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Girls Run the World!

Robert Downey Jr Baby Announcement

Today on Facebook (less than 30 minutes ago) Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) announced he and Susan are expecting a brand new  baby girl!


This is so amazing!


2013/2014 has been the year of the girl.  My little brother gave me my first neice who I LOVE to death. My BFF (not S… another one…) got her first niece and she was born on my birthday!  SO COOL!  My other friend (my other bfff’s cousin) is expecting a girl too!


You have to love little girls!  They are cute, smart, and you just want to hug them all the time!


Congrats to Susan and RDJ!

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Let me just say this disclaimer up front – there have already been hundreds of articles about the fact that the spending habits on Sex and the City aren’t realistic, and this is not one of those articles. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…


What are we actually paying for??


K and I were talking the other day about how we’re getting to a place in life where we like the finer things, but we’re not willing to pay full price for them, especially since we see things ridiculously discounted all. the. time. And I commented that I had well over 100 pairs of shoes, and I had not paid anywhere near the $40,000 that Carrie Bradshaw had paid for her shoe collection. (Remember – when she was trying to get the down-payment money to buy her condo after she and Aiden broke up for the gazillionth time, and Miranda asked her how many shoes she had, she said 100 [I’m paraphrasing] and Miranda said “100 shoes at $400 each – there’s your down-payment.”) Here’s the thing though – I was recently looking at fancy shoes, because I am kinda-sorta getting to a point where I could conceivably purchase a pair of shoes for $400, and you know what??? Manolo Blahnik shoes (which, I think we can all agree, is the vast majority of Carrie’s shoe collection) are no longer in the $400 price range! In fact, this pair, which I am reasonably sure is the pair that was stolen at the baby shower and which Carrie said cost $600, is now $755. The most basic black, pointy-toed pump that I could find on Nordstrom’s site was this one,  which is $595. So, in the years since SaTC was the big thing, these shoe prices have gone up about $150 – $200, which, at least for the “cheap” pair, was an increase of 50% (K, check my math).

Which begs the question – what the heck are we paying for?? Sure, I get supply and demand, and I understand that the show made these shoes much more popular, but still! The shoes were already $400/pair, which is not in the range of “average” people (considering that the national average on salaries in around $47,000/year).  What has happened to make the price jump so dramatically?? Is there a shortage of Italian shoe-makers? Have the special cows whose skin we use for these shoes gone on strike until they get better food??

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that certain luxury items cost more for a variety of reasons. An Hermes purse will always cost more than a Coach purse because the former is hand-stitched, usually has higher quality materials and standards, and is produced in smaller numbers. I also get that it is a status symbol. Not every college co-ed is running around with a Birkin on her arm. (Side note – I’ll be honest, I feel the same way about Hermes as Holly Golightly felt about diamonds in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – “They look divine on older women, but I just don’t feel they’re right for me.”) However, remember when the Murakami Prada purses came out? It seemed that every single girl I passed on the way to Chem 101 was rocking one. There’s no way that all of those girls could afford one, nor, with the limited number which were available, do I think that every purse which was produced somehow ended up on the Texas State campus. I am all for luxury items which only the few and far between can afford. But when items which were once supposed to be achievable to the modern woman (or man, if you’re into that kind of thing) become out of reach for no fathomable reason other than that the maker saw a way to make more money, I get more than a little pissed.

On the Nordstrom site, there is a pair of lime green Manolos, on sale from $595 to $227.59. Now, you know that the maker is still making a profit off of these shoes, even on sale, so what was the extra $365.41 for?? Vanity?? I understand that in a free-market society, you can set your price wherever you want, and as long as people will pay it, you’re fine. I realize that we’ve always paid a premium for “the label,” but what exactly has that label gotten us in return? The sidewalk grate that scrape the heels on my Nine West finds are going to do the same to your Jimmy Choos, and rain does not care if you’re wearing leather or suede before it starts pouring down. I am constantly hearing stories about luxury makers complaining that their designs are being ripped off by other companies and sold for considerably cheaper. Legitimate question – would that still be happening on such a large scale if luxury makers charged a bit less? Is it better to sell 10 pairs of shoes at $600, or 100 pairs of shoes at $400?


– S


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Joseph Gordon-Kevitt is Muy Kawaii

You see what I did there?  I mixed three languages.  Cuz I’m amazing like that.

Well, if you don’t know I have the HUGEST crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I have since my Third Rock from the Sun days.  Geez. I would watch that show just for him.  As of late Joseph has been rocking Hollywood from left to right  with box office success, and he will be one of the most prolific actor of our time.

I just hope I have the honor of being his photographer at some point in my career. 

I wanted to show this video that Maya made declaring her undying love for JGL.  I find the video all color of hilarious!


How much did you love Maya’s video?  She is freakin’ creative and funny, but I’m glad she no longer has to worry about Ellen Page.  Now put away the plastic sword Maya.  LOL.

Joseph, if you come to SxSW this year let me know.  I will come down for the opportunity to have a photography session with you.  Or if you’re going to be in the Dallas area let me know!

Check out Maya’s Youtube Here!

Tell me.  Who is your celebrity crush and why?

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How to Look Like Rihanna Make Up Tutorial

You know what?  I can’t say that I’m RiRi’s number one fan, but you gotta give props where they are due and homegirl is a superstar.  I ran across this cool video by one of the best YouTube top make up gurus, Dope2111.  She transforms her everyday self to a Rihanna clone… maybe not a clone  more like Jessica Rabbit…  Anyways she did a great job!

Which celeb do you think has the best style?


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These Dresses Should Be Blacklisted from the Golden Globes

This list wasn’t too hard to make. Furthermore, the first three ladies show know better and that’s 85% of the reason why they made it on to this list! LOL.


01: Heidi Klumworst dress 2014 Golden Globes Heidi Klum


You guys know I live and DIE for Heidi Klum and her red carpet style. Baby girls SLAYS them EVERY TIME, but it seems as though lately the only thing she slayings is my eyesight. To take it one step further the reason why she made it to the number one spot is that fact that Marchesa gave her such a hideous dress to rock at the Golden Globes. I mean it’s Marchesa. I didn’t think this haus made a bad dress. I guess I was proven wrong. The make up, hair, choker, and dress have one thing in common. They are all a mess. Does Heidi no longer have a stylist?


02: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana worst dress 2014 Golden Globes

This is an example of an unfortunate dress on an beautiful woman. Sorry, sometimes even the fairest of them all can’t turn rags into riches. The dress is Prabal Gurung.


03: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore 2014 Golden Globes

Seriously? Does she think she’s immune to ridicule because she’s wearing this Madea inspired dress? No ma’am you are not. The dress is made by Monique Lhuillier .


04: Caitlin Fitzgerald

Caitlin Fitzgerald Golden Globes 2014


Why would anyone wear this frumpy 50’s inspired sky blue dress? It’s not even a cute 50’s dress either… and furthermore it’s clearly too big for her. The dress is made by Emilia Wickstead. However, I must say I do love those shoes.


05: Rashida Jones

Rashida JOnes Golden Globes 2014

Ummmm… What just happened here?! Why did she wear this? Like seriously why? Are the Golden Globes on a retirement beach? I get she’s supposed to be the smart funny hipster girl… but I guess I’m dumb because I don’t get the irony of this dress. Is it because it’s winter? Dress by Fausto Puglisi .


06: Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen Golden Globes 2014

Ihaveno idea who Julie or why she is wearing this velvet Carolina Herrera. Seriously… why was velvet ever a thing in the first place? Who was the person that said, “I’m going to rock velvet and it’s going to be the next hot thing.” I like to meet this person so I can formally slap them for a dual. I feel like Julie is about to cast a spell.


07: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara 2014 GOlden Globes

Why? I honestly don’t care who argues with me, but no one will ever be able to validate that this dress is hot. I guess Sofia wanted to do couture, but she should have take a note from Paula’s playbook. Dress by Zac Posen.


08: Tina Fey

Tina Fey 2014 Golden Globes

Tina did this on purpose. She knew this dress was going to be ugly so she wore it so she could go through the hate the critics were going to give her any way. She looks like a geisha gone wrong. I have no idea what’s going on with Carolina Herrera , but her dresses have not been on point for awhile.


09: Zooey Deschanel

2014 Golden Globes Zooey Deschanel

Zooey is like a hipster’s dream girl. She really has that quirky yet smart thing down. I kinda think she makes her eyes rounder on purpose. I’m not a hater because girl is using all this to move herself up in the world so I say do you boo… but not in this Oscar de la Renta. She just looks frumpy… and yes, skinny girls can look frumpy.


10: 2014 Golden GLobes Bérénice Bejo


This Giambattista Valli dress does not work because it doesn’t fit her height. They needed to alert it because eit’s much to long for her.


Who was your worst dress for the Golden Globes?




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The Golden Girls

I have to say that this top 10 list was not easy.   There were plenty of ladies that brought their A game to the Golden Globes.  Here goes!

01: Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Golden Globe Jenna Tatum

I hate this bitch.   She sickens me.  She was genetically blessed and she’s married to my man, Channing Tatum.  *ugh* However, I have to give props were they are due.  Baby girl BROUGHT IT to the Golden Globes.  This was a MMA fight and she came for blood.  This is a great representation of a simple color scheme, fitting your frame correctly, and showing off your womanly figure.  She also knows how to pose so it allows the photographers to get a good pose of her.  She’s not shy or awkward so it just makes for an all around good photo.  I love the design of this Roberto Cavalli dress.  Just magnificent.


02: Kate Beckinsale

Golden Globe, Kate Beckinsale

Geez!  This woman knows how to DRESS for award shows.  Girl you better WERK!  *In my RuPaul voice*  She is another great example of how to wear a dress to an award ceremony.  Good walking length, interesting and shiny design, great hair, wonderful make up, and she knows how to pose.  It also helps that her skin looks flawless.  This is a Zuhair Murad dress.


03: Maria Menounos

Golden Globes, Maria Menounos

She looks like the future of fashion.  While I love monochrome she, like Kate and Jenna, wore an interesting dress that is both sexy but subtle. I love the beautiful design, color, clutch, and the fact her hair is in a ponytail to show off this Max Azria Atelier dress.


04: Paula Patton

Golden Globes, Paula Patton

I love when people take risk and that’s why I dig Paula Patton.  She’s really not scare to experiment and not follow the molds and it has paid off for her in this Stéphane Rolland gown.  I love the fact she went straight couture.  She brought glamour back to Hollywood.  How much do you love her David Yurman earrings?!  Can you say GORGY?!


05: Sosie Bacon

Golden Globes, Sosie Bacon

I have no idea who this girl is, but her name is making me hungry.  Sosie is just WORKING this Rhea Costa dress.  I have no idea who she is or why she is famous, but if she keeps working the award shows like this then everyone will soon learn her name.


06: Kaley Cuoco

Golden Globes, Kaley Cuoco

I have no idea who this woman is but this dress jaw dropping.  Typically I would hiss at something like this, but I have to admit it just… works… Dress by Rani Zakhem


07:  Margot Robbie

Golden Globes, Margot Robbie

This Gucci dress made it in the top 10 because of the sexy simplicity to it.  I like how Gucci laced oversized jewels around the sleeves , waist, and side of dress.  She looks like a warrior queen in this number.  Her MUA did a great job matching the tone of her dress to her eyes.


08:  Lena Dunham

Golden Globes, Lena Dunham, yellow Dress

Have you seen the show Girls on HBO?  It’s the one where I binged watched for two days and was tweeting about it every night before bed.  This show is the epitome of #FirstWorldPRoblems  Trust me when I say that even for #FirstWorldProblems these girls act really… self entitled… which a lot of the BS circumstance that happens on this show is self inflicted.  Lena Dunham’s character on the show is Hannah.  Hannah is a narcissistic hypochondriac that has more sex than anyone I know.  She character is frumpy and dresses HORRIBLE yet this girl is pulling men from every corner.  It’s like… how do you have all these guys catering to you, you look like… THAT… and then you still complain about life?! I want to tell her character to GROW THE FUCK UP… Let me have YOUR problems.

Okay… I went on a little tangent.  I just really dislike this show… but I will continue to watch it because I want to hate watch it with Shanna.

Nonetheless, Lena typically looks a hot mess at award shows.  She looks frumpy, uncomfortable, and awkward… which is weird because she takes her top off and shows her bare breast pretty much every episode of Girls.  I have to thank God that she found her inner hot girl and posed with complete confidence in this beautiful yellow Zac Posen dress.


09: Reese Witherspoon

Golden Globes, Reese Witherspoon

Can Reese do no wrong?  Reese Whiterspoon is the queen of monochromatic dresses.  Case in point in this dark teal Calvin Klein Dress.

10: Cate Blanchett

Golden Globes, Cate Blanchet

I feel like I shouldn’t like this dress, but I can’t help it.  It’s like Mortia Adams passed this Armani Privé  over to Cate and was like… please take it because I no longer fit in it.

All photos via

Who was your favorite of them all?

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Best Dressed at the 2013 Met Gala

So this year’s theme for the Met Gala was ‘PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ . I am going to present to you, in no particular order (because I am SOOOOOO tired) some of my favorite looks for the event.

01: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway 2013 Met Gala 01 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

This is how you do Chaos to Couture! I am feeling EVERYTHING about this Valentino dress. Yes, I can do without the furry sleeves, but her attitude, body, and hair make up for it. I am IN LOVE with her new blonde color for her short hair. Then again, do have a MAJOR girl crush on her! Yes, I love her make up!


02: Sienna Miller

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 6, 2013 "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Another look that I am LIVING for! I knew from the SECOND I saw that jacket she was rocking Burberry. I am feeling that studded jacket (total punk to couture) and her white gown. It’s so beautiful and simplistic. She did a great job with this look.


03: Dakota Fanning

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Dakota’s mom should ground her for letting her little sister, Elle, walk out of the house looking like that. Like her younger sibling she is rocking a Rodarte dress.  The detail in the back makes the look. No. I am not excited about the eye make up, but meh.


04: Lena Dunham

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Here is the thing… I had such a debate on this one. I really like this Erdem dress, the problem with it is that Lena didn’t even try to work it. EVERY TIME I see this woman she always looks so insecure. Listen boo, you have a HIT TV SHOW on HBO and you’re only 26! I think you can take a bit of pride in that and walk around with your back straight.

05: Miranda Kerr

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Okay, I can see why Lena would be insecure. I’m following her look up with Miranda Kerr. She looks SICK in this Michael Kors dress.

06: Solange Knowles

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Solange may have missed the memo about the punk look. She looks more 70’s chic but right now I don’t care because she is working that Kenzo dress. Lena Dunham, take notes

07: Jennifer Lawrence

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

She really doesn’t look that punk in this Christian Dior dress but she does look good.

08: Minka Kelly

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Minka looks amazing in this Carolina Herrera dress. This design of this gown is breathtaking

09: Jennifer Morrison

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

When I first saw her I was like, “Dayum Kirsten Dunst looks good!” Then I realized it wasn’t Kirsten Dunst. Jennifer, trust me… that’s not a good thing. Wearing Donna Karan Atelier.


10: Emmy Rossum

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

Donna Karan Atelier was two for two last night!

11: Rooney Mara

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala US-FASHION-MET-COSTUME-GALA

This was my favorite dress from the 2013 Met Gala. Designed by Givenchy.

All Images Via


Who was your favorite look at the 2013 Met Gala?


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