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Happy Monday

Capitalism, grafitti

Who else is tired of feeling like this when they wake up Monday through Friday?  I for sure am.

When I went to San Diego I met someone who really enlightened me.  He lived in Australia for a month and then travelled and stayed in Bali for three months.  He just left his life and surfed for 25% of the year.

Could you imagine just leaving?

Living your life by your own beat.

There has to be something so freeing about not conforming to societies idea of what a fulfilled life should entail.  This person I spoke to claimed he was selfish in a way, but in reality he was far from that.


I have some so many photos and stories I want to share from my travels to San Diego, but that’s going to have to be at another time when I have a moment to just edit my own stuff and be at one with me.

However, I thought this photo was fitting for Monday.

Lets do this y’all!


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Monday Links on Monday?!  SHUDDUP!

No looking back

Music: Kendrick Lamar and Imagination Dragon 2014 Grammy Performance

Shoe Porn

Zig Zag Heels

Zig Zags


Blazer and Red Clutch

Black Blazer and Red Clutch

That Checkered Top

That skirt

That Coat

That Purse


Dark Skin girls are pretty

The Beauty of Dark Skin

I Just Loved the First Photo

Lovin’ the Models for this Adidas Campaign!

Versace is SLAYIN’ IT this season!

The Sapeurs of the Congo!… Clearly the best dressed men in the world

I left my heart with Elie Saab

Happy Monday Y’all!!!


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Happy Tuesday Y’all!!!

cat massage, gif, kitten

I feel like I have been run over my a fuckin’ 18 wheeler.  Like ran over me… backed up… and ran over me again.  Of course this would happen during my first week at my new job.  I have been taking sinus medican like it’s skittle.  I am  not one to take pills, but I really don’t wanna already miss work.  So I know I’m doing the 365 project and I will be probably after this week.  I would write more, but I’m on the phone half listening to someone and I can’t write my complete thoughts.  I wanna do more outfit of the days, but I’m having a problem with that but more of that later in another post.

Music: Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Blogs You Should Be Reading:


Shoe Porn


Thank Me Later

Sexy As Hell

The Ankle is Underrated

One of these Days


Grey Trench Jacket, Glamouria

I Really Want This Jacket

Cute Vintage Skirt

Olive Green Is Amazing

Nothing Like a Dunk Umbrella

Links of the Week

Beyonce On Sexual Equality

Beyonce Essay on Gender Equality

Multidisciplinary Art

Quinoa Patty Yum!

How to Wear a Jump Suit

Unknown African Men’s Suit! TRUST you will LOVE these!! #Swagga

Have a Great Week!!!

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Can You Believe This Month is Half Over?!

Tom Ford Quote

Music: She Knows by J. Cole

Shoe Porn

Chevron Print Shoes


Sexy Black Strappy

Hot Blue

Classic Adidas

Huge Red Bows



Oaxacan Duffle

Black Origami Skirt

Black Scallop Laser Cut Dress

Black Blazer with Leather Sleeves

Pink High Collared Trench

Links of the Week

Terry Richardson Inspired Photography

Loving the Photos Here

I need one of these

How to take care of Natural Hair

New Orleans Does Look Pretty

Happy Hump Day!

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Happy First Monday of 2014! 

Smile, Katy Trail, Dallas

Music: If I Ruled the World Nas F://Lauren Hill

DIY: Lite Brite

DIY, Lite Brite

Shoe Porn

Nike Blazer Mid Suede Pink

Starting off your New Year Right

These Shoes Remind Me of Cake

Blue Snake Skin Come Hither

Magenta Heels

Classic Black Pump


Valentines Day, Lingerie

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Hare Clutch

That Portfolio

That Button Up

That Jacket Looks SOOOOO Warm

Links of the Week

Dancing Red TuTu

I want to live life as innocent as this again

One Day I will be sophisticated Enough to through this kind of party

Awesome Photography Project

These drinks would look classy at my grown up party

Fact: Creative People Have to Isolate Themselves

Have a great week!!!

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And the Countdown for Friday Begins!

You are more than beautiful, Beautiful Women, Neon Light

So Drunk in Love

How many of you copped that new Beyonce album?  Hey.  I’ll even admit that once I heard Queen B dropped an unannounced media driven album (14 songs, 17 videos) I handed over my $16 to iTunes.  I have to admit that I am not disappointed.  I may not be B biggest fan, but I will give props to where they are due.  Beyonce’s sound seems more liberating. She actually sounds free.  She sounds like she doing this for her… and nobody else.  

Thank God B.

DYI: Flower Headband

DYI Flower Headband, Floral Headband

Shoe Porn

Steve Madden Deluxe Bootie

Kicks to Kill

Metallic Burn

Spanish Red


DIY Cape Jacket

Window Pane Dress

Boyfriend Jeans

Yellow Tribal Clutch

Gold Chain Necklace

Links of the Week

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

It’s so cold outside but this still looks so good!

I have hair envy right now

Prada is in the Pill Game

I Wanna Make This!

Merry Pre-Christmas Week!!!

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Let’s Do This Monday…

Nelson Mandela Gif Thank You

I am so not ready to get back to work after being on vacation for a week. I have so many sessions that I need to work… well, in all honestly I’m caught up, but I got so used to just working on my photography and doing things that I wanted that I didn’t miss a day of work…

Now don’t get me wrong… I will miss those paychecks. Especially with the holiday season is coming up, but I guess I’ll be fine.

If you guys weren’t aware the City of Dallas is officially frozen. Well, the ice started melting, but it froze again over night I’m not sure if I’m supposed to go into work. The school districts are still closed even the person staying with me received an email that stated that they shouldn’t head to the office until noon tomorrow.

I guess I just want to savor one more day not sitting behind a cubicle.

Like you guys wanted to read all that.

Here are the links for the week.

DYI: Herb Roasted Almonds

herb roasted almonds

Shoe Porn

rainbow sneakers

Rainbow Sneakers

Grey Fabric Heels

Red and Jaguar

Blue and Jaguar

Ninja Black

That Ankle Buckle

So Miami


Varsity Jacket

That Varsity Jacket

All of This

That Skirt

That Clutch is on my Christmas List

So is this Sequin Skirt

Links of the Week

Fuck This Shit

Seriously, Fuck This Shit

You can also add everything on hear on my birthday wish list

This Mirror is So Cute

Curlfomer Dupes Found

Great Lookbook

Have a great week!

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