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I Stop the World.

Won’t lie!  This is will be the motto for 2015!  More to come tomorrow!

I hope you guys will start feeling yourself this year as well!

Yes, his blog will be getting a facelift soon. Wait on it.

Happy 2015 Y’all!!!


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Happy Tuesday Y’all!!!

cat massage, gif, kitten

I feel like I have been run over my a fuckin’ 18 wheeler.  Like ran over me… backed up… and ran over me again.  Of course this would happen during my first week at my new job.  I have been taking sinus medican like it’s skittle.  I am  not one to take pills, but I really don’t wanna already miss work.  So I know I’m doing the 365 project and I will be probably after this week.  I would write more, but I’m on the phone half listening to someone and I can’t write my complete thoughts.  I wanna do more outfit of the days, but I’m having a problem with that but more of that later in another post.

Music: Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

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Have a Great Week!!!

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Cuz I’m Flawless!

Daddy Taught Me how to LOVE my Haters!


…and repeat…

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Mrs. Carter x H&M

Beyonce for HM 07

Didn’t I tell you guys that Beyonce was shooting a campaign for H&M’s Summer 2013 collection would appear by Spring?!  Yeah… never doubt me again!  LOL!  Check out the full collection of photos from the spread!


Beyonce for HM 02 Beyonce for HM 06 Beyonce for HM 05 Beyonce for HM 04 Beyonce for HM 03


Does Beyonce make you wanna run into your local H&M?

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Beyonce Did That!

Beyonce was so hot after her 2013 Superbowl performance she turned the power OFF!

 That was her version of drop the mic.


Just in case you are wondering Beyonce’s costume was designed by New York based designer Ruben Singer.

The black leather body suit was made of strips of engineered python, paneled iguana and trapunto/pick stitched leather .  There were also insets of delicate black Chantilly lace.  Rubin said, “This piece is truly couture in every way.  My seamstresses were assembling all of the leather and exotic skins individually by hand.  All of the pieces were separate details that were all constructed on her body.  We had to make the body suit have a tremendous range of motion and flexibility.   Beyonce is such a fierce and intense performer we could not have the outfit constrict her in any way.”

Boots where by none other than Proenza Schouler.  You already know they are sold out.  LOL

If anyone had an issue with her lip synching the national anthem during President Barack Obama inauguration she proved last night that she could shatter the house.  I may not be the biggest Beyonce fan, but I must give props where they are due.  Beyonce brought the house DOWN!



How much did you love Kelly and Michelle, literally, popping up?!

Texas Representing!


I had to share the funniest Facebook Update from one of my friends!


Beyonce has inspired me to get into yoga!  


Happy Monday Y’all!

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First picture has leaked!



Put money on it… we will be seeing officially pictures by Spring…

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Presidential Fashion

I have to say that since Obama has been in office the fashion from everyone has always been on point.  Between First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden I don’t know who serves it up better, but they both do an amazing job!  Below you will see Ms. Michelle Obama wearing a Thom Browne coat.  Love.


Lets not forget the first daughters, Sasha and Milia.  They were looking incredibly adorable Sunday and Monday.

Today the girls wore American designers, J. Crew (Malia) and Kat Spade (Sasha).

Inaugural Swearing In FirstDaughters04 Inaugural Swearing In FirstDaughters05 FirstDaughters06

Sunday Sasha was sporting a blue H&M dress while Malia is wearing the cutest purple lace dress from Tracey Reese’s linePlenty made exclusively for Anthropologie to yesterday’s official swearing-in ceremony at the private inauguration.. I love the bold and fun plan on the colors.  It indicates youthful and happiness.

Michelle wore a Reed Krakoff navy blue dress.


Yes, I know I would be out of my mind to not mention what Beyoncé and Sean Carter wore.  Beyoncé is wearing a Gucci Dress and Dior coat.  Jay-Z is wearing Tom Ford.  I have to say, Mr. Carter was looking quit dapper.


What did you guys thing about everyone’s fashion?




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