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The British are Coming!

So I get emails from Outnet all the time.  While I still cannot afford to spend the money when the items are 99% off, it’s still really nice to dream.  The other day they highlighted British fashion designers.

If you only learn one thing about me it’s that I LOVE British fashion designers!  Burberry and Alexander McQueen top my list.   Below is my British fashion wishlist from Outnet!




Which is your favorite from the list?  I’m going to say number one.  Right now it’s 75% off!  Meaning it’s ONLY $2,600!

*sarcastic tone*

I do love that dress though.


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Any Reason to Dress Up!

As you already know S is hosting a housewarming party and therefore I will be in town celebrating with her. I already have my outfits planned for my whole weekend. Yes, I’m that kind of person. When it comes to fashion I get serious.

*Insert serious face here*

After her shindig we are planning on hitting the streets with some other friends to just dance and be merry. Therefore the outfit that I’m wearing has to serve dual purposes. First, it has to be cute enough for a housewarming party. Second, it has to be able to look sexy enough for club/bar hopping downtown.


If you have NOT been to Austin to party you are TRULY missing out. Don’t limit yourself to just 6th Street. Check out West 6th, 4th, and my favorite spot on 7th street…. Its some small hole in the wall graffiti’d out club that only plays ‘90’s Hip Hop. Love.





Which dress is your favorite?


PS: S was so right about Atlantic Pacific’s look on yesterdays top 10. I gasped when I saw that ridiculously awesome top. I would wear it until the threads came out!

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whether that beauty comes in the shape of a sculpture, a person, or a piece of fashion. I don’t think anyone could deny these beauties their full due. I could almost be happy just with the drawings, rather than the actual pieces. Almost!


All Drawings by Samantha Hahn

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Happy Second Day of Spring!

My overall favorite look for Spring!

How was the first day for you? For North Texas Spring came in with a BANG.  By bang I’m mean rain for 12 hours straight, and the roaring of thunder as my alarm clock! It was a monsoon outside!

Ironically, the highway was clear and I was able to get to work faster than normal! Go me!

Spring is not my favorite time of the year because I feel like this season has major identity issues. You have the great warm days, followed by the hoards of rain, followed by 20 degree weather, followed by 101 degree weather. This is just a NORMAL week in Texas.

Meanwhile, where are some of the items on my Spring Wishlist

Sheer Tops/Dress

Embellished Tops

Tribal Bottoms

Colorful Bottoms

Floral Bottoms

Colorful Shoes


Racerback Tops

Note: I am not the owner of any of these photos. These are all from my Pinterest account.

What articles of clothing are you looking forward this season?

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Do the Humpty Hump!

If you guys read my post from Saturday then you would have been aware that I FINALLY found and purchased a black sequin jacket! I have been searching far and wide for a black sequin jacket! I didn’t want a new school sequin jacket, I wanted an 80’s-heavy duty-I’m ashamed I own this- sequin jacket.

Yup! Your girl is a proud owner of a jacket Elton John would sink his teeth into.

Okay, I’m sure that last sentence isn’t true, but I sounded good.

Meanwhile, I found the jacket at Texas Thrift Store off 35 and 51st street (it’s actually 53rd street). It was the FIRST jacket I saw.

When walking in I read a sign that stated that all white tagged clothes were 50% off that day. As the fashion Gods allowed, my new… soon to be acquired… jacket had a white tag! I almost peed on myself. So the Jacket went from $25 to $12.50. I attempted to get another 10%-20% off, but it didn’t work. Whatever… I was still ecstatic about my purchase.

The store also was selling vintage Dooneys and Prada bags for about $30 or less. Yes, I said Prada. Now… I’m going to be honest. I have NO IDEA HOW to spot a fake Prada. Cuz honestly… who gives a Prada bag to a thrift store?! I honestly didn’t buy it because I didn’t know if it was real or fake… Hmmm… maybe I should do a post on how to spot fakes!

I will now make Texas Thirft Store one of my must stop to see places every time I’m in Austin. Do you guys know of any other thrift stores in Austin? I know Adored Austin goes to a lot… I need to start restalking her page again…

Here’s a video to get you through Hump Day!

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Go Girl! It’s your birthday! We going to party like its your birthday! We are going to drink Bacardi like it’s your birthday… and we don’t give a fuck if it’s not your birthday!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

My birthday is on Monday! Go me! And I have ALWAYS joked that my birthday should be a federal holiday… and guess what? ON MONDAY IT IS! So while you’re off work on Monday nursing your hangovers… think about me and have a glass of champagne in my honor!





OF COURSE I have a wishlist! I hope to obtain most these item throughout 2012!

Have a Happy Friday you guys! Lets get ready for the New Year! 

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Santa, I have been RELATIVELY good this year…

The other day I went to the West Village to shop at Accents (see, I told you guys I was going to get my 40% off) for Christmas gifts. It was freakin’ cold! I mean we’re in Texas. It’s strictly forbidden to be less than 65 degrees at night in December. Somehow the temperature was close to freezing levels. I had to park a block away from the boutique due to spot availability. What made it even worse is the fact I had to use the restroom so bad! It’s cold, I’m hungry, and I have to pee… not a good combo AT ALL.

As I’m walking to Accents I see the MOST BEAUTIFUL STORE EVER! It was the Kendra Scott store. I don’t know how to properly describe the store front apprence . I’m going to have to take picture next time I’m in West Village.  Apart from the outside of the store being visually stunning the jewelry looked amazing.

I purchased some cute gifts in Accents and used the restroom in Gap (cuz you needed to know that). However, I still had the problem of being hungry and cold. As I’m walking back to my car I’m debating if I should check out the store. The cold will make you reconsider a lot of things. As I place my hand on my doorknob to leave Uptown I turn my neck to look at the store one more time. The mesmerizing store front, like a succubus’s hymn, summoned me in.

It felt like i was in Alice’s Return to Underland. It was freakin’ amazing.  The clean lines, bright lights, and overall aesthetics of the store were simply astounding. The jewelry was showcased beautifully. Everything was located in glass cases that could easily be accessed by the customer. All the jewelry was color coded in its own special section. The layout of the store made it very easy on the eyes.

If you go to Kendra’s website it does NO JUSTICE to the actual product. EVERYTHING is so much bigger, brighter, and glamorous! The white Harlow statement piece (2) would make Betty Rubble’s necklace look like a series of chalk rocks laced with yarn. That necklace IS a statement.

All the items I featured are actual items I saw and fell deeply in love with.

However, on the site it does not feature a lot of stones I saw in the store. Kendra has a lot of jewelry that features Indian Arrow heads. I saw rings and necklaces based around it. I LOVE it, but I didn’t see any of that reflected online. There was also another necklace that featured tons of crystals and Geodes in an assortment of colors. That particular necklace cost a good penny, but the quality makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Typically, I would consider buying a painting for the cost of the last necklace I described, but when I think about it… that necklace was a masterpiece.

1.) Daphiney

2.) Harlow

3.) Gwen

4.) Libi

5.) Tela

6.) Nyla

The jewelry is magnificent. I don’t know if I like her more because she’s based in Austin or not… but it sure does help =)

If you’re in Dallas you MUST check her work out in the West Village. I HIGHLY suggest you physically go into the store. Let me warn you, it’s going to be hard not to empty your pocketbook while inside.


DALLAS, TX 75204



Los Angelos:


PS: The jewelry is customizable!

Which piece is your favorite from my wishlist?

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