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Lupita Nyongo, US Vogue, July 2014, Mikael Jansson Cover

Considering we are day 5 in this month I’m a little late to this game… can we say fashionably late?  Yeah, that wasn’t very witty now was it?

It’s no secret that I love Lupita N’yongo.  I know some people will understand this while others don’t, but it’s really nice to look at the cover of a magazine and see a woman that looks like you.  Skin the color of onyx, natural hair, full lips, fit, intelligent, graceful, and well spoken.  It can be tiring with the news only promoting the stereotypes of your ethnic origin.

Lupita is a breath of fresh air. 

Every time she speaks my heart just loves her more and more.  It’s so rare to find celebrities so genuine in what they say and do.  She hasn’t been eaten alive by media and ITS definition of beauty.

Rumor has it that this was supposed to be the coveted September cover, but for whatever reason didn’t make it.  I’m not 100% sure that’s a true fact but I  must say that Lupita is new to the game and ANY Vogue cover is a win.

Lupita Nyongo, US Vogue, July 2014 Mikael Jansson, 01, Lupita Nyongo, US Vogue, July 2014 Mikael Jansson, 01, Lupita Nyongo, US Vogue, July 2014 Mikael Jansson, 01, Lupita Nyongo, US Vogue, July 2014 Mikael Jansson, 01, Lupita Nyongo, US Vogue, July 2014 Mikael Jansson, 01,

Another win?  The fact that this cover wasn’t shot by Mario Testino or Annie Liebovitz.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE both those photographers but it’s great to see that Mikael Jansson has finally made it to US Vogue status… probably another reason why this wasn’t the September cover (because he’s not a household name yet).  Nonetheless his photos are beyond extraordinary.  In fact, they are breathtaking.  My favorite is the one in the teal bathroom with the dried flower all over the floor.  How beautiful is that image?   I love the fact he used a wide angle lens for these photos.

Okay, the photographer in me is peeking her head out.

These photos are certified art.

I can’t wait to see more diverse group of women grace the cover of Vogue in the future.  I’m glad to see that magazine are coming to realize women of color can sell clothes and look amazing in them.   Other than the beautiful, anorexic, blondes.  I would love to see Asian, Indian, a red head graced with this honor.

Also, can we bring back the Supermodel please?

What do you guys think of Lupita’s cover?



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The Heist!

Wendy Frame Magazine


Sorry for the last post! I have been doing the crossfit thing, got home, took a shower, cooked, and then watched World War Z. I wanted to edit the photos for what would have been today’s post, but while watching the movie Brad Pitt and the entire cast had me captivated and I couldn’t take my eyes away! I really enjoyed this movie. Pitt’s character explored a different side of the zombie apocalypse. It’s almost, like, the real side… if you believe in zombies.

That’s not the point of this post. This weekend, if you have time check out Wendy’s online magazine called the Frame. This is its inaugural issue.

I have always wanted to do a magazine that showcases all my work as a photographer, and I believe that Wendy has just inspired me to attempt just that. I REALLY love the cover of this magazine. It is really editorial. My favorite spread was the Mission. Of the Mission looks Heist rocked my favorite pull.

The online mag isn’t super longs so take about 15 or 20 minutes and flip through the pages. Trust me. You’ll love it!

Happy Weekend!




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I know, I know, it has been forever and a day since I graced your presence, which K rightly pointed out to me, so here I am. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to see The Great Gatsby next week. I already have my night planned out (including outfit – I will try to get pics). I’ve been listening to each new song as it has dropped, and they are all amazing!!!! The one thing that was holding me back was Carey Mulligan.

Don’t get me wrong, girl is gorgeous, but she seemed a little too young to really play Daisy. Then I saw this cover:carey-mulligan-cover-gallery-tsr

Tell me, just try and tell me, that she does not look out. of this. world. This is exactly how I pictured Daisy! Oh, and of course it gets better!!carey-mulligan-vogue-may-2013-cover-7__oPt Daisy-The-Great-Gatsby1 gatsby-carey-mulligan-vogue-07 carey2-419x569

I have to admit, this final dress is my absolute favorite. If there was ever something that I would steal from a movie set, this would be it. Although the bracelets worn on the cover would be nice to own too! All photos are in the current issue of Vogue Magazine, and are, of course, the work of Mario Testino.

I’ll check back in after I see the movie next week, and will regale you all with the tales of lovely fashions amid dashed dreams!

– S

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Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus Cover Elle UK 2013 01

…Is looking all colors of fantastic for ELLE UK’s June 2013 cover. Miley Cyrus short platinum blonde hair works for her. I don’t hare what anyone says. I just love her I don’t give a flying *beep* attitude. Doesn’t Miley make-up look great?   Expect to see every make-up guru on YouTube covering it. LOL

Elle, your magazine covers have been looking better and BETTER EVERY SINGLE MONTH! I need to showcase Rita Ora’s cover. I am just FLOORED with the sophisticated direction Elle is going in for their covers.

Here are more pictures of Miley Cyrus for the spread.

Miley Cyrus Cover Elle UK 2013 03 Miley Cyrus Cover Elle UK 2013 02 Miley Cyrus Cover Elle UK 2013 04


What do you guys think of Miley’s cover?


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I have to Say…

BeyonceGQ04 BeyonceGQ03 BeyonceGQ01 BeyonceGQ02

She really bounced back after having a baby.  Really?  How many woman can say they popped out a kid and a year later look like they’ve never given birth a day in their life?

I have  to say again, that I just LOVE the photography in this shoot.  Simple. Colorful. Fresh.

Rock On.

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Girl, Hold Up!


Doesn’t Beyoncé look all colors of amazing?!

GQ, whoever the photographer is tell him I said that I really appreciate the work! Also, GQ, I would love to be a photographer on your staff. Feel free to email me at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com if you wanna see more of my skills!

I have to say this is PERFECT composition on how to make a woman look like a sexy diva without bordering on trashy. When I capture shots of women that’s what I am for.

I really need to get her necklace and bracelet into possession. I LOVE chunky hardware!

How cute are those booty shorts showcasing the zipper? LOL. I actually have some shorts like that… not for me… but for my shoots!

You know what I would love to see on a cover of GQ? Kerry Washington.

If you guys could pick one famous person to be on a cover of GQ, who would it be?

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Ummmmm, Seriously?!

Before I begin let me preface, I LOVE Chelsea Handler. I think she’s obnoxious, loud,  and probably an asshole to be around. In other words, I find her delightful.

No. I actually find her intelligent and incredibly witty.

However, her cover for Marie Claire’s September 2012 issue is just a HOT ASS MESS!

Where do I begin?

Lets forget the fact they photoshop the SHIT out of her face. Geeeeeeez! It took me a second to even realize that was Chelsea Handler (and I got this photo from her Facebook page).

I just dislike this suit.

Marie Claire should be apologizing to Chelsea about this.

Now am I saying the suit is bad?


 The suit isn’t a strong enough look to be on the cover of any magazine…

And that includes Highlights.

I don’t think I have ever picked up a Marie Claire magazine, EVER. Seeing Ms. Handler in this ugly ass suit is not helping their cause either.

Marie Claire is going to have to step up its game if it wants the younger generation to flip through the pages.

What do you guys think of Chelsea Handlers magazine cover for Marie Claire?



PS: Happy Friday!


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