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This cover is amazing!

Well, before I go there… where the *beep* have I been to where this is the first time I’m coming across this cover?!  During my photo shoot on Saturday we stepped into 7-11 to get water and while speaking to the MUA we both zoned in on the cover of Elle.  What really caught my eye was the intense yellow background that Elle used.  That was a great marketing technique!  While all the other magazines are cute and plain they hyped it up with such an eye catching color.

The dress the Ms. Gomez is rocking on the cover is phenomenal!  My inner bohemian hipster is screaming in joy.  The embroidered Balmain top is the definition of decedent.

This issue is a double cover with Selena in a mesh Dolce and Gabbana corset.

However, I must say that I love this chain dress from the house of Yves Saint Laurent.  So, once YSL changes their name, is this dress considered an automatic vintage?  LOL.

Have you guys seen Elle in your local stores?  What do you think about it?




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 Selena Gomez in a Julien Macdonald dress, Brian Atwood heels, Judith Leiber clutch, and Ofira jewelry.

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2011 Best and Worst Dressed Billboard Music Awards

I have to stay that I didn’t get to watch the 2011 Billboard Music Awards live (not all of it anyway) but all the performances I caught where AMAZING!  ESPECIALLY Beyonce’s!!!!!  That BITCH KILLED IT!!!!!  I mean she set the bar and then MURDERED IT!!!! 

Aiight so let’s go on with my Best and Worst of the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.


This bitch blew it away!  And her performance wasn’t bad either… I think I kinda got excited watching it… Here is the S&M singer in a FANTASTIC white on white suit This girl looked like she descended from Heaven.  Not ONLY are her clothes ON POINT her make-up is SEXY and SUBTLE. 

The suit is from Max Azria.  What I love I LOVE about this look isthat it is meanwwear inspired, but SEXY to NO END.  I love that the open shirt draws your attention to a beautiful gold Solange Azagury necklace.  Her Neil Lane earrings are gorgeous.  The rings are brought to you by Cartier, Jack Vartanian, Harry Winston, and Neil Lane.  How do end a PERFECT outfit?  In some nude Christian Louboutin heels!  DAYUM GIRL! WERK!

Kelly Rowland

Reppin’ the dark skinned girls in a hot pink Max Azria bandage dress!  I LOVE this dress on the Motivation singer!!!  She looks freakin’ delectable!  Max Azria really loves his girls of African descent!

Taylor Swift

This little country girl is growing up!  ANY designer would fight to the death to dress such a beautiful girl.  If music doesn’t work out for you girl, you can EASILY transition into a supermodel.  Ms. Swift standsat 5’10.  I bet Elie Saab is LOVING that you made this dress look right!


Didn’t this girl give the performance of her life?!  I mean, she IS the definition of a performer!  I don’t know the designer of this dress, but I LOVE the simplicity of it, the plunging neckline that leads to a huge embellishment at the end, and the chandelier earrings are to die for!

Selena Gomez

Ms. Gomez is really stepping up her game.  Here she is rocking a Dolce and Gabana black cut out dress.  Her jewelry is by Neil Lane, clutch is Judith Leiber, and shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti.


Nicole Kidman

Okay.  I’m going to be 100%.  I wasn’t EVEN going to do a worst dress list for the 2011 Billboard Music Awards… that’s until is laid my eyes on Morticia Addams Nicole Kidman.  This lady couldn’t have cared less than to be there.  She has this… “Geezus!  Will you please HURRY UP AND TAKE THE DAYUM PICTURE” face.  I’m sure all she’s thinking about is wanting to be done with this award show so she can go back to eating caviar, or whatever rich actress do.

On the upside her hair and makeup look FLAWLESS

Nicki Minaj

OF COURSE she would make it on this list.  Honestly, I don’t even have the STRENGTH to go off on this girl.  All I can say is, “she knows better than that.”  I would LOVE to see Nicki serious for once.  But at last, here she is in a Mark Fast light blue jump suit.

Her only saving grace the Versace Resort lace up shoes she’s wearing.


You look like Wednesday Addams in this Heger Leger dress.  Are you for real right now?  I mean for real?  I guess she’s getting ready for Lady GaGa’s Monster Ball.

It’s is really past by bedtime right now…

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Selena Gomez looking cute while out. While I’m all about traditional with a modern twist, as long you’re your comfy, but I really hate that this look is so ‘90s grunge. There really isn’t much thought into it (in my opinion). I guess in other words, the outfit is cute, but not effortless. I really like when people have innovative styles. If you are going vintage wear authentic vintage clothes. When you have authentic vintage pieces with new current styles, your style appears that much better.

Now Dianna Agron did the grunge look right. Even though Dianna has a modern spin on it, she doesn’t attempt to use new fashion made old to pull the look off. She uses new fashion to give that ‘90s grunge look. Here’s the main thing, Selena wore jewelry… and accessories were not a big thing in the grunge era.  As you can see Ms. Agron is not pictured with any accessories on and did not wear faux Doc Martins. She decided to wear some 21st century knee high boots , “Elle” by Tory Burch.

However, on Tuesday February 08th Selena came out looking like a modern day Hollywood Icon at Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never premier. I LOVE this royal purple dress by Reem Acra. This is what stylish but effortless is all about!

PS… I will give Selena kudos for those Aviators by Ray-Ban.

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