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“Fashion is important because it’s our social artwork. “

Rubin Singer is one of Beyonce’s personal top designers.  Maya interviews him during New York Fashion week to get his take on why fashion is such an essential part of life.

What do you think about what Rubin said?

Happy Saturday!


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Fall Style Outfits

ShamelessMaya is a FORCE to be reckoned!  I love this girl’s video and she brings us a great Fall Style video that features Tom’s shoes.  I haven’t lived in New York for over 20 years… but I imagine that if I did then I would probably rock a lot of what Maya is showcasing.

Let me know what you guys think of these looks! 

I have to say that I really like the first and last look….

Happy Halloween!!!

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I know!

I know! I have been M.I.A since the 10th.  Last two weeks have been MAD crazy.  Having a full time job, a growing business, placing together production shoots, working with vendors, having a social life, and dealing with a sick dog can drag you into 800 different directions.  I’m not sure if you guys are  aware of this or not, but I actually don’t have internet in my apartment.  I made that choice because I didn’t want to be online all the time… and because I was broke… actually more so because I was broke… So when I use the internet it’s in the business office of my building.  However, I think I may change that in another month.

So what have I been doing?

Working with wedding vendors, models, MUA, and hairstylist…DSC_0502 DSC_0492 DSC_0497 DSC_0512_edited-1

To produce images like this…

Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography

Doing a bit of this…

DSC_0311 Do you boo! DSC_0735 DSC_0737

Planning a DIY Youtube vid that involves these…


I purchased by friends book about running our own small business that you can purchase here!  So I have been doing more reading…

The Small Business Manual

I have been trying to cook more at home…

Paleo Lobster

But I keep being social and getting a lot of  this instead…


And of course drinking A LOT of these…


While hanging  out with this guy…


And attending beautiful ceremonies like these…

Selam's Wedding

So now you guys have a TASTE of what I have been doing… if you guys are interested in wanting to know what it takes to place together a successful photography shoot please let me know in the comments below.  I think it would be great for you guys to see so you know all the effort that goes into one.  It’s never as easy as clicking and shooting.  Especially when you have a full time job!

Even though it’s Memorial Day Weekend I still have a full plate!  Cleaning, helping my friend with his resume, social life, and placing together ANOTHER photography shoot!

Check out my photography page on Facebook HERE!

Follow my on instagram HERE! @TheUrbanJungle

Have a safe holiday!!!!

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!!!


Do people in the North, East, or West part of the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo? From my understanding Cinco de Mayo is just a Texas thing. Then again Texans will use ANY and EVERY excuse to celebrate a holiday. If you think St. Patrick’s Day is bad… naw kid… you need to come to Texas for Cinco de Mayo.

What does Cindo de Mayo represent? If you say Tequila and Coronas then you would be incorrect my dear friend. Cinco de Mayo, without using Wiki as a reference, indicates that Mexico lost the battle at the Alamo, but represents their commitment to winning the war. The Mexican won their independence from France in the war of San Jacinto (09/16). This mean they won their freedom from France.

The ironic thing is, even though most state employees get San Jacinto Day off most people celebrate Cinco de Mayo.



Because I live downtown and this area mainly consisted of people in their 20’s and 30’s with no kids and love to drink all I hear from my balcony  is Lowrider from the Cheech and Chong movie, Born in East LA.

I was at an Irish Pub (LOLOLOL I know… please no need to comment on that) getting my Cinco de Mayo on. The John Steward’s the Daily Show was filming, but I left. I had two 32 oz mason jars of a tequila sunset. I haven’t had a sunset since college. I’m didn’t get drunk… but I sure felt good.

Well, I was alone on Cinco de Mayo because most of my friends celebrated the day before. However, it wasn’t so bad. I got to sketch my next photography project which I hope to execute in either June or July.

So I shot these photos on my balcony. Both Jax and I have super nosey personas and we couldn’t help but to watch all our neighbors at the pool getting their gringo on for Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo

DSC_0025Cinco de Mayo 02

DSC_0026Cinco de Mayo 03DSC_0027

|Jacket: Ross|Earrings: Forever 21| Shirt: Strut| Jeans: Express|

What did you guys do for Cinco de Mayo? Do you celebrate in your part of the country?

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Go Boy!  It’s your birthday!

So last night I went to see my friend from High School, Quentin Moore, perform. Quentin is a great performer and I love attending his shows. On top of that it was his 30th birthday! Along with he held a performance at Otaru Japanese restaurant in Addison. Also, in attendance was his brother from another mother and another old school friend, Anthony. He’s the DJ.

I had so much fun… but the restaurant ran out of wine glasses…. So they put my wine in a cocktail glass and charged me $3.50 as a you call it. LOL. Too funny!

I really don’t have too much to say because I have all week off and I’m trying to NOT be lazy… however, it’s pretty hard. LOL. I have been dying to have a minute alone… I finally have it…and I’m just sitting here… being all sorts of lazy. Tomorrow I’m going to make more of an effort to not be lazy.

Yes, you have kinda seen this dress before. I wore it for Shanna’s 30th birthday (do you see a theme here). I love it… and I feel like wearing color this season… everyone can stick to black, white, and neutral… but remember, no one ever got noticed by look like everyone else.

 |Dress, Necklace, Belt: Strut| Shoes: ShoeDazzle| Earrings: Forgot the name| Bracelet: Forever 21 & Dallas Flea| Jacket: Ross|

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We Made It!

I feel like I live for the weekends.  It’s the only time of the week I can get a break… but not really since the last two weekends I had to work or do photography.  Here are some photos from one of the recent shoots that I did.  The artist I shot was Toni Mo.  If you like you can check out some of her music HERE!

My favorite line of this song is when Lil Wayne says, “I listen to her heartbeat because it plays my favorite song.”


Have a wonderful weekend!


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Stay hydrated my friends!

Yes, you read that right.  This was as of yesterday.  It was actuallly 109 yesterday at 5:30 PM in Dallas, Texas.

No seriously, it’s hotter than the devil’s pinky ring outside.  Yah, I don’t know what the means either. I just know that chocolate may not melt in your hands, but it will outside.   My brother even sent a text message saying the one of the fountains in Dallas start boiling.

Hey, at least we aren’t in Houston. I will take Dallas’s dry heat over Houston humidity any day.

With that said I hope you guys are inside, drinking a cold glass of wine water, and just relaxing.

It’s not even August yet.  

01: The Blonde Salad

Well, the overall winner this week is not Chiara, it’s the girl she’s pictured with (to the right). I actually have an OOTD look that is very similar to this one that I will be posting later this week. While I’m not wild about the necklace I do love the lace top, the pastel pink skirt, and the oversized blue clutch. Her shoes are the perfect ending to this fairytale of an outfit.

If anyone knows who this woman is will you please let me know? I’m going to assume she’s also a blogger.


02: The Glamourai

Kelly really did it with this one. I have to say that I love every detail of this look. The only reason it didn’t take top contender is because it’s too dayum hot for this monochrome dark palette. My favorite pieces are a tossup between the clutch and the sandals.


03: Fashion Salade

I must really be feeling black right now because I’m two for three. I guess I’m secretly waiting for Fall to appear since I haven’t experienced it in over a year. For an outfit that looks so hot it so cool. I love the casual rockstar glam that’s oozing from this pull.

It makes me want to trash a hotel room, and then go get tea.


04: Stylescrapbook

As of late Andy has been more miss than hit. However this was just so freakin’ awesome to me. I love how cute and precious this dress it… however, she totally 80’s this bad boy out by wearing those sexy Sergio Rossi boots! Geez Louise! I would consider this look close to glam grunge. I’m just happy she didn’t pull out the Doc Martins for this look. *shutters*


05: Nitrolicious

Because she’s wearing a mother*beep*in’ Snow White shirt! That’s why!

I would soooooooooooooooooooooo buy this if I saw it too. I’m not even going to begin to lie. This shirt is amazing. I would have probably rocked it with wild hair and a cinched belt, and simple strappy sandals. However, I love how Wendy styled this look. She keeps everything simple and focused.

I wonder how many people complimented her amazing shirt…


06: Guerreisms

I know this is more of a detail than a look, but I like it.


07: Brooklyn Blonde

Some say Canadian suit. I say I loved flared jeans. I love how they fit your waist perfectly, fit your thighs tight, and after your knee flare out. They make your body look perfect. This look is better suited for Fall, but I’ll take it.


08: Blonde Salad

Because I love cats! That’s why!

I totally geeked when I saw this.

I know, I’m an uberdork.

And furthermore, aren’t cats and birds mortal enemies?

How cares!   I love cats and I really love the Sphynx cat. I think they are the coolest cats ever. I so want one. I won’t have to worry about fur and no one would come over to my place because my cat would freak them out!


Next month S is back to the Top Looks of the Week in the blogger world. I’m sure some of you guys can’t wait!  Also, make sure you check out the Monday Links.  I LOVED the Bebe shoes.  The would go perfectly with the 20’s themed birthday party.



PS! But sure to enter THE CONTEST!!!!!

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