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Texas Wedding Dress Simply Bridal

Hey guys!  I’m going to PUNISH this 365 project so I want to apologize now for the late post.  Come next week I will have more time to post on a regular basis.  I will also start bringing back Looks of the Week and Top Links as well.  However, I wanted to share with you all some recent work that I have done for my personal portfolio in conjunction with Simply Bridal.

Please check out Simply Bridal for Affordable Wedding Dresses.


If you guys can remember that earlier in the year I had a contest to pick the overall favorite wedding dress for me to shoot.  That winning Dress was Marianne.  This dress is so beautiful because it has a vintage vibe for the modern woman.  I LOVE the opening in the back of the dress.  It’s sexy and subtle.

Now our model is Celina.  She is only 5’2.  I love to hire models who aren’t the “Typical” catwalk-tall-afraid-to-eat types.  Celina was a fucking blast to shoot and I can’t wait to work with her more.  She knew instinctively the look I was going for in the photos.  I plan to work with her more in the future to help build her portfolio along with mine.


Of course the make-up was done by the one and only Jazzy Baptiste.  I LOVE his work.  Since this summer Jazzy and I have worked together on a number of projects and I just about love all of them.  I wanted to make Jazzy a book of all the work we have done together this year, but my external drive crashed on me so I won’t be able to do that for a while =(.

DSC_7747_edited-1 DSC_7460_edited-1 Affordable Wedding Dresses DSC_7520_edited-1 DSC_7821_02_edited-1 DSC_7536_edited-1

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy this set.  If you like to see more of my work please LIKE my Facebook page HERE!

If you’re in the Dallas or Austin area and are looking for a great photographer for Senior, Headshots, Engagement, Models, Music, or whatever please hit me at info@urbanjunglephoto.com

Have a great evening guys!

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Wedding Shots You Should Get

531regg 1402 111330 531687_10151051384398713_464682411_n 884560_10151302508611577_198995945_o 893081_10151302508631577_1456701139_o 893210_10151302508326577_1207188737_o 966057_483380755068571_20011215_o 977966_472755339472329_648180036_o 2923703_orig 4755868_orig 7302923484_254af65e28_z Beaver_Creek_Wedding_Deck-8 colorado-wedding-photo fun-touching-wedding-alden-hotel-houston-35 groom-fist-pump IMG_9982-1024x682 jainist-muslim-indian-wedding-hotel-intercontinental-dallas-29 jainist-muslim-indian-wedding-hotel-intercontinental-dallas-31 jainist-muslim-indian-wedding-hotel-intercontinental-dallas-34 kt16 Maui Wedding Photographer-21 Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- ModernlyWed_StudioEllePhotography_ModernOhioWedding_YellowRed_ArtMuseum_26 ModernlyWed_StudioEllePhotography_ModernOhioWedding_YellowRed_ArtMuseum_34 PH_0292 Photo-10 Photo-12-e1336587413551 Retreat-at-Perimeter-Mia-Garry-0713-logo-1024x605 rwd_styleunveiled_dianeandpaul_details_026 rwd_styleunveiled_dianeandpaul_details_027 SB_019 Springer-Barr - 2012-09-15- SB_0151 thin-open-uri20121129-2-j94ciw Untitled-2 Wedding0002 Wedding-photography-melbourne-20 Wedding-photography-melbourne-26 000 061 13656_166813824137_8119014_n 185054_10151133322223713_1198783371_n 285144_175426085863335_4995196_n 319495_10151056081013713_412774311_n 531484_10151056080053713_818531524_n 734954_10151198470616577_453584170_n 773683_10151198470666577_103014661_o amyryan_02 denver-portraits Summerour-Studio-Wedding-1481-682x1024 tumblr_m3nlommgQu1qkpc62o1_500 tumblr_m4lr97N0qK1qkpc62o1_500 044Jennifer_Jeremy-640x426 251826_10151198472421577_254112615_n 400546_10151137924213713_1485317660_n 580814_10151506263138713_924103423_n 774204_10151198472526577_1871576891_o 774468_10151198472646577_1170166156_o 892523_10151302508081577_1470590150_o bridalparty Springer-Barr - 2012-09-15- Springer-Barr - 2012-09-15- Summerour-Studio-Wedding-2429-1024x538 0411 540057_10150932319072744_638877743_12246742_923894426_n 622900_394663517260796_146359422_o 282952789058475940_tb7ty9ay_c IMG_9039-1024x731 MG_2190 silly_bridesmaids 6a00e5503c88988833017616bb96a1970c-400wi 24 0262 IMG_9075-1024x747 Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- southwestern-wedding-007 syracuse-wedding-photographer-010

As you guys know I don’t engage in too many weddings.  I actually only do weddings by VERY SPECIAL request.  I am just really laid back and go with the flow.  Weddings are hard, intense, and things RARELY go as planned.  In order for my to shoot a wedding I must really vibe with the bride.  She must have a go with the flow attitude.   In about a couple hours I will be shooting a wedding but I wanted to provide you all with my inspiration.  Just so you know… NONE OF THESE PHOTOS belong to me!


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I know!

I know! I have been M.I.A since the 10th.  Last two weeks have been MAD crazy.  Having a full time job, a growing business, placing together production shoots, working with vendors, having a social life, and dealing with a sick dog can drag you into 800 different directions.  I’m not sure if you guys are  aware of this or not, but I actually don’t have internet in my apartment.  I made that choice because I didn’t want to be online all the time… and because I was broke… actually more so because I was broke… So when I use the internet it’s in the business office of my building.  However, I think I may change that in another month.

So what have I been doing?

Working with wedding vendors, models, MUA, and hairstylist…DSC_0502 DSC_0492 DSC_0497 DSC_0512_edited-1

To produce images like this…

Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography

Doing a bit of this…

DSC_0311 Do you boo! DSC_0735 DSC_0737

Planning a DIY Youtube vid that involves these…


I purchased by friends book about running our own small business that you can purchase here!  So I have been doing more reading…

The Small Business Manual

I have been trying to cook more at home…

Paleo Lobster

But I keep being social and getting a lot of  this instead…


And of course drinking A LOT of these…


While hanging  out with this guy…


And attending beautiful ceremonies like these…

Selam's Wedding

So now you guys have a TASTE of what I have been doing… if you guys are interested in wanting to know what it takes to place together a successful photography shoot please let me know in the comments below.  I think it would be great for you guys to see so you know all the effort that goes into one.  It’s never as easy as clicking and shooting.  Especially when you have a full time job!

Even though it’s Memorial Day Weekend I still have a full plate!  Cleaning, helping my friend with his resume, social life, and placing together ANOTHER photography shoot!

Check out my photography page on Facebook HERE!

Follow my on instagram HERE! @TheUrbanJungle

Have a safe holiday!!!!

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Wedding Guest Problems

 Asos Wedding Guest Dresses

In little over a month I will be attending a beautiful wedding in Dallas. You know what I love most about weddings… okay… lets be honest, I love champagne the most. The SECOND thing I love about weddings is it gives me a reason to shop!

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I am in need of a red dress. I really wanted to wear red to my friend’s wedding.

Then I remembered that I ALREADY own a red dress that I have only rocked twice.

I need to get my cost per wear outta that bad boy and wear it again. Plus, the last time I wore it was November of 2011. I think it’s safe to wear it again.

If I didn’t already own a pretty awesome red outfit then I would have picked one of these beauties showcased above. Yes, I know they aren’t all red… but they were still cute!



Which dress would you wear to a wedding?

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*Drum Roll Please*

Simply Bridal


Dress Number 2!

This dress was clearly a fan favorite.  It won with over 42% of the votes!  WOW!  I cannot wait to do this photo shoot and post the pictures for all of you!  Thanks to EVERYONE who took part in the voting process!!!!

Remember that if you want a great wedding dress at a DRASTIC discount then your best option is Simply Bridal!


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I know you guys missed my voice!  LOL!

I haven’t made a Youtube video in a year!  Geez!  Has time really flown that fast?  Making videos takes SOOOOOO much time and I found it to be a lot easier  to just take photos and post.  Since I am working my last round for Simply Bridal I thought it would be a good idea to do a video for it.  I want to TRY and more videos at least twice a month.  What’s funny is that I have TONS of footage, i just don’t take the effort into sitting down and putting everything together because life can be so busy.


Below are additional pictures to all the prospect wedding dresses.  Feel free to leave a comment below with your personal favorite for this contest!

01: Monique:

Monique Simply Bridal

Monique01 Monique02

02: Marianne

Simply Bridal

Marianne01 Marianne02

03: Lina

Simply Bridal

Lina01 Lina02

04: Eliana

Eliana Simply Bridal

Eliana01 Eliana02

Leave your picks down below!

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Final Round Y’all!!!


As promised this will be the final round of voting! Here are the top three winning wedding dresses from previous weeks PLUS my personal wildcard pick. That wildcard pick is dress one!

Why is this important?

Simply Bridal is allowing me the opportunity to shoot one of the following four wedding dresses! I just need everyone’s opinion on which dress they they I should shoot! Just leave a comment below of 1, 2, 3 or 4!

I was also given a discount code of 15% for all bridal needs good until 03/31/2012! Just go to http://www.simplybridal.com and enter in SBL103FW.

Everyday this week I will showcase each one of the dresses individually so you can see the detail of their beauty!

Winner will be announced 03/31/2013!

Monique Simply Bridal


Simply Bridal


Simply Bridal


Eliana Simply Bridal


(pssstt… if you click on the images it will take you to see more photos of this dress!)

Which dress is your favorite?!

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Winner!!! Winner!!! Chicken Dinner!!!

The Wedding Dress winner for week three is….


Dress ONE!

Lina - 80309 sz0

Lina blew the rest of the competition away with 40% of the votes! Tomorrow I will be showcasing the three dress winners of the previous weeks PLUS a wildcard pick chosen by yours truly to win the covenant prize of being captured for a future photo shoot.

 Remember you can still obtain 15% off all wedding goods at www.SimplyBridal.com with the code: SBL103FW

Happy Saturday Y’all!

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Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_02 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_01 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_03 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_04 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_05 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_06 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_07 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_08 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_09

I completed this session about two weeks ago in Castle Hill when I went back home to Austin.  Castle Hill is this dope graffiti park that has actually been approved by the City of Austin.  It’s a great place for street artist to come and showcase beautiful art.  I am a LOVER of graffiti art and if you are as well this is a GREAT place to go.

Even though I’m in Dallas I always love a reason to go back home to Austin.  If you are looking for an engagement lifestyle photographer then I’m your girl!

To see more of my work please visit and LIKE my Facebook page!

Email me at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com for any inquiries!

Remember future brides I have a discount code at SimplyBridal.com until March 31, 2013.  Just type in the code SBL103FW at check out!


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Round Three!  Fight

Week 3

In the event that you aren’t following me here, here, or here then you aren’t aware that I was given the opportunity by SimplyBridal.com to do a photo shoot with one of their MANY beautiful wedding gowns! The team gave me such a HUGE selection to choose from it was MIND BLOWING. In order to help me whittle the list down I had to enlist the readers of the blog for help!

To vote all you need to do is leave 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the comment section below. I will take a poll next Wednesday to determine the winner so enlist your friends to vote and stay tuned!

If you like to see the dresses bigger just click on the image above.

The winner for week two is…


Marianne, Dress Three!

Marianne -  80020 sz4

You guys LOVED the vintage style and the subtly sexy cut in the back!

Be sure to check out SimplyBridal for all your wedding needs. When your shopping cart is full use the discount code of SBL103FW to receive 15% off your order! The code is only good until 03/31/2013! Be sure to utilize it right away!

Please comment below with the dress number that you would like me to shoot!

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