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N.9th Event in Midlothian

I am a huge fan of supporting events that support humanitarian needs. Both on the local and international scale.  The festival helps raise awareness of causes around the world and give you information about what you do to help those in need.

While I was at attending the Deep Ellum Arts Festival some weekends ago I meet a graffiti artist who informed me about this event. He told me about a street artist from Los Angeles whose work I have been spotting all over town recently. Since it’s been a couple of weeks and I have the worse memory. I’m not sure if the artist goes by the moniker Handle with Care… or the street project around town is called Handle with Care. I want to say the project name is Handle with Care. I will post some pictures of his work on Sunday. Anywho, the artist told me this guy was going to be at the event this weekend and I could meet him and other graffiti artist in the city too. So I’m super excited!

Apparently this event is going to be HUGE. From my understanding about 2000 people showed up to this coffee shop last year. To avoid the crowd I plan on getting there around 10:30AM.

Easily accessible just 30 minutes from either downtown Dallas or Ft. Worth, the Lighthouse has offered “community, art, eats and drinks” since 2009 and is already a venue for some exceptional local and national talent. The street address is 1404 North Ninth Street, just off of Highway 67, and there is a map available on the website at lighthousecoffeebar.com.

Come and Join Me Saturday!

Click HERE for additional information about this event.


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Let’s Get Ready to STUMBLEEEEEE!!!!

To say if I had a busy St. Patricks Day weekend is an understatement.  Aside from drinking Friday and Saturday I also had a (surprise) shoot on Saturday night and Sunday morning.   I’m still going.  Not all of us has the luxury of going to SXSW and seeing the handsome Channing Tatum *cough Shanna cough*

Want to hear a funny story?  Okay, so remember in my recent OOTD post how I told you guys the story with me walking into a pole I was looking at?  Well, when I first arrived at the clinic there was this male nurse that was helping me.  He’s was super nice and funny.  Well, I saw him again Thursday because I had to go back for my “discharge”  from the clinic.  He was really cool then too… but I guess you have to be because I can only imgaine the cases they run into there.  Well, at the Block Party I see this cool ass t-shirt with Tupac on  it.  It had two photos of him.  One when he’s a little kid posing on those standard school photos and the second photo was of him older.  I thought it was so badass!  I ran up to this guy.   I tell  him how awesome his shirt is.  Then I look up at him and I’m like, “Dude, I know you!”  It was the male nurse.  LOL he recognized me and it was a good time.  Random all the people you run into at Dallas.

Aiight… so here are the rest of the photos for this years block party!

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Can someone please tell me why a one hour difference in time has completely switched my night and day? This entire past week, I have been a complete night owl, which was great for catching up on some SXSW action, but was awful for getting my work done. For a small smidgen of a taste of how awesome the shows were, here is the finale of the Counting Crows show from Friday night:

And, as promised, NO polka dots this week!!! Here are the top 9 looks:

1. Brooklyn Blonde

I’m going with this one first, since Korin already peeped it in her Monday Links because of the awesome shoes. The shoes here are fabulous, and I love the huge red purse. And you know – even with the bright purse, the sparkly jacket, the gold bangles, and the sky-high heels, this look is so easy. It does not look over done at all. via

2. Atlantic-Pacific

I LOVE these shoes!!!! I really like how muted these colors are, very autumnal. I guess this will have to wait until next September for me to really work it, but it keeps fall fresh in my mind. via

3. Lilly’s Style


These colors are so great, and I really like how her belt and purse are in the same color scheme, but are not a complete match. This is a very classic look that has been updated for her unique style, which is definitely how it should be! via

4. The Sartorialist 

This was basically my outfit and my attitude all week! I saw Bill Murray and Jack Black, and I am ashamed to say that I did freak out a little. Luckily, I was able to keep it to myself, and only did my happy dance once I was out of their line of sight. But still!! These could totally be my jeans, and I love the military jacket! via

5. Pink Peonies


This much neon could have been so overwhelming, but she kept it cool with the flats and the white jacket. And how awesome is it that her lipstick matches her skirt??!! That is attention to detail right there! via

6. My Edit


I am a huge fan of sheer shirts – they are so versatile, I’ve even worn mine to work (and that’s in a government law office, so if I can pull it off, anyone can). And her shoes are killer – I have a similar pair that I am always wanting to wear, and now I know exactly how to style them! via

7. This Time Tomorrow


It is all about her Wonder Woman cuffs! via

8. See Jane


I love the simple elegance of this. The shirt is not quite a peplum style, but it has enough flare to evoke that look. And the shoes… too beautiful! via

9. Pink Peonies


This was actually her sister, who she styled for prom. The dress is already gorgeous, but I just really loved this shot. This is one of those pictures that should be framed and held onto for years to come! via

Okay, so yeah, I only had nine looks, but hopefully Korin will forgive me, since I also had the CC video! Hope Spring Break treated you right and that you aren’t to worn out this week! – S

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Advent Week Two

Sunday night I attended my first ever Advent dinner. I had never experienced or heard of Advent until this year. Johanna educated me on the event (since her father is a priest… &… pictures up later this week). This was actually week two of Advent.

The dinner was fun. It was a small group people. Each Sunday a person host the dinner. The host prepares dinner, a scripture is read, and then pop a fun gift. There was tons of laughter and I got to know people I would have never met if it weren’t for Johanna. The night ended in us playing Murder (or Wolf in some countries). It was one of the best Sundays I have had in awhile.

The dress pictured is one I have had for over two years. Sunday was my first time wearing it. I purchased the dress from Accents located in Dallas. The zipper neckline is very fun and unique! I love how you can button or unbutton the neckline to create a cowl shape.

PSA: Accents has this MASSIVE 40% off sale the first Tuesday of every month! That means that the next 40% off the ENTIRE STORE will be TOMORROW (12.06.2011). Go check it out! I think I’m going to buy Johanna some super cool earrings tomorrow! Accents has great clothes and some of the best costume jewelry out there! Plus, I’m always about supporting small businesses.


3699 McKinney Avenue #502, Dallas TX 75204


3900 Arlington Highlands Blvd. #173, Arlington, TX 76018

|Dress: Ya c/o Accents| Tights: Forever21| Booties: ShoeDazzle| Belt: Sash stolen from my BCBG Dress|Ring: Charlotte Russe| Bracelet: Guess| Earrings… I CANNOT remember!|

PS: How much do you love Jax?!

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Count Your Blessings

Here are the pictures from Thanksgiving. I was sleeping from all until about 30 minutes ago. Jo and I braved the craziness that is Black Friday and came out victorious. Well, she did at least. More about that tomorrow.

Thanksgiving was small and quaint. My brother and I were able to give Johanna her first Thanksgiving meal where she made a salad and these yummy German croissants. My brother TORE those little croissants up! My brother made a delicious ham and dirty rice. He also provided all the drinks and the location. I made the turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, and purchased all the drinks. All and all I think it was successful.

|Jacket: BCBG| Top: Strut| Jeans: Guess| Shoes: Aldo| Earrings: Strut|

Jo and I jammed out to Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  I LOVE this CD.  My favorite song is power.

 I cannot tell you how old this radio is, but I’m hoping to keep it for another 10 years if possible…  

These were YUMMY!!!!

 The smell of the garlic was divine!

 Sorry, we didn’t get all extra fancy with the decor.  We just wanted to grub!

 My little brother.

This midget mutt ate like a KING yesterday!  My brother gave him whole potatoes, Jo gave him egg yolks, I gave him turkey, the baby feed him biscuits… and beleive me… he was standing right next to the table waiting for us all to mess up and grab the food that fell on the floor.  Needless to say, he was successful in getting a lot of food.  He went into a turkey coma and fell asleep as everyone came over to rub his tummy.

How did everyone spend their Black Friday?  

I’m thinking about going to a thrift store right now.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This morning Jo and I went to White Rock Lake to see if it would be a good location to do my next shoot with her and one of her classmates. It was Thanksgiving morning and the streets were beautifly empty. If any of you work, live, or visit Dallas you know that there is traffic 24/7… but today… today was serene.

There was a huge fog over the city. However, I could not describe it as ugly. It was a beautiful, majestic, and humbling. As you can see from the photos the fog looked mystifying over the lake. It was really inspiring so I had to pull out the Nikon.

This was a great start to a beautiful day.

 Thanksgiving Outfit of the Day tomorrow!  Of course, with full Thanksgiving pictures.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

I’m heading off to bed… Black Friday starts at 3 AM for Jo and me!

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Care for me!  Care for me!

I’m running a day behind again! I’m sorry!!!!! This morning I put up a flyer to this quarter’s Dallas Flea. I would suggest everyone go to The Dallas Flea this go around since it’s super close to the holidays and you can bet on a lot of cool and unique vendors being there. I’m not sure if I can make it myself since that’s a super busy weekend.

The above video is an oldie, but goodie. I heard a woman playing it this past weekend and I KNEW that it had to be Monday/Tuesday song. I hope it made at least one person smile.

I wanted to add my pictures from this past weekend to this entry, but I left my bag, wallet, money, and SD card at work. The weather was horrible and the traffic bad was so bad that I couldn’t have been bothered to turn back around. I’m going to have to do an separate entry tomorrow.

Favorite New Blog:

5 Inch and Up… Thank me later

Links to Check Out:

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Bridal Bootcamp!

Beautiful. Simple. Photography.

When Donatella was designing Versace for H&M this is what she had in mind!

GQ names Jay-Z Man of the Year!

Sammy gives us 5 reasons why thrifting is addicting

The best rendition of the National Anthem sang by Marvin Gaye in 1983

I pray you guys have a safe week and an even better Thanksgiving!!!

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