesome person. As we all continue to grow we blossom into who we are meant to be and that’s what I wanted to portray in these photos with Shanna.

I also wanted to do a more film style on digital and because she is amazing she let me experiment with this style. I have to say that I really do dig it.

901_edited-1 DSC_0501_edited-1 DSC_0481_edited-1 898_02_edited-1 931_02_edited-1 848_edited-1 841_edited-1

I hope you guys enjoyed viewing these photos as much I we enjoyed taking them! If you want to see more of my work please visit and LIKE my Photography Facebook page, UrbanJunglePhotography

Happy Sunday!

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Urban Jungle Photography for Living Social

Living Social Urban Jungle Photography

I have an EXCITING announcement to make!  

Today marks the day I have been officially featured on Living Social!  Yeah!  If you’re in the Dallas or Austin area and are looking for a fantastic photographer the specializes in the urban scene then look no further.  My Living Social deal  features the following goodies:

• $65 ($280 value) for a one-hour family or engagement photo session
• Includes 20 photos in a private gallery, five edited digital photos, and an 8×10 print
• Call to schedule your appointment


If you’re in the Dallas or Austin area and are looking for a family or engagement photographer then please check out my work and book me!

Here is a link to Urban Jungle Photography on Facebook.

A link to Urban Jungle Photography portfolio

A link to book Urban Jungle Photography for $65!

I update my Facebook page weekly!

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Baby Delivery Photos


This entry is a little different. My friend I did the maternity shoot for had her baby about 3 weeks to a month ago. She decided to do an at home birth. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Though I didn’t take these photos I have to appreciate them. I just love seeing delivery photos. For me, that’s the best photojournalism.

I just love the beauty and emotion captured in these photos.

 02 04 03

Did you guys enjoy this entry?

How do you guys like birthing photos?

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How to Date in Austin


Last week I started a new series on to the blog called, well, Blogs You should be Reading.  I wanted to highlight some of my favorite non-fashion blogs that I am addicted too.  For week two I would like to introduce you to the Austin Dating Chronicles.

The Austin Dating Chronicles has the cutest name because it’s a play on the Austin Chronicles which is a free publication in the city that highlights local music, art, and politics.  The Austin Dating Chronicles focuses on author Finch who documents her dating stories with the local men of the city.  The blog is fun, easy to read, and a great delight.  What I love most about her blog is that she updates, perhaps, three to four times a week.  So there isn’t a need to check back eight to nine times  a day… like you do with fashion blogs.

One of my favorite post of recent history is Diet Coke and a Smile.

If you are single check it out.

If you want to know what dating life in Austin is like check it out.

 If you are married live and want to live vicariously through Finch as she figures out the Austin dating scene check it out!



Let me know how you guys like the blog!


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Home to Austin


I know!  I haven’t done a photo diary in FOREVER!  I have been out of sorts for awhile… getting back into the grove of the blogging thing, so as the weather gets warmer I am becoming more inspired every day.   As you guys know from two of my photography session post (that you can see HERE and HERE) that I went back to Austin.  The maternity session was actually with a good friend who is the owner of Hopfields, an amazing (non uppity) French bistro in Austin (check out HERE).  Her asking me to be her photographer was just a great excuse to go home.  So the following pictures are just snippets of my time back in Austin.

No.  The guy in the pics is not my BF.  He’s actually my best friend who came to Austin with me.

The dog is my lil bro’s cutie pie pitbull.  He proves that pits are not dangerous dogs. 

The champagne was to celebrate my new job that I started in March.

The owl earmuffs were given to me by my mom.  I need to do an OOTD with them!

The food was breakfast the next day my mom made.  YUMMERS! #FatGirl

DSC_0001_edited-1 DSC_0682_edited-1 DSC_0670_edited-1 DSC_0398_edited-1 DSC_0316_edited-1 DSC_0315_edited-1 DSC_0187_edited-1 DSC_0185_edited-1 DSC_0181_edited-1 DSC_0175_edited-1 DSC_0174_edited-1 DSC_0114_edited-1 DSC_0108_edited-1CastleHillGraffitiPark04 DSC_0106_edited-1 DSC_0098_edited-1 DSC_0094_edited-1CastleHillGraffitiPark05 DSC_0077_edited-1 DSC_0046_edited-1CastleHillGraffitiPark02 DSC_0045_edited-1 DSC_0043_edited-1

CastleHillGraffitiPark03CastleHillGraffitiPark06 DSC_0037_edited-1

Do you guys enjoy the Photo Diaries?  I will try to post one every one to two weeks!

Be sure to follow me on instagram!  

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Fun, Modern, & Colorful Maternity Photo Shoot


I’m getting a little better with the updates people!  Are you happy?!  LOL.  I just wanted to show you guys some teaser photos from a recent maternity photo shoot I did when I went back home to Austin a couple of weeks ago.

This person captured  is actually an old school friend.  I have know this girl since I was 14 or 15.

How time flies!

To see the full set of this fun and edgy maternity shoot please check out and like my Facebook page!

Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_02 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_04 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_14



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