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So last week, none of my usual bloggers were really doing it for me. I don’t know if I had just been looking at them for too long, or if they were on vacay, but there was just no inspiration! This week, I have culled a new group of talent, and they are bringing the styles!

1. Viva Luxury


Yes, a perfect LBD – like you expect something different from me? I really like that she found a new way to do the lace dress thing that has been so popular (although, apparently that dress is from years ago).

2. Just Patience


I NEVER wear yellow (except in my shoes) but the color combo here is just so awesome! Plus, very few women look at their makeup as its own accessory, but her bright red lipstick is almost as much of an extra touch as a purse.

3. Style Scrapbook


In Shanna’s perfect fantasy world, I would wear this every.single.day.

4. Wish Wish Wish


I am usually allergic to cats, but these shoes are too cute. Love that the stars on her dress are not overpowering.

5. The Blond Salad


This is what summer is supposed to look like.

6. Just Patience


 The thing I love about this look is that it is totally something that everyone I know would wear to work. It transcends all trends, all styles, all body shapes – it’s a perfect work ensemble.

7. Style Scrapbook


I want that shirt. And her legs!

8. See Jane


Perfect, relaxed, breezy dress. What more could you ask for on a hot day?

9. Viva Luxury


I could never pull off that skirt, but I love that even though it is so attention grabbing, she didn’t shy away from adding pops of mint and an open neck shirt. It really pulls it all together.

– S

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For those of you who don’t follow the Austin weather, we have had several 100 plus days in the past week. It finally broke this weekend to give way to ridiculous amounts of humidity, which does nothing for my wavy hair, or my oily skin. It makes me just want to go lounge by the pool, hibernate until sunset (or even later) and only come out in the cool of the evening. So I am in need of easy, breezy, beautiful fashions, which these lovely bloggers have been kind enough to provide.

1. Brooklyn Blonde


Come on now, you know how I love polka-dots! This shirt is just so carefree and lovely, and the shorts are great. I love how this is dressed up for a fancier event.

2. Atlantic Pacific


Give me that skirt! Now!! I actually did go to the site to try to buy it, but sadly, they were all sold out of my size. I adore the play of blue and white on tangerine here – such a great color comb!!

3. Pink Peonies


 This is my typical weekend outfit. Nothing fancy, just perfect.

4.Southern Curls & Pearls


I actually never wear linen, but this outfit is making me re-evaluate that stance. And the neon pink shorts are too cute.

5. J’s Everyday Fashion


 Can I just mention, seeing all of  the shorts outfits that I have here – I don’t wear shorts. I am ridiculous like that. But I LOVE the color combo – purple and yellow should seem like kid’s play, but it feels very adult here.

6. Pink Peonies


 That shirt needs to be mine. That is all. Oh, and the shoes. Now that is all.

7. Gal Meets Glamvia

 I love long white dresses. They seem to just scream “Summer!!!” They are so cool and crisp – very Gatsby!

8. Hiking in Stilettos via

Again with the pink shorts! I love the menswear shirts with these shorts, obviously! That necklace is everywhere these days, but I haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

9. Lilly’s Style


 Again, typical Saturday Shanna outfit. Except I wear darker shades of green. The white shoes are a cute touch, and I love that she added a belt to upgrade the look.

10. Hiking in Stilettosvia 

Okay, clearly me and pink have a date in the near future. As a redhead, I tend to stay away from pink, but these looks are just too cute! Note to self: Add large bauble necklaces to everyday look – clearly that is the big trend right now!

– S

P.S. Here are the results on my June goals:

I have about $1500 in savings – I want to end the month with that same amount there or more. No more dipping! Okay, I did dip a bit, but that was to buy tickets to San Francisco, and I have already paid half of that money back, so I will call it a wash. 

Walk (I can’t run yet) at least 2 miles, five days a week. HA!!! Not so much. But I did start walking on Saturday mornings with some friends, and we do 3 miles per walk. 

Bring my lunch to work at least 3 days per week. HA!!! (Again) Yeah, totally did not happen. 

Go out at least once a week to happy hour or dinner with some friends. Did not manage every week, but did get some good ones in, so again, wash. 

Post at least 2 “extra” posts here (so on Saturday or Sunday) I am sorry, I slacked, and did not make this happen. 

Finally get off my lazy butt and go see The Avengers (and also Snow White and the Huntsman. Oh, and also Magic Mike – love me some Channing Tatum!!) Did go see the Avengers (my thoughts here) and I have to admit, I was so saddened by how much I did not like it that I did not go see any other flicks. But I will be seeing Dark Knight Rises this month!

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The Ease of the Look

How did you like S’s Monday Links yesterday?  Did you just NOT love that quote?  You have to love puns.    I’m sure glad she did her monthly goals because I didn’t do mine.  LOL.  If anything you guys should check out her shoe game… and the links!

Right now I’m listening to Polaroid by Shwayze. This song reminds me so much of summer. Meanwhile, lets get right to the top 10 of the week!

01: Being Chloe Rose

We have a new contender on our roster!

I like this outfit because it looks effortless. I love the ease and comfort of this look. Before I hated high waisted anything, but these high waisted pants turned into an capris (or whatever people call them these days) is so fun. The sleeveless sheer blouse with the embellished collar is really fun an unexpected.  Not to overdo the look, I love how it’s paired with nude heels. Due to the fact that the heels are nude they make her look leaner and taller.


02: In her Stilettos

Diya can do no wrong. I would have NEVER thought to ever place an outfit like this together. She is the ONLY person I know that can make a skirt that looks like it was made out of an old ladie’s curtain look like a piece taken right from the catwalk.

I love that shirt.

I love how the belt is the perfect medium for the skirt and the statement necklace.

She looks so put together and fashionable, but comfortable. A+ as far as I’m concerned.

FYI that skirt is DYI. I think I should make my own version of that.

Let’s see if I ever get past the “thinking” phase.


03: Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy sure loves the color rose, and I love it on her.


04: Sea of Shoes

Is it me or is Jane wearing more clothes that one would ACTUALLY wear in public? This girl has some of the MOST eccentric taste that I have ever seen, but I love her for it.

This toned down outfit is so simplisticly beautiful. She is wearing a light blue button up shirt,  a sexily appropriate summer skirt, and thin strappy heels. This is an outfit you could easily wear anywhere and look like a model.


05: Da Paura

Another newbie to the .   I would rock this outfit… without that blue shirt. I understand why she wore the tee. For her skin complexion I think she may have looked a little washed out without it, but it adds a spice of color. I love the statement necklace. She styled the necklace with the shirt perfectly because it’s not over powering.


06: Vintage Virgin

That white romper is what dreams are made of. I would rock that with some colorful orange wedges and truck it to brunch or an evening bbq. Yes, I’m the fool that would wear white to a BBQ because I love living life on the edge.


07: Style on the Couch

Where do I begin?

Let me initially state, you guys really need to sub to her blog. I love everything she posts…  on top of having immaculate style. I discovered her blog last month and have been in love since then. Since the motif this week is “ease” this outfit fits into the category perfectly.

The blouse is free, fun, and so New York. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the blouse is the silhouette of the New York skyline. Instead of basic boring blue jeans she pairs the blouse with Gap colbalt blue jean leggings. If the Gap is coming like that maybe I need to take a step in. The Zara shoes are the perfect ending to this fairytale of an outfit.


08: Glamouria

Maybe it’s because her background is like graffiti meets anime, but I love the comfort of this look. Again, another blogger opting for simple strappy shoes to create a dynamic outfit.


09: Kenza

This is what my inner rock star would wear… when walking Jax.


10: A House in the Hills

Now, this outfit is totally Austin to me. You have a fun romper and some funky ass printed wedged oxfords. You look fun, comfortable, and approachable.


Who do you like best this week?

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So, I was preparing my looks for this week (which, btw, I thought there would be some great holiday outfits, but I think everyone was on vacay), and I happened across this post from Refinery29.com, and I.just.stopped. Some of the things discussed in this piece have given me some major pause recently, especially the gifting of items to bloggers. Trust me, I am all about free swag. But, as the piece states, if 50% of your outfit was a gift from a designer, does that really make it your style? If you can get free things, then I say more power to you, but I have a greater and deeper respect for those fashionistas that cull through their own personal closets to put together their perfect outfit. I recognize that budget has a lot to do with how one dresses – I myself would kill to have the bankroll of Jane from Sea of Shoes – but, again, by being gifted multiple pieces, are you really showing off your true, personal style? If you had to hunt and dig and pine for that amazing sequin jacket (see K’s previous posting on this here), doesn’t that make the piece a little more special, and doesn’t that piece speak a little more to your personal style than something that was sent to you from a PR person who now wants you to act as a walking advertisement? Sorry for the philosophical slant, but this was a literal day of meetings, so my mind has had nothing to do but wander!

On to the looks – which, again, abbreviated numbers since my usual slew of girls were just not bringing it this week!

1. Five Inches and Up 

This is my absolute favorite look of the week. She always looks like she is just having so much fun, and she never looks too polished (which is funny, because I have seen her do some ad campaigns, so you would think that she would be more polished than regular every day people). But this is just so fun, and goofy, and I would LOVE to see someone wear this down the street in real life! both via

2. Fast Food and Fast Fashion


Again!!  A look I would love to see as I was walking to get my morning coffee! What is even better about this, is that she was actually looking at buying a skirt from Ann Taylor which was very similar (but around $300), and she thought that if she could pull this skirt off, then she could afford to splurge on the AT skirt. I like that test driving in fashion – I wish I did that more with my big purchases. Alas, I am so much more of a “buy now, weep over the credit card bill later” type of gal. via

3. Cheetah is the New Black

All of my boyfriends have been too big for me to ever pull this off, so I am envious from afar on her look. However, if I did date men who did not tower over me and look like linebackers (many of them were), then this is exactly how I would style the shirts that I stole from them. ESPECIALLY with those shoes! via

4. Kendi Everyday

This is just so perfect and sweet. Exactly what I need after a long hot day at the office. via 

5. Pink Peonies

Again, fantasy world. This would be completely filthy in 30 minutes if I was wearing it. However, she looks so clean and crisp and cool that I really wish I could pull this off. Very jealous right now!!! via

– S (back to Monday links next week!!!)

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I’m sorry this is up late, but I think I am still recovering from Saturday night! K and I went out after my party to 6th street and danced until 2, and man! I was feeling it the next day.

On this week’s looks – I gotta say, I really love seeing all of the wild and crazy things that some bloggers do, but I like even more being able to get inspirtaion that I can use in my daily life. I highlighted looks this week that reflect those basics we all own (blazer, jeans, black pants – both wide leg and skinny, circle skirt, etc.), and showed how they can be done up in different ways. Will I now be rocking my circle skirt with neon? You betcha! Will a bright pink dress stand in for my LBD this summer? Absolutely!! Basics do not equal boring – they are a canvas on which you can paint your personality yourself!

1. Pink Peonies

Every woman should have this skirt in their arsenal. It is such a great fit, a great length, and a great material. I love the neon top here, too – so unexpected and cute, but also ladylike. I also really like that her hair is a little messy; just the right amount of unkemptness to offset the perfectness! via

2. Gal Meets Glam

Let me say, this is probably the most basic look of the week, and yet it is probably the closest to my style (along with #6). I love some nice fitting jeans, basic tee (although mine would be black), a great blazer and FABULOUS shoes! The key here to everything is fit. When you are looking for those pieces that will become the true workhorses of your closet, do some investing. I would much rather spend $150 on a great pair of jeans that I will practically live in than $65 on a dress I will only wear once or twice. And while Korin can make $10 jeans look good – she is one in a million. Make sure that your jeans fit you perfectly and you will be all set! via 

3. Sea of Shoes

I hardly ever highlight Jane because, while I think she is cute as a button, her fashion choices have no place in my world of law. However, this was just too cute to pass up. Even though I totally agree with her (her post was entitled “Sneakers???”), and while the only sneakers I own are solely (ha!) for working out, I like the idea of having those comfortable shoes that you know will work with anything and that are great on a day when you are not wanting to go through some ridiculous effort. She makes these sneakers look good! via

4. This Time Tomorrow

A fabulous print dress like this will see you through weddings, graduations, baby showers, bridal lunches – pretty much everything! The blazer keeps it from being too cutesy, and the shoes add an unexpected color instead of going too matchy. via

5. Fast Food and Fast Fashion

Okay, do not hate, but I do feel that the pants are a little too short – I like the hem to hit the ground. Other than that though, I think she rocks this look pretty well. This is a power outfit that will see you through any interview or meeting, and will keep you looking professional and unique! A lot of women own wide-leg pants and blazers, but most have boring black for both (that would include me). But by having a jacket in a different color, you can throw in so many other colors that you will never feel like you are repeating an outfit.   via

6. 5 Inch and Up

This is my favorite look this week. I practically live in this outfit M-F, and those shoes are so fresh! I love how simple her hair is, and it just kills me that this is a three piece outfit – shoes, pants, shirt. You do not have to go overboard to look awesome! Plus, while she is not standing up, it appears that her shirt is fitted, while her pants are loose, giving you a good example of a fashion rule best followed – if going baggy on one half, go tight(er) on the other. via

7. Brooklyn Blonde

This could veer into overkill territory so easily, but the ripped up jeans keep her from looking costumey. The shoes are fabulous, and those jeans will (obviously) carry you anywhere you need to go! via 

8. Fashionvibe

Truly, it was the neon yellow nails here for me. And the shoes. And maybe the leggings too. They just work! via

9 and 10. This Time Tomorrow


Okay, yes, I totally cheated and made these my 9th and 10th looks from the same person AND the same post. But hear me out. They share the same shoes. And that is the end of my argument.

I am usually not a fan of pink (redhead here!) but I love these two looks so much. That dress and jacket combo is so cute and perfect for a summer picnic. And the jeans and top have such a great classic look – especially when paired with the big, sparkly clutch! via


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Everyone was feeling the spring weather this week!! With the exception of the lovely Tanesha, all of my picks were rocking skirts or shorts, and looking great while doing it. I need to re-evaluate my closet this week. Now that I am finally in my new place, and I just picked up an AMAZING full length mirror, I might actually post some pics of myself with some of my clothing choices. Not that they are nearly as awesome as K’s choices – she is much more adventurous than I am!

And also – I believe K mentioned that I am throwing myself a housewarming party this Saturday. I am going to have her show up early so she can get some great “before” shots, and you can see how her more genteel friends party! On to the looks –

Girl With Curves

I just love this classic look. This is the kind of look that reminds you of why the classics are classics. The belt shows off her ridiculously tiny waist to perfection, and that bag needs to find its way to my closet asap! via


I am going to wear this outfit for Casual Friday this week. No joke. Except I don’t have a pink jacket, so I might switch that up for a great tuxedo jacket I have. And then I would need to switch the heels to some awesome bejeweled Chinese Laundry gets, but NOTHING else will change!!! via

The Pink Peonies

Okay, yes, when I first looked at this I thought, “Where’s Waldo???” But I love the mix here, and the way that the red sole of her shoe is perfectly picked up by the red skirt is just too cute. This is a great way to mix patterns and not look insane (which is usually a great thing to strive for!) via

Gal Meets Glam

She’s throwing out a little bit of Kristin Stewart here, which, usually, I would find annoying, but it’s working for me today. That is exactly how I would rock a sequin skirt in the middle of the day (and the week for that matter). I would’ve probably gone with a black purse, because that is how I roll, but she’s got it down. via

9 to 5 Chic

Hot child in the city! This is how you look and feel awesome on a hot day in the middle of downtown. Noted! via

This Time Tomorrow

This just looks so fresh and cool for hot weather. Although I am scared that if I tried to wear this, the fringe would get caught in the wind and wrap around my neck – my hair does that all the time already!! via

See Jane

The dress is what does it for me. Simple, sexy chic – words to live by! via

Brooklyn Blonde

These shorts are so perfect – I’m pretty positive they are actual cutoffs, not shorts precut and purchased somewhere. This is SO exactly how I would wear these shorts. I can never pull off the California cool of jean shorts and a tank top or basic shirt – I need to jazz it up with something. These heels, that jacket, the scarf – how can it get any better?? via

Atlantic Pacific

It wouldn’t be a Shanna post if I did not have two picks from one blogger, and here is look one. I love how she is having fun with her dressed up self! Those shoes are just the right amount of cheekiness for this ladylike look. via

Atlantic Pacific

Look two is a shout out to K – she does love her sparkles!!! I must admit, I would never wear this myself, but it looks so elegant and simple on her. Majorly jealous! via

Mwah!!! – S

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I did not realize it until I started to put all the pictures on to one page, but a majority of my picks this week have some massive gold wrist bling going on! I don’t know if this is some Freudian thing, wherein my unconscious mind is craving some huge, rapper-style gold watches, or if the glint of heavy metal just caught the attention of the five-year-old in me. Either way, I am loving these light and airy Spring looks with something bold keeping them down to Earth. These ladies are bringing it! (On a side note, before we get to the looks, I just want to say, I may be a little sad that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy will not be as in the limelight anymore since her husband is no longer president of France. If you notice a tear in my eye, just laugh at my ridiculousness, and know that I will be fawning over Duchess Catherine again very soon!)

1. Fashionvibe

I have to admit, the shades are a little too “alien” for me, but everything else is perfect. I love how light it looks, even with it being an all black outfit. The shirt gives just enough color to soften the look, the black is fancy enough for cocktails, but the shorts make it coffee-accessible. If I had ridiculously long legs, this would soooo be my go-to look! via

2. Atlantic-Pacific

Now, yes, she is dressed for the Kentucky Derby, an event that most of us will probably never attend. However, how cute would this be for a late Spring/early Summer wedding or bridal shower? And even though the dress is practically floating away, the nude accessories and the weighty arm candy keep her on the ground. Plus, you have to love that hat!! via

3. Brooklyn Blonde

Just give me the shoes please. via

4. Kendi Everyday

This is what I would have worn to Coachella (you know, if I had actually gone). However, I might show my sweet face at Lollapalooza this year, and this outfit will get some definite consideration from me! I love the flouncy-ness of the shirt and skirt, but it doesn’t overwhelm her frame. Again, the shoes and jewelry lend some heft to an otherwise flouncy look. via

5. Lilly’s Style

I have to admit, I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw this look from Lilly. mixing black and brown is not the cake walk that everyone seems to think it is. It takes skill and usually the mix of another color, but not a color that will overshadow the black or the brown. This look actually reminds me of Ilsa’s outfit in Casablanca, the night that she goes to see Rick to get the visas. It is slimming, elongating and perfectly cute! via

6. A Lovely Escape

Jeans are always too long for me, so I have deep love and admiration for women who cuff their jeans just like me. Especially when they are cuffing said jeans to show off such a great pair of shoes. The ripped up jeans with the fancy heels is like my every-single-weekend look.  via

7. Girl with Curves

I love this dress so freaking much. Can Tanesha do any wrong? No, I do not think so. via

8. 9 to 5 Chic

I could lose everything as long as I could keep the feathers. Although the purse is cute too! via

9. Lilly’s Style

Yes, Lilly made the list twice this week. I just love this look SO much! The skirt has such a great vintage feel to it, and I love the fullness that it brings to the outfit. The shoes add a touch of ferocity and the shirt truly looks identical to about 8 shirts that I have hanging in my closet right now. via

10. Pink Peonies

Probably the only way that I could get myself to wear white skinny jeans is to do everything else in black, as seen here. And then what does she do?? She throws on a mighty fist full of gold on her wrist. When you see me wearing this out to brunch next week, please don’t tell people that I copied this look from head to toe. I want my friends to think that I have a little creativity!! via

– S

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Modern and Glamorous! 

As much as I love to say I prefer the simple things in life I secretly loving adding a bit of glam to everything I wear and do. It wouldn’t be my taste if there was not at least one thing unconventional about how I approach things. I consider myself a classic girl with a glamorous twist. This week’s Top 10 will highlight that as well.

01: Extra Petite

Who would have thought a neon Gap sweater and a sequin pencil skirt would look so dayum perfect together?! This is what I consider the ultimate classic look with a bit of rockstar glam. You don’t get any more conventional than a pencil skirt. However, the edge effect was exemplified when she found this Zara skirt sequinized (yeah, I made that up). This would be an AWESOME outfit to wear to a symphony on Saturday night, an engagement party, or to a fashion show. She doesn’t over do it with the accessories. She pairs this outfit with a classic Chanel bag and basic black pumps. This looks says, “I’m demure yet unpredictable.”


02: ClothesEncounters

Jen is a fuckin’ thrift rockstar. Everyone knows it. She is a true student of 90’s grunge. She does the look right, but always has an edge of feminine flair. I heart this girl.


03: From Me To You

I’m not going to lie. I have stopped following Jessica Quirk’s blog. Why? Her clothes were getting so mundane. Nothing was special about them. She wasn’t doing anything new with her wardrobe and she was getting all extra sponsored out. Yes, I am aware that she has dropped her sponsors’, however the clothes she’s been sporting have been lackluster. That’s until I came to the picture above. Jessica is a contributor to “I Spy DIY Style” and was featured in the book. I guess all the bloggers in the book had their photos taken by the lovely Jamie of From Me to You. If Jessica starting bringing it just like this… she may make me a follower again.


04: Fast Food & Fast Fashion

You know what?  She has a permanent spot on our Top 10 list. She is on point EVERY SINGLE WEEK! If you are not following Elle by now you really need to make that move.

I fancy myself as a faux sailor. I don’t know anything about boats, sailing, or the simple science of swimming, but I love to pretend!


05: Neon Blush

I love my body, especially my legs, but sometime I wish I had pencil legs so I could rock shorts just like this. This look proves that simple goes a long way. She adds a bit flavor to a basic outfit through her shoes and accessories.


06: The Brooklyn Blonde

Helena means torch in Greek. She really lights up the streets in this look. J.Crew has really been stepping up their game recently. This company went from ho-hum to Oh! My! The sheer shirt, distressed jeans, and color blocked heels make for a fun yet easy going look. She adds more drama with her statement necklace. Ladies, this is how you do simple yet glamorous.


07: LeBlogDeBetty

Betty does it right here. If I was going to a concert this is what I would wear. She keeps it casual in an oversized dark grey sweater and black jeans, and a set of heels that makes me want to trip her when she’s not paying attention.


08: Wendy’s Lookbook

Look who I found! Ms. Wendy! I know she’s been M.I.A from the list for a little bit, but she has come back strong! Wendy is the EPITOME of composing modern and glamorous together in an effective manner. This look works because she effectively works strips and polka dots together by using a basic color scheme of black and white. She correctly chooses short white shorts and nude heels to elongate the legs. She has a bit of fun with her accessories with the spiked bracelet. All hail Miss Nguyen!


09: LiveLifeFearlessly

So I guess is don’t like EVERYTHING simple. =)


Which look is your favorite for the week?


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I envy a lot of these looks because we didn’t get a season this year in Texas. Well… we did… if you count hot and hotter. *ugh* most of these looks I would NEVER be able to sport due to the weather here. However, in states and areas where you have the benefit of enduring four seasons this is for you.

You’re welcome

01: Sanderson

I barely look my age so I would never wear this letterman jacket. In fact, I was doing a shoot for a salon sometime back and this girl was sporting one of these jackets. She purchased her’s at F21. She had the jacket on and FLAWLESS skin. So I asked her what grade she was in. She begins to laugh hysterically. Only to have one of the owners for the salon say to me, “That is a grown ass woman! She is 22!” The girl was happy that I thought she looked 16. That’s what great fashion and even better genetics does for you.


02: Chicmuse

I could see myself sporting this look on the beach. Seeing Denni in this long sweater makes me miss San Francisco. I can feel the cool weather on my skin right now.


03: Cheetah is the New Black

Korin Style. This could be me to ALMOST a perfect T. I hate big bag so you would see me rockin’ this look with a perfect clutch. Those goes to show that the classic white shirt, blue jeans, and fitted blazer will take you far.


04: Fast Food & Fast Fashion

I know every week I have her own. Every week she rocks the best in conservative work style. You have to admit, she has a way of making humdrum business casual look fun. I cannot believe that is a dress! I seriously thought it was a two piece.


05: Fashion Toast

I am DYING to attend some sort of EXTRA fancy event so I can have an excuse to purchase this Serpent Dress.


06: Ivonne Stacey Style

She knows how to dress for body type. I wish more women could take notes from her. Mustard is one my favorite colors, but a lot of people can’t get away with it. In her case she has been anointed! She pairs this shirt with the power of primary. A polka dot flowy skirt is the perfect complement. The belt serves as a prefect accessory to showcase her hour glass figure.

Fantastic job.


07: We Can Pretend

Korin style number two. I hate when people blatantly wear lables like a car emblem… however, I can’t get over this. So simple, easy going, and semi-grunge.


08: Vintage Virgin

Dress Envy. Only certain people can pull off a dress. I am not one of them. Petites you should LOVE bandage dresses. They are made for your kind. I just adore the color explosion of this dress. Since her figure is so tight the dress works in her favor in every sense of the way.


09: Sabo Skirt

These two have a permenate address on this blog series. Geez this dress reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear. This would be the perfect dress to wear to a beach party or as a wedding guest. However, be careful because you might be upstaging the bride.


10: My Style Pill

Again, something I would NEVER be able to wear in Texas. Closet envy commence.


Whose your top choice of the week from this list?


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I Should Know Better…

This is so lame. You know how your teacher always said in class, “Make sure you save your wooooooooork.” Well, this is one of those cases where I did not save my work and I have to rewrite everything. *ugh*

01: FY Golden Barbie

Jasmin is a model and should not count, but it’s my blog and I get to make the rules as I go. LMFAO. I’m highlighting this outfit because of those badass shoes. I’m not sure who the designer is, but I feel as though I need this look in my life. This outfit works because the top is basic and a loose fitting white/cream button up. The bottoms are relaxed fit leather shorts. Keeping the actual uniform of the outfit basic and letting those badass shoes speak for themselves was a great choice by the stylist. Too many fashion bloggers would have went way over the top with shoes like that. Most of the time, more is less.


02: Just Fabulous

It’s spring everywhere… but Texas. In Texas it’s Haides right. However, if it was a bit cooler I could see myself rocking this bombass version of a cableknit sweater. For me, the back is one of the sexiest attributes of a woman, and this sweater showcases that fact.


03: Fast Food & Fast Fashion

While the cognac boots may have sufficed better for a woman with thicker legs… I think everything else about this look work. Tall boots really suck for petites and women with thick calves.  I like this outfit because it manages to correlate strong masculine pieces while simultaneously compliment very feminine articles.


04: From Me to You

Theme of the week ladies! The backside! Silver is SUCH a beautiful color.


05: Trendy Taste

So I tried on some white jeans the other week. Ummmm… no ma’am. They were NOT working for me. *ugh* white jeans will really showcase ALL. YOUR. FLAWS. Buyers beware!


06: The Blonde Salad

She makes me want a scotch and a sailboat.


07: The Blonde Salad

Lace and pattern. I love how effortlessly cool she appears in this outfit.


08: Keep Austin Weird

This is Jessica Mitchell and she a contestant in Austin Top Model. I really think you need to vote for her, b/c she is the most attractive and best dressed woman out of all the top contestants left. I guess my second them of the week is a solid top and pattern bottom. If you’re going to be a model, you might as well know the trends. The ONLY think is wish she was rock would be a torquise ring to match that necklace rather than that amber one she has on.


09: Cheetah is the New Black

Picture speaks 1000 words.


10: Fashion Toast

While I would NEVER wear black in the summer time… Rumi looks nice, cool, and comfortable.



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