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I Love Music!

This past Saturday my friend Q from high school invited me to go to a concert he was hosting at the Arnetic in Deep Ellum.   If you have have never been to this spot I urge you guys all to go.  The place is HUGE, the drinks are STRONG, and the artwork  is AMAZING!  Not only was the musical talent great, but the artwork plastered on the wall was phenomenal.  I didn’t do the the place justice because I didn’t get enough of the work.  Whenever I have a chance to go back again I will take pictures of  nothing but the amazing artwork.

I may not have been as lucky as S to attened a few of the SXSW shows last week in Austin, but I think I had my just desserts this weekend.  Not only was I able to see my boy sing I got an extra suprise.  Another friend from high school was there DJ’ng!  He was amazing and it is always good to see old friends!  I also had the privilege to meet Tje Austin!  He is soooooooooooooooo freakin’ awesome!  Let me tell you!  He was very easy to talk to and let me ask him a bunch of questions about being on national TV.  If you don’t know, he was on the FIRST SEASON of the Voice.  He currently resides in Austin, and after speaking to him I found out we know some similar people (who are also friends from High School)!  Small world right?  He is such a down to earth person.  Check out his website and listen to some of his music HERE!

Meanwhile, here is my outfit of the night.  How excited are you that I made a video?!  I’m really going to start doing more of these 60 second oufit videos.  They are so easy and fun to edit!  So of course I bring you my outfits, and street style, and just photos of the show!

|Blazer: Charlotte Russe| Shirt: Forever 21| Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden| Shorts: Forever 21| Earrings: Guess| Bracelet: Forever 21|


I LOVED this hipster inspired outfit!

His name is Phill Wade ladies and gentlemen!

LOVED HER OUTFIT!  Check the shoe game!!!

Tje Austin with his bandmates

Tje Austin, Q, and Phill Wade

Tje & (future) international photographer, K

Music By:


Tje Austin

Phill Wade


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