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Let me just say this disclaimer up front – there have already been hundreds of articles about the fact that the spending habits on Sex and the City aren’t realistic, and this is not one of those articles. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…


What are we actually paying for??


K and I were talking the other day about how we’re getting to a place in life where we like the finer things, but we’re not willing to pay full price for them, especially since we see things ridiculously discounted all. the. time. And I commented that I had well over 100 pairs of shoes, and I had not paid anywhere near the $40,000 that Carrie Bradshaw had paid for her shoe collection. (Remember – when she was trying to get the down-payment money to buy her condo after she and Aiden broke up for the gazillionth time, and Miranda asked her how many shoes she had, she said 100 [I’m paraphrasing] and Miranda said “100 shoes at $400 each – there’s your down-payment.”) Here’s the thing though – I was recently looking at fancy shoes, because I am kinda-sorta getting to a point where I could conceivably purchase a pair of shoes for $400, and you know what??? Manolo Blahnik shoes (which, I think we can all agree, is the vast majority of Carrie’s shoe collection) are no longer in the $400 price range! In fact, this pair, which I am reasonably sure is the pair that was stolen at the baby shower and which Carrie said cost $600, is now $755. The most basic black, pointy-toed pump that I could find on Nordstrom’s site was this one,  which is $595. So, in the years since SaTC was the big thing, these shoe prices have gone up about $150 – $200, which, at least for the “cheap” pair, was an increase of 50% (K, check my math).

Which begs the question – what the heck are we paying for?? Sure, I get supply and demand, and I understand that the show made these shoes much more popular, but still! The shoes were already $400/pair, which is not in the range of “average” people (considering that the national average on salaries in around $47,000/year).  What has happened to make the price jump so dramatically?? Is there a shortage of Italian shoe-makers? Have the special cows whose skin we use for these shoes gone on strike until they get better food??

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that certain luxury items cost more for a variety of reasons. An Hermes purse will always cost more than a Coach purse because the former is hand-stitched, usually has higher quality materials and standards, and is produced in smaller numbers. I also get that it is a status symbol. Not every college co-ed is running around with a Birkin on her arm. (Side note – I’ll be honest, I feel the same way about Hermes as Holly Golightly felt about diamonds in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – “They look divine on older women, but I just don’t feel they’re right for me.”) However, remember when the Murakami Prada purses came out? It seemed that every single girl I passed on the way to Chem 101 was rocking one. There’s no way that all of those girls could afford one, nor, with the limited number which were available, do I think that every purse which was produced somehow ended up on the Texas State campus. I am all for luxury items which only the few and far between can afford. But when items which were once supposed to be achievable to the modern woman (or man, if you’re into that kind of thing) become out of reach for no fathomable reason other than that the maker saw a way to make more money, I get more than a little pissed.

On the Nordstrom site, there is a pair of lime green Manolos, on sale from $595 to $227.59. Now, you know that the maker is still making a profit off of these shoes, even on sale, so what was the extra $365.41 for?? Vanity?? I understand that in a free-market society, you can set your price wherever you want, and as long as people will pay it, you’re fine. I realize that we’ve always paid a premium for “the label,” but what exactly has that label gotten us in return? The sidewalk grate that scrape the heels on my Nine West finds are going to do the same to your Jimmy Choos, and rain does not care if you’re wearing leather or suede before it starts pouring down. I am constantly hearing stories about luxury makers complaining that their designs are being ripped off by other companies and sold for considerably cheaper. Legitimate question – would that still be happening on such a large scale if luxury makers charged a bit less? Is it better to sell 10 pairs of shoes at $600, or 100 pairs of shoes at $400?


– S


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The Urban Jungle

Aldo Leopard Print Pumps

I’ve had these shoes for awhile and I still love them.  Sometimes we just have to appreciate the things that we already have in your closets. 

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Kick Push and Coast…


Like I told S yesterday on the phone.  These were justified purchases because the sneakers were pretty.


I have an issue, I know.

Honestly I will rock these shoes.  I needed a good pair of walking shoes in the morning going into work so the Superga’s are going to be my everyday shoes… I don’t give an eff if they are orange.

Now the Adidas are going to be my go to concert sneakers.

When going out to concerts I always  have the HARDEST time choosing what I’m going to wear because I don’t have enough cool fashion sneakers.  With this bombass Adidas hightops I can’t imagine finding an outfit to be an issue.

Adidas_01 Adidas_02 Superga_01

Superga_03_edited-1 Superga_02_02 Superga_04_edited-1

Below is a conversation that I had on Facebook.  Please read because it’s pure hilarity!

Shoe Problem

How often do you guys rock sneakers?

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I Heart Shoes

Shoe Dazzle boots and white ankle boots

Last week I went on ShoeDazzle because I received an email about the fall preview sale.  I found a couple of pair of shoes that I loved and so I picked them up.  I ordered the shoes on Wednesday (07/17/2013) and I got them by Saturday (07/20/2013).

Here we go!!!!!

Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots

Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots DSC_6394 DSC_6395 DSC_6396 DSC_6397 DSC_6400 DSC_6403 Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots

How did you like the shoes reveal?

The white ankle boots are called Myona and while the black ones are Yemay.  I haven’t tried them on yet, but trust that I will when the fall rolls around!

What do you guys think of these shoes?

Have you purchased any boots from ShoeDazzle recently?

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Corina from Shoedazzle

Since I have a bit of discretionary income I thought  I should reward myself.  So I spurged and buy some new shoes… and by spurged I mean I spent $13.02 for these new kicks.

Yes, I’m a super shopper!

So I’m going to take a page out of Lisa’s book and doing a shoe reveal. I LOVE when Lisa does shoe reveals on her blog, but her shoes typically cost about a billion times more than mine would.

Okay… here we go!



I love the color of Shoedazzle boxes!


Yes!  I have super big feet.  Which is good cuz NO ONE can borrow shoes from me!


I love how Shoedazzle glams their products up with these dust bags.  I have countless amounts of them and have never used them.  DSC_0740

There she is!  Corina!  This is a heeless wedge shoe.  I wasn’t going to rock this trend, but when I I found I could cop them for $13.02 (including shipping) then I was all aboard the heeless wedge express!  CHOO!  CHOO!DSC_0742

There they go!DSC_0744 DSC_0748 DSC_0750 DSC_0752 DSC_0753


They are actually VERY easy to walk in.  I wanted to rock them last night at a pub crawl, but it has been raining like cats and dogs in Dallas recently and I resisted the urge to do so… because I didn’t want to fall on my face and look like an ass.  However, I will probably be rocking them around July 04th weekend.  I will be heading home to Austin for an extended stay and will have plenty of time to showcase the hell outta them.

I hope you guys liked this reveal! If so I will try and do more when/if I buy anymore shoes. My shoe closet is at full capacity right now.

What do you guys think about the heelless wedge trend?

Happy Sunday Funday!


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Shoe Porn in Motion

Yes, I agree… spending $400 on shoe (not matter if on sale or not) seems like a bit much.  However, one does have to appreciate living vicariously through one who can.  One day I hope I will have the ability to casually be able to drop $400 on a pair of shoes.

Now the questions is will I, even if I had the money?


Happy Monday!

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What do you all think?

December 2012 showroom from Shoedazzle




I’m personally love all three looks.  Tell me which one is your favorite.

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Go Boy!  It’s your birthday!

So last night I went to see my friend from High School, Quentin Moore, perform. Quentin is a great performer and I love attending his shows. On top of that it was his 30th birthday! Along with he held a performance at Otaru Japanese restaurant in Addison. Also, in attendance was his brother from another mother and another old school friend, Anthony. He’s the DJ.

I had so much fun… but the restaurant ran out of wine glasses…. So they put my wine in a cocktail glass and charged me $3.50 as a you call it. LOL. Too funny!

I really don’t have too much to say because I have all week off and I’m trying to NOT be lazy… however, it’s pretty hard. LOL. I have been dying to have a minute alone… I finally have it…and I’m just sitting here… being all sorts of lazy. Tomorrow I’m going to make more of an effort to not be lazy.

Yes, you have kinda seen this dress before. I wore it for Shanna’s 30th birthday (do you see a theme here). I love it… and I feel like wearing color this season… everyone can stick to black, white, and neutral… but remember, no one ever got noticed by look like everyone else.

 |Dress, Necklace, Belt: Strut| Shoes: ShoeDazzle| Earrings: Forgot the name| Bracelet: Forever 21 & Dallas Flea| Jacket: Ross|

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Just another sneak… regular post coming soon agian!

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“…but it’s better to be known for your soul.” Famous words of Kenneth Cole (appropriate, no?) I am known far and wide for my shoes, and this is one lesson that I am desperately trying to learn. There have been a lot of changes for me this year, and I’m trying to come out of it as a better person – physically, mentally, and emotionally. So for this month’s links, along with the usual fun fashiony tidbits, I am going to throw out some of the posts/sites that have been helping me along. Because working on yourself is like filling your closet – a never ending job!

Bonus Haul!!!

As some of you know, I work for a state agency, which means a few things – I get to wear almost anything I want; we’re having major budget concerns, so raises are hard to come by; and, every now and then, we get merit bonuses when there is a little extra money. I got this bonus on Friday, and it was AWESOME!!!! So of course, I went straight to the mall to spend my hard-earned money, and you know what?? It was hard! I went into Sephora TWICE and nobody would help me – not that they were all too busy, they were just standing around gossiping. But every time I approached someone, they walked off. So then I went to Express. But the one dress that I really wanted was not available in my size. So then I went to American Eagle – and then I remembered that I am not 22 anymore, and that nothing there is appropriate for the office. Then I went to Nine West. And while they were having a BOGO 50% off sale, I could only find TWO pairs of shoes that I liked (pictured below). Seriously, I thought I might be getting sick! But it got better on Saturday – I went to Marshall’s and found some cute things, and a pair of Nine West wedge mary janes on sale for $22 (pictured above). Then I went to Ulta, and had the most amazing help ever. Then it was off to Aveda, and again, had awesome assistance. So my money was able to spend itself 🙂

All shoe photos by ME!!!

ALSO… I am stealing a page from K’s book, and setting some June goals for myself. 

I have about $1500 in savings – I want to end the month with that same amount there or more. No more dipping!

Walk (I can’t run yet) at least 2 miles, five days a week.

Bring my lunch to work at least 3 days per week.

Go out at least once a week to happy hour or dinner with some friends.

Post at least 2 “extra” posts here (so on Saturday or Sunday)

Finally get off my lazy butt and go see The Avengers (and also Snow White and the Huntsman. Oh, and also Magic Mike – love me some Channing Tatum!!)


My favorite painting on a cake?? I better see this on my birthday!!

I need one of my exs to text me so that I can send this message.

Absolutely beautiful, but what are they all used for?

As I have been trying to eat healthier, I have been learning how to cook with the seasons, and this has been so helpful.

Perfect for getting clean after a night on the town.

I have literally been eating this 3-4 nights per week for the past month. I’ve just been substituting feta cheese for the mozzarella. Love tomato season!!!

To make up for a trip that I abandoned for my ex, I will be taking this vacation next February.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a bad place to go either!!!

I so need to brush up on my spy skills!!!

I think I could pull off making this

The two lessons I am focusing on right now.

– S

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