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Hi! I have been fast at work with sessions, shoots, editing, and magazine shoots!  Did I mention I have a full time 9-5 job in a corporate setting?  LOL.

Recently I worked with an amazing model named Maria for her modeling portfolio.  Maria was BEYOND amazing!  Even though I’m not done with editing I wanted to show you guys a quick video I put together.  Now I am NOT a videographer… and perhaps at my next shoot I will have one, but I did want to create a small promo video of Maria.

I LOVE shooting boudoir sessions.  They fun, sexy, and liberating.  If you even THINKING about doing a session just go ahead and do one!  If you’re in the Dallas area please contact me for pricing and availability!

Check out my site and Facebook page below!

Wonderland Boudoir: www.wonderlandboudoir.com

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/WonderlandBoudoir

Quick Peek at a new photo of Maria

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas_-24

You know you wanna book me!  Check out my work and contact information!

PS:  This photo has not been edited and has not filter.  Yes, you can look good without photoshop!

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How to Wear a Trench Coat

Sorry about yesterday y’all.  My evening DID NOT go according to plan.  I wish there was a way to plan life to where when things get out of your control you can still get things done when you want it and in a timely manner.  Nonetheless, there really isn’t reason to harp on the past.  We are currently in the present and we need not to take that granted.

Yesterday while I was editing I finally was able to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions.  I have to tell you guys that if you have wi-fi in  your home then you NEED to get Google Chromecast.  I live and DIE by it.  Well, actually I have a love hate relationship with it, but it’s mostly love.  Google Chromecast is wonderful for me because while I edit my photos I can still keep up with all my favorite YouTubers, watch current releases, or new shows all from the power of my phone or laptop right to my TV.  I don’t have cable and have not had cable in about three years.  Nor do I plan to ever get it.  So while I edit I watch fashion OOTD, Vlogs, or what’s going on in news.

 No.  Google did not pay me for that.  I just REALLY love Chromecast.  Maybe next week I will do a review on the device. 

 I say all that today that I watched Chriselle Lim’s newest video that shows 20 different ways to wear a trench coat.  I’m in Texas so it may be too hot for the most part to rock a trench this time of year, but I feel as though if I lived in the Northeast or Northwest part of the country this may be a go-to-style for me.


Let me know which look you guys liked the best!


Yes, a post will be up tomorrow!


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“No Matter Where You’re from Your Dreams are Valid”

Lupita Nyongo’s acceptance speech for her portrayal of Patsy from Twelve Years a Slave was beyond beautiful and brought me to tears.  Lets be honest, there was no actress this year that could touch Lupita’s performance.  Her first movie ever and girl came out with a vengence.  She brought tears to my eyes because it’s so rare to see such genuine and eagerness in people these days, especially in Hollywood.  I  love the fact this beautiful woman  won and how beautiful and graceful her words were that have pierced the world.  She made a statement anyone can hold true.  That our dreams are valid.

Thank You Lupita for your grace, beautiful, and presence.  

You are truly a Queen.



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Joseph Gordon-Kevitt is Muy Kawaii

You see what I did there?  I mixed three languages.  Cuz I’m amazing like that.

Well, if you don’t know I have the HUGEST crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I have since my Third Rock from the Sun days.  Geez. I would watch that show just for him.  As of late Joseph has been rocking Hollywood from left to right  with box office success, and he will be one of the most prolific actor of our time.

I just hope I have the honor of being his photographer at some point in my career. 

I wanted to show this video that Maya made declaring her undying love for JGL.  I find the video all color of hilarious!


How much did you love Maya’s video?  She is freakin’ creative and funny, but I’m glad she no longer has to worry about Ellen Page.  Now put away the plastic sword Maya.  LOL.

Joseph, if you come to SxSW this year let me know.  I will come down for the opportunity to have a photography session with you.  Or if you’re going to be in the Dallas area let me know!

Check out Maya’s Youtube Here!

Tell me.  Who is your celebrity crush and why?

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How to Look Like Rihanna Make Up Tutorial

You know what?  I can’t say that I’m RiRi’s number one fan, but you gotta give props where they are due and homegirl is a superstar.  I ran across this cool video by one of the best YouTube top make up gurus, Dope2111.  She transforms her everyday self to a Rihanna clone… maybe not a clone  more like Jessica Rabbit…  Anyways she did a great job!

Which celeb do you think has the best style?


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This Life is the Only Thing We will Ever Know

That is the God honest truth. 

The video above is by one of my favorite YouTubers WongFuProductions.  I love pretty much every single video they have ever made.   They examine life through glasses of people who are looking to grow through self actualization.  There is maturity in their words and thoughts that is more than clear in the production and writing of their work.  This type of thinking and thought process seems to be long forgotten in both society and Hollywood.

Wong Fu must have been sent by God because this video is the thing I needed to see tonight.  I needed a post of inspiration. Something to make me understand why I must follow my dreams and desires and  not get detoured by life, the what-ifs, and the self doubts.  If our dream is what we want, we should make it happen.  This is the only life we will know.  Do you really want to sit on the sidelines and watch it go by?  Do you want to be the person sitting there and envying the players or do you want to the quarterback?

Me?  I have to play the game.  I cannot sit around.  I get so tired of seeing people around me make it happen with their passions and desires that I… I get… geez… I get lazy.  I mean, at the end of the day I am the only one setting up my own hurdles and then I get mad that they are there.  I function in chaos because I am so used to it.  I am so used to struggling that when things go smooth I feel as though I have to put a mental hurtle up because it can’t possibly go this easy.  I know I need to change this about myself.

However, I cannot do this anymore.  I can no longer detour greatness.  I have everything that I will ever need to be successful and now I’m just realizing that I am not giving it my 100% all.  That will change.

Because it’s our life.. and why not…

…Why not make it everything that you want it to be?

Thank You Wong Fu for the reminder.




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It’s a Celebration Bitches!!!!

It’s the Good Life!

As the Birthday Girl I have decided that I will pick a list of what I would have wanted for my birthday!

Birthday Wishlist 2014





So you guys have seen my birthday wishlist!  Since it’s my birthday today I am in serious doubt I will bet getting any of these items, but I wanted to still share them with you anyway


I kinda think it’s creepy Google knew it was my birthday.

Google Birthday

Since today is Thursday I won’t be partying too hard.  I will be going to Crossfit tonight.

Black Girl Crossfit

However, I will take the time to pop one bottle to champagne.

pop champagne

So I hope not to look like this at the end of the bottle.

Tired Kitten

If I do it will be well worth it because I’m going to feel like this as the liquid hits my tongue!

Kanye Jay-Z Gif

I wish all you guys could join me!

Rihanna Gif

So we can dance together all night!

Beyonce Dance Gif

Since not all of us live that close let just celebrate in spirit!

Despicable Me Gif

Don’t worry.  I don’t drink and drive.  Taxi baby.   Girl I got this!

Girl I got this gif

Thank you in advance for the birthday wish!  *muah*

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