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Affordable & Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Texas Wedding Dress Simply Bridal

Hey guys!  I’m going to PUNISH this 365 project so I want to apologize now for the late post.  Come next week I will have more time to post on a regular basis.  I will also start bringing back Looks of the Week and Top Links as well.  However, I wanted to share with you all some recent work that I have done for my personal portfolio in conjunction with Simply Bridal.

Please check out Simply Bridal for Affordable Wedding Dresses.


If you guys can remember that earlier in the year I had a contest to pick the overall favorite wedding dress for me to shoot.  That winning Dress was Marianne.  This dress is so beautiful because it has a vintage vibe for the modern woman.  I LOVE the opening in the back of the dress.  It’s sexy and subtle.

Now our model is Celina.  She is only 5’2.  I love to hire models who aren’t the “Typical” catwalk-tall-afraid-to-eat types.  Celina was a fucking blast to shoot and I can’t wait to work with her more.  She knew instinctively the look I was going for in the photos.  I plan to work with her more in the future to help build her portfolio along with mine.


Of course the make-up was done by the one and only Jazzy Baptiste.  I LOVE his work.  Since this summer Jazzy and I have worked together on a number of projects and I just about love all of them.  I wanted to make Jazzy a book of all the work we have done together this year, but my external drive crashed on me so I won’t be able to do that for a while =(.

DSC_7747_edited-1 DSC_7460_edited-1 Affordable Wedding Dresses DSC_7520_edited-1 DSC_7821_02_edited-1 DSC_7536_edited-1

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy this set.  If you like to see more of my work please LIKE my Facebook page HERE!

If you’re in the Dallas or Austin area and are looking for a great photographer for Senior, Headshots, Engagement, Models, Music, or whatever please hit me at info@urbanjunglephoto.com

Have a great evening guys!

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Portrait Photography in Austin


I know! You guys haven’t seen S in awhile. She has been off being a LEGITIMATE rockstar to the SUPREME level! And there is no pun when I saw Supreme! I am so happy and proud to know and love S. She is by far one of my favorite people on the planet.

So when she asked if I would take the time schedule a fun portrait session  with her I, of course, said no.


Of course I said yes! I have known this woman for 20 years come August!

GEEZ I’m old!

But we look so dayum good!

Especially S!

My girl has been through a tone of growing in the last two years and it has made her an even more awesome person. As we all continue to grow we blossom into who we are meant to be and that’s what I wanted to portray in these photos with Shanna.

I also wanted to do a more film style on digital and because she is amazing she let me experiment with this style. I have to say that I really do dig it.

901_edited-1 DSC_0501_edited-1 DSC_0481_edited-1 898_02_edited-1 931_02_edited-1 848_edited-1 841_edited-1

I hope you guys enjoyed viewing these photos as much I we enjoyed taking them! If you want to see more of my work please visit and LIKE my Photography Facebook page, UrbanJunglePhotography

Happy Sunday!

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Headshot/Portrait Photographer in Dallas

Urban Jungle Photography Nina 10

Hello all!  Here is a current shoot that I did with a recent law graduate last week, Nina.  This woman is both gorgeous and smart and is now looking for a new position.  She requested my photography services for headshots.  She wanted a great profile picture for her LinkedIn profile.  A great photo can make a hell of a difference!  She was in love with the photos and I hope you guys are as well.

Urban Jungle Photography Nina 01 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 02 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 08 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 06 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 03 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 05 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 04 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 07 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 09

If you are looking for a great photographer in the Dallas area please check out the rest of my work at on Facebook at UrbanJunglePhotography.  Please send any emails to UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com

Have a great day!

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Fourth of July Here I Come!


Here is a recent shoot I completed about two weeks ago with the lovely Tayana. I really loved working with her. There is nothing better to a photographer than a model that can take direction. This was my first attempt at bikini/lingerie photography and I plan to continue to learn and grow. I just wanted to show you guys what I have been up to for my personal business.

Today Jax and I I will be heading down south to Austin for Fourth of July weekend. I plan to chill with family and friends. Kissing my nephew, bar hopping, and light debauchery are all in my near future. I will also be chilling with the Spill.com group for Spill Dot Con. I have already met Korey and Leon (Martin) who are super cool… but I can’t wait to meet Tony (Co-Host) and Chris (Cyrus). I hope I don’t geek out over them and I’m able find some words to say.

DSC_0452_02_edited-1 DSC_0384_edited-1 DSC_0532_edited-1 DSC_0395_edited-1 DSC_0521_edited-1 DSC_0464_edited-1 DSC_0552_edited-1


Also, while I’m in town I will be hosting a number of photo shoots. If you live in the Austin area and have been considering getting some professional pictures (rather for yourself, couples, or small family) send me a message at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com. Also check out my current special on Living Social!

Living Social Urban Jungle Photography

I know I have been very good about posting the last week or so, but the rest of the week may be a bit of a challenge  as I will be running around all over town, but I will trying to get something posted!

Have a great holiday!


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Urban Jungle Photography for Living Social

Living Social Urban Jungle Photography

I have an EXCITING announcement to make!  

Today marks the day I have been officially featured on Living Social!  Yeah!  If you’re in the Dallas or Austin area and are looking for a fantastic photographer the specializes in the urban scene then look no further.  My Living Social deal  features the following goodies:

• $65 ($280 value) for a one-hour family or engagement photo session
• Includes 20 photos in a private gallery, five edited digital photos, and an 8×10 print
• Call to schedule your appointment


If you’re in the Dallas or Austin area and are looking for a family or engagement photographer then please check out my work and book me!

Here is a link to Urban Jungle Photography on Facebook.

A link to Urban Jungle Photography portfolio

A link to book Urban Jungle Photography for $65!

I update my Facebook page weekly!

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Summer 2013 Vintage Lookbook

Imperfect Concepts Lookbook LK Editorial Part I (4 of 9)_edited-1

When I take on jobs I REALLY have to like my client. Especially when the jobs deal with their business. I LOVE working with Tasha, the owner of Imperfect Concepts Vintage Boutique. She knows EXACTLY what she wants, how she wants, and when she wants it. I prefer to deal with direct people who are open to interpretation and still let me involve some of my style. Check out Imperfect Concepts Boutique at http://www.imperfectconcepts.com/

Imperfect Concepts Lookbook LK Editorial Part I (8 of 9)_edited-1 Imperfect Concepts Lookbook LK Editorial Part II (7 of 9)_edited-1 Imperfect Concepts Lookbook LK Editorial Part I (9 of 9)_edited-1 Imperfect Concepts Lookbook LK Editorial Part I (3 of 9)_edited-1

To see more of my work please visit Imperfect Concepts Boutique!

To see more of my work visit my Urban Jungle Photography Facebook Page!  

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New Nikon D7100

Nikon D7100 (1 of 2)

Recently I brought home a new bouncy baby girl.  Her name is Daisee and she is a Nikon D7100.  I have been saving up to get the Nikon D7000 and every week I would check BestBuy.com and see how much the price is and if there is a bundle out for it yet.  Well, this past week I saw the price for the D7000 drop from $1200 to $999.  Then I checked the prices for Nikon D7100.  Best Buy dropped the price from $1600 to $1496.  This priced included the 18-105 lens.  Of course I made that commitment and purchased that bad boy girl.

As of right I love the feel of Daisee.  She’s great to hold and, to me, kinda shoots like a Canon… except the feel is better.  

I would post some work that I have shot, but I do all my sessions in RAW and for some reason PSE9 and Lightroom 4 are not recognizing the Nikon D7100  RAW files.  In fact Lightroom had an update to include D7100 files.  I updated Lightroom 4 and when I attempted again to open up those files they still didn’t populate.

Right now it’s 1:53 AM Sunday morning and I just finished an editing session that included over 2100 photos.  As you can imagine I’m a wee bit too tired to REALLY try researching my Lightroom 4 issues.  *ugh*

So once I get the photos to populate I will show everyone what I have shot so far since Daisee’s arrival.

Nikon D7100 (2 of 2)

If anyone has any suggestions on how to open up my RAW files in Lightroom 4 or PSE9 please let me know!

PS… I can’t get that dayum Cloud Atlas song outta my head!


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