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Sometimes I Just Want to Take Pictures of Pretty Flowers

Spring Rose, Black and White, Photography

Geez, I have been so busy lately in life that I seriously needed to stop and smell the roses.

I did.

Then I took a photo of it.  😉

This past weekend I had the honor of hosting a great engagement session at the Dallas Arboretum.  I love shooting here near the first days of Spring.  Especially with heavy overcast.  That’s actually the best time to shoot.  With life going as fast as it is right now I forget that the beauty is in the details.  Flowers are some of the most beautiful creations on this planet and I love it.

Never fear I will be coming back with a vengeance starting April 01st.  I needed this first quarter to reexamine what  means to be me and where my fashion taste is going.

Yellow, Spring Flowers Spring Tulips

PS:  I have reopened my Etsy shop.  Right now I am selling the photos (without the logos of course).  If you’re interested please feel free to purchase and I will personally sign the photos!

My Etsy Shoppe

Happy Spring 2014!

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Happy Last Week of the World!


Music: All I Want for Christmas is You

Mariah Carey Feat:// The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, & Kids

DIY: Mouse Pad


Shoe Porn

Steve Madden Camarro

Love Winter Boots

Sexy Catwoman Boots

Blue Suede Shoes

Strappy & Snake Skin

Print Wedges

Just Plain Sick



Beautiful Bag

Love this Clutch Too

Leather Leggings

Another cute oversized clutch

Love the color of this dress

Sexy and classy in studs

These earrings are something else!

Bonita Briefcase

Top Links

Don’t you love when people can just make fun of themselves?  LOL!

I love black and white photography

I wish Texas has Falls like this.  My pictures would be so gorgeous!

More Gorgeous Pictures from Iceland

Perfect gift for anyone (over 21) on your list

This will make your house smell great!

Mini Champange bottles?!  Where can I get these?!

The H&M campagne was shot gorgeously!

I LOVE old fashion cheesecake, YUMMY!

This would be a GREAT New Years Eve Outfit!

How to manage SEO

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. -Martin Luther King Jr.

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Happy Monday!

 This is “K” here!  Just in case you forgot I’m writing the Monday Links this month!

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was remarkable, to say the least. If you don’t follow me on Twitter then you don’t know that I had the opportunity to meet the LEGENDARY Earl Campbell at the Boots and Bling charity event in Dallas this past Friday. Don’t worry, on Friday or Saturday I will post some of the pictures for the affair.

But let me tell you.

That shit was cray.

Yes, I know this song is cheesy as all hell, but I LOVED the beat.  The song evokes happiness… that and the fact that I want to party on the beach with all of you guys!

DIY Project of the Week

She has INSPIRED me to do a WHOLE photos shoot revolved around this concept! I am so FREAKIN’ excited!!!!

Shoe Porn

Art Deco Much?

I’ll take both in size 40

Just Add: Black Leather Shorts, White Racerback, and Long Link Necklace

I would do bad goods things in for these shoes


These Earrings. Via

Those Tights.

That Shirt.


I almost EXPLORED out of pure happiness when I laid my eyes on this! Via

How to Get Perfect Skin

Natural Household Cleaning Ingredients

20 Way to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog

Another Tip: Don’t Purchase Cheap Tripods.

First Corinthians 13 4:8

Facebook Hates Your Outfit

One question. Why did she NEVER come back?!

One Can Never Be too Prepared

This is seriously a thing?!

I know it’s Monday, but I’m already excited about my weekend. I’m going back home to Austin for 800 billion reasons. One of which is too see the beautiful “S”! She is having a housewarming party this weekend and I CANNOT wait to see her new digs. Actually she and my other BFF both have new places so, OF COURSE, I will try and post pictures on Sunday.

I’m going to try and relax while in town, but I might sneak in an engagement shoot on Saturday morning. If you’re in the Austin area and need a photographer please contact me!

Have a fantastic week y’all!!!

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Daily Inspirations

I collect photos that inspire me.   These photos help me stay on track to my ulitmate goal.  So I wanted to share a few with you.  As most of you know who read t his blog on a regular… I aspire to be a famous fashion photographer.  I hope these photos help you as well.  

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