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Wonderland Boudoir Dallas_-24

I love my clients and I love when they allow me to show off their beautiful their photos.  This week I want to showcase Maria.

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas, Austin

Maria has an attitude that shines brighter than the sun.  I had the pleasure or meeting Maria through Jazzy, one of the main make-up artist I collaborate with.  Jazzy has worked with Maria in the past and knew that her personality and attitude would fall into sync with our vision of this project.

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas, Austin

I love shooting in places that people don’t see the potential in.  One must look for beauty everywhere.  In Dallas there is a whole in the wall spot that looks like a falling Spanish community and I had been dying to shoot there.  Right now Dallas is going through a building renaissance. The city is tearing down buildings with character to put up highrises.  I needed to move quickly because I knew it was only certain amount of time before someone would tear down this unique area.

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas, Austin

Originally we were only going to have a session outside the building, but when we go there it turns out that someone forgot to lock the gate… we went into the middle of this community and had a party.  It was so beautiful.  This place has probably been long forgotten. Faded turquoise doors, cleared out rooms, and uncompleted projects laced the property.  When we got there all I saw was potential.  The three of use wasted no time getting some amazing photos for this project.

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas, Austin

The first look was experimental.  High wasted black panties, a beautiful lacy bra, leather jacket, and spiked heels.  Trust, putting together this outfit was just as fun as shooting it.  I wanted to create an editorial boudoir session.  My aim is to always show that women can be both sexy and strong. Maria was able embrace this ideology and bring it to life in this series.  I couldn’t have imagined a better result.

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas, Austin

Next we took out one of my FAVORITE dresses and heels.  I love color in photos  and therefore a graffiti background near the Bishop art District was a great spot.

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas, Austin

The last location was probably the funniest spot of all that day.  These photos were taken in the middle of the day on a Sunday afternoon.  For years I have fantasized about shooting a model next to an Ice Cream truck and I was able to get that.  The Ice Cream man was more than happy to oblige to our request.  I mean c’mon.  What man wouldn’t be happy to have a beautiful girl in luxury lingerie standing next to his truck eating a Popsicle?  You as the model, when would you ever have the opportunity to do the same thing?  In this life we have to live it to the most.  Do unconventional things and have fun with it.  This is what we did that Sunday.

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas, Austin


I have to thank Maria and Jazzy for such an amazing session that day.  It was such a blast and I can’t wait to work with more ladies in the future who just want to have fun!

To see more photos check me out on IG: TheUrbanJungle

FB: https://www.facebook.com/wonderlandboudoir

Portfolio: WonderlandBoudoir.com

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas, Austin


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Come Down the Rabbit Hole with Us


Hi! I have been fast at work with sessions, shoots, editing, and magazine shoots!  Did I mention I have a full time 9-5 job in a corporate setting?  LOL.

Recently I worked with an amazing model named Maria for her modeling portfolio.  Maria was BEYOND amazing!  Even though I’m not done with editing I wanted to show you guys a quick video I put together.  Now I am NOT a videographer… and perhaps at my next shoot I will have one, but I did want to create a small promo video of Maria.

I LOVE shooting boudoir sessions.  They fun, sexy, and liberating.  If you even THINKING about doing a session just go ahead and do one!  If you’re in the Dallas area please contact me for pricing and availability!

Check out my site and Facebook page below!

Wonderland Boudoir: www.wonderlandboudoir.com

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/WonderlandBoudoir

Quick Peek at a new photo of Maria

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas_-24

You know you wanna book me!  Check out my work and contact information!

PS:  This photo has not been edited and has not filter.  Yes, you can look good without photoshop!

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Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas

Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas Facebook

Wow! I cannot find ANY of my past OOTD photos that I took! Geez! I guess I’m going to have to wear all those outfits again soon! Well, since I can’t find any OOTD then I’m going to post some recent work from Wonderland Boudoir.
Wonderland Boudoir is new my boudoir website. I want to not only take great photos of you, but give women an experience. We cannot define our beauty or our sexuality by what society tells us. It is time that we women take that back and own our beauty an individual sexiness. We are rulers, we are all artist (we create children), and we are to be revered. Each of us is uniquely beautiful, but I feel like so many women don’t see this fact inside themselves and I feel as though it should be highlighted. Boudoir is a beautiful side of photography that lets me work one on one with women in an intimate setting so I can show them how beautiful they truly are. Not only on the outside, but the inside too.
All women are beautiful. It’s time for time you to step into the Wonderland.

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas 01 DSC_98073 DSC_98002 DSC_9893_FB DSC_9884 DSC_02391 DSC_02370 Dallas Boudoir Wonderland Boudoir 2014 Hannah Dallas Boudoir 03 Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Boudoir 01 Wonderland Boudoir



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Happy Monday Y’all!!!

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Dallas Boudoir Photography Valentine’s Day Boudoir

Dallas ,Valentines Day 2014, Boudoir

Get something for him this year that he will never forget.  Schedule your own boudoir photography session for me this Valentine’s Day.  I am offering on location boudoir sessions with clients in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

Sessions are $125 for an hour

10 Fully Edited Photos from a private Gallery

Back in Time for Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for a great female boudoir photography please contact me at info@urbanjunglephoto.com.  Also feel free to visit my Facebook page HERE!  To see additional samples of my work!

Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!

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Boudoir Photography Dallas

As you guys know I’m stepping into doing boudoir as my niche photography style.  I LOVE working one-on-one with women making them look beautiful and sexy in their photos.  To get my mind ready before shoots I use my Pinterest Boudoir board as inspiration.  Check out my board for additional photos that get my mind working.  Once I have looked over the photo from my session today I will showcase some of my favorites next week!

If you guys are looking for a boudoir photographer in Dallas please contact me at info@urbanjunglephoto.com!

I look forward to working with all my lovely clients!

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